Coming To The Rescue Of Humanity In Distress

Jesus-coming-to-the-rescue-of-humanity-in-distress “By means of your offspring all nations of the earth will obtain a blessing for themselves because you have listened to my voice” (Genesis 22:18 NWT) “In your seed all the nations of the earth shall be blessed, because you have listened to my voice” (Genesis 22:18 according to the New King James Bible) I write these versus from two different Bibles as I know most people still use the King James Version and try to say the Bible has been changed. But no matter which translation of the Bible you read, the promise and message is the same, just the words might be phrased differently.

That promise was given to a faithful God-fearing old man about 4000 years ago, and about 2000 years after man’s fall into sin and death.  That faithful old man was Abraham, a humble Hebrew and a man of outstanding faith that he was even called God’s friend. (James 2:23 “Abraham put faith in Jehovah, and it was counted to him as righteousness, and he came to be called Jehovah’s friend”). (Please read the previous post thoroughly, it will help you understand this one better as this is the follow up to the previous article or post: “He was born a Jew, died a Jew, hated by much, loved by many, why???”).

(* This post is a follow up to the previous one which I started to write and promised to finish since last year, but everything kept going wrong which prevented me from getting it done. So finally this is the follow up and hope you read it all the way to the end.)

In that last article I went all the way back to the very beginning at the start of the human race, when the first human couple Adam and Eve fell into sin through Satan’s lying to Eve, and Adam followed her into disobedience and sold all mankind into sin and death. Right then, God the Creator gave us the first prophecy recorded in Genesis 3:15. In talking to Satan, or the Devil as represented by the Serpent Jehovah said: “And I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring. He will crush your head, and you will strike him in the heel.” And from this we know that eventually there will be an end to human suffering, sin and death, and the earth will return to God’s original purpose. The entire Bible is based on this promise of God, running all the way from Genesis to Revelation.

From the very start of Man’s fall into sin, the promise of a Deliverer was foretold to restore all things again

So from the beginning God promised a Deliverer or a Messiah would come to crush Satan out of existence, the one who introduced sin and wickedness which has caused untold suffering for mankind. But before that there would be enmity between those who choose to listen to the Creator and those whom choose to follow into Satan’s path. Satan would eventually strike this Deliverer in the heel (which is aP3300428-death-on-the-stake--fixed2 temporary wound) but in the finale the Deliverer or Messiah would put him out of existence for good. That prophecy also made clear that for someone to put Satan out of existence he would have to be another superhuman spirit, since Satan is a spirit and cannot be killed by a mere human being.

So the entire Bible is based on the fulfillment of this prophecy, the coming of a Savior for the human race to put the Opposed Satan, out of existence and to vindicate God’s Sovereignty, or God’s right to rule his own creations. This will result in the restoration of God’s original purpose for the earth and mankind. Over the years Satan would become the God of this world in opposition to the true God. (2 Corinthians 4:4) This Opposing God is the one who introduced suffering and death to mankind, and all the troubles that humans have experienced is due to the operations of Satan and his angels or demonic forces getting worst as his time to be executed draws near.

Nowhere in the entire Hebrew scriptures or at the beginning of human creations is there any mention of God telling the first humans that he would eventually cause them to die and take them to a better place in heaven or to some other side. The earth was the best place that God created for human and animal creations, and was to be the home of all human beings forever, a Paradise with everything they needed to be happy.

Nutritious food, clean air and water, Paradise like beauty, a variety of birds and all animals, good living conditions, healthy bodies where they never had to fear getting sick, old and dying. Yes, Folks that was the way it was in the beginning, that was and is still God’s Will. (read previous post: “He was born a Jew, died a Jew, hated by much, loved by many, why???)” All God’s people of old including the Israelites or the Jews whom were later chosen to produce the Messiah as promised through Abraham, never knew anything about going to heaven. They all knew of God’s original purpose of a earthly Paradise and they looked forward to the Messiah as coming to release man of sin and death and restore everlasting life on earth again.

This whole teaching that people have to die and they go either to heaven or hell did not originate with the Creator. Death is the penalty for sin, not a passage way to a better reward in heaven or some other side. God meant for the human race to live on earth forever, if there was no disobedience to God, no one would have ever died, and there would not have even been the need for a Kingdom with heavenly rulers to restore eternal life again.  This deceptive teaching came from Satan’s lies as taught through his false religions that came into existence through him. And it is so sad that so many people are deceived by this teaching and the reason why they can’t understand the coming of a Messiah, and the restoration of a better world. (2 Corinthians 4:4 speaks of Satan the Devil as the God of this system of things who has blinded the minds of the unbelievers so that the illumination of the good news about the Christ might not shine through”).

How would we know that we are living in the time period before the Deliverer or Messiah goes into action?

So over the years it became clearer how this Deliverer or Messiah would come. He would have to be born as a perfect human being to correspond to Adam a perfect first born son of God. In my last post using the Bible we know that this Messiah or Deliverer has proved to be Jesus Christ. (See previous post: He was born a Jew..) He would also have to die and then be resurrected as a spirit person and be used in the administration (Ephesians 1:10) provided by Jehovah God which would be God’s Kingdom in order to put an end to Satan and his wicked world. Since the Devil is a spirit person, and cannot be defeated by flesh and blood, or a mere man.

God’s Kingdom in the hands of Jesus Christ would also have to be spirit in order to capture this powerful evil Spirit and put him out of existence. In my previous post I mentioned how Jesus while on earth preached about this Kingdom of God, and the reason why earthly Jerusalem would no longer be the place from which he would rule as King, (as the Jews were expecting) but it would be a heavenly Kingdom, or Government  referred in Revelation as the “New Jerusalem” coming down out of heaven…(Revelation 21:2) This heavenly Kingdom would bring relief to all of obedient mankind, (all the nations of the earth) not just the Jews, as the promise was made to Abraham. (Read previous post: He was born a Jew, died a Jew…)

The Kingdom of God is the heavenly administration or Government in the Hands of Jesus Christ the Messiah and other chosen Co-Rulers that will bring relief to distressed humanity

But this Kingdom would be reigning from heaven and would be made up of other rulers chosen from the earth to reign along with Jesus Christ. This is the only time and reason why some people were chosen by God to go to heaven to make up the Kingdom and to rule with Jesus.  Since they have been humans on earth themselves, suffered just like everyone else they will be used by God in helping sinful mankind on earth reach perfection. The rest of obedient mankind would live on earth in Paradise. In Revelation it gives the exact number of those whom would be ruling along with Jesus in the heavenly Kingdom. In Revelation 14: 1-3 says: “Then I saw and look! The Lamb standing on Mount Zion and with him a 144000 who have his name and the name of his Father written on their foreheads (verse 3) explains where they came from: “the 144000 who have been bought from the earth”. Further in Revelation 20:6 says they will rule as “Kings and Priest of God and the Christ”. These are people that would be chosen by God during the period from Jesus time on earth down to the time of his coming back to rule over the earth.

This choosing of rulers for the Kingdom started with his 12 apostles, like Jesus they were all natural born Jews (all descendants of Abraham) who would make up the foundation members of this heavenly administration along with Jesus Christ.

( see invitation to the Memorial of Jesus’s death at the bottom of this page, this was the night that he made a covenant with his 12 apostles who would rule with him in the Kingdom .The New Covenant went into effect on that night ending the Old Law Covenant and the Passover. Jesus now became the Passover whom would give his life on behalf of the whole world of mankind)

 Just as Jehovah promised Abraham, that “by means of his offspring all nations of the earth would be blessed”. Eventually people from other nations and languages all over the world would be anointed to make up this Kingdom of God. This choosing of members over the years would take some time for this number to be filled and the Kingdom to eventually start ruling over the earth. But once it was ready to go into action people on earth would know, since Jesus gave us a sign of things that would take place on earth to let us know of his coming to release humans of suffering and restore God’s purpose again.

His disciples asked for a sign so people would know when his Kingdom would be set up in heaven, and Jesus gave a list of things that would take place here on earth as proof that Satan’s World would be about to end soon. We can find his answer in all the Gospel accounts and the book of Revelation and other scriptures to show us how near we are now to that promised blessing of the nations. But it would be preceded by events getting worst on earth.

What sign did he said we should look for? One thing, or a Composite sign of several events that would take place on earth?

Soldiers-at-war-fixedWhen Jesus was still on earth and his disciples asked him what will be the sign of his presence in Kingdom Rule and the conclusion of the system of things, he gave them a composite sign consisting of several events that would take place on earth. These are recorded in all of the Gospel accounts: Matthew 24: 3-7, 14, Luke 21: 10,11, 26 and 31, and Mark 13: 4, 8, 10. In all three of these gospel accounts Jesus replied with the same consistent events of things happening here on earth.

He foretold: “You are going to hear of wars, and reports of wars – for nation will rise Poor-African-children-begging-for-foodagainst nation and kingdom against kingdom, and there will be food shortages and earthquakes in one place after another”(Matthew 24:6,7).

In Luke 21:11, 21, 25, 26 it added: “pestilences, and on the earth anguish of nations not knowing the way out because of the roaring of the sea and its agitation. People will become faint out of fear and expectation of the things coming upon the inhabited earth” Matthew 24:12 also foretold the increase in lawlessness, and the love of the greater number will grow cold. But one thing that will be a constant part of the sign is “the preaching of the Good News of God’s Kingdom to all the nations for a witness, and then the end will come”.

Why no human government can stop Terrorism, Who is behind its ever increase, the Wars, mass killings, murders, human suffering and death

 Most people who have no belief in God or the accuracy of the Bible are constantly asking: ISIS-fighters-dressed-in-black-ready-to-kill-fixedWhy can’t anybody stop Terrorism? I was recently listening to one News Reporter concerning the spread of ISIS now in Europe, and he mentioned that the look in the eyes of these Killers is unlike the look he had ever seen in the eyes of a man. They were cold blood thirsty eyes! They are driven or possessed by some unseen evil spirit. And most people can see that what is going on is not normal human behavior. No normal human being is going to start shooting innocent people, complete strangers for no reason except just to kill them. Matthew 24:12 the increase in lawlessness is sure being felt, most people have become completely cold, with no compassion toward their fellowman.

Again this confirms the accuracy of the Bible, our problem is a spiritual problem, which started all the way back to the first rebellion of an angel who became Satan, and caused the first humans to rebel against the Creator. This superhuman Evil angel is the one driving humans to their destruction and to destroy others. But why is he so angry, especially now? Why is he trying to kill the entire human race?

The anger and rage as expressed by Terrorists is the angry spirit of the Evil One, the Devil intent on destroying mankind

“You are going to hear of wars and reports of wars – when you hear of wars and disturbances – for nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom” (Matthew 24: 6,7, Luke 21:9,10 )Starting with World War One (1) in 1914 which Bible Scholars believed was the year God’s Kingdom was established in the Heavens and Satan and his demons were thrown down to the vicinity of our earth. This is foretold in Revelation 12:7-9, and 12.

It says how Satan referred to as the Dragon, caused war in heaven as he was fighting with Michael which is another name for Jesus to prevent his enthronement in the Kingdom, and was defeated. Verse 9 says:” So down the great Dragon was hurled, the original serpent, the one called Devil and Satan, who is misleading the entire inhabited earth, he was hurled down to the earth and his angels were hurled down with him. In verse 12 it says:Wow for the earth and the sea, because the Devil has come down to you having great anger, knowing he has a short period of time”.

So Satan in his great anger for being defeated and thrown out of heaven for good, caused war down here also on earth. That was the outbreak of World War One (1) and of the end for his ungodly world. Historians would tell you that the world has never been the same since World War 1, getting worst ever since. And ever since then our present world has been bombarded by one conflict after another. So many millions of young men and regular civilians died in World War 1 followed by World War II bringing more death and trouble to the world. (Just as Jesus foretold as part of the sign.)

The unseen evil spirit forces engulfing the entire earth like a dark spiritual cloud prevents any human government from ending the spread of terrorism, and the ever increasing mass killings of innocent human beings

It is all because of the Opposing Wicked God, Satan the Devil. The Dragon spoken of in Revelation, along with his demons. Satan and these invisible spirits are like a Dark-cloud-hanging-over-the-earth-fixeddark cloud hanging over the earth pushing and influencing humanity toward all kinds of disobedient acts against God which will lead to their own death. His intent is to kill the entire human race so that nobody would be left over to serve God and get life in the new world. People are living in deep spiritual darkness, alienated from the true God. Most have the same spirit like the Devil, angry, hateful, no love of God or their fellowman.

Matthew 24:12 the increase in lawlessness affects all of us. Everyone living within these last days don’t know of any year where we haven’t heard of wars, or organized armed conflicts, terrorism, shootings, killings, murders, and so much trouble happening somewhere in the world every day. You can’t turn the news on without hearing of something happening that involves human suffering and death in one place or the other in the world, getting worst every year, and now right within our own neighborhoods.

Millions of people have been killed in wars during the past 20th century, and more lives are lost during the present one because of ever increasing terrorism and mass shootings, getting worst as time gets closer to the end. Just recently in Paris France, Terrorists gone mad, killing over 129 people and causing so much destruction to innocent people. It is plain to see that some unseen evil force is controlling the minds of these killers.

Because they are unseen evil Spirits, no man on earth can stop them, or know in advance when terror will strike next.

Satan and his demons are very well organized, they were once angels in heaven who have gone bad, so they know how to spot out the most convenient places and ways to kill mass amounts of people at a time and unexpected to them. (Hasn’t it always been the case, thatISIS-fighters-in-action-fixed Terror always seem to strike at crowds or large gatherings of people, when they least expected it?). He hates mankind, and will do all he can to destroy humans.

But God will not allow him to destroy the entire human race. That is why Jesus, the Messiah has to intervene, but he said that the message of His Kingdom has to be preached first. These are his words recorded in Matthew 24:14: “And this Good News of the Kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations and then the end will come” So our loving Creator is giving all mankind a chance to hear the good news, and make a decision. So people can know that they have a choice and not be destroyed along with Satan’s world.

And that is another reason why the Devil is so angry he sees this good news being preached worldwide now in 240 lands and islands of the seas, so he knows that Jesus Christ will soon put him out of existence, so until that time comes he is going to stir up more trouble on earth.

Even people in well developed countries are feeling the effects of “Food shortages” One way is by the ever increasing food prices

Food shortages: And everybody feels the scourge of “Food shortages”. Worldwide 1 in 7 High-prices-of-food-in-developed-Countriespeople do not get enough food to eat each day. With 7 billion people on earth One in seven of them do not get enough to eat each day. That’s a lot of hungry people worldwide. Even though we might have food in this country, (the USA) why do you think food prices keep increasing?

Food is so expensive these days that some of us can’t afford to buy some food delicacies we would love to try. Even common fruit and vegetables, such as a simple apple are being sold by the pound, costing sometimes $1.19 for one apple. And so is one Orange or Grapefruit. A banana in some places also sold by the pound coming up to $1.25 for 2 bananas.

This is due to the problem of food shortages in other countries from where most foods have to be imported. In some of these countries many people don’t have enough money to buy food or land on which to raise crops. In developing countries, well over a billion people have to live on an income of a dollar or less a day. The majority of these suffer from chronic hunger, and malnutrition plays a major role in the deaths of more than five million children each year. Yes, Folks the “Woe for the earth”, foretold in Revelation 12:12 when Satan was thrown out is sure being felt worldwide. And there is more to the sign of his last days.

Why the increasing worldwide turmoil and unrest is proof that the Messiah Jesus Christ is on his Way

What about great earthquakes in one place after another? (Matthew 24:7, Luke 21:11, Mark 13:8) Our century have seen an ever increase of earthquakes worldwide. Within just one year from 2009-2010 19 mayor earthquakes took place just in one single year. Some occurring several times a year resulting in severe damages to entire cities and loss of life. According to the U.S Geological Survey, 19 would be the average of mayor earthquakes that are expected per year. And available records show that earthquakes have claimed over two million lives since 1900. Also there has been an increase in seismic activity within the earth occurring so often that no human Scientist can explain why they Sick-young-woman-in-hospitalare happening so often within our time period. Accurate fulfillment of Bible Prophecy Folks!

Pestilences: Despite medical advances, old and new diseases plague mankind. One report says that 20 well-known diseases-including tuberculosis, malaria and cholera have become more common in recent decades, some difficult to cure by means of drugs. And think about the most recent such as Ebola, the Zika virus and so many types of cancers, HIV, AIDS, heart diseases, autism in children, some diseases doctors even don’t know what they are. Other types of sexual transmitted diseases and at least 30 new diseases have appeared in recent years, that no Scientist can yet find a cure for, and are fatal, taking the lives of both young and old alike.

People becoming fearful, anguish of nations not knowing the way out, Because of the roaring of the sea and its agitation

The above heading is also part of the sign recorded in Luke 21: 25,26 this scripture will have a bigger fulfillment at the time of the actual start of the great tribulation which will
occur to end this wicked world. But even now we see most of it being fulfilled. These are Protest-broke-out-at-Political-rallynot normal times Folks. Nobody would deny that our times are not the most fearful, stressful and agitated of any times people have ever lived. You can’t even go to the Theater anymore for fear there might be a mass shooting, just going shopping to a Mall or to your local Supermarket, a mass shooting can suddenly break out.

Riding the Subway or Bus, traveling on a airplane, walking the street, standing in a crowd watching a parade, going to school or being in school whether they are young or older students, everywhere you are these days, people are fearful of something happening, of their lives being ended suddenly. Or being shot or raped or attack in some way or the other. And for this year of 2016 violence is increasing now by innocent people being slashed with knives on the Subway or just walking on the street, the last I heard it was up to about 1000 slashing.

Baltimore-rioting-2015-fixedAnd think about the mass shootings between Police Officers and young black men we had recently in the USA, that caused huge demonstrations week after week among the common people. And what is happening in the Political field, people lashing out and protesting against those in Authority. And this agitation among people is happening all over the world. The fighting in Israel, and other parts of the world, people being displaced from their homes ending up on the streets. Think about right now what is happening in Syria.

Here is an excerpt from the news of October 20, 2015: “A U.N. Official said Tuesday that recent fighting in northern Syria has displaced tens of thousands of people – some of them staying in open fields with nowhere to go – they have become refugees seeking residents somewhere, but ending up like a mass of sea water, restless, constant moving with no resting place.

Our restless disturbed troubled world of humanity, moving from one place to another, always stirring up discussions on everything, or protesting is the symbolic sea that is agitated and roaring

This ever increasing uprising of people, being displaced, or moving from one place to the other as refugees, or in some countries even within the US the stock-photo-budapest-september-war-refugees-at-the-keleti-railway-station-on-september-in-fixedriots, and constant protesting in the streets and shouting for justice is “the anguish of nations and the roaring of the sea and its agitation” getting louder as things get worst. And with the invention of Social Media and Smart phones everyone can see and hear what’s going on, almost everything goes viral, reaching millions of people everywhere on earth.

People becoming agitated, troubled, or feel the need to publicly stir up discussions on their Social Media Sites, on Talk Shows or in different Media outlets. This generation is constantly under stress, never seem to be at rest or peace, there is no peace of mind, always texting, tweeting, discussing, searching their stock-photo-group-of-refugees-leaving-hungary-they-came-to-hegyeshalom-by-train-and-then-they-leaving-hungary--on-their-way-to-Austria-and-then-Germany-fixedphones, browsing, taking pictures, always on the watch for something or scared of what could happen next. The Bible often symbolically refers to our restless wicked human society as the sea, saying in Isaiah 57:20:

“But the wicked are like the restless sea that cannot calm down, and its waters keep tossing up seaweed and mire. There is no peace”, says my God, “for the wicked.” And in Isaiah 17:12,13 again refers to people and their commotion to the seas and the roar caused by water.

Here is the quote from the above scripture (Isaiah 17:12,13):” Listen! There is a commotion of many peoples, who are as boisterous as the seas! There is an uproar of nations, whose sound is like the roar of mighty waters! The nations will make a sound like the roar of many waters”…  Also Revelation 17:15 refer to the waters as peoples, crowds and nations and tongues. And Revelation 21:1 foretelling what the New World will be like it says in the later half that: “the sea is no more”. Making it clear that the turbulent world of humanity will be gone, there will be all around peace. Our times again is another accurate fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

In the last day’s Critical times hard to deal with will be here attitudes and lifestyles among most people would change for the worst

That is what the Bible Book of 2 Timothy 3:1-5 says. You can read along in your own Bible; it says: “But know this that in the last days’ critical times hard to dealMalnourished-children-fixed with will be here. For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, haughty, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, un-thankful, disloyal. Having no natural affection, not open to any agreement, slanderers, without self control, fierce, without love of goodness, betrayers, headstrong, puffed up with pride. Lovers of pleasures rather than lovers of God, having an appearance of godliness but proving false to its power, and from these turn away.”

We see people like this every day. Because of the general attitude of most people, they make life even more difficult for others whom may not want to follow a certain course. Still some people have a form of godliness, they may still go to church occasionally, or say they believe in God, or when something happens most people claim to be praying to God or they will say “We will keep you in our prayers” but still engaging in conduct that dishonors God.

These attitudes prove what I said so many times in some of my previous posts that the real problem is a spiritual problem. This is the spirit of Satan and the demons, not of God who is a God of Love. God’s spirit will produce love and peace among people, but Satan is affecting people in just the opposite way, causing them to do things and develop attitudes and habits that bring God’s disfavor so that they would have to be destroyed and not keep living. Here is another mayor way that Satan and the demons are causing humans to dishonor God and that will bring about their destruction. This is a sensitive subject that some people don’t want to discuss, since it has been made to appear as normal and even God approved. But I am telling you what the Bible says and let you read it for yourself. It is also part of the sign of our times even though most people don’t know it.

The increasing depraved and debased sexual conduct and chosen immoral lifestyles among most people

When Jesus was giving the sign of his coming he mentioned also that these days would be just like the days of Noah. (Matthew 24:36-39). He said how people would pay no heed to the warning signs of these days, but would continue in their everyday life styles. But he gave us real testimony that the Flood of Noah’s day was real and why it happened, and he compared it to his coming to destroy this wicked world we are now in.

The real reason why God destroyed that wicked world back then in Noah’s day gay-pride-parade-and-celebration-in-San-Francisco-fixedwas that it had become sexually corrupt and extremely violent (Genesis 6:11) through the interference of angels that disobeyed God and began having sexual relationships with women on earth. They became obsessed with sex; the Bible says they began choosing as many women as they could to satisfy their sexual lust.

In those days’ angels were used as messengers by God and could put on human flesh when on earth. In Genesis Chapter 6:1-3 tells us how these “sons of God” referring to the angels began noticing the daughters of men on earth that they were beautiful and began taking as wives all whom they choose. This was something they were not created to do. Angels were perfect heavenly spirit creatures, they were not created to have relations with earthly women and produce offspring. This was given to earthly beings only.

So their conduct was an act of rebellion against their Creator. This was the start of unnatural perverted sexual immoral conduct based on sheer lust. Sex outside of the natural way God intended for earthly man and women. Besides the children of these angels and women were not natural, they became known as the Nephilim, they were larger than regular people, they were the Giants of old. (Genesis 6:4). They were fierce and violent and there was so much sexual perversion, corruption and violence on earth that the
Creator told Noah to build an ark and to tell others that he would have to destroy that world back then in order to end this terrible atmosphere that these disobedient angels along with Satan had caused. (Genesis 6:4-12).

These angels were punished by being banned from God’s service as messengers or cut off from his approval. They could no longer put on fleshly bodies, and would eventually be destroyed along with Satan when it was time to remove him.  2 Peter 2: 4, 5 says: “Certainly God did not refrain from punishing the angels who sinned, but threw them into Tartarus, (a place of spiritual darkness, no longer worthy of the honor they had as God’s Messengers), putting them in chains of dense darkness to be reserved for judgment. And he did not refrain from punishing an ancient world, but kept Noah, a preacher of righteousness, safe with seven others when he brought a flood upon a world of ungodly people.”  

They became known now as “Evil Spirits” or “demons” or often spoken of in the Bible as “the sons of disobedience” (Ephesians 2:2). These same disobedient angels or Demons are now in association with Satan along with others whom disobeyed God when he was thrown out of heaven at the beginning of the end as mentioned above. Now you’re getting an idea why our world has been getting more wicked as time goes on, or as their end to be removed gets closer.

 The growing unnatural perverted sexual lifestyles and its glorification are under the influence of Demons

These disobedient angels are now more wicked than in Noah’s Day because they also know that with the end of Satan they to will come to their end. These same demons are the ones behind all the increase in unnatural sexual conduct and lifestyles. They can no longer put on fleshly bodies like humans but can possess or influence people by their spirit, and gain the same pleasure from their conduct. Remember they were the ones who introduced perverted sex among humans. (Genesis 6:1-3). The continuing acceptance and increase in homosexuality (the gay lifestyle), the growing transgender population, men turning themselves into women while still keeping their male sexual parts. Same sex marriages and their constant demand for respect for their conduct which is being indoctrinated as normal and approved by God.

To show how these disobedient angels were the ones for the growth of Gay-rights-supporters-in-at-LGBT-Pride-Celebration-fixedhomosexuality in Sodom and Gomorrah, the Bible Book of 2 Peter 2: 4-6, after speaking about the destruction of the ancient world of wicked people by the Flood in Noah’s Day it says:” (2 Peter 2:4-6): “Certainly God did not refrain from punishing the angels who sinned but threw them into Tartarus putting them in chains of dense darkness, to be reserved for judgment. And he did not refrain from punishing an ancient world, but kept Noah, safe with seven others when he brought a flood upon a world of ungodly peopleAnd by reducing the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah to ashes, he condemned them setting a pattern for ungodly people of things to come”.

Also the Bible Book of Jude 6, 7 says: “And the angels that did not keep their original position but forsook their own proper dwelling place, he has reserved with eternal bonds in dense darkness for the judgement of the great day. In the same manner, Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities around them also gave themselves over to gross sexual immorality, and pursued unnatural fleshly desires; they are placed before us as a warning example by undergoing the judicial punishment of everlasting fire.We see how the Bible connects this immoral lifestyle with those same disobedient angels (demons) that sinned against God before the Flood, and how God destroyed the cities of old Sodom and Gomorrah because they were filled with people of that sort.

Gay-pride-parade-in-Jerusalem-Israel-fixedThe Bible book of Romans 1: 26-32 described so accurately our times, and gives us more of God’s views on this kind of conduct. Talking about the conduct among homosexuals, it reads:”

“That is why God gave them over to uncontrolled sexual passion, for their females changed the natural use of themselves into one contrary to nature; (27) likewise also the males left the natural use of the female and became violently inflamed in their lust toward one another, males with males, working what is obscene and receiving in themselves the full penalty which was due for their error. (28) Just as they did not see fit to acknowledge God, God gave them over to a disapproved mental state to do the things not fitting. (32) Although these know well the righteous decree of God, that those practicing such things are deserving of deaththey not only keep on doing them but also approve of those practicing them.”

Why would God approve of gross immoral sexual conduct now when he destroyed a world before because of it? Entire cities of old Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed because of this perverted lifestyle

So all the modern day false indoctrination that God made people that way, or that they were born that way, or the word they use “sexual orientation” are all satanic and demonic teachings. God gave all people the freedom of choice, to do what is right or not, but the consequences of either choice is life or death. He doesn’t stop people from doing what they want, but gives the warning of the outcome of their choice.

Remember the scripture in Revelation 12: 9 says: “Satan is misleading the entireAIDS-death-fixed
inhabited earth”
This is mainly through deceptive teachings and lies. If a baby boy was born with male sexual organs then he is a “man”, and if a baby girl was born with female sexual organs, then she is a “woman”. That is their God given sexual orientation. And it is not just their outer organs that makes them male or female, but also their inner organs.

Women have a womb, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and hormones for the production of children, while a man has none of those organs, his hormones and inner construction is to unite sexually with the woman’s make-up mainly for the production of other humans.

So treating a man as if he has become a woman just  because he changed his face, hair and enlarged his breasts like that of a female, dresses like a woman, and even changed his name to that of a woman, but his sexual male organs are still hanging between his legs and all his inner male organs remain the same, in the eyes of God he is still a MAN. And for people to glorify, respect and even put people like this on the cover of magazines as “women” deserving of respect and honor can’t people see how disgusting this is to the Creator of humans, whom created man in His Image? A real satanic and demonic mockery of man and God alike because those same transgender men still sleep with other homosexual men, satisfying the desires of the demons whom are supporting them. 

The Bible book of 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 again proves that any lifestyle that people practice is by their own choice and they can change if they want to have God’s approval. Even some Christians in those days practiced immorality but were made clean, and so have many in our modern times done the same thing. Here is what 1 Corinthians 6:9-11 says: “Or do you not know that unrighteous people will not inherit God’s Kingdom? Do not be misled. Those who are sexually immoral, idolaters, adulterers, men who submit to homosexual acts, men who practice homosexuality, (10) thieves, drunkards, revilers and extortioners will not inherit God’s Kingdom. (11) And yet that is what some of you were. But you have been washed clean, you have been declared righteous in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and with the spirit of our God”.

It is interesting to see how thieves, drunkards and all unrighteous people were put in the same category with those who claim that their sexual orientation is from God and they cannot change. Just as a drunkard or murderer can change their lifestyle, so can anyone else practicing such.  This scripture proves that they can and many have done so. So all today who are clamoring for respect and acceptance of their chosen lifestyle are just fulfilling the sign of the last days. (The increasing in lawlessness foretold as part of the sign in Matthew 24:12, includes all conduct in disobedience to God’s moral laws) as the Bible says they will be destroyed if they do not change.

The increasing in lawlessness foretold as part of the sign in Matthew 24:12, includes all conduct in disobedience to God’s moral laws

Sex was and is a sacred arrangement from God because it is the blueprint forPicture-of-Adam-and-Eve-in-the-Garden-of-Eden-and-modern-couple the reproduction of Life which is Sacred. Jehovah God is the Originator of Life and the Designer of Man and Woman and their sexual parts, or genitals. Being created in His Image humans had dignity and respect for each other, and were to conduct themselves in such a way that reflects that at all times. There was nothing obscene or shameful about sexual intercourse.

But the wicked angels and those whom are mislead by them according to their own choice have turned something so beautiful into a perverted pass time just for enjoying pleasure with no regard for God’s moral standards as to whom or what they have sex with, making it obscene and disease carrying.

Jehovah has the right and the knowledge of how sex should be used, which was to be between a Man and his Wife. The misuse of sex or the sexual organs has contributed to the development of all  types of sexual transmitted diseases most of which there are no cures for.

And with the increase in all this unnatural and immoral lifestyles deadly ones have come into existence such as AIDS, HIV and now some more deadly diseases and cancers of the head, neck, tongue, mouth and throat cancers are being discovered as originating from the misuse of sex. Sex has now become a transmitter of DEATH, rather than what it was designed for, which is to reproduce LIFE. So every command, law or principle God states against a certain conduct including sexual behavior is all for our own good, and protection of our lives.

Just as a person who becomes a murderer, thief, pedophile, racist, rapist or anything else that God condemns is not born that way, so is the same for people chosen a lifestyle that is unnatural. Sin is sin, God would not make people a certain way then condemns them to destruction. More proof that we are living in the time before Jesus comes to rescue humanity in distress is the corresponding sign to the Gospel accounts recorded in the Book of Revelation prophecies or the “Apocalypse”.

(Will finish off the later part of this post in the one to follow: Guaranteed deliverance into a peaceful New World for those whom now choose. Jesus Christ will indeed return in the Heavenly Kingdom Ruling Power over the earth (not as a man on earth as some people believe) and rescue untold number of people right into a cleansed earth under His Kingdom. Finally the blessing of the nations will begin just as promised, with global peace and rejoicing worldwide among those surviving. 

Written and illustrated by Glenda Brill (copyright)

 *Again just as I did last year I am inviting you to the Memorial or the Anniversary of Jesus Christ Death which falls this year  on  April 11, 2017.  This is a command that Jesus himself gave his followers to observe until he returns again to rule over the earth in his Kingdom. Every year Jehovah’s Witnesses around the world spend many hours inviting their neighbors to attend this free event which would be held worldwide in over 115.000 congregations in 700 languages. 
Jesus died for you, whether you’re a Jew, Muslim, Catholic, or of any other  religion, people need to know why Jesus came and died for the world of mankind and how his death will relieve mankind from sin and death. Hope you  can make it. Check the website for the closest Kingdom Hall in your town or City. It is always after Sundown. Again the date is April 11, 2017. And on Sunday April 16, 2017 following this special Memorial event there will also be a Special Talk entitled:  “How to cultivate peace in an Angry World. Hope you  can make both events. They are free and only about 1 hour long at a time.

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Learn more of what the Bible teach. Get this Book What does the Bible really teach? If interested in learning more about the Bible, you can request a free Bible Study in your home, office or at a place convenient for you from the website: http://  in your own language and anywhere you live on earth.

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He was born a Jew, died a Jew, hated by much, loved by many, Why??

A few weeks ago, I was walking down a Avenue in the Hasidic or Orthodox Jewish (the religious Jews) community of Brooklyn New York where I shop quite often, and there was a Banner across the street with the slogan: “Moshiah is coming soon. Lets prepare for him”.

A young Jewish man was entering the store at the same time I was, so I asked him: “Which Moshiah are they now announcing?” (I had seen that sign several times before, since I live in the neighborhood, but not sure if they are announcing different people appearing as the Messiah) and he said: “The Jewish Messiah, ofcourse.”

I responded: “So you mean “Jesus Christ”, he was a Jew, and the Bible says he was indeed the foretold Messiah.” The young Jewish Lad just smiled, and didn’t say another word in response while walking away.

Deep down in his heart he probably knew that was right, but they are afraid to acknowledge the real Messiah, because that is what their Rabbi’s “Rebbe” teach them not to do. They prefer to hold on to old traditions and beliefs, refusing to accept the full truth as foretold in the Bible. I get along very well with my neighbors, the Jews, religious as well as the non religious. I admire their love for family life which has been one of the principles passed down to them from the original Jews in the Bible, and even though most of them around here have large families, they always seem to keep them together as a group. (Just like my father did).

In spite of some of the negative information that have been spread about Jewish people they are some of the nicest, compassionate, hard working and most intelligent people you can ever know. Because of my last name “Brill” which is a Jewish name from my father (whom is of Jewish roots) they even treat me like “a relative”, sending me invitations to different events and auctions.

Modern Day Judaism itself has branched off into so many different movements and customs dividing the Jewish people themselves into different groups

But I can never get a discussion going on the real truth from the Bible, especially mentioning Jesus Christ, not with this sect. Sometimes the non religious Jews will ask questions and really want to know exactly what the Bible says, but most others are so steeped in Judaism religious beliefs and customs, that they close their minds off from getting any knowledge on the real Truth.

Extreme Religious beliefs and traditions can cost a person their life, and turn people off completely against any belief in God.

An example of how extreme religious beliefs can cost people their lives happened here in Brooklyn about two weeks ago within a Hasidic (religious) Jewish household. The family lost five (5) of their beautiful children in a fire that was caused by leaving a hot plate on the stove overnight on the Sabbath. This sect believes that nothing at all should be done on the Sabbath (Saturday) not even a small thing like turning on or off a stove, changing a light bulb, or switching on or off the lights.

Were they not so controlled by such false religious beliefs and turned that hot plate off their beautiful children would still be alive. Adding more insult to God is what was later said by someone, I believe the father, that God has called his children to be angels in heaven. That was never a teaching of the Bible or the original Jews,  accusing their own Creator of such cruelty. Angels existed in heaven long before humans were created, never does the Bible ever say that God kills people to take them to be angels in heaven.

In Ezekiel 18:32 Our Creator himself says that he “doesn’t take any pleasure in the death of anyone, but that they turn back from doing wrong and keep living.” And in Romans 6:23 it says: “the wages sin pays is death.” So death is not a reward or a passage way to heaven, or some better other side, it is punishment for sin, and people go back to the ground. This type of deception taught by false religions and Judaism all came from the original lie told by Satan, distorting the Truth of the Bible. (Will discuss that further down). The original Jews had no concept or hope of going to heaven, they knew that everlasting life would be in a Paradise on earth. That was and is still God’s Purpose.

Humans were created to live forever on earth and was never promised a life in heaven. (I will explain later down how we got our start, and how only when Jesus came to earth he explained that the Kingdom which would restore God’s original purpose of life forever on earth, was going to be in heaven, and only those ruling in the Kingdom would be chosen to go to heaven to be Kings and Priest. They were not going there to be angels, but will be ruling over the earth where the rest of mankind will be just as it was in the beginning).

Those extreme views of work on the Sabbath and the cruelty of killing children was added by Judaism not the God (Jehovah) of the Bible, and had they accepted Jesus as Messiah they would have been freed from all those Sabbath requirements and false teachings, since he was the fulfillment of the law and no one is required to keep the Sabbath anymore.

I have met some Jews that are even Atheists, which is shocking, since their whole history began in the Bible, and if there is no God, then they are no Jews either. But they are real, proof that there is a God and the whole history of the Bible is 100% true. While others are just indifferent to any religion, live just to make money, get rich with no hope of continued life, no hope in a Messiah. You can’t really blame anyone today Jew or non Jew for being turned off by religion, there is so much confusion and hypocrisy in people professing to serve God, that the worlds religions have produced more Atheists than believers.

Modern day Judaism itself has branched off into so many different movements and customs dividing the Jewish people into different groups and denominations that in itself should wake them up to the fact that this is not the truth from God (Jehovah) the God of their forefathers as recorded in the original Scriptures. There is only One Truth, and one way to please him, not a hundred different ways and conflicting beliefs.

It is a matter of Life or Death now in our times, for all people not just the Jews, whether they accept the true Savior (or Messiah) that God has provided for the saving of the human race. Most movies and other information view Jesus as just a good man, or a good prophet. None really explains exactly why he was born as a Jew, the reason why he came and died, and how his death will affect the whole world of mankind in the near future. I will explain later down why.

Therefore whether you are a Jew or of any other nationality, ethnicity, or religious beliefs, or no religious beliefs please read this entire Post all the way to the end. It is long because there is so much to tell, but even if you have to read it in sections, do so, and you will learn some things you probably did not know or was mis-informed. It is all based on the Bible of which you can read along yourself from your own copy.

But why do some refuse to believe in Jesus as the Messiah?

According to Judaism Jesus was not the Messiah, they have completely rejected him even as the son of God, and are still looking forward to the coming of the “Jewish Messiah”. (Therefore that Banner that I mentioned at the beginning). Here is a bit of what I copied from the Wikipedia under Judaism view of Jesus: (You can look that up yourself online and read the entire rejection of Jesus written there).

“Judaism generally views Jesus as one of a number of Jewish Messiah claimants who have appeared throughout history. Jesus is viewed as having been the most influential, and consequently the most damaging of all false messiahs”. (Can you believe it? That man was the most loving, compassionate being ever walked this earth) The article went on further to say “However, since the mainstream Jewish belief is that the Messiah has not yet come and the Messianic Age is not yet present….Judaism has never accepted any of the claimed fulfillments of prophecy that Christianity attributes to Jesus”.

During the time that Jesus appeared on earth, the Jews were suffering under the very oppressive Roman World Empire, the sixth World Power of Bible history

During the time that Jesus appeared on earth, the Jews were suffering under the Roman World Empire, the sixth World Power of Bible history. The Jewish Religious leaders whom had already fallen away from the Truth of God’s Word, believed that Jesus was going to relieve them from Roman Rule and save the Jewish people from oppression and bring Peace. They also thought that Jerusalem would remain the seat of God’s Government on earth where all the former Kings representing God reigned. But instead Jesus showed them and preached about the coming “Kingdom of God, a heavenly Government” that would be the real solution to rid the earth of oppressive Political Governments not just the Jews.

Matthew 4:23 says that Jesus went through the whole of Galilee and in their synagogues preaching the Good News about the Kingdom. And in Matthew 6:9,10 He taught them and all of us today how to pray for God’s Kingdom, saying: in verse 10: “Let your Kingdom come. Let your will take place as in heaven also on earth.”

The Jewish prophet Daniel under inspiration from God foretold years in advance before Jesus was even born what the Messiah would accomplished, that he would be enthroned in the heavenly Kingdom, not earthly Jerusalem,  and that it would affect all peoples of the earth, not just the Jews.

In the book of Daniel 7:13,14: foretold when Jesus would be enthroned in the heavenly Kingdom, in verse 14: “And to him were given rulership, honor, and a kingdom, that the peoples, nations, and language groups should all serve him. His rulership is an everlasting rulership that will not pass away and his kingdom will not be destroyed”. Also in Daniel 2:44 foretold about the Kingdom crushing all these earthly Kingdoms and itself will stand forever.

So God’s Kingdom would be the means by which peace and eternal life would be restored to all the earth, including the Jewish state. But this would take place during the Seventh World Power which followed the Roman One, the one we are now living under, the Anglo-American Dual World Power. It is during this period that God’s Heavenly Government would be set up in heaven with Jesus Christ as King, and when he would rid the entire world of all human suffering.

They believed that the Jewish Messiah was going to relieve just the Jews alone and the nation of Israel from oppression, not the whole world

But God never said that he was sending a Savior just to save one group of people and bring peace to just a small section of the earth. That was not the reason why Jesus was born a Jew, just to save the Jews only. Jesus came to them as proof that he was indeed the foretold promised one and to give the Jews the first opportunity to be co-rulers in the Kingdom of heaven, not earthly Jerusalem.

They also expected the Messiah to be more prominent, “A Big Shot” who would start ruling as King of the Jews then, but instead Jesus was a humble man who dressed and walked around among the people like everyone else. I will explain further down how and why Jesus was born a Jew and even how and why the Jews became God’s People. (It is all in the Bible folks, very clear to understand).

So when Jesus appeared it was not yet God’s time then for the Kingdom to start ruling over the earth. So they rejected him as the foretold Messiah, even though he fulfilled every foretold scripture about what they should expect and showed by miracles and his speech that he was indeed God’s Son.

Because of their rejection of this true Messiah, Jehovah (God) rejected them as a nation of his approved people in the year 36 C.E. But still giving “individual Jews” the opportunity to come into a good relationship with him and gain life in the Kingdom.

In 70 C.E. God allowed the temple in Jerusalem to be overthrown by the Romans letting them know that indeed His Kingdom will no longer be ruling from earthly Jerusalem, but will be later established in heaven, with Jesus Christ as the Messianic King. Even at that time of the earthly Jerusalem destruction in 70 C.E, Jesus had foretold that those that had developed faith in him as the Messiah, and many Jews had, should flee when they see the Roman Armies surrounding the City.

Following Jesus’ Instructions saved the lives of those believing Jews and their families when Jerusalem was destroyed.

Very specific instructions was given by him for them to flee in Luke 21: 20, 21: “When you see Jerusalem surrounded by encamped  (Roman) armies, then know that the desolating of her has drawn near. Then let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains, let those in the midst of her leave, and let those in the countryside not enter into her.” After the Romans encamped the City, by a miracle they withdrew temporary, and the believing Jews fled for their lives along with their families, following Jesus instructions.

The Romans first came in the year 66 C.E. and started building an entrapment around the city of Jerusalem, so that the Jews wouldn’t be able to get out. But then suddenly withdrew before finishing going around the entire city and stayed away for four years before they returned in 70. C.E. It seemed like they had changed their minds.

But it was Jehovah (God) giving all the Jews four (4) years to flee out of Jerusalem so that they wouldn’t have to die in that terrible destruction. The believing Jews used that opportunity to pack up their belongings and moved out of Jerusalem as fast as they could with their families just as Jesus told them to do, even though they didn’t know when the Romans were coming back.

The majority of the Jews in the City refused to follow Jesus’ command, to flee while God allowed four years for them to do so, and became very rebellious against any messages from God and the instructions given by Jesus himself to flee. He was indeed acting as their Messiah then, by showing them how not to be destroyed with the city.

Only those faithful Jews who had accepted him as the Promised One, fled and were spared alive. According to the historical account of the eye witness Josephus over 1.100.000 million rebellious Jews died during that destruction. What a shame just because they didn’t believe Jesus was the foretold One and didn’t listen to his instructions.

So these of modern day Judaism cannot blame him for not telling them or trying to save their lives back then. He did act as their Deliverer from being killed by the Romans during Jerusalem’s destruction, but they expected him to do something else, even though it was made plain that God was no longer using Jerusalem as the place from where the Messianic Kingdom would rule.

So the majority of them even after all that history behind them, and during the centuries, the Jews started spreading all over the world and so did Judaism branching out into different sects, all the way down to our day, but continuing in their stubborn rejection of Jesus as Messiah and still continue to look forward to the coming “Jewish Messiah” for the saving of the Jews only. And the reason I was told by one Jew that their wives in this particular sect of Hasidic Judaism get so many children is the hope that one of them will be that Messiah. And that this one will be the one to save the Jewish people, take them back to the homeland Israel, build the third temple, and bring peace.

They just need to take the time to examine the whole message of the real Bible, the word of God, given to them originally through his inspired prophets. Instead just like “Christendom”, the churches of Christendom, claiming to be Christian, but in reality are all an apostasy from the real truth of the Bible, so is modern day Judaism. It is all “religion” according to the interpretation of their leaders, under the Opposing God, Satan the Devil. Keep reading, it gets even more exciting and revealing, somethings were hidden from you whether you are a Jew or non Jew, or member of any of Christendom Religions. This is real history that you can read in your Bible or research in the history books.

Adding more to the disbelief of the Jews is the way the Churches of Christendom represent Jesus Christ.

Adding more to the disbelief of the Jews and making it more difficult for them to accept Jesus Christ as the foretold Messiah, is the way the churches of Christendom represent Jesus Christ. After Jesus established True Christianity with his twelve disciples, whom were all Jews, all the original congregations were made up of all those whom had come into the new covenant, again they were all Jews (will see later on how and when Jesus established the New Covenant) then eventually people from other nations were invited to be Jesus followers including some Romans.

But about 400 years after Jesus’ death and the death of his last apostle John, the great apostasy took place. Starting with the Roman Catholic Church (Remember the Romans were enemies of the Jews, and of God, the Roman soldiers themselves were the ones who killed Jesus according to their custom of executing people on a stake, or pole, and later destroyed Jerusalem).

So when the Roman Catholic Church was formed every believer knew and as was foretold by the last apostle John, that this was the beginning of the great apostasy, the breaking away from “True Christianity”, Satan’s means of entrapping millions of people into false worship against the Creator but which would now be going to himself. Ofcourse they took on the name “Christian religions” and adopted some teachings from Jesus and mixed them up with paganism something Jehovah had told his people not to do.

Other religions started forming or branching out into thousands of other denominational protestant religions all calling themselves “Christians”, but all under different names. But they never continued the work of preaching about God’s Kingdom as was giving by Jesus himself and that was carried on by the early True Christians. They never use God’s Name “Jehovah” which all the original Jews used his name and were known by his name. That name was used in the Original Bible more than 7000 times. (JHWH in Hebrew.)

In later Bible translations Christendom Religions took God’s name completely out of the Bible replacing it with the words “Lord” or “God”. Neither did they or still do not promote Jesus as the Messiah or teach people the whole reason why he was sent to earth.

The churches of Christendom never promoted Jesus as the Messiah making it difficult for the Jews to really accept him as such

Neither do they explain how “The Kingdom” will restore God’s original purpose of having perfect people living on earth, like it was in Paradise. Why not? Unknown to the majority of people who were baptized into these churches Satan was their God who was and is still getting their worship. (Revelation 18:4, 5 call them all Babylon the Great, including Judaism, and God is telling sincere people to get out of Babylon the Great now before Armageddon comes. Will talk more about this in the following Post after this one).

Satan is an enemy of Jesus and God and anyone who wants to do what is right, he doesn’t want anyone to believe in a Messiah and gain life forever as was God’s Purpose, because that would mean an end to him. (You will see later on how in Genesis 3:15 that enmity was foretold and started). So are you already beginning to understand why the Jews were so hated by the so called “Christians”, after their formation and many people were deceived into thinking that these were the true followers of Jesus Christ, adding more to the rejection of Christ as Messiah among the Jews?

The churches of Christendom claiming to be “Christian” started using Jesus in all kinds of greed promoting pagan celebrations and customs, even venerating the object of his execution calling it the “Holy Cross”, and his mother as the “Virgin Mary”.

These so called “Christian Religions” never really explain from the Bible why Jesus came and died, what his death means, and how he will save obedient mankind, Jews as well as all people of faith. Instead they worship Jesus as God, saying that he is part of a Trinity, which the Jews know that God is not the same as Jesus. They also associate him with all kinds of pagan holidays, (The original Jews and the first true Christian congregations were told to keep away from any pagan customs or association) and Jesus name is used to promote greed and have become one of the biggest money making names in history.

Using him in all kinds of images, even making his mother Mary (they still call the “Virgin Mary”) and the Stake that he died on, which they have transformed into a “Holy Cross” (the object on which he was executed was nothing holy to God, it was an object of execution, a curse that was used by the Romans, his enemies, no object was to be ever venerated or worshipped according to God’s commands, especially one that was used to execute His own son).

Would you worship or hold sacred a gun or knife that was used to kill a loved one? Ofcourse not, neither does God hold the Stake or “Cross”  sacred. (The Romans used upright Poles or Stakes for their execution of criminals, it became a two beamed cross after Roman Catholicism came into existence, and was venerated and called the “Holy Cross”). It was Jesus Christ death, his shed blood that is supposed to be sacred and that we should hold in high esteem.

These customs were all considered to be Idolatry which the original Jews did not practice. All this widened the gap of unbelief among the Jews in Jesus as the Real Messiah.

But Christendom made images of them as objects of worship, which is idolatry something God himself condemned and was not practiced among the original Jews, God’s people. The “Cross” became the big thing among Christendom churches, the so called symbol of Christianity. It was venerated in jewelry around people’s necks, earrings, ornaments, on Church Buildings, etc. as a symbol of “Christianity”. Can’t you see Satan tactic behind this? He was glorying the means by which he killed God’s Son, promoting Idolatry which he knows God’s condemns, while hiding the true meaning of Jesus shed blood.

Keep in mind the Stake on which Jesus died, or what they call the “Cross” was provided by the Romans, his enemies, it was their object of execution, God did not provide the stake that they hung his son on. Besides Jesus has been used in all kinds of pagan money making celebrations, movies, plays, and anything else they can think off. (see previous posts: “What does Jesus have to do with the Easter Bunny and colored eggs?”) also (“Hey, whats up with all these Christmas Lights and Decorations anyway?”).

Their false teaching is that Jesus will take all good people to heaven, and send the wicked to a place of Hellfire and torment. This is not a teaching from God, or the belief of the original Jews, or of true Christianity which was first all made up of Jews who had accepted the Messiah.

And since they blame the Jews for killing Jesus, how could any man kill God? The Jews know that is not true. Even though the Jewish religious leaders rejected him and shouted for his impalement, and probably would have kill him themselves, in the finale it was the Roman soldiers who were enemies of the Jews that killed Jesus, not the Jews. So these are another set of Satan’s lies to keep the gap of unbelief open, for the churches could say if he was indeed the Jewish Messiah why did they kill him? But they didn’t. And Christendom representation of Jesus doesn’t help convince them either that he was their Messiah.

But the Bible shows that many thousands of Jews became Jesus followers, all his twelve disciples were Jews, so not all of them rejected him. As a matter of fact large crowds of the common Jewish people followed him around hungry to hear him teach them something about the truth of God. This irritated his opposers so much that they called his followers a “Cult” and became afraid that all the poor Jews would follow him, and they wanted to get rid of him.

Even after he died and went back to heaven all the original Christian congregations were made up of all Jews. And even today many thousands of Jews right within the nation of Israel itself are now accepting the Truth from the whole Bible and are becoming part of “True Christianity”. This is the true Christianity established by Jesus himself, which was an outgrowth from the original true worship of the true God Jehovah. (not the apostate version practiced by “Christendom” religions).

Who doesn’t want anyone to believe in a Savior or Messiah, and why not?

Jesus himself when on earth foretold that many of the Jewish religious leaders would reject him, they had already started their form of Judaism, an apostasy from the real Hebrew teachings of God,  placing so much burdens on the Jewish people, keeping them enslaved by a whole set of un-scriptural traditions, making it difficult for them to accept Christ.

(All this hatred against True worship and Jesus Christ was foretold even as far back as the Garden of Eden at the fall of man into sin. (In Genesis 3:15, will explain later down how it all got started) So even though Jesus clearly fulfilled every single prophesy about the Messiah in the scriptures they refused to believe he was the foretold or Promised One.

Also the Bible book of 2 Corinthians 4:3, 4 shows why some people including many Jews would not believe, it says “If, in fact the good news we declare is in fact veiled, it is veiled among those who are perishing, (4) among whom the god of this system of things has blinded the minds of the unbelievers so that the illumination of the glorious good news about the Christ, who is the image of God, might not shine through”.

Satan the Devil is referred to as the God of this system of things, blinding the minds of the unbelievers so that no matter what you show them from the Bible itself, they still don’t believe it. So Satan is keeping them all blinded because he doesn’t want anyone to serve God and be saved. Jesus referred to Satan as the “Father of the lie”, and a murderer. (John 8:44).He is the originator of sin, human suffering and death. He doesn’t want a Savior for the world, for that means the end of his wicked rule over the earth, and that is the main reason why God sent His son to destroy this Satanic and demonic controlled world.

The Bible is more than just a Good Book as some people believe, it gives us the entire history of our existence, how we got into this condition of suffering and death, why we need a Messiah, who he will be, and how everything will be restored back to God’s original Purpose. It has a very serious and enlightening message, not just good stories.

It is for very good reasons why even after so many years the Bible is still the No 1 Best Seller, and can be found in the homes of most all peoples everywhere. Just its message has been obscurred and hidden by the majority because of the Great Deceiver, not wanting people to know the Truth so that they will keep living as God’s will is.

The Bible gives us the entire history of why we need a Messiah in the first place, why the Messiah could not be a mere imperfect man as they expect him to be born. Why he has already been born and where, definitely not in Brooklyn New York. Why did God choose the Jewish people back then as his people and why the Messiah would be born and die as a Jew.

Why the Messiah is not coming to just save the Jewish Nation, and why the temple in Jerusalem would not be rebuilt and earthly Jerusalem would never be the seat of God’s Government again, but would now be a Heavenly Government, refer in the Bible as the “New Jerusalem” (Bible Book of Revelation  21:2, 10-14) and would rule over the entire earth, ushering in a period of peace for all those whom choose now to listen to the Good News and make their choice for God’s Rulership.

How did it all began? How did the human race got in this mess needing a Savior or Messiah?

In the Bible book of Genesis from the beginning it tells us how God created the heavens and the earth. How after all things were created He created the man from the dust of the earth, blew into his nostrils and he became a living person. Genesis 1:27, 28 says: “And God went on to create the man in his image, in God’s image he created him; male and female he created them, and God said to them: “Be fruitful and become many, fill the earth and subdue it and have in subjection the fish of the sea and the flying creatures of the heavens and every living creature that is moving on the earth”.

The account in Genesis went on to say how God gave the first man Adam, the command to eat from every seed bearing plant and fruit bearing tree, including all vegetation for food. In Genesis 2:8 how he planted a Garden in Eden and put the man whom he had formed.  So the first man and woman were created perfect in God’s Image with no end to their perfect life and the ability to think and act with a good conscience.

The human race started off perfect. They lacked nothing and needed no whole set of rules and commands. It was life in Paradise.

Nothing was ever said about their life being temporary and later taken to another place called heaven. The earth would be their permanent home, a beautiful Garden or Paradise that would spread throughout the whole world as they got children and kept moving and living throughout the entire earth, with all the food they could eat from the Plants and trees in the Garden.

They lacked nothing, and needed nothing else to keep living and be happy. No laws and rules, no rituals, sacrifices and holidays, no churches or religious institutions, no political governmental boundaries. Just perfect health, eternal youth and life, unity and peace worldwide would result once the first two humans started having children and kept multiplying.

Continued everlasting Life depended on their proper use of Free Will and the recognition of God as their Life Giver and obedience to Him whenever such is needed.

God was their Instructor, Provider, and Protector whenever such is called for. The Creator gave them the power of free will, meaning they could choose to do what is right, or abuse their free will and choose a course contrary to God’s arrangement for their good and continued life, and that would lead to death.

So throughout all their lives free will, the ability to choose would be the determining factor as to how their life turned out. Every choice comes with consequences either for good or bad. Even today and throughout all eternity the Creator will allow humans to choose, but he has the right to warn them of the consequences of their choice, but never forcing them to do what he wants, always giving them the choice to listen or not to listen, to do, or not to do.

In order to let them know that their continued life depended on obedience, and himself as the rightful One to decide what was good for them or not, Jehovah gave them a simple test, recorded here at: Genesis 2: 9,16,17: “Thus Jehovah God made to grow out of the ground every tree that was pleasing to look at and good for food and also the tree of life in the middle of the garden and the tree of the knowledge of good and bad”

And in verse 16, 17: “Jehovah God also gave this command: “From every tree of the garden you may eat to satisfaction but as for the tree of the knowledge of good and bad, you must not eat from it, for in the day you eat from it you will certainly die.” But there was an interruption to that peaceful beginning.

An interruption took place in God’s Original purpose for the human race, through the first Lie spoken by the Evil One

In Genesis 3 speaks about the serpent whom deceived Eve into eating of the tree that God told them not to eat from. He did so by placing doubt in her mind and literally lying against God. Genesis 3:1, reads: Now the serpent was the most cautious of all the wild animals of the field that Jehovah God had made. So it said to the woman: “Did God really say that you must not eat from every tree of the garden?”

At this the woman said to the serpent: “We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden. But God has said about the fruit of the tree that is in the middle of the garden:” You must not eat from it, no you must not touch it; otherwise you will die. At this the serpent said to the woman: (Genesis 3:4, 5) You certainly will not die.” For God knows that in the very day that you eat from it, your eyes are bound to be opened and you will be like God, knowing good and bad.”

So the serpent told the first human pair the first lie, the complete opposite of what God said. By obeying Satan instead of God, he now became their Ruler. So God’s right to govern his own creations was also challenged. He allowed time to pass, allowing Satan to rule through every kind of government, and the human race to make their own decisions as to what or whom they choose to obey.

(We today know that a serpent cannot speak, so Satan used the serpent as his mouth piece the same as a Ventriloquist uses a puppet to make people believe it is speaking. Or Cartoon Movie writers uses animal characters to make children believe they are indeed speaking.  And little children really believe these characters are speaking. Eve was still very young and naive, like a child who didn’t know yet that a serpent couldn’t speak.

The Bible says she was deceived, Satan knew he could deceive her, not Adam. Adam had named the animals himself, he knew they couldn’t speak. That is why Adam was blamed for willfully selling the human race into sin. When he saw Eve eating of the forbidden fruit and she told him who made her take of it, he knew right away it was a disobedient source that had deceived his wife, but he willingly took of the fruit and therefore was blamed and paid the penalty for disobeying his Creator and causing untold suffering and death to the entire human race.)

The Bible Book of Revelation (showing the final outcome of what will happen to Satan in the end) identifies him as the serpent: Revelation 12:9: “so down the great dragon was hurled, the original serpent,…” shows that the serpent was really Satan, a fallen angel whom had become disobedient himself and had become the great “Opposer” or “Resister”, the Evil One, which is what his name Satan means. He was a good angel who had become a hater of his own Creator and of the first humans, since he knew that they could not keep living if they disobeyed God.

How sin lead to human suffering and sickness, old age and death entered the world of humanity

And so Eve began eating of the fruit of the tree after listening to Satan’s lie and later gave some of it to her husband Adam. And that is how sin entered the world of humanity, sin is really the willful choice to do just the opposite of what God requires of us or how he created us to live. God told them they would die if they eat of the tree and that is exactly what happened. In Genesis 3: 16-19: God continued to tell Adam and Eve how their whole comfortable life would change, pain and suffering would result eventually leading to their death.

He told Eve how she would now gave birth to children in pain, and told Adam that the ground was now cursed, it would grow thorns and thistles, he would now work harder to till the ground to eat and eventually grow old and die. In Genesis 3:19, the latter half said: “in the sweat of your face you will eat bread until you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken. For dust you are and to dust you will return.” So the penalty for sin was death, the opposite of life, or back to the dust, not Hell fire or a place of torment as some religions teach.

The command to multiply and fill the earth was already given, so Adam’s children would now be born with the defect of sin. They would not be perfect like they were in the beginning but would now enter the world already condemned to death like their parents. This is confirmed in the book of Romans 5:12:  “That is why just as through one man sin entered the world and so death spread to all men because they had all sinned” And it confirms the fact that all humans of whatever skin color or ethnicity are really all “One Family”, one “Race”, all offspring of Adam and Eve, none better than the other.

So all humans from then onward inherited sin and death. This was not the original purpose of the Creator but was passed down to us by Adam. God blamed Adam for man’s sin because he knew fully well that the serpent could not speak, and that someone else, an angel had to be using the serpent as his mouth piece to deceive Eve. So eating of the fruit was a willfull choice made by perfect Adam, he didn’t make an imperfect mistake, because he was a perfect man, and by this act he sold the entire human race into a life of suffering, sickness and death.

The first prophesy given by God in Eden for a Deliverer or Messiah that would crush the serpents’ head, the Devil putting him out of existence

After Adam and Eve sinned God allowed the human race to grow and spread out, and Satan to exist who now became the one whom most people follow, by virtue of not obeying the Creator. But since God created them (the human race) in his image, he knew that not all of them would choose a wrong course, even though they were sinful.

So he started making arrangement for a Deliverer to release those that choose to obey him from the death dealing state they were sold in by their first parents, Adam and Eve. It was also the just or right thing to do, because none of us or any of Adam’s children had anything to do with the choice he made, so it was only right for the Creator to at least give us a chance at everlasting life.

So God gave us the first prophecy or promise that someone would come to put an end to Satan by crushing him out of existence, but before that Satan would strike him in the heel. Also there would be constant enmity between the offspring of Satan (the human population that choose to serve the Devil most doing so indirectly by not listening or living in accord with the way God created them to live), and those that serve God. In speaking to the serpent, but in realty speaking to the evil angel the Devil whom was behind the serpent, God said at Genesis 3:15: “I will put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and her offspring. He will crush your head and you will strike him in the heel”.

For many years this prophecy wasn’t fulfilled because for someone to crush the Devil out of existence, that person would have to be a spirit person himself. Also he would come from someone who had faith in God, who had not chosen a course in opposition to the will of the Creator. It was another 2000 years before it was revealed that the one to crush Satan out of existence would be born as a human first, equal to Adam.

A man of faith, Abraham, noticed and chosen by God because he listened to God’s voice

God was paying attention to those on earth who was trying to do what is right and please him, and a faithful man called Abraham proved to be of outstanding faith and had great love for God. The Bible says that God even called Abraham “His Friend”. In Genesis chapter 17 through to Chapter 22 it gives us the entire history of how Abraham’s wife Sarah could not have children, and both of them were now old.

Abraham was 100 years old and Sarah was 90 years. Jehovah told them that they would have a son whose name would be Isaac, and out of him would come “nations and kings of peoples”. Both Abraham and Sarah laughed at the prospect of having a child in their old age. (Genesis 18:12-15, and Genesis 17:17).  Any woman and man at that age would have done the same thing, I know I would have cracked up laughing thinking it was joke, and that is exactly what Sarah did when she was given the news by the angel of God.

But God promised Abraham and Sarah that nations would come out of them, even kings, he was to become a father to many nations, and God was going to multiply his
offspring like grains of sand on the seashore. (Genesis 17:4-6 and Genesis 22:17,18).
I wonder how many Jews today really appreciate that they got their start from two old people, and to be such an intelligent people shows it was all a miracle of God, that Life is a gift from the Creator and faithfulness will always be rewarded. What a great reward Abraham and Sarah got for their faith in God. And he was doing all this for the preparation of the Messiah to save all mankind in the end.

Abraham already had a son by his Egyptian slave girl Hagar at age 86, (that was still considered to be young in those days) whom had actually been given to him by Sarah his wife because she couldn’t have children. She wanted her husband to have a child since she was barren. (Genesis 16) and Hagar was no doubt a young Egyptian girl and his name was called Ishmael. Abraham was concerned about this son, who at the time was his only son, but the Creator told him what will be called his offspring would be through his son Isaac, the one that would be born through Sarah his legal wife, who was now 90 years old and barren. (Genesis 21:12,13).

Later Hagar and her son Ishmael was sent away down to Egypt, where God also told Abraham that his son Ishmael also would become a great nation, (Genesis 21: 12,13, 14-21)but the promised one later would be revealed to come through his son Isaac, his son by Sarah, a Hebrew, and his legal wife, not the son of the Egyptian slave girl Hagar. (This no doubt explains why so many Hebrews have dark skin or are considered Black, and spread throughout Africa and Egypt, since they are in reality Abraham’s offspring by his first son Ishmael who later married an Egyptian woman.They were also first cousins to the Jews, Ishmael and Isaac were brothers by the same father Abraham)

The promised One was to come through Abraham’s son Isaac’s offspring

After both Sarah and Abraham had a good laugh over
their having a child in their old age, Sarah was 90 years old and Abraham 100 (Genesis 21: 6,7)
God confirmed his previous statement to them at
Genesis 17:19: “Your wife Sarah will definitely have a son and you must name him Isaac.

And I will establish my covenant with him for an everlasting covenant to his offspring after him. And in Genesis 17 verse 21, God repeated his will to establish a covenant with Isaac. And Sarah did indeed get pregnant after being barren for 90 years, and bore her child for nine months like any other woman in her old age. Eventually Isaac was born and she watched him grow up to be a man and was still alive when his first two sons were born.

After putting Abraham to the test by asking him to offer up his son Isaac, and because Abraham had so much faith that no matter what God asked him to do he believed that He will work out his purposes for the good of all. Abraham went ahead and prepared to offer up his son, but then God’s angel stopped him and the promise that the Messiah would come through his offspring was again confirmed to him only now made even clearer.

The coming of the Messiah made even more clearer – By means of him: “All nations of the earth will be blessed”, a restoration of God’s Original Purpose would take place

In the year 1943 B.C.E. God told Abraham in Genesis 22:17, 18I will certainly bless you and I will surely multiply your offspring like the stars of the heavens and like the grains of sand on the seashore, and your offspring will take possession of the gate of his enemies. And by means of your offspring all nations of the earth will obtain a blessing for themselves because you have listened to my voice”.

So now Abraham knew that one of his grand children through Isaac would be the one to crush the Devil’s head and bring blessings to all the nations of the earth. God’s original purpose for the earth, human perfection and eternal life in peace will be restored. Lets see how God kept to that promise and gradually over the years the Messiah did come through Isaac’s line. (It is all in the Bible folks, especially if you are a Jew, this is your history, I hope you are reading the scriptures that I mention here along as you read this exciting history for the saving of humanity).

How the nation of Israel was born

Isaac, Abraham’s son later got two sons, Jacob and Esau, both boys were twins. However God chose Jacob and his name was changed to Israel. (Genesis 32:28). He had twelve sons, and one daughter. Israel children and descendants later became known as the “Israelitesor the “twelve tribes of Israel”. The fourth son, Judah had exceptional leadership ability, so God’s promise was narrowed down again that the “Promised One” will come through Judah’s line or offspring: (Genesis 49:8-10).

In Genesis 49 verse 10 God prophesied: “The scepter will not depart from Judah, neither the commander’s staff from between his feet, until Shiloh comes, and to him the obedience of the peoples will belong”. The offspring of Judah came to be known as the “Jews”, and later all the descendants of Jacob (Israel),  the Israelites were called “Jews”. This came all the way down to King David in the line of Judah, of which Mary Jesus mother was a offspring, a Jewish girl. Also Joseph, Mary’s fiancée and later her husband which made him Jesus stepfather, (his real father was “God”) also was from the line of Judah.

So there you have it, the One to save the human race from Adam’s death dealing sin and suffering was to be born a “Jew”

How did God continued to keep that promise and to prove to all the Israelites that indeed the Messiah would come through them? Also what about all the other pagan nations around them who had become enemies of the Hebrews (remember Genesis 3:15, that enmity would exist between those whom God approves and the population of people, or the pagans whom were serving the Devil) how would they believe that these people the Israelites were really the people of God?

Joseph one of Jacob’s (or Israel sons) stirred jealousy among his brothers because his father had given him a beautiful coat, and was sold by his brothers  to a caravan of Ishmaelites going down to Egypt, and ended up being appointed as Food Administrator in the land of Egypt. A great famine arose and spread to the land of Canaan where the Israelites were living, but there was food in Egypt.

Why the Jews became slaves in Egypt, and how God was preserving them alive in order to keep his promise

So the other sons of Israel decided to go to Egypt to get food to keep the family alive according to the instructions from their father Israel. When they arrived in Egypt, Joseph who had been put in charge of the distribution of food recognized his brothers, but they didn’t recognize him. (Genesis 42-45). When he revealed himself to them, they were sorry that they had sold him into Egypt, but he comforted them by saying who was really behind the preservation of the Israelites.

In Genesis 45: 5, 7 he told them: “But now do not be upset and do not reproach one another because God has sent me ahead of you for the preservation of life.” But God sent me ahead of you in order to preserve for you a remnant on the earth and to keep you alive by a great deliverance”. So God was preserving the Jews alive so as to fulfill his promise of the Messiah coming through them.

Eventually all the nation of Israel came to reside in Egypt and they continued to multiply. But Pharaoh the Ruler of Egypt took advantage of them and made them do hard physical labor. They became slaves in Egypt that lasted for about 400 years. But again it was not God’s will that his people would be slaves in a foreign land. They were moved there in order to keep living because of the famine in Canaan and Egypt had plenty of food.

(Even today some Jews don’t understand that God was not the one who made them slaves in Egypt, he was preserving them alive because had they not moved to Egypt they would have died out as a nation because of the famine in their land. There was plenty of food in Egypt so he allowed them to stay there until the famine was over. It was Pharaoh Egypts’ Ruler that made them slaves, not their Creator).

God saved the Israelites from Egyptian bondage

When it was time to free his people from Egyptian bondage, God used Moses, a Hebrew who had been brought up in the household of the Egyptians. God used Moses as a Mediator between himself and the Jews. On the night before they were delivered from Egypt, instructions were given to the Israelites to sprinkle the blood of the lamb (or goat) on the doorposts of all the Israelites. (Exodus 12:6-27).

This would be a sign to the angel who had been sent by God to destroy the firstborns of the Egyptians because Pharaoh refused to let the Jews go free. The angel “passed over” all the doors of the Israelites who had obeyed to spatter the blood on their doorposts. (That is where the word the “Passover” came from.) Again obedience to God had spared their firstborn sons alive. Moses was able to bring them save through the Red Sea on the dry ocean floor.

The meaning of the Passover and how it was prophetic of the coming of the Messiah

This deliverance was celebrated by the Jews as the Passoveron Nisan 14 beginning in the year 1513 B.C.E. and was to continue every year until the coming of the real Deliverer, the Messiah. Moses prefigured this Deliverer and the apostle Paul (one of Jesus later apostles) who was also a Jew writing after Jesus death, said in:

1 Corinthians 5:7: For indeed Christ our Passover has been sacrificed”. He likened Jesus to the Passover Lamb who was slaughtered and its blood used for the preservation of the Jews out of bondage. So will the Messiah Christ accomplish the same, the saving of obedient mankind out of bondage from a wicked world ruled by the cruel opposing god, Satan the Devil (the original serpent of Genesis).

Also another apostle of Jesus, John also referred to Jesus as the “Lamb” that takes away the sin of the world. (John 1:29). None of the Passover lamb bones were broken. So it was also prophesied that none of Jesus bones would be broken during his execution and it was fulfilled during his death. (Psalms 34:20; John 19:36) We see from every event the Creator was working to accomplish his purpose to produce the real Savior of the world by preserving the Jews. Another way he did this was by giving them the Law Covenant.

God established the Law Covenant with the nation of Israel. The Jews became the official chosen people of God  “His Witnesses”.

After their deliverance God established the Law Covenant in the year 1513 B.C.E at Mount Sinai between himself and the nation of Israel. It protected the “offspring of Israel” and kept Abraham’s line of descent from becoming contaminated. It would be easier now for the real Messiah to be identified when he arrived by dealing with just one organized group of people. It provided a record of what happens when God’s righteous standards are either observed or ignored.

The Law forbade the nation of Israel from inter-marrying with pagan nations or anyone who was not a Jew, and also from sharing in any interfaith worship, or false worship. The only approved worship by God was that given to them. It was the only “true religion” or true channel of communication that He approved of, and they became his special people, his “witnesses”.

In Isaiah 43: 10-12: God in speaking to his people says: “You are my witnesses, declares Jehovah, “Yes, my servant whom I have chosen, so that you may know and have faith in me, and understand that I am the same one… verse 12 he repeated: “So you are my witnesses” declares Jehovah, and I am God.”

(So “True Worship”, or “True Religion” had no name, or was not identified by a “Building”. Those whom God approved of were identified as a “organized united people” who would live their lives and speak in accord with what is right and true. They were to represent God in their lives and dealings with each other, and in obedience to His commands, in this way they served as “His Witnesses”, of people created in His Image, the kind of God He was.)

Unfortunately in the year 36 C.E. the Jews as a nation or group loss this great privilege of being Jehovah’s Witnesses or his Special People. After Jesus Christ came and because of their rejection of him as the true Messiah. Only those whom accepted or now accepts the Messiah can be become his Witnesses again, along with anyone else, Jew or non Jew can become one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

So there are many Jews whom have become his witnesses again, while the majority still remain wrapped up in False Judaism as mentioned at the beginning of this Post. Jehovah is still merciful toward them and hope that they all will return to Him and keep living on earth forever, but that would be their choice now.

The Law Covenant was a Tutor leading to Christ. Once Christ the Messiah comes, the Law would end

But the main purpose of the Law was to make transgressions manifest until the promised one should arrive. It was a tutor leading to Christ. It pointed to Christ as the objective aim. It revealed that all humans, including the Jews are under sin (they were children of Adam and Eve like everyone else and inherited sin) and that life cannot be obtained by “works of law”. Galatians 3:19-24; Romans 3:20; 10:4 (I hope you are reading all the scriptures from the Bible I put in this post, I cannot quote them all as it will make the post to long, so open your Bible and read them as you go along).

It is called the “Law of commandments consisting in decrees.” It had a priesthood that would make animal sacrifices on behalf of the people when they sinned. It was a standard of perfection, marking the one who could keep it perfect, worthy of life. Since no imperfect human could keep the Law, it was very difficult for the Jews to hold to such a high standard of perfection, and showed how far man had fallen away from the perfection that was in Adam and Eve.

The law proved the scripture at Romans 3:23 true: “all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God”. God was letting them know that they really need to be set free from the burden of sin which the Law highlighted, and that would only come through the Messiah, Christ. So all the Jews were looking forward to him, they knew that he would come through their line, and they had all the scriptures that prophesied about him before hand.

Some prophesies that were foretold and fulfilled in Jesus Christ

Such as his birthplace In Micah 5:2 says he would be born in a little town called Ephrathah in Bethlehem.  Fulfillment: Matthew 2: 1,2,5, 6. He was indeed born in Bethlehem.

Compare the prophecy in Psalm 22:18 about how they divide his garments among themselves and cast lots for his clothing. Fulfillment John 19:23,24 The Roman Soldiers indeed after nailing Jesus to the stake, took his outer garments and divided them into four parts, but his inner garments was without seam, being woven from top to bottom, so they said to one another: “Let us not tear it, but let us cast lots over it to decide whose it will be”.

Psalm 34:20 He is guarding all his bones, not one of them has been broken. Fulfillment: On coming to Jesus they saw (the Roman Soldiers) that he was already dead, so they did not break his legs. John 19:33.

He was pierced for our transgression. Isaiah 53:5. Fulfillment: John 19:34. One of the Roman soldiers jabbed his side with a spear, and immediately blood and water came out.

Zechariah 11:12, 13: They paid my wages, 30 pieces of silver. Fulfillment:  Then one of the Twelve the one called Judas Iscariot, went to the chief priests and said: “What will you give me to betray him to you?” They stipulated to him 30 silver pieces”. Matthew 26:14, 15, 27:5.

And there are many more scriptures that were foretold about his life and was fulfilled when he came. But how could a perfect Messiah be born from a imperfect human being?

How the Promised Messiah was born perfect even though born through an imperfect Jewish girl

The Deliverer for the human race had to be born perfect in order to give his life as a ransom in exchange to release us from sin and death, because Adam was perfect before he sinned. There had to
be an equalizing of what Adam lost so Jesus coul
d buy us back
So Jesus life and shed blood covers what Adam lost, and bought us back from the state of suffering and death.

By means of a miracle God transferred the life of his first born son from heaven to the womb of the virgin Mary. So Jesus was born in the year 2. C.E. a perfect son of God as God was his father, and a Jewish girl, Mary.

She was a real Jew an offspring of Abraham through the line of David a descendant of Judah just as God promised him. On the night of his birth an angel appeared to shepherds watching over their flocks at night. (This shows Jesus was not born in the heart of winter, as most religions teach but earlier in the year) read previous post: Hey, what’s up with all these Christmas lights and decorations anyway!) The angel said to them: “Do not be afraid for look I am declaring to you good news of a great joy that all the peoples will have.

For today there was born to you in David’s city a savior who is Christ the Lord. And suddenly there was a multitude of the heavenly army, praising God and saying: “Glory in the heights above to God, and on earth peace among men of goodwill” Luke 2: 8-13. Surely this was no ordinary birth, but was indeed the birth of the foretold Messiah testified by the angels themselves and the circumstances surrounding his birth.

Jesus became the Christ when he got baptized in the year 29 C.E

When Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River in 29 C.E. John the baptizer was promised a sign by God so he could identify the Messiah. John saw that sign. The Bible says that after Jesus came up out of the water, the heavens were opened up and he saw descending like a dove God’s spirit coming upon him. Also there was a voice from heaven that said: ”This is my Son, the beloved, whom I have approved” Matthew 3: 16, 17 That day the holy spirit was poured on him, he became anointed, or the Christ.

From then onward he started preaching the Good News of God’s Kingdom, letting others know that this was the means God was going to put an end to Satan’s controlled world, end human suffering and bring peace. Also he started choosing other members that would rule with him in the Kingdom. These also would be of Abraham’s offspring as promised to Abraham and would rule along with the primary one Jesus in the Kingdom.

Jesus celebrated the Lord’s Evening Meal, gave the command to keep doing it in remembrance of his death

All Jesus early disciples were the first ones chosen to rule with him in the Kingdom. Finally it was time for him to die on behalf of the human race. But on the night before his death he and his disciples whom were all Jews gathered together to celebrate the Passover on Nisan 14.

After celebrating the Passover, he established the New Covenant. In Matthew 26: 26-30: Jesus took a loaf, and after saying a blessing, he broke it, and giving it to his disciples, he said: Take, eat. This means my body.

And taking a cup, he offered thanks and gave it to them, saying: “Drink out of it, all of you, for this means my blood of the covenant which is to be poured out in behalf of many for forgiveness of sins. But I say to you: I will by no means drink any of this product of the vine until that day when I drink it new with you in the Kingdom of my father. And in Luke 22: 14-20 He told them to keep doing this in remembrance of him.* (see invitation at the end of this post to attend this event in whatever country you live).

And so this was the end of the Jewish Passover. The Messiah was now here, and it was now replaced with the celebration or Memorial of Jesus Death just as he instructed to be done yearly. He was the fulfillment of the meaning of the Passover, the sacrificial lamb whose blood was sprinkled on the doorposts of the Israelites the night before they left Egypt, and that saved their firstborns, so will his shed blood save all obedient mankind.

Jesus Instituted the New Covenant abolishing the Old Law Covenant freeing the Jews from that heavy burden

By this Jesus established the New Covenant and ended the old law covenant with its sacrifices and many laws. He was now the sacrifice that was going to die on behalf of all sins of all peoples. The New Covenant is based on Love of God and neighbor and has all the principles of the old Law. All those now taken in the New Covenant became anointed with God’s Spirit and became known as “Christians”, or Anointed Ones.

All the former faithful Jews were taken into the New Covenant  were already Jehovah’s Witnesses, as He himself called them when he gave them the Law, (Isaiah 43:10-12) now as anointed ones “They became “Jehovah’s Christian Witnesses” of which Jesus was now the head of the Christian Congregations. Remember the Law covenant was a tutor leading to Christ, so Christ was here, so the people of God no longer needed a Tutor, he was the one all the laws and sacrifices were pointing forward to.

He gave them the command before he died and which he started himself, to preach to all the nations. Matthew 28:19, 20:Go, therefore and make disciples of people of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son and the holy spirit, teaching them to observe all the things I have commanded you. And look I am with you all the days until the conclusion of the system of things”. This again confirms God’s will that people of all the nations would be given a choice to gain life, not just the Jews, and this preaching of the Kingdom would continue right up until the end of this system when Jesus returns in Kingdom Power to destroy Satan’s wicked world.

The first choice to be co-rulers with Jesus in the Heavenly Kingdom would be given to the Jews, the first ones chosen were his twelve disciples and, and many other faithful Jews became “Christians” but it was God’s Will that the message would eventually spread out to include other members from other nations, or non Jews. In Revelation it gives the exact number of those who will rule in that Heavenly Government. Will discuss that in the next post to follow this one.

True Christianity was now the new Channel of communication for those wanting to please God and gain life

The New Christian congregation became the extended Channel under the direction of Jesus Christ that would accomplish God’s requirements for life, but would still be One Channel, teaching the same message, not a hundred different sects with different messages and teachings, the same as the Jews were organized as One Group under the Law Covenant.

So all the first members of True Christianity were all Jews, those whom had accepted the Messiah, and then the message was spread out to include
people of all the nations.
This spreading of the Good News is still continuing around the world by
people from all walks of life and from every nationality and ethnicity and from every country and islands of the seas, whom have chosen to become “Jehovah’s Christian Witnesses”, just like the original True Christians and Jews were called so by God himself.

And after that Jesus was executed by the Roman soldiers on the stake after a very long painful struggle and died as an innocent man for the sake of the human race, all peoples including Jews. His last words before he expired were: “it has been accomplished” So he became the last Adam, he took the place of Adam and was now in a position to release the human race from all the trouble caused to them by the first man and woman.

Just before he died the whole place turned dark, and after there was a great earthquake so that the Roman soldier that supervised his execution himself concluded” “Certainly this was God’s Son” (Matthew 27:54).

It was the greatest Gift God gave to human kind because of his love for them. In John 3:16 it says: “God loved the world so much that he gave his only begotten son so that everyone exercising faith in him might not be destroyed but have everlasting life”

After three days just as was prophesied, he was resurrected, again proving that he was indeed the foretold Messiah. Forty days later he was lifted up to heaven in view of 500 eye-witnesses his disciples and others who saw him being taken up to heaven where he would present the value of his death to his father God (Jehovah).

So his job for the first half of God’s Promise was done here on earth. When he returns it would be in spirit from heaven to put an end to Satan’s World and then the “Blessings of all the Nations of obedient people will follow”, of people whom now choose to obey God will survive and keep on living in the coming Peaceful World, the whole Earth will become a Global place of peace” (Will talk more about that in the other post following this one).

And so the first part of the promise given in Eden at Genesis 3:15 where it was foretold that the serpent offspring (Satan’s agents, the Romans were part of Satan’s World and enemies of the Jews) would strike him in the heel was accomplished when Jesus was put to death by his enemies, but was later resurrected, so it was like a heel wound.

So all the evidence from the Bible and history confirms that Jesus was indeed the promised Messiah, and he came with a purpose

So all the evidence from the Bible and history confirms that Jesus was indeed the promised Messiah. So no Jew or anyone else have any valid reasons to conclude that he was not God’s son or the Promised Deliverer or Messiah. We know why he was sent from God, and why he was born and died as a Jew. Why? It was simple God’s promise to a faithful old man Abraham, “His Friend” that because of his strong faith and love of God, He would allow his son for the saving of all mankind to be born through his line or descendants “the nation of Israel, or the “Jews” that came through his son Isaac just as God promised him.

That by means of his offspring all the nations of the earth will be blessed. And all during many thousands of years from then onward God faithfully kept that promise right down to our day. It was a privilege indeed to be rewarded like that by the Creator of the Universe, and also became a blessing to the whole nation of Israel to be once chosen as the “People of God” or “His Witnesses”.

So any Jew, religious or non religious just like everyone else can still become His witness again just as some are choosing to do by now following God’s arrangement through Jesus Christ, His Son whom he sent to deliver all obedient people from a wicked world of sin and suffering.

But the blessing of the nations has not yet occurred. That will take place in the fulfillment of the second half of the Edenic promise, (Genesis 3:15) after the crushing of the serpents head, then the blessing of the nations will take place.

The fact that God has kept his promise for the coming of the Messiah, is a guarantee that the other half of that promise will also come true which is the all the nations of the earth will be blessed”

How do we know that is very near now? What did Jesus say to show that it will occur in our time, not to long away? What does the declining worsening world conditions, the moral decline, and Political unrest means worldwide? Who is behind Terrorism, and why can’t the Governments no matter how hard they try stop the spread of Terrorism? And why it is bound to get worst worldwide? The increasing in Lawlessness worldwide, the constant fear among the nations? What is the meaning of all these things?

Come back in a couple of weeks and I will show you from the Bible again the answers to all those questions.

Written and illustrated by Glenda Brill (C)

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Great joy to the world and peace among men of goodwill,  how to find comfort and hope even now amidst devastating tragedy from this promise

You’re invited:

* Jehovah Witnesses every year carry out Jesus command to Keep remembering the Memorial of His death.  He commanded that it be kept after sundown on the exact date that he died on Nisan 14 of the Jewish Calender which this year falls on April 3, 2015.
Jesus died for the whole human race so everyone of any ethnicity have the choice to choose life by getting to know the Truth. So whether you are a Jew, Muslim, or belong to any other of Christendom religions, the invitation has been going out worldwide for everyone to attend this special event on April 3, 2015 after sun down.
It will be held worldwide around the entire Globe and islands of the seas in more than 239 lands and in over 115.000 congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses in 100’s or more languages. And if you are a Jew living in the Jerusalem area, yes, now there are also about 20 congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses there now where the Memorial of Christ death will be held in your native language.
This is a Free Event, no collection plates will be passed as is always the way at any meetings of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and there is nothing to join. It is about 45 minutes to an hour long and bring your children if you have so they to can learn.

So look up where the nearest congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses is in your town, city or country. Check the exact time but it is alway after Sun down just as Jesus celebrated it. Or go to the website and search the address and time there for your country.
Also  the following Sunday on April 12, 2015 another Special talk will be giving worldwide for the benefit of all families entitled: “A Promise of  Perfect Family Happiness”. Take all your little ones if you have children this is for you. Again it will  be held worldwide and is Free to everyone.  Hope you get these invitations in time and can attend.
And if you miss these invitations, every week, especially on Sundays there are always meetings held in Congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide in 100’s of languages, you can visit any time you wish, or if you want to take in some Biblical instructions or just to see how the meetings are held. While there you can ask for a personal discussion to be held at your place of destination or home and ask all the questions you want, all free of charge.
And never fear that you will be asked to “join” a religion, or become a “member” of some strange cult.  Jehovah’s Witnesses are not a part of the world council of Churches, Judaism, or Muslims or any of the 100’s of religions, they are just as their name implies: “Jehovah’s Witnesses”, If you still don’t understand what that means read the above Post again, or ask anyone of them, or go to the website and explore for more information.
Interested in getting help in understanding the Bible? Go to download this Bible study aid from the same site in any language you speak “What does the Bible really teach” you can also request a personal Bible study which can be conducted in the privacy of your home or anywhere you live free of charge from the same site.
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White Crystal Jewels Falling From The Sky, Decorating Trees, Lawns And Everything In Their Path – Their Amazing Beauty And Many Benefits To Us

They fall quietly, noiselessly and harmless from the sky, each one beautifully shaped, their feel resembles medium fine white sand found on a tropical beach island, only refreshingly cool against the skin. They descend in a orderly fashion and seem to know exactly where to land, blanketing lawns and packing around the roots and bases of trees like thick necklaces, and on bare tree branches like earrings placed with such accurate precision as if being guided by invisible hands.

They beautify and transform everything they land on into a magical fairy Wonderland. When caught in the sun rays they sparkle as little diamonds showing off their beauty and seemingly pleased to have arrived at their destination.

There appearance is as pure and white as their name: SNOW! Yes that is the general name for these amazing white crystal jewels, “snowflakes when bunched all together making up Snow”. These snow crystals are made in the clouds when water vapor condenses directly into ice.

This process form some amazingly beautiful patterns as the crystals grow together, and fall as millions to earth. It is unfortunate that “Snow” a natural process which has been occurring in winter for generations is becoming a scary word to some people spurred on by the news weather forecasters. It is the constant bad news that is making people feel depressed and to dread snow, not the weather itself.

When did Snow Showers or a Snow Fall become such Bad News, that needed to be repeated over and over with such destructive descriptions?

Every snow storm becomes Big News here in New York City, like “Bad News” putting people on alert that is repeated over and over like it is the worst thing to expect. It seems some TV Stations are competing with each other as to who can describe the coming snow fall in the worst possible terms.

People sure love bad news these days! (See previous post: Addiction to Bad News – how this creates more turmoil, unrest, indifference and tolerance in our world). They don’t see any good worth reporting but nothing but exaggerated description of any little thing to scare people. Some forecasters described the snow fall in words like: “a storm of preponderance proportions”, or “Watch your roofs because of bone crushing snow” some even use the word “Snow-mageddon”.

That really got to me. I spent about an hour and a half walking around in the falling snow, and even stuck my hand in a pile of freshly fallen snow just to feel it. I love snow and winter, and I wanted to take some more pictures. I am alright, none of my bones were crushed, not even my little finger that was in the pile of snow, or I wasn’t killed by this so called “Storm of preponderance proportions”.

I saw cars completely covered under snow, and rooftops, and I am sure there will not be a slight dent in any of them, because snow is very soft and light and will not crush anything that sturdy. Any rooftop that caved in from snow (as I heard happened somewhere in the suburbs) had to have been very old, of poor materials and damaged before the snow storm for that to happen.

Please, when did Snow Showers or a Snow Fall become such bad news? Snow occurs in other countries as well, and people go about their daily life, children go to school through the snow like any other day without all this negative News Forecasting and complaining done here in the USA.

Is it because people are smarter and know that just as rain in Summer is necessary for life on earth, so is Snow in winter?

Maybe, that is the case, they are not so focused on some temporary inconvenience but on the benefits. I understand that in some situations due to heavy snow fall it is not wise to travel through snow, and when snow turn to ice, it can become dangerous causing people to fall and possible get hurt. (See previous post: Avoiding and Dealing with Disappointments). In cases like that it is the best thing to stay inside and off of the roads, which common sense will move most people to do.

Also within the last couple of years there has been a dramatic change in the climate and weather patterns, resulting in progressively colder winters with more snow and ice storms, unbearable hot summers, fierce tornadoes, tsunami’s, earthquakes, hurricanes and increasing storms in some places that didn’t have these before. For instance in some countries where it is usually very cold is now getting warmer, and those with warm weather is becoming colder. Global warming has began, and every year it gets gradually worst.

We were for-warned for several years that our damaged Ozone Layer would result in extreme Climate changes and weather patterns

This was foretold to happen several years ago due to man’s messing up of the atmosphere. Our Ozone layer which is supposed to protect us from these extremes in weather has been completely damaged due to all the debris, technological wastes and pollution caused by humans spouting these into the air, and our oceans. We are reaping what we have sown!

People have become afraid of a simple process that was put into operation by the Creator for our own good and continued life and that has been here for generations: “The Weather!” In spite of this warning and the visible results some people still continue to destroy the atmosphere, causing unusual shifts in the earth and under ocean currents throwing everything out of balance, affecting us here on earth. (see previous post on :”Modern technology reversing the roles senior parents obey your children and grandchildren”)

This deteriorating of our atmosphere will continue to result in more extremes in cold winters and unbearable hot summers. All part of the times we are living in, and unless there is Divine intervention one part of our earth and human population would burn up completely from extreme hot summers, and other parts would completely freeze over.

Folks, this is not mere here say, we see it already heading in that direction, and no human has any control to reverse this decline. (After reading this entire post, come back and look at this video of how Climate Changes are causing so much havoc in other parts of the world, not just here in the US click here )

(See also previous post: Developing a keen sense of observation could save many lives). But the Creator will not let it go that far, there will be a saving of this beautiful planet Earth and obedient humans in the coming of the real “Armageddon”, God’s War on a wicked disobedient world and the restoration of Paradise on Earth. (Revelation 11:18 says God will bring to ruin those ruining the earth)

So a simple snow storm is not “Snow-mageddon”. Snow wasn’t meant to be a war or to destroy anything, but for our benefit.

It is natural for countries that have the privilege of the four seasons including winter to expect snow. It is one of the natural wonders put into operation by Our Creator for the benefit of His creations, humans, animals, trees and plants here on earth. And even though heavy snow fall have sometimes immobilized an entire city or town, unless it is a heavy snow blizzard accompanied by ice storms, snow for the most part doesn’t do damage or any to anyone, just keeps people off the streets. And the extremes in cold weather is not the natural result of nature, but as mentioned above is due to the dramatic change in our atmosphere.

As a matter of fact snow falls so light and quietly from the sky that if someone should get caught while walking in a snowfall, all you would feel is a light cold wet brush of snow flakes against your face, or on your hair. I experienced this myself, and believe me, there is a lot of snow that fell and is still falling to earth, (see all of the photos throughout this post that I took myself while walking around looking at the transformation snow gives the neighborhood.)

But nothing as dangerous as the Weather Forecasters are howling about. And you might not know that those simple snow flakes brushing against your skin is actually good for you. In spite of the inconvenience some dislike about snowy weather, snow has a tremendous lot of benefits to all life here on earth. So what are some of the direct benefits to us humans from snow?

Snowflakes are pure untouched moisture, giving your skin that soft dewy youthful look and feel if caught in falling snow

I read years ago that snow is loaded with pure minerals, but recently some Scientists say it doesn’t it only accumulates minerals depending on where it falls on rocks or the ground. Never the less snow is laden with pure untouched moisture, eating several handfuls of recently fallen snow would do the body just as good as drinking a glass of cold mineral water. Some people stranded away from home are known to have survived when caught in a snow storm just from eating snow the same as those whom lives were saved from drinking water if there was nothing else around to eat.

Also snow flakes brushing against your face and allow to dry into the skin improves your skin giving you that dewy soft look and feel. I see this result to my own skin every time I go out in the snow, just the moist air keeps the skin hydrated and soft.

That is the reason people who live in cold climates for most of the year where the air is filled with cool moisture have such beautiful dewy soft youthful skin.

I experienced this myself when I spent some time in Holland (the Netherlands Europe). It was during winter and it was quite cold and moist every day and this continued even beyond winter. I saw the visible results to my skin just after a week, that creamy soft, smooth dewy youthful look and feel that women spend so much money on skin creams to achieve. This is so unlike the sun scorched aging look and feel caused by hot weather and the hot sun.

Still so many people here in New York complain about the snow and cold weather. While on the other hand I am fascinated by snow, since I grew up in the tropical Caribbean and had never experienced or seen snow until I was a young adult when I came to New York City. Most of the time people take for granted what they are used to, while others like myself may appreciate the winter even more. They fail to see the beauty and its magical transforming ability to make everything look so clean and pure and learn of the benefits of snow.

Seeing the beauty of snow, and its transforming power to change a drab environment into a stunning wonderland

Have you ever gone to sleep and got up the next morning, looked through your window and was welcome with the stunning beauty of snow covered trees, roof tops and snow covered lawns glistering in the bright morning sun. That is what I experienced this morning and every time it snows. The pile of snow outside my window sill which has been sitting there since the last snow fall a couple of weeks ago, looks like little rhinestones or diamonds on white fabric. Even after several days of snowfall, the snow that accumulated on the outside of the window sills still remain and sparkle so vibrantly that you can’t even imagine that it is just plain snowflakes.

This is what I look forward to every morning enjoying it while it last since I know eventually the sun would melt it and this beauty will disappear. The last snow storm we had last week the next day I made sure I got lasting memories of this beauty by going out and walking around taking pictures of the snow covered trees and lawns. Some of these pictures can be seen throughout this post. And this morning I had another chance to take more beautiful pictures as the snow is still falling and more is yet to come.

Beauty of snowflakes, real ice crystals, like pieces of well designed jewelry, no two exactly alike

When we see snow falling, it looks like small clumps of white cotton just dropping from the sky. But Scientists when examining snowflakes under a microscope have discovered that each flake is actually a beautiful well designed coordinating shape, each one with a different pattern from the other, like pieces of crystal jewelry. Now I can understand why the small pile of snow outside my window sill glitters like small rhinestones on white fabric in the sunlight. It’s caused by the designed shape of the snowflakes crystals and how they are reflecting the sunlight. Look at the few examples of snowflakes presented at the beginning of this post. (Permission to reprint these from

Beautiful isn’t it? Who would think that they would be so well designed and even though there are millions of them, they are all different, no two exactly alike.

Snowflakes by their unique and variety of designs provide inspiration to all kinds of human Designers and have been incorporated either whole or in part into a variety of useful products for use by all people on earth. Beautiful items such as jewelry, wall and floor covering, bed sheets and spreads, blankets, gift wrap paper, different kinds of fabrics and textiles, children’s toys, tiles, holiday decorations and dressing and much more. Who knew such a small simple thing like a snowflake could be so helpful to us all?? Would an accident, or some inanimate so-called “Mother Nature” know how to do this, or doesn’t it show Intelligent Design by a real Creator with a purpose?

Snow brings joy to lovers of different winter sports and to children

Even though some people may complain about snow and winter there are many millions whom look forward to winter with its accompanying snow showers. Some children love playing in the snow and making snow men. While I was taking pictures earlier this week after the previous snow storm here in New York City, I saw a cute snowman inside a person’s yard. Probably built by some of the children living in the house or neighborhood.

It was so well done completely with a carrot nose and cap on his head, it made me smile and I took a photo of it and you can see it here. This is one way some children can have fun and a good way to spend a snowy or a snow-in day at home.

Then there are others who love skiing, ice skating, and various other winter sports (I love ice skating myself, but after trying it I fell so many times I became afraid I would break my back or something else) With the Winter Olympics going on in Russia now, it is so interesting to see how many more sports can be done only in winter and on snow, bringing joy and recreation to millions not only to the athletes put to all the spectators. Snow also provide extra income for companies who make salt that is used to melt the snow from streets and sidewalks making travel possible. Also for those who shovel snow from people’s drive-ways and walkways for a few dollars.

A snow transformed wonderland bring about a certain type of serenity and peacefulness that cannot be explained in words

A couple of years ago when we had the much larger snow storm than we had this year so far, I remember going outside early like I did this week, to look at the snow and to take pictures. The whole environment had taken on a different look of immense beauty. It was so quiet, peaceful and serene.

There were no cars, or buses running not a single soul was on the streets. It was almost like a magical fairyland we only read about in story books, but a beautiful sight with nothing but mountains of snow everywhere and everything blanketed by pure fallen snow. Cars parked next to the curb were all covered in snow.

There was a peacefulness or stillness in the air, that only brought a sense of calm. Not even a sound could be heard but only the silence. I couldn’t help stooping down to feel the snow and then fell right into the pile I was scooping up some from in my hand. It felt soft like the crushed sea shells laden white sanded beaches back home in the Caribbean only cool and refreshing instead. I couldn’t get hurt on this soft blanket.

“Why would anyone complain about this magnificent beauty” I couldn’t help wondering. I can understand that it could be dangerous for the Elderly or disabled to get around in snow, but some younger people complain just as much.

Some even don’t come out of their apartments or homes to even savor the moment, by the time they do come out the snow begins to melt and they have to walk through the slush, and maybe that is the reason people complain. The inconvenience of walking through snow or melting snow is the greatest problem to some while ignoring all the beauty and benefits of this fallen white miraculous wonder that only last for a while and then it is gone. And what if some don’t like going out in the snow?

A cold snowy day can provide an opportunity for families to stay in spend time with each other or engage in some indoor recreational activities together

If families like to stay in on a snowy day, then that is a great time to get together, read a good book or just engage in some recreational indoor activities together. That is what we did when I was in the Netherlands, on some snowy days when we didn’t have to go out, we stayed in played board games with my little niece and nephew or just sat and talked around the kitchen table.

In New York, on a nice snowy or winter day after going out, I love to stay in and watch old movies while sewing. Others might like to do some uncluttering of their apartment, curl up in bed with a good book, or catch up on some other things around the house that needed to be done. No time should be wasted on any day, including a snowy winter day. Any day whether we like the outdoors or indoors can provide an opportunity to enjoy life and its many benefits, including a snowy day.

Besides the many benefits and beauty of snow to us personally as humans, snow also has numerous benefits to trees, plants, soil and animals as well

One of the greatest benefits of those Jewels falling from the sky providing the soft blanket of snow covering our lawns, soil and gardens is it is a conditioner and preserver of the soil. You can see how snow always seem to pack up against the tree roots as careful as if put their by real hands, definitely no human hands would do such a great job. Why?

It actually insulates the soil and vegetation from low temperatures and harsh winds. Without this covering of snow, the soil would freeze deeper and deeper with accompanying cold temperatures, damaging the root systems of trees and shrubs.

Without this protective covering by snow, the alternating cycles of freezing and thawing would have a negative effect on perennials, bulbs and the ground as a whole. It would suffer from soil heaving which could injure roots or dry out plants. Snow actually conserves soil moisture during the long winter months.

Frigid winds in winter sucks moisture from the land which is needed to keep plants and trees alive, snow replenishes this necessary moisture preventing vegetation and gardens from becoming barren and dead.

Snow in winter has the same effect on the ground as rain in summer. Winter even though not all days are usually accompanied by strong winds, even mild cold winds suck moisture from the land. Frigid ground devoid of moisture will quickly kill any tree or shrub, and animals. The periodic melting of fallen snow replenishes this moisture keeping plants and trees from drying out and dying from thirst. Thus preserving them for food to us and animals.

The blanket covering of snow on the ground and even as snow begins to slowly melt it keeps the soil beneath at the perfect temperature so plants and animals alike can have a continuous source of moisture needed to keep them alive. Especially evergreens which keep their foliage throughout winter are at greater risk of injury without this source of moisture.

We do well to remember that a snow-less winter contributes just as much to the misery of dry wells as does the absence of summer rains. And that is another benefit of snow it also replenishes our water supply. As snow gradually melts water trickles slowly into the earth, percolating through the soil and refilling our aquifers, providing water for our drinking supply, needed for all life on earth.

Snow can be just as good for your indoor plants as the outdoors ones. Give your houseplants a good drink of freshly fallen melted snow and watch them flourish

If you love houseplants like myself freshly fallen snow can be a great nourishing drink for them. That is another reason I believe that snow does contain minerals as I read in a report about snow years ago, even though some Scientist say there is no proof it does. By the way it benefits our skin and plants, including houseplants. After a snowfall I usually take a couple of pails or buckets outside, fill them up with pure snow that hasn’t been walked on yet.

Let the snow melt inside my apartment at room temperature (A full pail or bucket of snow when melted becomes half full of water) and then water my plants with this pure melted snow. They just seem to flourish from this “heavenly treatment” and stay green and beautiful. As long as there is still snow outside, I continue watering them with this melted snow. If it is good for the trees outside, then it is good for those inside to.

I am sure there are many more things and benefits snow provides for the benefit of life here on earth, that have not been discovered yet. One thing is clear that snow is not the result of some blind “Mother Nature”, (which is a made up name by those who choose to believe everything came about by chance without the direction or creation by God, and that they don’t have to render an account to Him) deciding to dump it on us intending to harm us. These well designed snowflakes like white crystal Jewels from heaven were created for a purpose, for the continued welfare of life on earth, humans, animals and all vegetation.

They come from God the Creator, the great Jehovah (YHWH, His name written in Hebrew which means “He causes to become”). He caused all LIFE in the Universe, and Earth to come into existence and everything in nature to sustain that life which is designed to be for all eternity.

Looking on the Bright side of snow, with a sense of Appreciation and Gratitude

The Bible book of Genesis explains very clearly that God created the heavens and the earth. Everything in the Universe and on Earth, and the Oceans, the Seasons, Weather Cycles and Climates were in perfect balance and harmony, all created for the benefit of all life to keep existing throughout eternity. In the book of Job God questions Job as to how much he knew about God himself and the things He created and one of those things he mentioned and questioned Job about was (in Job 38:22) :”Have you entered the storehouses of the snow,”…making it quite clear that snow with all it’s good intent and beauty was created by God, not by some none existent “Mother Nature.”

Man’s misuse of his God Given Free Will are the ones that have messed up our Earth, Oceans, Seas and our Atmosphere, completely throwing the very climate out of balance, as mentioned at the beginning of this post and what is creating some of these severe Snow Blizzards, Storms and Floods. Snow main purpose is to act as a preserver and the protection of the soil and vegetation and for the enjoyment of those who love snow.

No, it is not like what these calamity News Weather Forecasters are constantly howling, about the coming Snow Storm” or “Snow-mageddon”, making it seems worst than it really is, and putting unnecessary stress and anxiety on people than they are already under.

Ofcourse if it is a severe snow blizzard then it is better to stay indoors, especially the elderly or disabled, and be very careful about walking on slippery snow or ice. That is one way a person can hurt themselves by a fall on ice or from ice falling from a rooftop or somewhere else.

But if caught in the falling snow itself or even falling on a newly pile of snow it is so soft it will not hurt you, or kill you. That’s one of the bright sides of snow to look at, you won’t get knocked out or killed by snowflakes falling from the sky. I didn’t, and I spent about an hour and a half walking around in the snow taking pictures and I am fine, nothing crushed or broken from snow flakes falling on me.

A beautiful Spring usually follows a very snowy winter, because of the preserving factor of snow in winter on the soil and trees

Another bright thing to look forward to is the resulting Beautiful Spring that follows a snowy winter. Winter only comes once a year, and sometimes we might only get a few snow falls during that time. But in spite of the inconvenience to some by those snow falls, we usually have a beautiful blooming Spring following right after. The more snow we have in the winter, the prettier those spring flowering gardens will be and the greener and healthier will be all vegetation.

Then we can look at those gorgeous gardens with their variety of flowers, the blossoming trees putting out new leaves, and the abundance of different fruit for us to eat. Along with the green vegetation sprouting new greens to keep us healthy.

Then reflect back with a sense of gratitude for all that snow from God’s Storehouse for if it hadn’t been for the insulating and protecting of the trees and soil by the snow, everything would have died, and we would have no Spring to look forward to and no food to eat.

So when we have the next snow storm which is being forecast to take place later this week, you will not dread it that much and the temporary inconvenience will not be that bad. So if you’re fortunate to live in a country with the four seasons, Savor the beauty and concentrate on the many benefits of snow now, these beautiful white crystal Jewels falling from the sky only happens in winter which comes only once a year.

Written, photographs taken and any illustrations by: Glenda Brill ©

*All photographs in this post were taken by myself, Glenda Brill and are my own property. None should be downloaded without my permission for sale or for profit. If need to use any of my photographs please contact me via email at:

** To learn more about the real Armageddon, the final war against this Satan and demonic controlled World, who is deceiving people into all kinds of ways to destroy themselves and the earth, it is during this war is when God will bring to ruin those ruining the earth. (“Revelation 11:18”) and restore this earth back to His original Purpose, a Paradise with perfect balanced Weather Cycles, Climates and Seasons. Revelation 21:5 He says: “Look I am making all things new”.
This earth and the survivors through that final war will be restored back to the way it was supposed to be in the beginning, human perfection with everlasting life, peace and love among people. No more fear, bad news and death. To learn more download this book under the category Publications “What does the Bible Really teach” from this website: Can also read the Bible online, and request a Free home Bible study if you wish.

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Watch Your Step Please, Dogs Are Walking The Sidewalks to!

Have you ever accidentally walk into a pile of dog pooh on the sidewalk without knowing it and then enter your home and suddenly notice that with each step you make inside that a nasty trail of something stuck on your shoe was being left behind? Well, that happened to me a few evenings ago, and I was so angry when I realized that it was dog pooh. Not against the dog, but the carelessness of their owners in not cleaning up after their pets.

And had to spend the rest of the evening trying to get the stain out of my area rug that I had walked onto, which was not easy to remove that dark stain. In recent times it seems that nearly everyone in the neighborhood have a dog, and even though I believe it is the law to clean up after their dogs, some people just don’t follow the rules. And in the evening if someone is not looking down and rushing home they can easily walk right on top of this dropped dog feces and bring all that unhealthy uncleanness right inside their home.

In most places outside the city, dogs are free to run around inside their own front or back yards

Having grown up in a home with three dogs and a cat always around on St. Maarten (Dutch Caribbean) where most homes have big yards with trees and a porch, our dogs were always free to run around in the back yard and relieve themselves whenever they need to. We never had to walk the dogs. So that term “walk the dog” was something new to me when I first came to New York City.

The only time our dogs were taken outside of the yard, was when we went to the beach or for our sea baths which was just across the street, and the dogs accompanied us into the sea after letting them run on the beach for a while. Our dogs walked freely in and out of the house and spent most of their time on the front porch keeping guard on whomever was entering the front gate.

Whenever I go home on vacation to see my family, the dogs are the first ones to meet me at the gate, most of them now are new dogs, whom my sisters got since I moved away, as the older dogs have died. And only after being convinced by  my sisters and myself that I am part of the family, they stop barking, start wagging their tails now happy to meet another member of the family.

So keeping dogs cooped up in the house was not the custom back home. When I came to New York even though I loved and missed our dogs back home, living in an apartment and having a dog always indoors was something I couldn’t do, besides having the time to walk the dog, and clean up after him, I just don’t have that kind of time, but I admire all those I see everyday walking their dogs.

It seems nearly everyone these days has a dog that needs to be walked

But in recent times it seems like everyone these days have a dog that they need to walk on the sidewalks in New York City. I had no idea so many people were now getting dogs but everywhere you go, all kinds of people with different types of dogs are walking the sidewalks with their little pooches on a leash.

Not just in Brooklyn, but even in the busy streets of Manhattan New York City I took a walk around midtown with my camera and took several photos, (some of them you will see throughout this post) of different people walking their dogs amidst the hustle and bustle of this Big City.

Amazing! I saw some of the most beautiful dogs around, hardly anyone has the same kind of dog, and I can’t help asking some people what kind of dog theirs was or what breed it was, and have to control myself from patting their dog and feeling their hair. So I wonder why is everyone now having dogs as pets?

With millions of people living in the City including the five boroughs, there must also be millions of dogs among them. A lot of single men and women have dogs, is it because of their need for companionship and friendship? Or the need to have someone to take care of? Or is it just a new fad where people see others with dogs and get one to?

Having a dog as a companion can help a person cope with loneliness, moodiness, health problems and soften those with a harsh personality

I personally knew this elderly man in my neighborhood, a heavy smoker with a cigarette always hanging out his mouth, and a grumpy disposition. But a couple of years ago his youngest son when he left home to get marry, gave him a very meek little dog, and ever since he has become a changed man.

He is always outside walking this little dog, in a much better mood than before, and even though he didn’t stop smoking completely I don’t see him with that cigarette sticking out his mouth as often as before. But he is much more pleasant and always talking about how good his little dog is. Or he is busy taking his dog to his veterinarian appointments, or shopping for healthy food for his pet.

That little dog has made him a much more pleasant person. I have also read that having a pet around has contributed to the health of those suffering from high blood pressure, or those recovering from a heart attack or other mayor health problems.

A dog though should never replace the need for a human companion, but for people that may not have such, the dog can fill that void in a person’s life, giving them a sense of purpose, and the joy of taking care of something, making them feel useful and happy. But dogs require a lot of care so that they do not do the opposite for which we get them, which is making us sick rather than helping us to heal.

Take good care of your dogs, so that they do not get sick and make you sick

First make sure your dog is healthy by taking him or her for regular check-ups at a good well researched veterinarian. Get all the information you need on the right kind of nutritional food and vitamins your pet needs, and how often they should be fed a day. Also very important that they are supply with fresh water everyday. Have him check your dogs teeth, nails, eye sight, hearing and skin. Follow local laws for licensing your dog and have him vaccinated against rabies.

It is also good to have your dog neutered, it is believed that dogs who have this surgery live longer and behave better than those who don’t have this procedure done. Always remember that when taking your dog off of your property he should always be on a leash, and should wear a ID collar with proper identification with your name, address and telephone number. Or you can have your Veterinarian micro-chipped your dog if he should lose his ID collar.

This is good just in case he should get away from you and get lost, if found he can be returned to you his owner. Dogs also need a good routine of exercise. Some people take their dog running with them, this is easier for those whom live outside the Big Cities, or dogs can be let lose within your fence to run around on your property. (Like my dogs did back home in the Caribbean) But those living in the Big City like New York, then they have to make sure they walk their dogs several times a day or if living near a park, they can also take their dogs to the park where he can also relieve himself and get more extensive exercise.

What are some diseases that dogs get that can also infect you the owners?

Dogs can transmit different kinds of parasites and bacteria to humans that can make us sick. Just like people can infect others with diseases so can animals. So even though we love our dogs there are some things that should never be done with dogs or any animal. Such as kissing a dog on the mouth, or letting them kiss you on the mouth, especially children.

Or have dogs eat from the same plate you do, or lick your mouth or face. Some people might argue that they do this and  never got sick. But diseases don’t always show up right away, but may manifest themselves later on especially if this is done often. So for safety sake, don’t go to that extreme with your pets please. (See previous post on “Being careful to carefully put care back in its place with care”):

Some well known diseases that dogs get are Ringworms, Roundworms, Rabies, Lyme disease and Scabies

RINGWORMS: Signs of hairless round patches on your dog shows he is infected with Ringworms. This is caused by a fungus that can be easily transmitted to humans. To keep the infection from passing on to you wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap after petting him. Take the dog to the veterinarian as soon as possible for treatment with proper medication. If you have already caught the infection you can get rid of it with special anti-fungus cream. So far Ringworms if treated in time doesn’t seem to be fatal.
ROUNDWORMS: A lot more serious condition especially if you have small children around your pet. And that is the reason I mentioned that dogs should not be kissed on the mouth or lick your mouth or face, especially young children. Roundworms are spaghetti-looking parasites that are often found in a dog’s digestive system. Here is where cleaning up quickly after a dog has defecated is important. Because if the parasites eggs should get into the human body, the eggs develop into larvae and establish themselves into the eyes which cause blindness. Dogs should be giving De-Wormers on a regular basis to prevent getting infected with roundworms. Speak to your veterinarian about this.
RABIES: This condition is so serious that it’s now required in most states that dogs receive the rabies vaccination. In order for a dog owner to contract rabies from their pet, the dog must first be bitten by a rabid animal and then their dog must bite them. Another way a human can contract this condition from their infected dog is if their dog’s saliva gets into contact with an open wound they may have.
(You see again how wise it is not to have your dog lick your mouth so as to prevent the dog saliva from getting inside your body). Rabies is a potentially fatal condition and should always be treated seriously. If your dog has been bitten by another dog or any type of wildlife, you need to report it to the proper authorities so your dog can be quarantined to help prevent a rabies outbreak in case it did happen to contract the condition after getting bit.
LYME DISEASE: Dogs really can’t transmit Lyme disease unless they get infected with TICKS. Ticks are carriers of Lyme disease and they can be found on dogs. A person can be bitten by a tick hidden in their dog fur and develop Lyme disease. This usually manifest itself by a rash that resembles a bulls-eye target and by a fever. The best way to prevent getting bitten by a tick is to avoid tick infested areas. Also to have your veterinarian prescribed a special tick preventative medication for your dog. And if you have been bitten by a tick to see a medical doctor as soon as possible.
SCABIES: Scabies are the result of your dog itching and developing scabs all over his body. What causes this is when a mite buries itself in the skin and causes constant itching, scabs and hair loss. This can be prevented by keeping your dog clean as I will go more into detail below.

If humans contract this condition from their dogs, the itchiness will only last a few weeks and then go away on its own, without the need for medication. The itchiness doesn’t last a long time especially if you bath your own skin often, but because the dog is the mite main host and not humans, it will continue to cause the dog to itch unless he is relieved by a good bath and grooming.

So, as you can see, there are ways to contract conditions from our dogs. There are actually many more than I’ve listed above. The best things you can do to help keep yourself protected from contracting diseases from your dog are the following: Visit your veterinarian often, Keep vaccinations up-to-date, use Flea, Tick and Heart worm preventative and stay on schedule.

Keep your yard and sidewalks clean of dog feces and other garbage if you can, and always wash your hands after handling any trash, petting your dog, or any dog for that matter. If you suspect that your dog has contracted any of the conditions listed above, consult with your dog’s veterinarian immediately. Don’t wait until it’s too late. When a condition does develop, get it taken care of as soon as possible. The ultimate goal is prevention, and one thing that can help prevent many diseases for both dog and owners is:

Cleanliness,Cleanliness, Cleanliness the best preventative to keep both your dog and yourself healthy

Just as we need to bath regularly, groom and keep ourselves clean to be healthy so do our dogs. Uncleanness is responsible for many diseases both dogs and humans develop. We should wash our hands regularly after petting our dog, before touching food or our children if we have such. When walking our dogs clean up right away after the dog if he should defecate on the sidewalk where people walk.

Carry a non transparent plastic bag and wear gloves if possible when picking up the dog pooh and it should be thrown in the trash. Dog feces carry E-Coli and other parasites dangerous to human health, especially if someone should accidentally walk in it and carry this into their homes as I mentioned at the beginning of this post that happened to me.

If the feces is allow to try and remain on the sidewalk until hard it still affects the air we breath and contribute to the already polluted air being breathed in by people everyday causing all kinds of respiratory and other health problems we may not even know about yet. Dogs should be bathed several times a week, properly groom and their skin powdered and brushed.

Dogs should be bathed and groom several times a week

If dog owners don’t bathe their dogs often just like humans dead skin bacteria accumulate on the dog skin and fur. Dogs also shed their hair regularly and this can get imbedded in clothes, floor carpets if you have such and food if the dog hangs out in the kitchen or near eating areas.

If the dog is not bathed regularly this will cause a foul smelling odor that will permeate throughout the entire apartment or home. This is the same as indoor pollution because we are breathing in fouled or dirty air which is bad for our health especially if children are present in the home. Homes in which a pet is kept indoors should be clean regularly by vacuuming, sweeping, dusting and disinfecting.

If it is not convenient for dog owners to do this bathing and grooming themselves they can find places that can do this for them. But this can be expensive, so it is better to learn to do this yourself by getting the dog into the bath tub and giving him a good soapy scrubbing with his own soap or body wash several times weekly, and dry him with his own towel.

As mentioned at the beginning of this post when I was home in St. Maarten (Dutch Caribbean) we used to take our dogs into the sea with us to swim, and for sea baths and then gave them a good soapy scrub after coming home, dried them and brushed them smooth and clean. This will keep all diseases and ticks away from your dog and any odor causing bacteria from accumulating on their bodies. It will also keep your home free from any dog odor or shed hair.

Taking care of our dogs or any animal is our God given responsibility, and was the first assignment given to man after his creation

Have you ever wondered where did we get this love of dogs or any animal from? It comes from God the Creator himself. So all this false teaching that humans evolved from animals is another Satan inspired lie. In the Bible book of Genesis He tells us step by step how He created the earth and all things, every animal according to their own kind, including the first humans as human beings standing on two feet. Nothing evolved from a previous animal or being. And the first man was created as a man and never walked on four feet or went hunting for food.  He was put in a beautiful Garden filled with all the fruit and vegetables he needed to eat to stay healthy and living forever. In Genesis 1: 26–28 it says:

And God went on to say: “Let us make man in our image, according to our likeness, and let them have in subjection the fish of the sea and the flying creatures of the heavens and the domestic animals and all the earth and every moving animal that is moving upon the earth. (27) And God proceeded to create the man in his image, in God’s image he created him, male and female he created them. (28) Further God blessed them and God said to them: ”Be fruitful and become many and fill the earth and subdue it, and have in subjection the fish of the sea and the flying creatures of the heavens and every living creature that is moving upon he earth”

After Adam the first man was created, the Bible says at Genesis 2:19 and 20: “Now Jehovah God was forming from the ground every wild beast of the field and every flying creature of the heavens, and he began bringing them to the man to see what he would call each one; and whatever the man would call it, each living soul that was its name. (20) So the man was calling the names of all the domestic animals and of the flying creatures of the heavens and of every wild beast of the field…”

So God gave Adam the first man the privilege of giving each different type of the animals their description or name. If Adam called a certain type of animal, “Camel”, and another “Dog” and another “Horse”  or “Sheep”, or “Giraffe” etc, that is the name God allowed them to stick with, and later told Adam that the animals were to be in subjection to him. So humans would have authority over the animals and not animals over humans.

And to show how much the Creator cares about animals there are several scriptures that gives specific instructions for the care of animals, even as small as birds! (Exodus 23:5 & 12, Luke 14:5 and Matthew 10:29) and this care of animals He considered as the right thing to do. That is what Proverbs 12:10 says: “The righteous one is caring for the soul of his domestic animal, but the mercies of the wicked ones are cruel”.

All animals even the wild animals were created to be our friends and at peace with each other and humans, and will be such again

And under God’s Kingdom in the New World, all animals even those now considered to be wild animals will be at peace with each other and with man just as it was in the beginning with Adam. That is the way it was supposed to be, all the animals were originally our friends, and wasn’t created to do us harm, or humans wasn’t to mistreat them. This is God promise recorded in the Bible book of Isaiah 11:6-9:

“And the wolf will actually reside for a while with the male lamb, and with the kid the leopard itself will lie down, and the calf and the maned young lion and the well-fed animal all together; and a mere little boy will be leader over them.(7) And the cow and the bear themselves will feed: together their young ones will lie down. And even the lion will eat straw just like the bull.

(8) And the sucking child will certainly play upon the hole of a cobra; and upon the light aperture of a poisonous snake will a weaned child actually put his own hand. (9) They will not do any harm or cause any ruin in all my holy mountain; because the earth will certainly be filled with the knowledge of Jehovah as the waters are covering the very sea.”

That is a wonderful hope to look forward to for all animal lovers and those whom love what is right. It will happen right here on earth when God’s Kingdom begins ruling in the hands of the Prince of Peace Jesus Christ. Then the restoration of human perfection and the earth back to Paradise will begin shortly after the great war of Armageddon, (the final war that will destroy this present Satan controlled wicked cruel world) soon to come. (see previous post on drinking tea before this, and others such as: “Great Joy to the world and peace among men of goodwill, how to find comfort and hope now even amidst devastating tragedy“)

In the meantime all animal lovers especially of dogs whom have become one of our closest domestic animal friends continue to take good care of your pets, follow the suggestions above if not already doing so or may have overlook some of them. And if you live in a Big City like New York where dogs are kept indoors for most of their time, remember to walk them outdoors often for exercise, air and to relieve themselves.

And since this has to be done on the sidewalks where other people are walking please show neighborly love and clean up after your dog as soon as he drops his pooh, this is for everybody’s good, including the dog himself.

Well, some people will never follow that rule, so for the rest of us whom have to walk the sidewalks, sometimes at night, in order not to walk into any dropped dog pooh we have to be careful and watch our step, and remember dogs are walking the sidewalks to!

Site designed, all photography taken, written and illustrated by: Glenda Brill (Giggling)(©

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For information on how you can learn more about the wonderful hope contained in the Bible of living forever on a restored Peaceful Earth together with all animals (which is being hidden from people through all false religion,) download this Book “What does the Bible really teach“. Can also read the book and the Bible itself right online. Request a free Bible study to learn more of what God requires to qualify to survive Armageddon and live on earth forever. This can be done in any language you request and in any part of the world or islands of the sea. Get the above info from this site:

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Who Knew Drinking A Cup Of Tea Has So Many Health Benefits?

Come in, have a seat, can I offer you a cup of tea? Which one would you prefer, Green Tea, Black Tea or Oolong Tea? Or would you rather have a glass of ice-tea instead, that is more refreshing on a hot day. You would probably get such an invitation often in Asian, European and African countries as well as the Caribbean Islands. Some of these countries and islands grow other herbs and flowers for making teas, such as mint, peppermint, hibiscus, lemon-grass, ginger, and so many others.

And each of these different herbal teas were used for their unique flavor and for specific health benefits. My mother grew quite a few herbal tea plants back home on St. Maarten, among these Mint and lemon-grass as these helped with sleep and other health problems she knew about. Most of the older folks had a specific herbal plant (or bush as they called them sometimes) they drank for whatever ailed them.

Some of these herbal tea plants can be grown indoors right on a sunny window sill. I have several mint plants growing on my kitchen and bedroom window sills here in New York. They grow straight up (as shown in the picture I took of a few in my kitchen window), or in a bunch.

And to make new plants all I have to do is cut them and replant them into the same soil or plant in a different pot. I often pick the leaves to make tea by boiling and steaming in hot water, or add to hot cocoa for that delicious chocolate minty taste. They are beautiful to look at as houseplants and their clean minty sweet fresh aroma fills the rooms with a pleasant scent. (See previous post on “The value and fun of water baths and aromatherapy- What’s in it for you!”).

It would take a long time to describe the many kinds of herbal plants we can use as teas and the good they do for both the body and mind. So for this post I will just concentrate on the most popular ones used daily around the world and which you would probably be offered a cup of as I mentioned above.

Green Tea, Black Tea and Oolong Tea. The most popular of teas drunk daily. But what’s the difference between these three teas?

You may be surprised to know that all three of these teas come from the same plant. Green Tea is harvested from mature tea leaves, and steamed whole. The leaves for Black Tea are fermented first, which changes their chemical compounds. Oolong tea leaves are only partly fermented, so they boost some of the benefits of both unfermented green tea and fermented black tea.

What they also have in common are phytochemical compounds called flavonols. Green tea also contains catechins, another type of phytochemical with potent, disease-fighting powers. Fermenting the leaves form new compounds, known as theaflavins and thearubigins. Green tea has more catechins than black tea, but black tea is rich in theaflavins and thearubigins. Oolong tea contains all three compounds.

Can drinking tea protect our teeth against cavities?

Yes, according to lab studies. Tea leaves naturally contain fluoride a protector against cavities. Green, Black and Oolong tea extracts keep cavity-causing bacteria from growing and producing acid that eats away tooth enamel. But this is not the case with instant tea. Some brands of instant tea contain more fluoride than the Environmental Protection Agency and Food and Drug Administration deem safe.

Lets break down the different benefits to your health that comes from drinking each one of these teas. First starting with Green Tea.

What does Green Tea have to do with Weight Loss, Cancer of the colon, breast, stomach, lung, pancreas, esophagus, and prostrate?

Everything! Green Tea alone has more antioxidants than either Black or Oolong Tea. For years Scientists were puzzled over the fact that Asian people were some of the heaviest smokers in the world, yet they enjoy some of the lowest rates of cancer and heart disease. The evidence points to tea, because of the high antioxidants content present in Tea, especially Green Tea. This also works in helping overweight persons lose excess fat from the body.

Because of this high antioxidant content when Green Tea was studied in the Lab it shows promise for preventing cancer of the colon, breast, stomach, lung, pancreas, esophagus and bladder. It also seems to slow the spread of prostrate cancer when used alongside a class of drugs called COX-2 inhibitors.

How Green Tea helps protect us against the Ultraviolet Rays from the Sun (UV)..

Still wondering why you should drink Green Tea? Here are some more findings. Research shows that drinking at least two cups a day may cut your risk of skin cancer by protecting us from Ultraviolet Rays (UV). In very hot weather drinking it ice cold as in ice tea (or any of the other herbal teas) help the body combat the heat and keeps us hydrated.

..and high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and keeps the brain young and sharp.

Plus green tea may help prevent high blood pressure, lower blood sugar, soothe arthritis inflammation, and block bladder inflammation. And in one recent study Japanese adults who drank six or more cups a day were less likely to develop type 2 Diabetes.

What about our fabulous brain? Without it we are nothing so doing all we can to protect our brain is necessary for continued life. How do we keep it sharp and young? In lab studies done on mice suggest a couple of cups a day of green tea could do a lot to help keep our mind young and razor sharp. Scientists think catechins, the antioxidants in green tea, may protect brain cells from oxidative damage that accumulates with age.

(see previous post for more tips on helping the brain stay young, entitled: “How staying focus can boost your memory in an ever changing distracting world”). This in turn could help preserve our memory and learning ability well into old age. All this research was done with natural real Green Tea the beverage which is safe, not green tea supplements which some people think they could take instead of the tea itself. To much green tea supplements could harm our liver, so stick to the beverage instead. Now how about Black Tea?

What about Black Tea? What are the health benefits of drinking such?

Are you under stress feeling overwhelmed with anxiety? Are the problems of the day getting you down? Try a warm cup of Black Tea to help get rid of stress and calm you down. Evidence suggests getting comfortable with a cup of Black Tea fights damaging stress hormones. But here are some other interesting things black tea is good for.

Studies found that two cups a day could lower a woman’s risk of ovarian cancer by 30% and reduce colon cancer risk. What’s more black tea seems to slash our risk for cardiovascular disease. Just drinking three cups of Black Tea a day protect against heart attack, while four to five cups daily fights heart disease by relaxing the arteries.

Black Tea also seem to have a good effect on our bones and battle osteoporosis. Numerous studies show black tea increases bone density and protects against hip fractures, especially if we drink four or more cups a day. Even though some people don’t think milk should be added to teas, (but that is the only way our family drank Black Tea back home on the island of St. Maarten).

I believe most other people do add some milk to their teas, and it is the only way I still drink Tea, always adding some 1% milk to a cup of black or even Green Tea. This makes it taste better and also bump up our calcium intake, adding more protection to our bones. Now the last popular tea is Oolong Tea?

What are the benefits of Oolong Tea?

I don’t know where that funny name for this tea came from but it has some of the similar health benefits like the previous other teas. Remember they all came from the same plant, just harvested differently as mentioned at the onset. Like Green Tea, Oolong tea promotes weight loss and lower triglycerides, and research links it to lower blood sugar in people with type 2 diabetes.

Like other teas, it too, boasts cancer-preventing compounds – namely caffeine, theaflavins and thearubigins. But be careful of drinking to much caffeine containing tea since it can lead to hypokalemia, a potentially deadly condition linked to caffeine toxicity.

Limit the drinking of Oolong and Black Tea to less than three quarts a day to prevent the above mentioned caffeine toxicity, or drink caffeine free or decaffeinated tea instead. Since I drink most of my tea at night I only use decaffeinated teas instead so that they will not prevent me from sleeping. So it depends on when you drink tea, if it is during the day then the regular tea would keep you energized, but in the evening or late afternoon then the decaffeinated teas will calm you down and help relieve stress.

Tea Time tips – When is the best time, or how to have tea? Plain, with milk, hot, or ice cold?

In some countries it is customary to have tea separate from the regular meal. Women get together for afternoon tea, or hold tea parties. This is usually served with some light delicacies or cookies or just to talk and associate with each other. Besides the healing benefits of the tea itself this association of friends for sharing, and talking has a good effect on the human soul and help in relieving stress. So tea goes hand in hand with showing empathy and sympathy.

Also drinking tea apart from the regular meal is good in another way. The natural flavonoids in black, green and oolong teas can keep the body from absorbing iron in food, so keep tea parties or drinking of tea as a in between meals pastime or for bunch, and use water with regular meals instead.

Plain or with milk?

Some folks don’t like tea because they think they have to drink it plain without any milk. It was once thought that milk neutralized the antioxidants in tea, but new research proves otherwise. My family back home and myself we drank tea with milk long before we knew anything about any new research.

And I still use a little 1% low fat milk, or even goat milk in my Green and black tea whenever I drink it, sweetened with aguave nectar. (Almond Milk, which a friend told me she uses instead of regular milk could be another alternative). It just makes it taste better to me, and also bump up my calcium intake as mentioned above.

When adding milk it is always better to use more than one tea bag per cup, since one tea bag makes a weak tea and the milk will take away some of the flavor of the tea, it also makes it to watery. Even when drinking tea plain without milk using more than one tea bag per cup always enhances the flavor and taste and probably also the benefits of the tea.

So that is a matter of personal choice, if you like it plain without milk or with milk. Also some herbal teas cuddle when you add milk, but the teas mentioned above, Green, Black and Oolong teas take milk very well, and look like coffee with added milk. They also come now in tea bags either with caffeine or decaffeinated.

Plain Black Tea stops Diarrhea?

When I was growing up in St. Maarten (Dutch Caribbean) the only time my mother gave us plain Black Tea to drink was if one of us kids had diarrhea. Now I didn’t see that in any of the research I did, so Scientists have not discovered it yet, but the older folks back home knew it worked. And from experience I myself will recommend it. I don’t have that problem to often, but once I was food poisoned, and had a severe case of vomiting and diarrhea. I was thinking about going to the emergency room but was afraid to even leave my apartment for fear I would have a (diarrhea) accident on the way.

My mother talking to me on the phone reminded me about drinking a few cups of plain dark strong black tea which I always keep in my kitchen cupboard. I did right away, and wow, that diarrhea stopped in less than a half hour. It really works, so that is another benefit you can add to the list of others mentioned above, and this one is not through Scientific studies, but from personal experience recommendation passed down from my mother.

Iced Tea, a great beverage to cope with extreme hot weather!

During the extreme hot temperatures we had recently in New York City, the only thing that offer some thirst quenching relief and kept my body hydrated was iced cold water or iced tea! Also eating water laden fruits like watermelon, grapes, papaya and others mentioned in a previous post (“The benefits of nature’s own natural thirst quenchers versus sugary drinks“).

Any of the above mentioned teas in this post, or any herbal tea can be made into iced tea. Very simple to make. Just add hot steaming water to several tea bags if you like it strong (you can combine different kinds of teas if you want for a unique taste) add some juice of a real lemon and sweetened with honey or aguave nectar. Put in the fridge and leave until iced cold.

Make several containers of this and drink throughout the day. Or add to smaller water bottles and take with you on the go. It will not only keep you thirst free but the antioxidants in the tea will cleanse and heal your body, while keeping you hydrated. This is far better than ruining your health with high sugary soft drinks. Iced Tea is another way I prefer drinking tea plain without milk.

So who knew drinking teas have so many health benefits?

The Creator, who put us here, made sure the earth was equipped with everything to keep us healthy and living forever. There is no way all this came about by accident, the belief of some people who believe in evolution or the atheists. Every fruit tree, every herbal tea plant, flowers, seeds, and all vegetation all have a purpose in being here for our benefit and continued life. The Bible always associates trees with life from the beginning of creation all the way to the book of Revelation. Here are some Bible versus to prove this true:

Genesis 1:9-11: And God went on to say: “Let the waters under the heavens be brought together into one place and let the dry land appear” And it came to be so. And God began calling the dry land Earth, but the bringing of the waters together he called Seas. Further God saw that it was good. And God went on to say: “Let the earth cause grass to shoot forth, vegetation bearing seed, fruit trees yielding fruit according to their kinds, the seed of which is in it, upon the earth.”

Genesis 2: 7-9: And Jehovah God proceeded to form the man out of dust from the ground and to blow into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man came to be a living soul. Further, Jehovah God planted a garden in Eden toward the east, and there he put the man whom he had formed. Thus Jehovah God made to grow out of the ground every tree desirable to one’s sight and good for food and also the tree of life in the middle of the garden and the tree of the knowledge of good and bad.

Genesis 2: 15-17: And Jehovah God proceeded to take the man and settle him in the Garden of Eden to cultivate it and to take care of it. And Jehovah God also laid this command upon the man: “From every tree of the garden you may eat to satisfaction. But as for the tree of the knowledge of good and bad you must not eat from it, for in the day you eat from it you will positively die”.

God showed love for us humans by first creating the earth and all vegetation and trees even before He created man, so that his food was already here for him to eat.  And if you read further you will see how Eve was later created, and she disobeyed, tempted by the fallen angel who became Satan. She later caused Adam to do the same and that is how all imperfection came about and the human body became susceptible to all kinds of diseases that eventually led to death coming down all the way to us.

Besides imperfection and sin this wicked angel Satan who now became a “God” continued to influence humans, and as time went on people became more and more alienated from the true God Jehovah the Creator, developed bad unhealthy lifestyles habits and disregarded God’s  moral laws and the misuse of blood. Imperfection and sin, and Satan’s spirit also produced health damaging personality flaws such as extreme anger, jealousy, hatred, unhappiness, and others which contributed to other death dealing stresses and health problems all down to our day.

But the trees, herbs, plants, all vegetation and seeds God created as man’s food are still here, probably quite a few got eliminated over time because of man’s mistreatment of the earth, or they are not pure anymore because of so much pollution and contamination, but still have enough power in them to keep us living and help prevent many diseases. So tea plantations were all a part of the vegetation created by God to keep us healthy and living as long as it is possible now in a sinful body.

In our day, more and more scientific discoveries are proving it true that humans could live a long time if they continue eating (or drinking) the right foods from the earth….

In our day more and more scientific discoveries are proving it true that humans could live very long if they continue eating the right foods from the earth just as God commanded Adam. Some even don’t understand why we die at all. Our cells were programmed by the Creator to keep renewing themselves, and the antioxidants from our diet would keep our bodies clean and prevent the cells from getting old and dying. We were created to be always young and healthy. But there was a spiritual compound that was needed also to keep this process going, and that was obedience to the Creator.

That missing of the mark of perfection is what sin is. So it is only the Sin that we inherited from our first parents is the reason our bodies grow old and die. So that is the reason no matter how much medical scientists discover new health remedies, they will never be able to stop humans from getting old and dying.

They themselves are imperfect and can help improve or extend life to a certain degree by their new discoveries, but cannot remove that sin. Only obedience to the Creator and the sacrifice of Jesus Christ death will remove sin in the coming new world. Isaiah 53:4-12 foretold long before he came, how he would actually take our sicknesses and suffering away by his death by dying on our behalf.

All the Israelites of old were looking forward to the coming of this Messiah whom God promised would be born in the line of Judah and would take away the sins of the world! Every prophecy or celebration they were given were all pointing toward this final outcome, this Deliverer whom would erase sin and imperfections and restore obedient humans and the earth back to the original purpose of God.

It is all right there in your Bible Folks, Satan has used the worlds religions even Judaism, which is an apostasy from the original truth from God, to hide this truth from people because he wants everyone to die, and not live forever on earth. So most people today live without a hope, they live just to die, just as the Devil wants them to be.

Jesus Christ came, he died, he paid the price for Adam selling the human race into sin and is ready to go into action against this Satanic world. He will fulfill his mission of bringing obedient mankind back to the perfect state they were meant to be in, living in a peaceful world even resurrecting those whom are sleeping in death.

Once sin is removed then humans will gradually return to the original purpose of God, a Happy perfect family living forever on earth without ever worrying about sickness, disease and death! Everlasting Life on earth in a clean Paradise earth just as it was supposed to be.

This removal of sin and the return to perfection was promised shortly after Adam and Eve disobeyed, to take place by means of a Savior or Messiah whom proved to be Jesus Christ, and would be accomplished by means of God’s Kingdom or new Worldwide Governmental Administration. This will put this Satan controlled world out of existence which will result in the great war of Armageddon, and established peace on earth. Then the great restoration of surviving humanity back to the original purpose of God will take place in a new world. (Genesis 3:15 and Genesis 22:18). (See previous post: “Great Joy to the World and Peace among men of Goodwill how this promise offers hope and comfort even now amidst devastating tragedy”)

“The leaves of the trees were for the curing of the nations”

The Bible foretold the medicinal benefits of trees which includes herbal plants from which most teas are made from the leaves of fruit, flowers or herbal trees. And even now we can gain a measure of good health if we are conscience of our spiritual needs, learning what God requires, developing the spiritual qualities of kindness, joy, love, patience, faith, mildness, peace, hope and all other good qualities that comes from God.

Besides watching our diet, which include benefiting from the many different teas available for our internal cleansing, enjoyment, relaxation and good health. Revelation 22:2 speaks of these as leaves which are good for the curing of the nations. (All Teas are made from the leaves of various plants or fruit trees).

Revelation 22:2 “….There were trees of life producing twelve crops of fruit, yielding their fruits each month. And the leaves of the trees were for the curing of the nations”. So there is going to be a lot more discoveries of how the leaves of even fruit trees can cure many diseases, or we will be benefited from such in the new world.

But one thing we know for sure sickness and all diseases will end. Humans will eventually return to perfect health, everlasting youth and life. In Isaiah 33:24 it foretells that during the restoration of humans and the earth under God’s Kingdom: ”No resident will say I am sick” And also Revelation 21:4 says: “There will be no more mourning, pain, outcry, tears and death will be no more. The former things have passed away. (* see below for information on how you can learn more about this promise and be among the people who will be spared to live on earth forever).

So have you accepted my invitation at the beginning, and decided what kind of tea you prefer? With all that background information you can choose to drink a different kind everyday. Hot or cold. They are all good for you!

Site designed, written and illustrated by: Glenda Brill©

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*For more information on the coming restoration of perfect humans on earth again, go to this website and download this book: “What does the Bible really teach”. Can also read it and the Bible online. Also request FREE information on how you can have someone help you in the privacy of your home or place, understand the Bible and discuss any puzzling questions you have about the way the world is and where it is going.
It doesn’t matter what religion you are part of now or whether you are Jewish or Muslim or anything else. You can do this in any part of the world in any language you speak. The information is published in over 500 languages and help is being offered FREE around the world, because this restoration of humanity and the earth is fast approaching. Now is the time to learn all you can so you can gain life forever on earth. The site again is:
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Formal Wear For Formal Occasions, Where Elegance, Decency, and Respect Go Hand In Hand

As summer approaches, there will be many occasions that require formal wear. There is going to be high school and college graduation parties, proms, weddings, religious conventions and other special events or celebrations that give us reasons to dress up in formal wear, this can be either day or evening dress.

Very Formal evening wear usually means long elegant evening dresses for women, and black tie or tuxedo’s for men. There is also semi or day formal events such as religious conventions or other celebrations or Reunions. Even before summer begins we had some of the Entertainment Award Shows giving us a chance to see some of the latest in formal wear worn by the Stars.

In days past these were the fore runners in Fashion, where most other women got ideas from in dressing for formal occasions. Not only the Artists sitting in the audience were respectfully dressed but also those presenting the Awards, and those performing were like wise dressed, the way real Movie and Singing Stars should. The following day people usually talk and comment on what everybody wore and who was the best or worst dressed.

These days some formal events are becoming progressively more indecent and disrespectful

But these days some of these shows are becoming less and less formal and respectful. The conduct and dress styles of some of those performing on stage are downright indecent and disrespectful not just to their fellow Artists in attendance but to the viewing audience which includes families with children. Remember this is a formal event. It is the celebration of those who merit an award through their singing, acting or other talents.

I am referring to the last Global Award Show earlier in May. Why is it necessary for a Performer or Singer old enough to  be a grandmother, to wear nothing but body suit panties on stage and to open her legs and show her crotch to the audience while singing and dancing about making love and demonstrating it with camera close up sexual moves on stage?

Or another to turn her big butt to the audience including us at home watching and to give a male singer sitting on a chair a lap dance moving her body in ways like she is having sex right there on stage? Don’t the TV Stations have any rules anymore about what is allowed or not at formal events on TV? At least one of them CBS did set some standards for dress earlier this year, hope that will continue, and the others follow.

Formal and Elegance means the same thing: Refined grace, dignified, tasteful, polish, neatness

Those that we used to look up to for setting the standard in elegant dress wear are far removed from what the word means. While men still hold to the formal dress code at these events, black suit, neck or bow tie, most of the female Stars wear gowns with just enough material to cover the outer edges of their breasts while exposing their entire bare chests and breasts. Or other dresses are made from such sheer material, thigh high side and crotch slits, or fabric cut outs, revealing their entire bodies. Where is the refined grace? Class and decency?

This type of dressing and conduct doesn’t make a woman look sexy, but slutty. What else are they going to allow, Celebrities appearing completely naked on stage? Might as well, there is nothing left to the imagination anymore. Formality or respect is not only reflected in what we wear but also our conduct and speech. Why do they bleep out obscene language on screen, but still allow this type of open sexual display to take place? We can understand why sexual violence is increasing because it is constantly being fed into people’s minds through the media and other means.

So what is formal enough to wear for a Prom or Graduating Party?

So some young women today graduating from High school or College may not know anymore what formal wear is, they think nothing of imitating the way the Stars dress, and resent any rules put down by the schools to dress decent. Young women should dress appropriate for their ages, and according to what is required for the occasion. It is a good idea for mothers to shop with their teenage daughters in choosing appropriate gowns for their graduating parties.

Because most girls will try to find clothes like they see worn by their role models which would be completely out of place. A better idea is to have some of these dresses made in the style you want, since it is hard to find something appropriate today. Or you may find something you like and have it altered to make it suitable. But young women definitely don’t need to wear sheer dresses, long thigh high front or side slits, and open chest or very low cut dresses revealing their breasts and sexual parts. This is completely disrespectful, and it is doesn’t make you anymore attractive.

Weddings, deserve the utmost formality and respect that should never become outdated

Just last week one young man was complaining about the high cost of renting a tuxedo for a upcoming wedding he was going to be a part of. He said that with marriages breaking up so fast it is like wasting money to spend all that for one day. (See previous post on: “Understanding the different roles between men and women and how they express themselves can prevent many break-ups“). He wishes that someday men can wear tee shirts at a wedding instead of getting all dressed up. I asked him how much it cost since I didn’t know it would be that much money. When he said “$400” for the entire outfit which includes the tuxedo, bow tie and even the shoes, I thought that was pretty high, but then I understand why the high cost would really make the bridal party realize the seriousness and the dignity of getting married.

Even though some marriages don’t last very long these days, it is not the fault of the arrangement itself, and the formality of a wedding should never be reduced to a casual event, I explained him which he later agreed. A wedding should always be a formal occasion, worthy of high esteem, since it is an arrangement from God himself, and performed in His presence. Both the Bride, Groom and entire bridal party and the guest should be clothed in respectful attire.

This should be made clear on the invitation itself. Even the conduct of those attending should be respectful of such an arrangement, with no one getting drunk, cursing or wearing distracting overly revealing clothes. The Bride and Groom has the right to set the standard as to how formal they want their special day to be, and those attending, or who make up the bridal party should respect their wishes.

Formal events and formal attire have been around for centuries

I always had an interest in fashion and have been designing and sewing my own clothes since I was seventeen. So I love doing research back in time just to get ideas from the way people dressed in former times. We may think that the various occasions we have to dress up is mostly common to our century, but if we look back in history people of old were even more elegant than our days. Look at some of the ways the old Movie Stars of the 1920’s, 30’s and 1940’s dressed. Or women in general they carried themselves with such modesty and elegance.

There was nothing overly revealing or sexual about their manner of dressing. And even men with their long coats and some with hats exhibiting class and dignity. A lot of today’s fashions incorporate some of these looks into modern styles in woman clothes. While fashions for men haven’t changed that much over the years one thing that is coming back for men is the Bow tie! I love to see men in bow ties at formal and even semi formal events, and I wanted to see how far back they go and when they began to be worn.

Women all dressed up in cute “Bows” and Men in “Bow Ties”, there was something about the “Bow” that added the finishing touch to special events.

I couldn’t find exactly when the “Bow’ for women dresses, and even shoes first began. But a lot of the formal wear for women dresses back in time past always seemed to have a bow. This was either placed at the neck front, or at the front or back waistline or just above the chest area. And even some styles of shoes had a big bow at the top, or at the back. When I was a little girl all my dresses were tied at the waist with a bow in the back.

That was the style for girl’s dresses then. And when I had to get dressed up for Sunday Congregational meetings, Mom always put a bow in my hair as the finishing touch in dressing nice. I also found a picture of my grandmother dressed for a formal event probably a wedding in her day with a dress topped with a big bow at her neck. Even today some bridesmaid dresses are designed with bows in the back.

There must have been something symbolic about the Bow and its meaning. As a Designer I know fashions tell a story about the era and the way people think in that time period, and why certain types of clothes were worn then. (See previous post on how clothes speak or tell a message : “When heads turn let it be for the right reason”).

I believe and concluded that the bow in formal dressing came from the way people of high class or at an elegant affair used to greet each other with a slight bow of the head denoting respect, and their way of holding others in high esteem, which is another meaning for formality. Women back then were fully clothed from head to toe in long dresses and as mentioned before, most of those styles had a bow either at the back or at the front of the dress.

They also wore hats to most formal occasions such as weddings, to their churches and to other dignified ceremonies. This was another way of showing respect for the occasion and for those in attendance. British women today still wear hats and formal attire when attending special events, and in the Caribbean women also continue the tradition of wearing hats to church dressed in their best “Sunday Clothes” as they call their semi formal day wear.

Even in some cultures, such as the Japanese people still greet each other with a slight bow of the head. So it seems like the bow was  the respectable finishing touch for that special event. But no matter what time period people lived in formal dressing or dressing as a whole was dignified, it meant being fully clothed with no excessive nudity or openly display of sexual parts. But when did men start wearing “Bows” as in Bow ties??

Guys, when invited to a formal affair, leave the necktie at the office, wear a “Bow Tie” instead. It has always been the final touch in formal men dressing and becoming such again

Bow ties go back in history as far back as I could find to the 1600 all the way up to our day. But who first started it and why did they became associated with dignified dressing for men? According to a bit of history I discovered King Louis XIV of France was impressed by the Croatian horsemen who wore shirts that had more buttonholes than buttons on them. So in order to close up their shirts at the neck they began stringing a small scarf through the extra buttonholes and making a knot at the neck.

King Louis XIV loved the look so much that he had his tailors create a similar accessory for himself, and then made this neck wear a requirement for members of the upper class on formal occasions. And so a distinct mark in formal men clothing was created by a Frenchman, ofcourse. The French have always been some of the pioneers, or trend setters in “Haute Couture” classy dressing, and the inspiration behind the Old Hollywood Glamour. (So you understand my interest in Fashion, it’s in my blood, being french by birth. Also learned a lot from my mother who was french, a dress maker herself and was a stickler for dignified dressing. See previous post “A Mother Like no Other“).

Ever since it’s creation by French Louis XIV, the Bow Tie has been worn by Great Men with good taste, and God fearing men down through the centuries for Formal and Semi Formal occasions.

Ever since this new creation in mens’ wear all down through the Centuries great men of class, good taste, and in “service positions of authority” wore “Bow Ties” on special occasions. Some of those were: Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Music Composers, Governors and Presidents including our present Commander in Chief, President Barrack Obama, and other men held in high esteem.

Even some God fearing men such as among Jehovah’s Witnesses Ministers or “Congregational Servants” (whom are also in a service position of authority) some wear “Bow ties” at their Sunday Congregation Meetings, because these meetings are respectful and dignified occasions where they serve the congregation in teaching and in keeping order.

The Bible says that we should always dress in “well arranged dress” (I Timothy 2:9). which is the same as formal or dignified dress when gathering together to be taught by God. Everything we do should be done for God’s Glory. So respectful dressing is found not just among the men but also among the women, and children in the Congregation. This is considered Semi formal Day wear, not long evening wear, (unless it is a wedding or a organized Gala evening affair), otherwise regular knee or slightly below knee length dresses are appropriate.

Or some women may occasional wear ankle length dresses that is according to their own choice or taste). But suit and tie, or bow tie if some prefer is the standard requirement for men. Casual wear, jeans, tee shirts, mini skirts, women’s short or long pants, see through dresses, plunging necklines or very low cut dresses, or high slits revealing private body parts or underwear are all completely out of place like it would be at any other formal event.

So the bow tie was designed for formal events, or for those holding service positions of high authority, it should not be worn on casual occasions or to the office as regular business wear. Unless a particular job like some waiters in high class formal restaurants sometimes wear Bow Ties as part of their uniform. Again this confirms my speculation as to the reason for  the “Bow” and “Bow Tie” in both women and men clothes, probably a symbol of the way those in service positions or people bow to those they greet and serve, holding them in high esteem.

Men who use the Bow Tie with casual wear such as a tee shirt or a sweater take away from the formal dignified touch it represents. (See previous post on: ”When heads turn let it be for the right reason”) I explained there how different items of clothing were designed for different occasions, and there is a difference between casual and formal attire). People who don’t follow the rules of what is required for formal dressing are showing disrespect for others in attendance at the event. Sometimes people can even shock others by their disrespectful attire and conduct, and may not even realize they are doing so.

Disrespect means interfering with the conscience of, or disturbing another person’s peace of mind

Another reason to dress and watch our behavior at formal events whether it is a graduation, wedding, religious meeting, convention, special anniversary celebration, or anywhere else, is that we can interfere with another person’s conscience or disturb their peace of mind. As I mentioned at the beginning about the Award Shows, when we know that a certain type of dressing or conduct is indecent, or just out of place, and we find ourselves thinking or even talking about it, that is an indication that our conscience was interfered with and our peace of mind disturbed.

For instance a woman appearing with overly revealing sheer clothes or her entire breasts showing will disturb not only other women but most men peace of mind, because they will look no matter how hard they try not to.

Men can be sitting right next to their wives, and find themselves staring at this display and thinking about sexual matters at a time they may never plan on it, and once this thinking starts it is hard to get it out of their minds. This may lead to a guilty feeling, because their desires may not be for their wives but for what they are now being presented with. Both their conscience and peace of mind was disturbed. (See previous post on when “When heads turn, let it be for the right reason

Disrespectful dressing and indecent behavior is rooted in lack of neighborly love and contribute toward the continual decline in morality.

Disrespectful dressing or indecent behavior is contrary to what formality means and its root cause is lack of neighborly love. This lack of neighborly love is reflective in the “I don’t care about what you think or feel attitude” and for the general decline in morality and all the other hardships people suffer today. That is exactly what the main repeated phrase of the song says that the above mentioned singer and dancer at the Award Show while exposing herself on stage says.

These are some of the words:”We can do what we want, let’s make love, don’t fight, live it up, live it up”. In reality she is telling young people (and was demonstrating it at the same time) that is how you live it up by having immoral sex. When this type of attitude or conduct is carried over into formal affairs then it can lead to exactly that, people engaging in unrestrained misbehavior, living it up. I have heard of some cases where young teenage girls were raped at some formal prom events because of their provocative dress or dancing, causing some young men to be disrespectful in return leading to sex and or rape. And this is always the ultimate goal, the promotion of debased immoral lifestyles and  sexual misconduct.

Some women are speaking out against sexual violence against women while inviting and promoting it at the same time by their constant display of nudity and disgraceful conduct.

All a part of the sign of the times we are living in. One of the easiest ways Satan and his demonic hordes have caused people, even great professional men to fall is through sexual misconduct. Like bait to catch fish, he promotes immorality all around by every means he can. It is constantly being fed into the minds of men no matter who they are, mostly through the media. Because it works, this promoting of immoral sex is infiltrating all areas of life.

When was the last time you pass a Magazine Stand on the street or in a store and not see half naked women in special poses with everything exposed on the covers? And most of these magazines are targeted toward men. Or probably now with the rise in lesbianism also toward them.  And ironic some of them are speaking out against sexual violence against women, while inviting and promoting it at the same time?? Indecent dressing and openly display of a woman’s private parts is debasing and dishonoring women in general as sexual objects. This is only attracting men (or women) who will use women only for what they are advertising, even if it means through violence against them.

So it doesn’t surprise me to see these Award Shows (it already started in the movies) deteriorating to the extent they are with celebrities wearing hardly anything or exhibiting so much nudity taking away from the dignity of the affair. It is sad to see this because I am also a Talented Artist (see page: About Me-Contact Me) and love the Entertainment Industry, (Show Business) having worked in it for almost ten years (several years at ABC/WABC-TV in New York City).

Because people look up to Movie, TV and Singing Stars they can be used to sell and promote anything to get others to buy or follow. Everybody love and need entertainment so the Media is one of Satan’s main channels to reach and corrupt masses of people at one time worldwide. He is accomplishing his goal to kill the entire human race, ( see previous post on: “Why cleverly calculated evil acts and killings are not mere innocent acts of insanity or a mental disorder” if it is not by hateful shootings, outright war, terrorism, drugs, then through immoral conduct and the resulting diseases.

And so sexual immorality in all its forms, marital break-ups,  violence against women (rape), sexual transmitted diseases and pornography will continue to increase just as foretold. I recently read a report that over 1.2 million Americans are infected with the  HIV virus, and more people coming down with full blown AIDS than ever before. (And this is only with respect to one country not even including what’s happening worldwide).

There is also an ever increasing new form of cancer of the mouth, tongue and throat caused by Oral Sex, and who knows how many more millions of people are already or will be infected with or die from that? And don’t be surprised to hear of an epidemic of new incurable strains of sexual transmitted diseases worst than AIDS developing and people dropping dead faster than ever.

The Bible book of Galatians says at chapter 6:7, 8: “Do not be misled. God is not one to be mocked. For whatever a man is sowing, this he will also reap. Because he who is sowing with a view to his flesh will reap corruption from his flesh, but he who is sowing with a view to his spirit, will reap everlasting life from the spirit.

People will reap what they sow. People make the choice to do whatever they want and mock the Originator of Life Himself thinking they can get away with it without any consequences.  It is not God who is causing human suffering and death, it is the choices we make ourselves. Jehovah God is holding out “Everlasting Life” on earth in Peace and Happiness free from diseases to all who will choose it FREE!

(Before God’s Kingdom begins to rule over the earth, Jesus foretold the cooling off of neighborly love and the increasing of lawlessness (Matthew 24:12) and the developing of pestilences or diseases all because of this mocking and complete disregard for all Gods moral laws. (Luke 21:10, 11). He is the Creator of the human family and all His moral laws were giving to protect us, keep us healthy and continue living forever on earth in the new world.

Satan doesn’t want humans to keep living so he is the one promoting everything to rebel against their own Creator and pushing them on to their own destruction and death. And one way that is succeeding is through this constant advertising of sex through every means he can and, by women through indecent dressing whether at a formal event or just in everyday wear.

Whatever your formal celebration will be this year you want it to be a day or night filled with happy respectful memories, nothing of which to be ashamed of or later regret

So whatever special formal celebration you will be attending this summer or the rest of the year remember what it means to be formal, dress for the occasion, and remember ladies or young women you don’t have to wear bare chest dresses, high slits or sheer see through dresses to be elegant or to get attention, on the contrary that will make you look slutty and out of place, and get the wrong attention.

Whatever the occasion you want it to be a day or night filled with happy respectful memories and good times, nothing of which to be ashamed of or later regret. Always think about those in attendance, and this should give us a good reason not to distract from the respectful atmosphere that should prevail at formal events.

Site Designed, Written and illustrated by: Glenda Brill©

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Great Joy to the world and peace among men of goodwill how to find comfort and hope even now amidst devastating tragedy from this  promise

PS: For those of you who want to learn more about what is proper and right, what the hope is for this ever increasing sinking world, and how you can survive it’s coming destruction by God and live forever on earth in good health, peace and happiness, go to this website and request this book: “What does the Bible really teach”. Or if young look for the book written especially for young people : “Questions young people ask, answers that work” and read the Bible directly online on this site.
You can request this information in any language you speak and from anywhere in the world. Any questions you can write me via my email address. Not sure it will link directly if not, type the address in yourself.

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How a poor man’s food is helping improve the health and prolonging the lives of many, even rich men and women

A couple of years ago, the last time I was visiting my family on St. Maarten (little Dutch/French Caribbean country where I was born and grew up) I always went for my early morning beach walk and then soaked and floated for a couple of hours in the cool blue sea waters of Great Bay Beach. (see previous post on the “value and benefits of water baths and aroma therapy”I was surprised to see one of the old fishermen I knew since I was a little girl also walking the beach, straight without a cane, no eye glasses, slender and looking as good as when I was a child.

I ran up to him and exclaimed: “It is so nice to see you’re still alive and looking so good and healthy. I am Mr. Brill daughter, you remember, (since I thought he might have forgotten me). How old are you now, I couldn’t help asking” because I knew he should be up in age. He said: “Yes, I remember you Glenda, I am ninety-seven (97) years old and don’t feel like it. “Wow”, I exclaimed and probably no mayor health problems either”. “Yep”, he answered, all the fish I ate for the most part of my life, my early morning walks and sunshine must have been good for me”.

Several years earlier than this before I had even moved to New York another older man was interviewed as to his secret for his outstanding good health despite advancing age. He was reaching his 100th birthday, but had none of the major diseases found here in the USA that usually came with old age. He wasn’t suffering from prostrate cancer, diabetes, heart disease, or anything common to older people. When the interview was finished, he said laughingly: “If I knew I was going to live this long I would have taken better care of my health”.

Years ago no Fast Food places, not even a hotdog stand could be found anywhere on the island

So what was the secret to these older men long healthy life (and there are quite a lot of them on the islands of the sea)?. As my older fisherman admitted he believed it was his diet rich in eating his own self caught fish. These were mostly smaller fish not large fish that had to be sliced before selling. The latter older man when asked what his meals consisted of, he admitted that it was simple cans of sardines. Unknown to himself and even most people back then he didn’t know that his simple daily diet of eating a mere can of sardines, along with greens and bread had actually contributed to his good health and long life.

Being a single man probably a widower who didn’t learn how to prepare and cook to many or different foods, (unlike Mr. Plantz, the fisherman mentioned at the beginning who took the trouble to scale and cook his fish) he preferred to open a can of sardines. They were easy to prepare, much cheaper than buying regular fish and it cost money to eat in restaurants. Also on St Maarten back then you couldn’t find any fast food places anywhere, not even a hot dog stand. People didn’t eat fast foods, they ate home cooked meals, or those that could afford it went to a restaurant that prepared wholesome foods.

Why called a poor man’s food

So his fast food was a simple can of sardines that didn’t call for any cooking or too much preparation. That was considered a poor man’s food back then since a can of sardines was very inexpensive only costing a few pennies a can at that time. People who ate only “poor men foods” were thought of as not taking care of their health. The local people ate a lot of regular caught fish and believed that fish was healthy even though they didn’t know what made fish that healthy. Nobody at that time knew anything about Omega-3 benefits to the body and life. My family ate regular sea caught fish and other sea foods weekly, sardines were only eaten as a breakfast meal on sandwiches or in egg omelettes, but never as the main meal.

No one had any idea that these little small fishes were even healthier to the body than some of the larger fish they were eating.

We always thought that regular fish was healthier and sardines were not considered a meal. So that was the reason this old man responded the way he did by saying that if he knew he was going to live this long he would have taken better care of his health. He was referring to eating real sea caught fresh fish rather than these little canned fishes. Little did he knew that the simple can of sardines he ate daily considered to be a “poor man’s food” would later be discovered by rich men as containing some of the best nutrition necessary for life, which is Omega-3 fatty acids along with other necessary vitamins and minerals.

The many benefits of eating healthy omega-3 fatty acid fish like sardines

In recent times much research has been done on the benefits of getting enough Omega-3 fatty acids in our body. Sardines are one of the main fish that supply these Omega-3’s referred to as EPA (eicos-apentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). These can also be found in Salmon, Trout, herring, mackerel and other sea creatures like Krill. Omega-3’s keep our bodies free from inflammation,  they are necessary for the protection of our heart, brain, some kinds of cancers and keep our eyesight sharp. Also help keep our skin young and glowing, and for shiny healthy hair. As a whole they may help us live a healthier longer life. Let’s see how. (This I did from careful research along with personal experience as I always do):

Protects our heart against heart disease

Omega-3 fatty acids may protect us against heart disease. One study found that people with heart disease had less omega-3 in their bodies than people without heart disease. This may be due to the ability of some omega-3 fats to reduce inflammation, which can contribute to heart disease. Also people who get more omega-3 fatty acids in their diets tend to have lower blood pressure.

Researchers found this link by looking at nearly 5000 middle-aged men and women in the United States, Great Britain, China and Japan. Other studies have found links between fats from fish and lower risks of stroke and heart rhythm problems. To benefit from fatty fish the American Heart Association urges everyone to include fish like wild caught salmon and sardines in their diets at least twice a week.

A great remedy for a Healthy prostrate

The same EPA and DHA, the omega-3 fatty acids found in sardines (and some of the other fatty fish mentioned above like salmon) that help our heart, may also offer protection against prostrate cancer. Most men between the ages of 40 and 50 often suffer from an enlarged prostrate. This leads to urinary and sexual problems, with the biggest fear of developing prostrate cancer. Scientists have long noticed that groups of people who eat lots of fish, like Japanese and Eskimo men, tend to have fewer cases of prostrate cancer. So they have been looking at men who eat traditional Western diets to see how eating fish might help.

A study of about 48,000 men found those who ate fatty fish more than three times a week had less risk of prostrate cancer over 12 years. Eating shellfish or taking fish oil supplements didn’t seem to help. In another study, men in Sweden who ate fatty fish at least once a week had fewer cases of prostrate cancer than those who never ate fish. Researchers think the omega-3 fats block natural body chemicals that help tumor cells grow. But other things could be going on. Sardines contain a lot of selenium which is believed to fight tumors.

One study found that men who took selenium supplements had fewer cases of prostrate cancer. So it would be wise for men even while still young to start replacing red meat with more fish in their diet. The same should be said of women since all cancers including breast cancers start as tumors, so including more fish in our diet will help everyone both men and women.

Sardines are also a great source of necessary vitamins, protein and calcium

Sardines besides containing tumor fighting selenium mentioned above also supply the body with phosphorous, calcium, vitamins B12, vitamin D and protein. Sardines are mostly sold in the can and retain the same nutrition as those bought fresh. I have seen and buy fresh herring which are also a fatty fish from my local fish market, but have not seen any fresh sardines. And some people believe that sardines and herrings are the same, just different names. Nevertheless they are related and supply the body with the same necessary omega-3 acids, vitamins and minerals.Unlike big fish which can carry mercury or other contaminants sardines and smaller fish are relatively safe from such pollutants, another reason they are healthier for the human body.

Get a double dose of bone protection and crunch osteoporosis by eating sardines

Pick canned sardines with the bones included and you’ll get a double dose of bone protection. Osteoporosis which is the gradual loss of bone mass and strength occurs in some people as they age, and can be slowed or prevented by getting more calcium and vitamin D in our diet. We can get calcium and vitamin D from dairy products, but marine calcium from fish bones or cartilage is another great source.

The bones of sardines are soft and can be eaten along with the fish itself. A can of sardines eaten with their bones included provide one-third the calcium and two-thirds the vitamin D our body needs every day. So boneless sardines will not provide the same amount of calcium as those eaten with the bones included.

Fishy News have been known long before our day

From studying the diet of people of old going back since the creation of earth and humans, their diet included plenty of vegetables, fruit, whole grains made into bread, and later fish. In Genesis 1-20-23 records of how God created the sea swarming with fish and sea creatures of all kinds and also gave the command for them to multiply and fill the oceans with other fish, and these were to be in subjection to man. After the Great Flood of Noah’s Day, fish became a staple part of the diet of people back then.

Those people who later became enemies of God and his people such as the Egyptians enjoyed meals of plenty of fish, and this was fed to the enslaved Hebrews. Even while they were on their trek in the wilderness out of Egypt, the freed Hebrews or Israelites started complaining about their lack of the good food and longing for the fish they used to eat in Egypt, along with onions and garlic a favorite way most cultures still prepare fish today.

Their longing for fish showed that it was part of their daily diet back in Egypt. (Recorded in Bible Book of Numbers 11:5). Even after they were established back in the Promised Land fish continued to be a part of their diet along with bread, this no doubt was wholegrain breads since they didn’t have today’s processing equipment for making refined flour, or white flour. One of the Gates in old Jerusalem was called the “Fish Gate” suggesting that a fish market was located there or close by where people gathered to buy fish caught by their local fishermen. (Bible Book of 2 Chronicles 33:14).

Did the poor people of old knew something about the benefits of fish that is only now being discovered in our day?

Today when we read the reports by Medical or Nutritional Scientists about including more fish and other nutrition in our diets from whole foods, even though they gave credit to themselves for discovering something new, in reality they are not telling us anything that wasn’t already created and given as food by our Creator himself. If we study the habits and diets of people of old as recorded in the Bible itself, their lives were dependent  on the natural foods created by God himself and they obeyed him in eating such. We today can learn from this and know what is also good for us to eat or not.

Take for instance Jesus himself. As mentioned above the Israelites or Hebrews were used to eating lots of fish, so it shouldn’t surprise us to read that Jesus himself also a Jew ate lots of fish. Some of his disciples themselves were fishermen, so they always had plenty of fish to eat. Even though he was the foretold Messiah or Deliverer of imperfect men, and was a perfect man himself while on earth he ate the same foods common to the people in his day.

He didn’t have any special foods dropped from heaven for himself, but he knew the foods his Father (Jehovah) created on earth and in the sea, and told us to eat was already good and approved for everyone to eat. On two occasions after his resurrection before he went back to Heaven the Bible records his eating broiled fish along with his disciples. (Luke 24:36-43).

And the other time he prepared breakfast of bread along with fish cooked over a charcoal fire. (the common way of cooking back then). (Bible book of John 21:9-12). Eating fish for breakfast was the customary way of the people back then and even now in most of the Caribbean Islands and in some other countries most small fish like sardines are prepared for breakfast. (sometimes in egg omelettes).

Small fishes along with wholegrain bread was often eaten by the poor people of Bible times, and by Jesus himself.

On one occasion before he died he was teaching a large crowd of people, made up of entire families with children, and it was getting late. These poor Jews who were hungry for spiritual knowledge had stuck with him for three days just listening to his teachings, even though they were physically hungry. So Jesus felt pity for them and out of love for the hungry crowd he performed his second miracle. Bible Book of Matthew 15:32-38 says:

“But Jesus called his disciples to him and said: “I feel pity for the crowd, because it is already three days that they have stayed with me and they have nothing to eat; and I do not want to send them away fasting. They may possible give out on the road.” However his disciples said to him: Where are we in this lonely place going to get sufficient loaves to satisfy a crowd of this size?”

At this Jesus said to them: “How many loaves have you?” They said: “Seven (loaves of bread) and a few little fishes”. So after instructing the crowd to recline upon the ground, he took the seven loaves and the fishes and, after offering thanks, he broke them and began distributing to the disciples, the disciples in turn to the crowds. And all ate and were satisfied, and as a surplus of fragments they took up seven provision baskets full. Yet those eating were four thousand men, besides women and children”.(Matthew 15:32-38 New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures.)

If anyone knew the benefits of fish, then no one better than Jesus himself would

So he took a few small fishes and loaves of bread and multiplied them miraculously to feed a crowd of four thousand people, with some even left over. Now that gave them even more reasons to believe he was indeed the Son of God in order to perform such a miracle. These small fishes he fed to this large crowd probably were what we today called sardines or herrings.

But we know for sure if they were not nutritious for the people to eat Jesus would not have performed this miracle of feeding these hungry people, besides the account said they were satisfied. This simple food of small fishes and wholegrain bread gave them the energy, vitamins, minerals and omega-3 fatty acids their bodies needed to stay alive and keep listening. Jesus knew what these fishes contain something that modern day scientists are only now discovering.

Sardines can hardly or no longer be considered a poor man’s food, they are becoming the chosen delicacy of some of the rich themselves.

Sardines now come in many different flavors and varieties. Some of them are packed in water, oil, tomato sauce, or flavored with mustard sauce, hot chili peppers, with or without salt. They can also now be found in some of the classy whole food markets and health food stores everywhere, places where most poor people can’t afford to shop. The price of a can of sardines the best imported Omega-3 loaded kinds, has gone up so much making it much harder for even the poor to be able to buy them. That is the case with most fish, very few people can afford to treat themselves with good fish like Salmon, trout and other fish because of the high cost.

In some places or countries the price of sardines or herrings are still lower than regular fish or steak and other meats. They might still be the choice of poor people in some countries because of their lower price. I know when I was in Holland (Europe) I used to buy and eat raw herring marinated in a delicious white sauce. People used to buy these marinated herrings in this sauce like they buy fast foods here in New York. But they were inexpensive and so delicious prepared in this sauce I used to stuff myself on several fishes alone without anything else, because of the taste. Next time I go back to Holland I have to find out what they use in this sauce to make it so tasty.

Even with the increase in cost, it is still worth spending the extra dollar for fish than eating junk foods which might be cheaper

But no matter what their price in your Country, City or State including these small fishes or other Omega-3 fatty acids fish into your diet is worth the extra dollar spent. I don’t know how much a Hamburger or Hotdog cost since I never developed the habit of eating such, but I know and believe eating a can of sardines or preparing a nice meal of fish along with greens and wholegrain bread will do your body a lot more good than buying fast foods, even if it cost a few more dollars.

So that old man back in St. Maarten mentioned in the beginning who lived to be more than100 years old and thought that he wasn’t taking good care of his health because all he ate was sardines which was called a “poor man’s food,” had no idea that he was doing just the opposite, he was actually taking excellent care of himself. The fact that he lived that long, was healthier than most people his age was proof that the simple diet of some poor people including those mentioned from the Bible in the past has many “rich health benefits” for us living today.

Researched, written and illustrated by: Glenda Brill©

*See more nutritional health benefits under the category “Healthy Tips”. To learn more about what the Bible teaches and how it affects our life today and gives us a hope for the future request this book “What does the Bible really teach” from this website
Can also read the Bible online on the site.

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How staying focus can boost your memory in an ever changing distracting world

Have you ever plan on using a day off of work to get something specific done at home, or even going back to the office with everybody else gone hoping to work on a special project, but then find yourself busy doing a whole lot of other things and at the end of the day can’t remember what it was you wanted to accomplish in the first place?

You may have found yourself busy all day long, and still haven’t finished anything, because of being distracted by other things that needed to be done instead of just focusing on the specific thing you started out to do, and completely forgot what it was.

Some of you before you even get to the next paragraph in this post will be distracted by something, a phone call, a text or twitter message. Or you may be in a hurry to read it through so fast because you’re thinking about the next site you want to visit. Or anxious to go on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube or some other social media site, check email messages or experiment with the latest phone apps.

Did you forget what you planned on doing?

Or you may have planned on doing something and then completely forgot what it was, and so end up doing something else. Because of this jumping from one thing to the other, or constant planning ahead for the next thing it becomes very difficult to focus on anything, enjoy it and remember it later on. Our world is becoming more and more distracting, because everything is crying out for our time, attention, our life, and has to be taken care of fast, quick with very little thinking behind it. All this makes it so difficult to concentrate and remember so much in one day.

So many distractions make it difficult for the brain to retain anything for to long

This is adding more anxiety and stress to life, which leads to more related illnesses, and fear of what’s next. It is becoming more difficult for the brain to retain anything because of so many distractions, so there is more cases of memory loss. “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” ADHD is also a common complain among young people. Memory loss problems were once thought to be only associated with aging adults or the elderly, but these days it is becoming more apparent that forgetfulness is not limited to older people at all.

Anyone of any age can learn how to focus or concentrate on the more important things which can help preserve and boost our memory and possible prevent most other related mind disorders. So if you have a problem remembering anything, take the time now to focus which is the first step necessary on this information. It can give you some tips on what it takes to boost your memory whether you are old or young.

Several years ago when riding the Subways in New York City most people used the time to read a good book. Many student including those going to school at night use the long train ride to study. That is how I personally did a lot of my reading and studying, and still do. Others just sat with their eyes closed as if meditating. Or some might be talking to the person sitting next to them. All these are good for the brain and mind.

But today it is much different. People just can’t seem to be able to be still with their own minds anymore, or concentrate on reading or studying information, but wherever you go someone is attached and checking an electronic device, Ipad, tablet or whatever else, or listening to it through cords plugged into their ears while being oblivious to everything around them.

Developing an invisible focal point in the mind can help us focus or concentrate

When I took acting or drama classes some years ago I remember one of my teachers taught us how to concentrate and remember our scenes while blocking out all distractions. We were trained to develop an invisible point of concentration in the mind, or a mental picture of the end results. By having a goal and working toward that finishing point within a certain time. When we have a mental picture of the end results and seeing it through imagination this can help us focus and keep working steadily toward accomplishing that goal.

By keeping our eyes fixed on that goal, or focal point nothing will distract us, our brain will be working and remembering as we go along. This is also taught to all creative people, whether Dancers, Designers, Artists, Painters etc. Have you ever been to some Live Stage Shows, or Broadway Shows if you live in New York, with groups of Actors singing or performing in harmony with each other?

The Actors always stand straight, keep their heads up very high, and seem to be looking at something on the wall behind the rows of people sitting in the audience as they move forward on stage without missing a step or forgetting a single line!

It is that invisible focal point of concentration in their minds that keep them focused and remembering their lines, and actions. It takes training, discipline and constant repetition to accomplish this. If just one person in the audience should start booing or using a flash camera, or a cell phone either by talking on it or letting it ring, it can break their concentration and cause someone to forget a line or a certain move.

That is the reason in most places the audience is not allowed to use any flash cameras or any visible or audible electronic devices while actors are performing on stage, and to wait until they are finished to start applauding, so as not to break their concentration or focus which could result in memory lapse, or someone forgetting something.

Seeing the end result in the mind, helps us remember and working toward accomplishing it

This same technique can be used by anyone, whether we are students, teachers, businessmen or women, medical professionals, Sales people, mothers, fathers, and everyone needing to remember why, what, or where we are doing something or going. By seeing the end result in our minds or the destination. By learning how to focus on one thing at a time can help us remember and get more done than allowing ourselves to get distracted by so many different things.

It is closely connected to faith which is the assured expectation of things hoped for. Having faith in something and really concentrating and believing we can accomplish it will help us keep remembering what we need to do, and working toward that end. This technique was practiced by God fearing men of the past and today.

Good examples of those who kept remembering by focusing on the end result

Take for instance: Moses, one outstanding historical faithful Hebrew of old. He was 80 years old when he was called by God to lead the Israelites, a whole nation of people out of Egyptian slavery. By the time he got through the long trip which included walking through the wilderness he was 120 years old. That would be considered a very old man in our day, but what kept him going even amidst all the distractions from some of the Israelites whom were complaining along the way? The Bible says that “By faith..Moses continued steadfast as seeing the One who is invisible”. (Bible book of Hebrews 11:27)

In his mind’s eye, his invisible point of concentration he saw the end result, the final accomplishment of God’s original purpose for the sanctifying of His Name and for the restoration of humans to perfect life on earth again. He kept remembering why he was called to deliver this great nation, because he knew that the promised Messiah for the deliverance of the entire human race from sin and death, would come through them based on what God had promised to his forefather Abraham. (Genesis 22:18) (see previous post Why cleverly calculated evil acts and killings are not mere innocent acts of insanity or a mental disorder”)

Linking already stored knowledge with new information and activity, and looking forward to a rewarding outcome also helps us remember what is necessary

Another example is Jesus himself. Finally he was the Messiah whom Moses himself was for-shadowing and what kept him remembering why he was being used to deliver that great nation. He knew why God used Moses to deliver the Jews from Egyptian slavery so that he the promised Seed of Abraham would be born in their lineage as foretold. Jesus knew and remembered all the prophecies about his own suffering and death for the deliverance of all humanity. But he had to suffer and die to accomplish that. He had free will like everyone else, and could have backed out from this difficult assignment, but what kept him faithful?

The Bible says that: “For the Joy that was set before him he endured a torture stake, despising shame..”(Hebrews 12:2). Jesus just like Moses concentrated on the end result, this kept him remembering who he was, why he was sent to earth, that the hope for the entire human race rested on his shoulders, and that all God’s promises would be fulfilled through him. (Come back later and see also these previous related written posts: What does Jesus has to do with the Easter Bunny and colored eggs?) And “Hey, whats up with all these Christmas lights and decorations, anyway! Also “Great Joy to the world and peace among men of Goodwill, how to find comfort and hope in that promise even now“)

He was the one foretold to rectify what Adam the first man messed up, and get rid of Satan and the demons. And the joy of finally accomplishing that, the end result of being used by his father Jehovah as King in His Kingdom and Prince of Peace in restoring perfect life and peace on earth again, helped him endured and bare that heavy stake, that crown of thorns on his head and die a shameful death in order to accomplish God’s Purpose. (*see footnote on date of Jesus death this year and how it is celebrated world wide.)

Be kind to your mind: Do one thing at a time and enjoy the task at hand

Learning to enjoy whatever task we have to do can also help us focus and concentrate. This makes a project less stressful because we are not doing something because we feel we have to, but because we want to. Also see the value to others in whatever job you have to do. If most people think about the many benefits their job is providing for other people they will be more likely to really focus and do the best they can, even doing research to make their work even more helpful, or enjoyable to others.

In turn bringing more joy to their own life. It can help with any memory loss problems or constant forgetfulness. Because when we become concentrated on doing anything for the benefit of others, we are using our mind and brain in a useful way. The more we start linking information and people, we are giving our brain the best exercise it needs, helping our mind to remember everything it needs to.

Boost memory power with continued education and brain activity

The more we learn, and associate with other people the more we exercise our brain and improve our capacity to remember and use acquired information. Some people have a hard time remembering other people’s names. But memories start to form when we meet these people over a period of time, repeatedly focusing on their looks, smile, feel the grip of their handshake, and pay attention to their voices.

When we start connecting all this information together their names come easily to our mind and we never forget it again. If we are constantly forgetting appointments, what I do is always write the place of the appointment on the calendar date, so whenever I see the appointment address, the final destination, I remember the date.

Or someone who has the habit of always forgetting where they put their keys. By repeatedly putting our keys in the same place everyday, remembering where they are comes automatic. This happens with both young and older adults alike even those of advanced age. (see previous post on: Clutter, Confusion, Crankiness -Three cousins..invading our homes.…)

Someone who hardly reads or use their brains to investigate and learn new things, will quicker suffer from memory loss problems, develop mental disorders or even dementia. Years ago people often thought that people as they age automatically start losing their memory, but new research on old people, and from personal experience with older people whom are ardent readers or students of continued education shows that is not true. ( see previous post on my experience with a 91 year old senior with sharp brains under the title” Take care to carefully put care back in its place with care”)

Many reports show that adults who continued learning, even a simple new hobby or skill,  and reading right into old age, keep their minds active, and their memory sharp, and this can have a protective effect against, senility, dementia and probably Alzheimer’s disease.

There is no such thing as to old to learn, or memory loss is not caused by old age

Short term memory loss, or temporary forgetfulness may occur more often in some older people, but it also happens to young adults, so just getting old itself doesn’t cause everyone to lose their memory. We hear and know of many Actors, Musicians and other Creative people, doctors and other professionals whom are of advanced age and are still very mentally sharp and active in their chosen fields. They never stop learning and working. A good example that always come to mind is the famous Actress Betty White, 91 years old and she has written several books in her old age and still acting and working.

I also know and associate with many older people in my congregation, (Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses) some of them in their late eighties and early nineties. Even my own father before he died several years ago was a avid reader and remembrancer of the Bible, even quoting scriptures by heart from memory because of having read it so many times over the years. And he was in his mid eighties when he died. (Previous post: “Memoirs of a Wonderful Beloved Father).

Age never affected his mind or ability to remember. And all those I know who are still active in reading, studying, teaching, researching, and associating with others in the congregation and out in the field, even though of advanced age, their minds are as sharp as young people even remembering things from years past. Because they are focus on the end results of what God promises, a better world of good health, peace and everlasting life.

They are continually and repeatedly using their brains, and minds in reading, learning, recalling and linking information already stored in the mind with new one being learned and looking forward to the end result, a better world.

They are applying what is learned and are actively sharing and using knowledge to help others. All this mind and brain activity is exercise for the brain and keeps it healthy and their memories sharp. And they don’t forget names, which is amazing since even younger people like myself occasionally forget someone name if they were away for awhile. The brain gets better with continued use.

Good nutrition, sleep and physical exercise can also help boost our memory and prevent constant forgetfulness

Good nutrition is necessary for the whole proper functioning of the entire body especially the brain and mind. If the brain is lacking in some necessary nutrient, this may cause some cells to die, or malfunction resulting in some mind disorders. And since all humans are imperfect some of us may suffer from different ailments that may not manifest itself in others.

Some older people may be suffering from memory loss problems, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease brought on by hereditary factors, genetics, lack of good nutrition, sleep, poor diet, former lifestyle habits, infections,  inflammation, physical exercise or lack of any of the brain exercises mentioned before. But is not due to just plain old age because as seen above not all older people suffer from these problem. As a matter of fact many young people are complaining about memory loss problems or having “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD is not caused by a busy lifestyle or multi-tasking, and is not an adult onset mind disorder

Many college students complain of having ADHD, and some are even being treated by Doctors for this disorder. There is a lot of misconceptions about this condition some even claiming that it is not a real medical problem and could be the result of the many distractions college students are faced with.

According to a special report in “Healthy Living Magazine Summer 2012” It says that there is no such thing as adult onset ADHD. According to Barkley 99% of people with ADHD develop it before age 16. About 65% are inherited, while 35% are believed to result from prenatal exposure to alcohol, tobacco infection, or a brain injury in early life. An adult cannot develop ADHD from a busy lifestyle or from multi-tasking.

“Although ADHD always begins in childhood, says David W. Goodman M.D. assistant professor of psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in Baltimore, symptoms don’t always become obvious until people mature and have to face a new set of challenges.” So in some cases the condition may not manifest itself until later in adulthood.

But as the report said this is not a mental problem that starts in adulthood and could not be responsible for anyone cases of constant forgetfulness or failing to concentrate. But if some young people do really have the condition there should be caution as to how they go about treatment as most of the drugs prescribed have been misused by some and resulted in death.

Be careful about getting hooked on prescription drugs to treat ADHD, some could be fatal if misused

If a person thinks they have ADHD, before getting hooked on any drug, it would be wise to first try improving your ability to shut out all distractions and try to concentrate as mentioned above. If that doesn’t work, try improving your nutrition and getting enough sleep and exercise. Before consulting a doctor try going first go to a nutritionist and follow a good healthy program of eating the right foods and keeping away from all processed and chemical altered foods.

Our entire body including the mind and brain can be improved with good nutrition. If that doesn’t work then get more than one good opinion from several medical doctors before starting any prescription drug program. I have heard of some cases where young people have gotten hooked on these drugs and died from the misused of them.(See previous post on danger of misusing prescription drugs: “A Pill for this, and a pill for that, a smoke, a drink- and what’s the bill for all these, huh?)

So no matter what our age, if we practice most or all of the above suggestions, focusing on what we want to accomplish, not jumping from one thing to the other before finishing anything. Developing a point of concentration in the mind, having a mental picture of the end result, shutting out all distractions, keeping our minds and bodies healthy, getting enough sleep and exercise. Repeating information or actions learned, exercising the mind by reading, researching, studying, sharing information, talking with people, being organized.

Even though we might occasionally suffer from temporary memory lapses, constant forgetfulness or long term memory loss will no longer be a problem. If it is not a diagnosed medical problem that needs some kind of special treatment then most people have the ability to boost their memories by staying focus on all the things mentioned above. If you have read all of this you have just given your mind a good exercise, and in case you forget any of it, read it over again, you are doing your memory a favor it will work better if you practice this everyday.

Written and illustrated by Glenda Brill(©)

*Remembering Jesus death is a command he gave to be celebrated every year on the anniversary date it took place. It is the whole highlight of the Bible and is the reason why it was written so all humans will know why we suffer and die, and how Jesus death foretold back in the Garden of Eden after Adam and Eve’s disobedience will restore Paradise and perfect life on earth again.
It was on Nisan 14 of the Jewish calendar year which corresponds this year to March 26, 2013 after sundown. This will be observed around the world in every language by Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide.  Since he died for the entire human race, your life included, he died for you, whatever your race or ethnicity (there is only one human race, all offspring of Adam and Eve according to the Bible and history, we are all suffering and dying because of their sin, Jesus will reverse this process so we can be perfect again). Whether you’re Jew or gentile,  you’re invited to attend this important celebration by going to the nearest Kingdom Hall in your town, city or country anywhere on earth.
There is no charge (its free) to attend or no collections are ever taken up in any congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses anywhere, and it only last about 1 hour but you will be benefited greatly and learn a great deal. Again it will take place after sundown on March 26, 2013, usually around 7 pm or if sundown is earlier in your town, check the time in your local area.
There is also a Special Talk given on April 7, 2013 following this special celebration. So if you get this invitation to late, you can go to the special talk entitled: “Does Death End it All? in your language around the world, the following sunday, April 7, 2013. This is usually given in the morning or during the day. (again check time in your area)
But I hope you will attend, the time for Jesus to carry out his mission to restore this earth back to Paradise and humans to perfection again, the reason for his death is fast approaching. Learn how you can survive Armageddon and the end of Satan’s rule and live forever on a peaceful earth. Jesus Christ death, the Messiah is guarantee that this will indeed happen! This is something we are told to always remember!
If not sure how to find the nearest Kingdom Hall in your town or country check with this website for more information Can also download free Bible educational books and read the entire Bible itself right on the site. Or if  interested in learning more,  request a personal Free Bible Study in your home or where ever is convenient for you.

How Staying focus, can boost your memory power in

an ever changing distracting world

Have you ever plan on using a day off of work to get something specific done at home, or even going back to the office with everybody else gone hoping to work on a special project, but then find yourself busy doing a whole lot of other things and at the end of the day can’t remember what it was you wanted to accomplish in the first place? You may have found yourself busy all day long, and still haven’t finished anything, because of being distracted by other things that needed to be done instead of just focusing on the specific thing you started out to do, and completely forgot what it was.

Some of you before you even get to the third line or the next paragraph in this post will be distracted by something, a phone call, a text or twitter message. Or you may be in a hurry to read it through so fast because you’re thinking about the next site you want to visit. Or anxious to go on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,YouTube or some other social media site, check email messages or experiment with the latest phone apps.

Did you forgot what you planned on doing?

Or you may have planned on doing something and then completely forgot what it was, and so end up doing something else. Because of this jumping from one thing to the other, or constant planning ahead for the next thing it becomes very difficult to focus on anything, enjoy it and remember it later on. Our world is becoming more and more distracting, because everything is crying out for our time, attention, our life, and has to be taken care of fast, quick with very little thinking behind it. All this makes it so difficult to concentrate and remember so much in one day.

So many distractions make it difficult for the brain

to retain anything for to long

This is adding more anxiety and stress to life, which leads to more related illnesses, and fear of what’s next. It is becoming more difficult for the brain to retain anything because of so many distractions, so there is more cases of memory loss. “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder” ADHD is also a common complain even among young people. Memory loss problems were once thought to be only associated with aging adults or the elderly, but these days it is becoming more apparent that forgetfulness is not limited to older people at all. Anyone of any age can learn how to focus or concentrate on the more important things which can help preserve and boost our memory and possible prevent most other related mind disorders. So if you have a problem remembering anything, take the time now to focus which is the first step necessary on this information it can give you some tips on what it takes to boost your memory whether you are old or young.

Several years ago when riding the Subways in New York City most people would use the time to read a good book. Many student including those going to school at night use the long train ride to study. That is how I personally did a lot of my reading and studying, and still do. Others might just sit with their eyes closed as if meditating. Or some might be talking to the person sitting next to them. All these are good for the brain and mind. But today it is much different. People just can’t seem to be able to be still with their own minds anymore, or concentrate on reading or studying information, but wherever you go someone is attacked and checking an electronic device, Ipad, tablet or whatever else, or listening to it through cords plugged into their ears while being oblivious to everything around them.

Developing a invisible focal point in the mind

can help us focus or concentrate

When I took acting or drama classes some years ago I remember one of my teachers taught us how to concentrate and remember our scenes while blocking out all distractions. We were trained to develop an invisible point of concentration in the mind, or a mental picture of the end results. By having a goal and working toward that finishing point within a certain time. When we have a mental picture of the end results and seeing it through imagination this can help us focus and keep working steadily toward accomplishing that goal.

By keeping our eyes fixed on that goal, or focal point nothing will distract us, our brain will be working and remembering as we go along. This is also taught to all creative people, whether Dancers, Designers, Artists, Painters etc. Have you ever been to some Live Stage Shows, or Broadway Shows if you live in New York, with groups of Actors singing or performing in harmony with each other. The Actors always stand straight, keep their heads up very high, and seem to be looking at something on the wall behind the rows of people sitting in the audience as they move forward on stage without missing a step or forgetting a single line?

It is that invisible focal point of concentration in their minds that keep them focused and remembering their lines, and actions. It takes training, discipline and constant repetition to accomplish this. If just one person in the audience should start booing or using a flash camera, or a cell phone either by talking on it or letting it ring, it can break their concentration and cause someone to forget a line or a certain move. That is the reason in most places the audience is not allowed to use any flash cameras or any visible or audible electronic devices while actors are performing on stage, and to wait until they are finished to start applauding, so as not to break their concentration or focus which could result in memory lapse, or someone forgetting something.

Seeing the end result in the mind, keeps us remembering

and doing what it takes to accomplish it

This same technique can be used by anyone, whether we are students, teachers, businessmen or women, medical professionals, Sales people, mothers, fathers, and everyone needing to remember why, what, or where we are doing something or going. By seeing the end result in our minds or the destination. By learning how to focus on one thing at a time can help us remember and get more done than allowing ourselves to get distracted by so many different things. It is closely connected to faith which is the assured expectation of things hoped for. Having faith in something and really concentrating and believing we can accomplish it will help us keep remembering what we need to do, and working toward that end. This technique was practiced by God fearing men of the past and today.

Good examples of those who kept remembering

by focusing on the end result

Take for instance: Moses, one outstanding faithful Hebrew of old. He was 80 years old when he was called by God to lead the Israelites, a whole nation of people out of Egyptian slavery. By the time he got through the long trip which included walking through the wilderness he was 120 years old. That would be considered a very old man in our day, but what kept him going even amidst all the distractions from some of the Israelites whom were complaining along the way? The Bible says that “By faith..Moses continued steadfast as seeing the One who is invisible”.(Bible book of Hebrews 11:27)

In his mind’s eye, his invisible point of concentration he saw the end result, the final accomplishment of God’s original purpose for the sanctifying of His Name and for the restoration of humans to perfect life on earth again. He kept remembering why he was called to deliver this great nation, because he knew that the promised Messiah for the deliverance of the entire human race from sin and death, would come through them based on what God had promised to his forefather Abraham.(Genesis 22:18) (see previous post “Why cleverly calculated evil acts and killings are not mere innocent acts of insanity or a mental disorder”)

Another example is Jesus himself. Finally the Messiah whom Moses himself was for shadowing had arrived years after Moses was already dead. Jesus knew all the prophecies about his own suffering and death for the deliverance of humanity. He had free will like everyone else and could have backed out from this difficult assignment but what kept him faithful? The Bible says that: “For the Joy that was set before him he endured a torture stake, despising shame..”(Hebrews 12:2). Jesus just like Moses concentrated on the end result, this kept him remembering who he was, why he was sent to earth, the hope for the entire human race rested on his shoulders, that all God’s promises would be fulfilled through him.

He was the one foretold to rectify what Adam the first man messed up, and get rid of Satan and the demons. And the joy of finally accomplishing that, of being used by his father Jehovah as King in His Kingdom and Prince of Peace in restoring perfect life and peace on earth again, helped him endured and bare that heavy stake, that crown of thorns on his head and die a shameful death in order to accomplish God’s Purpose. (*see footnote on date of Jesus death this year and how it is celebrated every year)

Be kind to your mind:

Do one thing at a time and enjoy the task at hand

Learning to enjoy whatever task we have to do can also help us focus and concentrate. This makes a project less stressful because we are not doing something because we feel we have to, but because we want to. Also see the value to others in whatever job you have to do. If most people think about the many benefits their job is providing for other people they will be more likely to really focus and do the best they can, even doing research to make their work even more helpful, or enjoyable to others. In turn bringing more joy to their own life. It can help with any memory loss problems or constant forgetfulness. Because when we become concentrated on doing anything for the benefit of others, we are using our mind and brain in a useful way. The more we start linking information and people, we are giving our brain the best exercise it needs, helping our mind to remember everything it needs to.

Boost memory power with continued education

and brain activity

The more we learn, and associate with other people the more we exercise our brain and improve our capacity to remember and use acquired information. Some people have a hard time remembering other people’s names. But memories start to form when we meet these people over a period of time, repeatedly we focus on their looks, smile, feel the grip of their handshake, and pay attention to their voices. When we start connecting all this information together their names come easily to our mind and we never forget it again. Or someone who has the habit of always forgetting where they put their keys. By repeatedly putting our keys in the same place everyday, remembering where they are comes automatic.

This happens with both young and older adults alike even those of advanced age.

Someone who hardly reads or use their brains to investigate and learn anything new, will quicker suffer from memory loss problems, develop mental disorders or even dementia. Years ago people often thought that people as they age automatically start losing their memory, but new research on old people, and from personal experience with older people whom are ardent readers or students of continued education shows that is not true. ( see previous post on my experience with a 91 year old senior with sharp brains under the title” Take care to carefully put care back in its place with care”)

Many reports show that adults who continued learning and reading right into old age, keep their minds active, and their memory sharp, and this can have a protective effect against, senility, dementia and probably Alzheimer’s disease.

There is no such thing as to old to learn,

or memory loss is not caused by old age

We hear and see many Actors, Musicians and other Creative people whom are of advanced age and are still very mentally sharp and active in their chosen fields. They never stop learning and working. A good example that always come to mind is Betty White, 91 years old and she has even written several books in her old age and still acting and working. I also know and associate with many older people in my congregation, (Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses) some of them into their late eighties and early nineties. Even my own father before he died several years ago was a avid reader and remembrance of the Bible even quoting scriptures by heart from memory because of having read it so many times over the years. And he was in his mid eighties when he died.(Previous post: Memoirs of a Wonderful Beloved Father”).

Age never affected his mind or ability to remember. And all those I know who are still active in reading, teaching, researching, and associating with others in the congregation and out in the field, even though of advanced age, their minds are as sharp as a young people. Because they are focus on the end results of what God promises, a better world of good health, peace and everlasting life. They are continually and repeatedly using their brains, and minds in reading, learning, connecting Bible prophecies with what’s happening in our time and looking forward to a better world. They are applying what is learned and are actively sharing and using knowledge to help others. All this exercise keeps their brains healthy and their memories sharp. And they don’t forget names, which is amazing since even younger people like myself occasionally forget someone name if they were away for awhile. The brain gets better with continued use.

Good nutrition, sleep and physical exercise can also help

boost our memory and prevent constant forgetfulness

Good nutrition is necessary for the whole proper functioning of the body especially the brain and mind. If the brain is lacking in some necessary nutrient, this may cause some cells to die, or malfunction resulting in some mind disorders.

Some older people whom we hear about suffering from memory loss problems, dementia or Alzheimer’s disease could be due to hereditary factors, genetics, lack of good nutrition and poor diet, former lifestyle habits, physical exercise or lack of any of the brain exercises mentioned before. But is not due to just plain old age because as seen above not all older people suffer from these problem. As a matter of fact many young people are complaining about memory loss or having “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

Many college students complain of having ADHD, and some are even being treated by Doctors for this disorder. There is a lot of misconceptions about this condition some even claiming that it is not a real medical problem and could be the result of the many distractions college students are faced with. According to a special report in “Healthy Living Magazine” It says that there is no such thing as adult onset ADHD. According to Barkley 99% of people with ADHD develop it before age 16. About 65% are inherited, while 35% are believed to result from prenatal exposure to alcohol, tobacco infection, or a brain injury in early life. An adult cannot develop ADHD from a busy lifestyle or from multi-tasking. In some cases the condition may not manifest itself until later in adulthood. But as the report said this is not a mental problem that starts in adulthood and could not be responsible for anyone cases of constant forgetfulness or failing to concentrate. But if some young people do really have the condition there should be caution as to how they go about treatment as most of the drugs prescribed have been misused by some and resulted in death.

Be careful about getting hooked on prescription

drugs to treat ADHD, some could be fatal

If a person thinks they have ADHD, before getting hooked on any drug, it would be wise to first try improving your ability to shut out all distractions and try to concentrate as mentioned above. If that doesn’t work, try improving your nutrition and getting enough sleep and exercise. Before consulting a doctor I would first go to a nutritionist and follow a good healthy program of eating the right foods and keeping away from all processed and chemical altered foods. Our entire body including the mind and brain can be improved with good nutrition. If that doesn’t work then get more than one good opinion from several medical doctors before starting any prescription drug program. I have heard of some cases where young people have gotten hooked on these drugs and died from them.(See previous post on “A Pill for this, and a pill for that, a smoke, a drink- and what’s the bill for all these, huh?)

So no matter what our age, if we practice most or all of the above suggestions, focusing on what we want to accomplish, not jumping from one thing to the other before finishing anything. Developing a point of concentration in the mind, having a mental picture of the end result, shutting out all distractions, keeping our minds and bodies healthy, getting enough sleep and exercise. Repeating information or actions learned, exercising the mind by reading, researching, studying, sharing information, talking with people, being organized. Even though we might occasionally suffer from temporary memory lapses, constant forgetfulness or long term memory loss will no longer be a problem. If it is not a diagnosed medical problem that needs some kind of special treatment then most people have the ability to boost their memories by staying focus on all the things mentioned above. If you have read all of this you have just given your mind a good exercise, and in case you forget any of it, read it over again, you are doing your memory a favor it will work better if you practice this everyday.

Written and illustrated by Glenda Brill(©)

*Remembering Jesus death is a command he gave to be celebrated every year on the anniversary date it took place. It is the whole highlight of the Bible and is the reason why it was written so all humans will know why we suffer and die and how Jesus death foretold back in the Garden of Eden after Adam and Eve’s disobedience will restore Paradise and perfect life on earth again. It was on Nisan 14 of the Jewish calendar year which corresponds this year to March 26, 2013 after sundown. This will be observed around the world in every language by Jehovah’s Witnesses. Since he died for the entire human race, your life included, you’re invited to attend this important celebration by going to the nearest Kingdom Hall in your town, city or country anywhere on earth.

There is no charge to attend or no collections are ever taken up in any congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses anywhere, and it only last about 1 hour but you will be benefited greatly and learn a great deal. Again it will take place after sundown on March 26, 2013, usually around 7 pm or if sundown is earlier in your town, check the time in your local area.

If not sure how to find the nearest Kingdom Hall in your town or country check with this website for more information Can also download free Bible educational books and read the entire Bible itself right on the site.

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When the tough gets going and your pressure keeps rising higher and higher, and you feel like you’re going bananas, then go Bananas!

Where did the expression “going bananas” first started? Or if it means going crazy over bananas or using bananas to calm a person down, then I can understand why it makes sense since this delicious fruit provides so many life saving benefits to us.

The month of February is considered “Heart Healthy” month in the USA especially for women, (in realty every month should be) and Bananas are considered one of the most heart healthy fruit there is, so this entire post is on the many ways bananas can improve heart health. (And by the end of this article you will not only have improved your mood, but you will be dancing which is also vital to heart health. So keep reading all the way to the end, then get up and dance along.)

This simple fruit is packed with nutrition and has been a staple food for many countries around the world throughout many generations. There is a Indian legend that says that a banana was the fruit in the Garden of Eden that Eve told Adam to take a bite of, (could have been, but nothing was wrong with the fruit it was their obedience that was being tested) so in India bananas are called the “Fruit of Paradise”.

Bananas are loaded with potassium, manganese, Vitamin C, vitamin B6 and fiber. They are very portable, easy to take with you anywhere, very filling and can be eaten even while on the run. Unlike most fruits which have seeds or are juicy, bananas are solid, and just need to be peeled and eaten while holding the unpeeled potion without getting any fruit on hands.

I love bananas since I grew up on a little Caribbean island where from childhood bananas was a part of our daily diet. Dad used to get the large green bunches just like they grow on the trees, and hang the green bunch up in the corner of the kitchen to gradually ripe. As soon as they were yellow and ripe to eat, he would take the bunch down and put on the kitchen table and all us kids would start picking a banana to eat, and within a week the whole bunch would disappear. Bananas were a daily part of our morning breakfast and up to this very day I eat a banana every single morning for breakfast after my exercise program.(see previous post: Setting the mood for each day starts with the right attitude) Flying off the handle in fits of anger, or when under stress raises the blood pressure which affects the heart. (See previous post: Raging Moving Volcanos, Explosive Hot Tempers – Dangerous Health Hazards leading to premature death.) Some people may not know that bananas can help calm their nerves, enhance their mood and acts as a natural sedative. (Maybe that is where the slogan “Go Bananas came from”). Bananas help calm rattled nerves because they contain tryptophan which produces serotonin, the feel good hormone in the body which has a calming sedative effect on the brain.

This is what puts us in a good mood, making it easier to deal with stressful situations. So they have the same effect as exercise or laughter on our mood. Bananas are also a great source of energy.

One banana provides all the nutrients of an energy bar without the extra calories and cost. Years ago I was working temporary in a Law Firm in New York City and one of the young attorneys in the firm everyday always had two or three ripe yellow bananas on his desk. During the day he would eat these bananas as he did his work and even most times skipped lunch and just ate bananas.

I used to jokingly warn him to not leave his desk with those bananas there since I also was a lover of bananas and might just grab one when he was gone. He was very pleasant, and always said something humorous back in return. I didn’t know back then that bananas had all the nutrients above as well as a calming effect on our brains and moods. Or whether that attorney himself knew, or was just eating them because he loved bananas. But now I understand how they no doubt contributed to his calm disposition and helped keep him sane inspite of whatever difficult cases he was handling. 1st. with Potassium. And this is one of the greatest benefits of eating bananas. They are loaded with potassium, necessary to regulate high blood pressure. High blood pressure has been called the “Silent Killer” since someone can have it without any symptoms or even know they have it. One young woman in my neighborhood a couple of years ago collapsed on her way to work right on the street just before she got to the subway station.

When they called the ambulance and took her to the emergency room, she found out she had suffered a stroke, leaving her entire left side paralyzed. She was diagnosed with high blood pressure as the cause and didn’t know she had it, or even suspected it since she was only fifty years old and wasn’t overweight and had no symptoms. It is always good to have a yearly medical check-up or even twice a year, and today we can even take our own blood pressure since the instruments can be bought at most Pharmacy’s or Drugstores.

Studies show a potassium rich diet can reduce the risk of stroke by 22 to 40 percent. One medium size banana provides about 420 mg of potassium. Recent guidelines from the Institute of Medicine recommend getting at least 4.7 grams (4.700 mg) of potassium a day. The Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet also recommends 4,700 mg of potassium – and includes plenty of fruits and vegetables, especially bananas. An Indian study found that eating just two bananas a day can lower blood pressure by 10 percent.

2nd: with Fiber: Other nutrients in bananas contribute to lowering high blood pressure as well. A recent Tulane analysis of 25 studies found that boosting our fiber intake can significantly lower blood pressure. People who benefited ate between 7 and 19 grams of dietary fiber a day for at least eight weeks. One medium banana gives us 3 grams of fiber. A banana’s combination of necessary carbohydrates, simple sugars and dietary fiber provides energy needed for physical activity.

Other Star nutrient: Vitamin C: also helps with high blood pressure by keeping our arteries flexible.

The fiber content in bananas also reduces the risk of heart disease. Fiber rich diets have also been linked to lower risk of coronary heart disease and of type 2 diabetes. Besides controlling high blood pressure potassium is essential for proper muscle contraction – the normal rhythmic pumping of the heart, digestion, muscular movements are all controlled by potassium which plenty of can be found in bananas. Bananas are also a great source of vitamin B6. According to the American Heart Association, B vitamins help break down homocysteine – an amino acid that at high levels is related to a higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

B6 also plays a role in converting tryptophan to serotonin, (the good calming feeling mentioned above) and also helps the body make hemoglobin, a crucial ingredient of blood. Vitamin B6 is also essential for antibody production and to maintain a healthy immune response. It also helps to convert carbohydrates to glucose and thereby regulates proper blood sugar levels. A medium banana can take care of 1/5 of our daily recommended intake of Vitamin B6 and is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to increase our dietary intake of this vitamin.

A University of California San Francisco study found that potassium helps prevent calcium loss caused by a high-salt diet. This important mineral potassium, may also counteract the negative effects of a high-protein diet. Bananas are loaded with Vitamin C as mentioned previously and also Manganese which both play important roles in maintaining bone health.

Warning: Don’t disrespect Bananas by discarding of their skins on the streets or sidewalk. Walking and slipping on a banana skin can result in serious falls where some people have broken hips, arms, legs and injured other bodily parts. So please always put their skins in a trash bin or in some Caribbean and African countries banana skins are dried, rolled, painted and form into beautiful jewelry! Another useful benefit of this delicious fruit.

Foods rich in potassium may reduce the risk of developing kidney stones. In fact studies show that a high intake of potassium, from a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can slash our risk of stones by 30 to 50 percent (30 to 50%).

Bananas can also relieve the discomfort of diarrhea, and other gastrointestinal problems. After a bout with diarrhea or vomiting, once you can eat solid food again, soft, bland foods like bananas give you the nutrients you need without upsetting your stomach

Even if someone has a more serious condition like colitis, bananas can be an important part of a safe, bland diet. The potassium in bananas also helps protect our intestine. More protection may come from substances called fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS). Also known as prebiotics, these molecules stimulate the growth of probiotics, good bacteria that ward off harmful bacteria.

Even babies once they are old enough to start eating more solid food, can be fed bananas. These can be mashed and added to their milk, or fed with a spoon. Or even blended or made into a smoothie and fed to young children just like adults. Or they can be given a banana after it was peeled so they can hold it in their own little hands and eat. (remember I mentioned above how I have been eating bananas from a child up to this day).

One study found that green bananas, which are different from unripe bananas, might help treat children with persistent diarrhea. Bananas can help thicken the stool (of adults also) which helps prevent fecal incontinence, or loss of bowel control.

They can be included in baked goods. Sandwiches, smoothies: Banana Bread, cookies, Banana fritters (made the same way as pancakes just add mashed ripe bananas), Banana muffins and doughnuts, Banana smoothies, (can add other fruits for a very nutritional smoothie).

Banana and nut sandwiches, great for kids, just take two slices of whole grain bread, toast lightly if preferred, spread with all natural peanut, almond or any nut butter, add slices of bananas on top of the nut butter, drizzle with some honey and put the other slice bread on top. Delicious to add to children’s lunch box, or eaten as an adult.

Frozen snacks. Another good banana snack that can be eaten like an ice cream sandwich is to coat bananas with smelted chocolate, might like to sprinkle with crushed nuts, and put in the freezer. When frozen can be eaten like an ice cream sandwich. This is another great healthy snack for children or even adults. Bananas can be added to other puddings such as Sweet potatoes and pumpkin pudding mentioned in a previous post of: “Would you like a little wine with that?

Casseroles: And a favorite of mine is the Banana and Sweet Potatoes casserole. Very easy to make: Boil Caribbean type sweet potatoes. They are usually purple on the outside, slice the potatoes. Grease a glass casserole bowl lightly with olive oil, spread slices of sweet potatoes on the bottom of this see through glass casserole, sprinkle with some salt, put slices of ripe bananas on top of the sweet potatoes, drizzle with honey or Agave nectar if prefer.

Add more slices of sweet potatoes on top of the bananas. Repeat the above, and keep alternating layers of sweet potatoes and bananas finishing with the bananas on top. Now squeeze the juice of an orange over the entire casserole and bake in an oven until the top bananas layer are golden brown and the casserole seems to be set. Can be serve as a side dish with bake chicken, turkey or any other lean meat.

Even though I concentrated on just the benefits of just one fruit, the banana, you know that for total good health we need to be balanced, not just eating one fruit only, but all fruits, vegetables, and whole grains are designed for our total health. In Genesis 1:29 God in talking to the first man and woman said: “Here I have given you all vegetation bearing seed which is on the surface of the whole earth and every tree on which there is a fruit of a tree bearing seed. To you let it serve as food”

And Genesis 2: 15-17: And Jehovah God proceeded to take the man and settle him in the Garden of Eden to cultivate it and to take care of it. And Jehovah God also laid this command upon the man: “From every tree of the garden you may eat to satisfaction. But as for the tree of knowledge of good and bad you must not eat from it, for in the day you eat from it you will positively die.”

That beautiful Garden had even more nutritional fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds and nuts than we have today since they were pure and were recently created by God himself, and man’s continued existence and good health depended on his eating this nutritional diet given to him by his Creator.

So the “DASH DIET” mentioned above and that modern day doctors are claiming to have discovered was given to humans by God Himself, ever since man’s creation in the garden of Eden, and is nothing new. Even Scientist today are realizing that our physical good health really depended on eating the right foods from the earth.

But humans good health and the continued beating of their hearts forever also depended on spiritual food and a relationship with God. That is why a test was given to them to show that for their continued health and life they needed to obey the Creator.

Complete heart health comes from within the spiritual heart which leads to true happiness

So we see the results today even among people who have all the money in the world to eat the best of foods, are still under stress, unhappy and suffering from heart problems, cancers and other devastating diseases. A survey taken some time ago reveals that most modern American women, even though they have so much more materially than most women in other countries are not happy. And heart disease has become a major problem especially among women in the USA. The month of February is usually called the heart healthy month in the USA, to remind women to take care of their hearts by watching their diets and getting enough exercise.

But working on their spiritual health is completely ignored, which is the key needed to be truly happy. Because Happiness is not a destination depending on how healthy, white, rich, famous, or good looking we are, but it is a by product of doing things God’s Way! We cannot be happy if we completely ignore our spiritual hearts, that is where all good comes from, including complete good health.

Proverbs 17:22 “A heart that is joyful does good as a curer, but a spirit that is stricken makes the bones dry” And this sums up true heart health as coming from within, a person who has joy, which is a quality of God’s spirit in his or her life will improve their heart condition more so even if not eating all the right foods than someone who is always sad, angry, joyless or loveless and may be eating everything healthy. Haven’t you ever meet some physically beautiful women who are always angry, always cursing with obscene f… words flying out of their mouths like water? Even though they may be eating healthy and exercises their spiritual hearts are sick and eventually affect their physical one.

So strive to improve your over-all health, make bananas a daily part of a good diet but include all other fruits and vegetables, grains, nuts and seeds. Improve your lifestyle, exercise, seek ways to bring joy and laughter into your life, (see previous post on Laughter: Laughter can replace most prescription drugs) become conscious of your spiritual needs, fill that need by seeking to find good answers to questions such as:

Why am I here? What causes suffering, diseases and death? Where am I going? Is there a God who really cares about me? When you seek to find answers to those questions, you are becoming conscious of your spiritual needs. Your heart develops a longing to find answers, and God himself who the Bible says eyes are searching hearts to see whom really wants to learn about him, will direct you to find the correct answers.

Joy will start to flow into your life, eventually true knowledge will replace all the anger, stress, worry and other negative things from your heart, and your literal heart will improve and so does your general health. For when you smile, so does your heart and this contributes to true heart health and overall good health.

The benefits of dancing as a great cardio exercise and one way to bring joy into your life

Look at the below videos one of Caribbean born Actor Harry Belafonte who first sang the Banana song. He no doubt made them a regular part of his diet, for even at the ripe age of 85 he still looks great, stands up straight and seems pretty healthy. In the video you will see shots of how banana trees grow, and how people for generations lived long simple lives and depended on the earth for food, bananas being a staple part of their diets.

Harry Belafonte – Day-O-Banana Boat

Also the other one of African Zimbabwe women whose diet also consist of bananas among other natural foods, but otherwise live very simple lives, not having much in a material way. Still these people are happy and probably not fearful of any heart problems. They get most of their exercise through dancing. But look how happy and joyful they look, while dancing to a song about simple bananas.

As I mentioned in several previous posts I also find dancing to the same kind of music, the kind that makes you move your body, to be one of the most enjoyable Cardio exercises anyone can do. I spend one hour each morning dancing 4 times a week as part of my regular exercise program, and my cardiologist told me plainly I don’t need him, so save the visit. (see previous post: Setting the mood for each day starts with the right attitude).

It doesn’t matter how old you are dancing will improve your heart health. (Anyone who does no exercise at all, should first check with their doctor before proceeding on any vigorous exercise program, or start slowly). One way is because it brings joy into your life which also benefits the heart.

I know another lady in my congregation (Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses) who is of Latin Caribbean decent who is always so elegant, slim, and in shape with no belly fat at all, healthy with no heart problems, and she is probably in her late sixties or even seventies already. She has the body of a young woman in her twenties. But you will never guess her age, except for her beautiful gray hair. She said the only exercise she does is she dances all the time, everyday. It works!

African, Caribbean, and Latin women have used dancing with vigorous body and belly movements to stay slim throughout generations. Dancing is mostly part of our culture, it is only in recent times that others in Western countries realize how the movements they do in these dances really help keep stomach, waist and belly fat away.

Accumulation of fat around the waist, stomach and belly is what leads to high blood pressure and heart disease. Dancing with vigorous body movements will help rid the body of fat in these areas.

In New York City there are several African Exercise Dance classes where even many white women attend and I know some of them look fabulous. One white girl friend said she not only enjoy the way she looks, but how the music and dancing makes her feel, and puts her in a good mood, full of joy!

So watch the video below, and don’t read anything into the body movements, they are the kind of movements that is needed for keeping fat away from the danger zones of the heart, you don’t have to do them all, but moving the belly and waist is good for the heart. And that is the goal of all the above information, (both men and women can benefit from the above) if you try to do them all, eating a well balanced diet including bananas, improving your lifestyle, spirituality and dancing, practicing good body movement exercises, you will keep your heart healthy and happy all year long not just in the month of February. Look at below video and dance along!

Zimbabwe Idya Bananas

Written and illustrated by: Glenda Brill©

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What Are The Little Sponges Soaking Up?

This article is written for parents, both mothers and fathers. Single parent or married couples with young children. Or those planning on having children, or anyone can learn a whole lot also. So read all the way to the end. A baby’s or young child’s brain has always been compared to a sponge. Why? Because just like a sponge soaks up anything or everything that is spilled around it, so does the brains of young children. Even before they are born, while in the mother’s womb a baby can already start soaking up things that are happening outside the mother’s womb.

We have often heard some mother’s exclaim when talking about the alertness of their newborn: “This child seems like she (or he) was here before”. In reality they were not literally there before but whatever the environment was outside the womb, the conversations, music, shouting, screaming, fighting, arguments, obscene language, or spirituality was being heard and soaked up by the baby even before they enter the real world.

I know of two different real life experiences where this was proven to be true. One pregnant mother who was a classical pianist practiced her piano music at home everyday right up until she was almost ready to go into labor with her first born child. She particularly loved a favorite classical piano concert piece from Mozart and played it repeatedly during her pregnancy.

Even before they are born babies already start soaking up things happening outside the womb

After her baby was born, she continued her piano practice playing a variety of songs, but whenever she played her favorite Mozart piano concert piece, even if the baby was sleeping, it woke up, the newborn baby actually became very alert, turned its little head in her direction and listened intently. She did this everyday and the response was the same from the baby, the young child acted like she knew the song, recognized its every note and was enjoying the music along with her mother.

The child did not react this way with any of the new songs she was beginning to play but only with this particular classical piece of music. Then she remembered that was her favorite song she played while being pregnant with the baby and the baby heard and knew the music even before it was born. Its little brain had soaked up every note.

Another experience comes from a young father. When his wife was pregnant, every night before they went to sleep, he read a short chapter from a children’s Bible Story Book holding the book and his head close to his wife swollen abdomen and read aloud to the unborn child. After the baby was born he continued rereading the same stories to the child and the baby responded and listened intently like it knew every story he read, it had heard them before, while in the womb.

Giving a young child a cell phone without any supervision is leaving him or her open to a whole world of all kinds of conflicting negative information, messages and moral filth

So today young children are being bombarded or soaking up all kinds of negative information from the day they are born all through their childhood. Some of this comes from right inside their homes. They imitate whatever they hear or see their parents do, or whatever they see or hear on TV or online. And with our new technology craze very young children are given smart phones and are left alone with these, without any supervision from their working parents. Some of these children are entrust in the care of nannies or baby-sitters, who just leave them use their phones as they wish.

Putting these instruments in the hands of young children is giving them access to all kinds of news, internet sites and videos, that should only be visited or seen by adults. And there has not been any research done yet as to the danger of cell phone radiation to a young child’s brains. Or even those whom are stay at home Moms spend so much time on their cell phones and the children can hear their conversations, or left alone to be with their own phone or just watch TV. All this info is slowly shaping their minds, personalities, attitudes and inclinations.

Parents are you aware of whom your children are becoming fans of? Do you know who they are texting each other about?

Most young people even the very young are becoming fans of famous Reality TV Stars, Singers, and other famous questionable personalities. Do you yourself pay attention and admire these people? Then no doubt your children will also pick up on this and absorb these person’s lifestyles and moral ideas.

Lifestyles that were once considered to be immoral and people kept secret are now openly glamorized and broadcast on National TV News making it easy for young children to see and hear, to soak up

For instance lifestyles that were once considered to be immoral and people kept secret are now openly glamorized and even broadcast and praised on National TV News. For instance a certain Reality TV Star who filed for divorce from her third (3rd) husband of only 72 days shortly after started sleeping around with a another man even before her divorce is final.

Now she is pregnant with this other man’s child while still being married to her husband. This has been all over the news, this young couple is being treated as if they did a great thing. It has even been reported that this Star gets the most searches on Google. Why?

A promiscuous woman openly committing adultery and this is good news to be told to the whole world? Why does this even have to be on the National News or Online front page News? And she gets invitations for interviews talking about her pregnancy with another man while still being married to someone else. And what is she going to tell her child after it is born? What will this child soak up with a mother like that? How will this shape their future life?

Another also famous Celebrity Singer also divorced her fourth (4th) husband and shortly after that started dating her dancer and on tour with this man while her divorce is still in progress. And what is so shameful is that she takes her two little children just three years old twins (a boy and girl) with her on tour with this new man, while still being married to their father. What do you think these little children are soaking up?

How will this affect their life now, and in the future? Most of these children whenever you see them look sad and lonely. And what message is being sent to other young children probably your young daughters and sons when they see all this online, and through the news? Are they fans of these Stars, admire them consider them role models, and hope to be like them? Do you know whom your young children are texting each other about?

Parents do you know what your children are soaking up and what they are texting each other about?

Other examples of children being raised by same sex couples gays or lesbians (or Sodomites), two fathers or two mothers. But if a child is found in the presence or even touched by a pedophile or child molester which is the same as a sodomite, he or she is thrown in prison, but young baby boys and even young baby girls, can be adopted by two homosexual men or lesbians and raised as their children.

And they are praised for their conduct in the Movies, TV and the Media, while someone with the same perverted lifestyle is branded as a pedophile or child molester and if caught just talking or being in the presence of a child is thrown into prison. What do you think these children are soaking up? Aren’t the lives of these children in just as much danger as those in the presence of a child molester? Who knows what can be done to these children in secret and they will never know if it is wrong or right, because these are their “parents” whom loves them.

Another news bit is the high school Graduate coming out with his gay lifestyle and being praised and congratulated for doing so. This young man got so much praise online, that you would think he did the most honorable thing. On the other hand another famous young man is being condemned for deception and lies about a girlfriend he never had. Can you understand why children are so confused, stressed and acting like adults? And how do you think this is affecting your own children whom are hearing or seeing this on TV, online or getting this news through their phones?

The little brains of children are constantly being exposed to and obsorbing all kinds of hypocritical and conflicting messages

Do you also see how hypocritical and conflicting the messages are for young minds, because some immoral people with their debased sexual conduct are being glamorized, praised, idolized and even congratulated for exposing their conduct to everyone. While on the other hand those that tell lies, defraud and kill are being condemned. And parents are concerned about the need for gun control to protect their children from killers because this is very bad.

But didn’t the same God that says “do not murder, do not lie or defraud your fellowman, also said do not commit adultery, and a man should not lie down the same with another man as with a woman? (And the same goes for women with women)”. (Exodus 20: 13-16 and Leviticus 20:13) It is all the same thing, murder, lies and deception falls in the same category with adultery, all immoral debased conduct or sodomy, (sodomy is all unnatural perverted sexual conduct contrary to natural intercourse between a man and his wife. The cities of Sodom (that is where the word sodomy comes from) and Gomorrah were completely destroyed because of the gross homosexual practices that took place there,  setting the example of what will happen to our present time as foretold in the Bible), and all the other sexual immoral lifestyles people are glorifying.

The slow moral corrupting of young minds and conscience is the same as killing them, it is destroying them from the inside out.

None is any worst or less wrong than the other. (Revelation 22:15) and if you need to protect your children from killers then you also need to protect them from this type of mind corrupting information that they are soaking up, and that is shaping their personalities and characters. it is literally killing them from the inside out, spiritually.

Children are growing up with no sense of what is right or wrong, no conscience, no morals, no purpose in life, no faith, no hope, all because of what they are soaking up from the world around them, a spiritual dead world under the control of the Great Deceiver Satan the Devil. And parents are not teaching them anything to counteract all this adding to the stress and confusion to their lives.

Sad lonely children becoming obsessed with their only companion their cell phones

Some of these children are just plain sad and lonely. They may spend most of their time away from working parents, and even when home there is very little verbal communication within some families, so they have no one to talk to and texting is now taking the place of conversation, adding more to the loneliness of these children.

Their cell phones become their companions since it gives them something to do, search the web, text friends or whatever other apps they have on these phones. Also by soaking in all the things they are hearing or seeing by means of these phones or other electronic devices children are growing up so fast because of being concerned with news that only adults were once concerned with.

Children scared, confused and under stress by all the negative news that were once only the concern of adults.

Just a few days ago I heard on the news how a little five (5) year old girl was suspended from school because she threatened to shoot someone with a Bubble Gun. Now how can a child that young even knew what a gun does and know how to threaten to kill someone with a gun? Because that is all everyone has been talking about since the mass shootings, the discussion of guns and shooting has been on the news constantly.

Or she may have heard her parents talking about the gun and shooting problem, or just soaked up that information from anyone’s conversation around her. She was too young to understand that a Bubble Gun cannot really kill anyone, all she knew from her little brains soaked up info that it was a gun and that it could kill people. Parents do you see how dangerous it is to expose your children to the news or even talk about these things around them?

Last week also a gun was found in the backpack of a seven year old boy. I never did heard if they discovered how the gun got in his backpack. Did he found his parents gun and put it in his school bag to protect him from another shooter? That probably was his idea. Why would a child that young even be concerned about protecting himself with a gun? Again because this is what is being talked about on the news, on the internet, from text messages, no doubt his parents and from others around him.

Children are scared, and under stress because of all the negative news that they are being surrounded by and just soaking up making them act like adults. Children shouldn’t be worried about these things, this is the time for them to learn good things and morals, to play and enjoy life, not under stress and scared. Instead most of them are becoming more and more addicted to information, to their cell phones which is creating other problems that parents are becoming worried about.

Children are not speaking like they should instead they are texting and this is affecting them in other ways like any other addiction. Below is ten signs that will help parents to see if their children are addicted to texting. (These were observed and sent to me by Olivia Lewis from the Nanny Network)

Ten Signs Your child is Addicted to Texting

Instant messaging, Twitter and unlimited texting on many cell phone plans have led to a texting craze among today’s youth. Kids will commonly communicate by texting instead of speaking, even when sitting next to each other on the couch. This texting phenomenon is something that is becoming an increasingly large concern to some parents. Instead of worrying about cigarettes, alcohol or drug addiction, they fear their children are becoming addicted to texting.

How do you know if your kid’s texting is getting out of hand? Here are 10 signs your child may be addicted to texting:

1. Calluses on thumbs – Check your child’s thumbs for  calluses.  This is a clear sign that texting is getting out of hand. Your kid may also start complaining about pain or cramps in the thumbs. This can be caused by severe overuse of the common digits used for texting, and warning bells should be ringing

2. Runs into things – Is your child constantly running into things? Kids who are addicted to texting pay more attention to their phones than where they’re going, and take little notice of any obstacles that may be in their way.

3. Deformed neck – Does your child have a permanently bowed head because of a neck deformity? By looking down at a phone for extended periods of time, growing children can end up with a deformed neck.

4. Speaks in acronymsWhen your kids actually talk to you instead of texting, do they speak in acronyms? Are they commonly saying things like OMG and LOL? If you find yourself beginning to wonder if they’ve learned a new language, you’re right. The inability to speak in complete sentences using real words is a clear sign of texting addiction.

5. Attached to phone – Has your child’s phone become a part of their anatomy? Are they continually within arm’s reach of their phone at all times? Are they constantly checking it for new messages? This is another sign you should be concerned.

6. Unaware of surroundings – Are your kids completely oblivious to their surroundings? Are they unaware of spectacular sunsets or a giraffe in the back yard? Children who are addicted to texting become so focused on their phones they ignore everything else.

7. Takes phone to bed – Is your child taking his phone to bed? Some kids will spend all night texting with their friends while their parents are completely unaware. This can lead to serious sleep deprivation and teachers will find them nodding off at school. If you suspect this, you may need to confiscate the phone at bedtime.

8. Panics attacks – If your son or daughter loses their phone, do they go into a panic attack? Kids who are addicted to texting become completely unhinged when separated from their phones. This is a serious sign of addiction that needs to be addressed.

9. Unable to function otherwise – If you take the phone away from your child, is he completely unable to function without it? Kids with serious texting addictions can have trouble functioning without the constant connection to others texting gives them.

10. Combative behavior – Does your child become combative when you confront him with his texting problem? This behavior is another sign of addiction. If this happens, you may need to schedule an intervention.

Can this texting epidemic be stopped, or is it too late? Is our youth condemned to deformed necks and callused thumbs, spending their lives completely oblivious to their surroundings? Even though this article is meant to be tongue in cheek, parents do have some reason to be concerned about their children and texting. If your child is displaying unusual behavior you may need to intervene. Remember that you are the parent and you pay the phone bill. Take action before your child is consumed by the texting craze.

So what can parents do to protect their children from all this information overload and the texting craze?

It is obvious children need more parental guidance and companionship. They are spending to much time alone and their only friends are those that they are keeping touch with by texting. These friends can be anyone pretending to be children hoping for an opportunity to harm them. Since parents are the ones who buy their children these phones and pay the bill then they should only give a phone to those children that are old enough for such and that really need it for school or for keeping in touch with their families.

I don’t see why toddlers need a phone. All of us as adults today grew up without cell phones and we did just fine. I know when I was growing up we had no cell phones, computers or even a TV. I was sixteen years old when we first got a TV at home. We read educational books, and played games which included all kinds of ball games together, and as children play with toys.

I can still remember my dolls and how I used to play doll house with them. We had discussions with our parents and siblings, which included weekly Bible Study and discussions. (see previous post: “Memoirs of a Wonderful Beloved Father). We laughed, sang, dance and had fun together.

Families need to start talking again. Parents should know what is on their children’s minds, their fears, fans, concerns, desires. Take time away from work sometimes and spend time with your children as often as you can, talk to them when out shopping, or on other outings. Let them be children, playing with children’s games or toys, reading children’s books, not premature adults.

Or at home when doing so turn off all the distracting cell phones, TV, computers and other electronic devices. Talk, laugh, play with your children. (see previous post: Remember not to forget the little things of today) I know most people today, don’t want to hear anything about the truth about God and his purpose for humans on earth, and that is the reason they are having so much problems and children are soaking up the wrong information.

We are living in critical times hard to deal with. And it will get worse. (Bible Book of 2 Timothy 3:1)Spiritual instruction in the home is what will give families the strength to cope with these difficult times, and is needed for families to combat all the negative information they are being bombarded with today and causing so much stress for all, especially young children.

Families need to get back to the basic family life that was practiced by their forefathers, where they get together to read and study the Bible, have discussions, pray and go to congregational meetings together. They will be much happier, be less fearful of what is going on in the world, and have a bright future to look forward to. Children are a gift from the Creator, and parents have a heavy responsibility to raise and take care of these precious gifts. Proverbs 22:6 says: “Train up a boy (or girl) according to the way for him, even when he grows old he will not turn aside from it.

Also at Deuteronomy 6:6-9: God told his people back then to use every opportunity to teach their children what is good and about Him. He says: “and these words that I am commanding you today must prove to be on your heart, and you must inculcate them in your son and speak of them when you sit in your house and when you walk on the road and when you lie down and when you get up. And you must tie them as a sign upon your hand, and they must serve as a frontlet band between your eyes; and you must write them upon the doorposts of your house and on your gates.”

The Creator is the originator of families and is concerned about them, and this is just a illustrative way he is telling parents to be always in a position to teach children what is good, to use any opportunity to show by example or speak or teach good to your children but it first has to be on the parents own heart. They have to first educate themselves in what is good before they can teach or train their children to do so.

Parents can do a lot to control what their little ones soak up by not talking about what is going on around the children, don’t place unnecessary stress on children by allowing them to watch all this negative and glamorized immoral information on TV, and browse the web alone. Know who their friends are, and limit their use of cell phones and getting addicted to this texting craze.

Educate your own heart in what is right, set the right example, use opportunities to teach your children what is right, provide the right environment for them to grow in and they will turn out to be well adjusted adults, because they will be soaking up information that help them to do so. So parents how your children turn out all depends on you!

Written, designed and illustrated by: Glenda Brill(C)

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Great joy to the world and Peace among men of Goodwill. How to find comfort and hope even now amidst devastating tragedy

It only cost one Sense


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“Great Joy to the World, and Peace among men of Goodwill” How to find comfort and hope even now amidst devastating tragedy from this promise

Those were the words that angels sang on the night that Jesus was born. This time of year people around the world think about Jesus Christ birth, even though many know that his birth did not occur on December 25th, but they are really celebrating a pagan holiday.

But they get so caught up in the Christmas spirit that most people even don’t pay attention to why Jesus came and what are the meaning of the words that the angels announced at his birth. Why would his birth bring great joy and peace to humanity? And with ever increasing violence and trouble on earth now why would this give us comfort and hope in that promise?

Because Jesus Christ was born and died to put the Evil One Satan the Devil out of existence a promise that was given all the way back in the garden of Eden. All through the centuries God’s people were looking out for the birth of the Messiah.  The long awaited Savior promised to bring relief from sin, disease, trouble and death restoring humans back to the perfect state they were created as, and supposed to live was finally born. (See previous post on : “Why cleverly calculated evil acts and killings are not mere innocent acts of insanity or a mental disorder”)

Now that he was finally here the angels were singing and announcing that at last the Savior did arrive giving all people on earth the wonderful hope that now the Messiah was here God’s purpose for the restoration of Paradise on earth and human perfection is guarantee to take place.

This would bring joy and peace even now before it actually takes place, and even more so when it is finally fulfilled. Is it coincidental that the Evil One has struck again just around the time of the year when most people do think about Jesus Christ?. Now that his end is very close he is doing all he can to destroy the human race and get their attention away from God’s Kingdom, of which Jesus is the main King.

Before I go on I want to first send all the families whom lost those innocent children and teachers in death my condolences and sympathy! But more so to share the Biblical truth and hope with them for a better world in which these sad things will not occur anymore. The title of this post quotes from the Biblical promise and how they can see their children again right here on earth.

I listened and saw all the news reports and the interfaith services and the comments from the clergy and even the President, but not one person has mentioned anything worthwhile about God’s purpose, offered any real comfort and hope to these parents and families, or answered the constant questions everyone is asking: ”Why did all this happen?” Why? Why?”

Do you really believe that God the Creator, and lover of the human race has to kill little children in order to take them to heaven to be angels?

But instead I kept hearing the same lies, that God has called the children home to be angels in heaven! And the murderer was suffering from mental illness! So according to the opinions of the majority because they don’t believe in the truth, every time Satan and his demons possessed someone to carry out his evil aims to kill humanity, it is not murder, he is just mentally ill!

So this would also mean that all the terrorism and killings that are taking place around the world, and even men in the past like Alcaida, Hitler and others, were not Satan’s murderous evil agents, but just mentally ill, they didn’t know what they were doing. (See previous post on “Why cleverly calculated evil acts and killings are not mere innocent acts of insanity or a mental disorder”).

And the Creator of the human race and God of love is going to call a evil possessed young man with enough assault guns to wipe out hundreds of people for no reason, and send him to a elementary school to kill little innocent children just to take them to heaven to be angels? This mass murderer used several bullets to kill each child, it was complete brutal slaughter of innocent children.

If this kind of teaching is true then according to the religious leaders and their believers God is to blame for this mass murder of young children and teachers so why all the fuzz, this is a good thing then! And what about their parents? What kind of God would rip little children away from their parents just to be angels in heaven?

How can intelligent people really believe such disgusting religious nonsense? Don’t people see this is complete blasphemy against the Most High himself inspired by the Opposer and Hater of God and humanity? Satan is the Ruler of the world (Bible books of John 12:31, John 14:30 and John 16:11), and controls all the world’s religions and governments that is the reason they cannot tell you the truth or offer any comfort and hope.

They are not God’s agents for teaching the truth, but filling your minds up with sheer lies and falsehood! But still they are pretending to be so concerned about the victims and their families with their hypocritical words: “Our thoughts and prayers are with you”. Prayers to Who? Not the true God!

The problems we are faced with today are spiritual problems, it all started as a spiritual problem, disobedience to God, and can only be solved in a spiritual way by obedience to God

It is in times like these that we see how spiritual dark and sick this world really is. It is just as the Bible says at 2 Corinthians 4:4 in speaking about the Opposer, Satan the Devil calling him the God of this system of things how he has “blinded the minds of the unbelievers that the good news about the Christ might not shine through.” People are spiritually blind and sick, with no knowledge of the true purpose of life or hope even though it is written right in their own Bibles.

Mostly because their religious leaders have not taught people the truth, or explain them why there is so much hatred, evil and violence in the world. You could see so many sincere people flocking to the church for the memorial of these children hoping to get answers to their questions: Why, Why, Why? And they got nothing, but the same lies as mentioned above. As Jesus said about our time period people would be like sheep without a shepherd their leaders not giving them any real spiritual direction or hope.

About two months ago I explained all this in the article or post entitled: ”Why cleverly calculated evil acts and killings are not mere innocent acts of insanity or a mental disorder” and the following one on ”Developing a keen sense of observation could save many lives. Please read those again if you haven’t done so already because I started all the way from Genesis following each historical step first from the creation of Adam and Eve, how evil was born in a good angel who became the Opposer and hater of God and the human race, Satan.

How death was introduced because of this rebellion when Eve disobeyed God’s instructions by listening to Satan and was later followed by Adam. In Genesis 3:15 God foretold that He would send a Savior or Messiah to save dying humans and restore Paradise and human perfection again, by putting the Evil one Satan the Devil out of existence.

Billions of angels were already in heaven long before the creation of humans on earth. Job 38:7 mentions how they shouted in joy and applauded after the creation of the first humans on earth and they are always spoken of as Sons of God, never as children. (Genesis 6:2) So God doesn’t need people or children from the earth to be angels in heaven.

God showed whom the Messiah would come through by giving the faithful man Abraham the promise that by means of his seed all the nations of the earth will bless themselves. (Genesis 22:18) All through history every detail of this Messiah was given so that everyone could recognize him when he arrived, even the place of his birth was foretold. (read previous post: “Why cleverly calculated evil acts and killings are not mere innocent acts of insanity or a mental disorder“)

All this was for the purpose of getting rid of Satan and his demons, (there were other angels whom also disobeyed God and joined Satan in his promoting of evil among people on earth), also for restoring perfect life, peace and joy to humans again on a Paradise Earth just as it was intended to be from the beginning.

People were never told or promised that they would die and later be taken to heaven. Adam and Eve were created from the dust of the earth to live forever right here. The earth was their home, it was supposed to become a global Paradise, they were given the command to multiple and fill the earth, take care of it and all the animals on it. But if they didn’t listen to God their Life Giver they couldn’t keep on living without this Life Source just as a light would go out if the electrical cord was unplugged from its source.

And that is what happened, after they sinned they began dying and so have all their offspring ever since. But going to heaven was never mentioned. After they sinned God simple told them as recorded in Genesis 3:19: “In the sweat of your face you will eat bread until you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken. For dust you are, and to dust you will return.”

Unfortunately that is where all humans since Adam and Eve sold us into sin and death have gone back to, the dust of the earth, whether they are rich or poor, old, young or children, buried in a fancy coffin, or a plain one, they have all become dust again just as the Creator said they would because of disobedience. But since God knew that Adam and Eve offspring didn’t deserve to die because of their disobedience he promised to resurrect them back to life and give them a chance at living forever on earth as he intended. And that was the purpose of sending Jesus to die to give all people even those whom died because of no fault of their own, a chance at life again.

Millions will be resurrected back to life right here on earth under God’s Kingdom in the coming new world, including many children

But in the meantime our loving God was preparing to reverse all this by sending His son to die and restore the human race back to his original purpose of perfect life on earth. This means millions of those now sleeping in death will be resurrected back to life on earth. John 5;28, 29 says: “Do not marvel at this, because the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out, those who did good things to a resurrection of life, those who practiced vile things to a resurrection of judgement.”

So without a doubt those children and teachers will be resurrected back to life under God’s Kingdom in the new world of peace and joy. This Kingdom is the arrangement or Government God provided to accomplish this

restoration work and is made up of Jesus Christ and other co-rulers, faithful men and women chosen by God from the earth. Just like any government it is made of a set number of rulers 144.000. (Read Revelation 14:1, Rev 7:4) They are grown men and women, the first selection of these started with Jesus Christ disciples whom were all natural born Jews and with whom he made the New Covenant on the night before he died.

(Genesis 22:18 God promised Abraham that members of his offspring or “Seed” would be the ones to bless all nations of the earth by means of this Kingdom). (read ”Why cleverly calculated evil acts and killings are not mere innocent acts of insanity or a mental disorder”) Later after the Jews as a nation rejected Jesus as the Messiah, God’s invitation and selection of members for the Kingdom was extended to anybody from any race or nation whom was humble enough to take in instruction and qualify to be members of this Government.

So God’s Kingdom is made up of natural born Jews, the first chosen foundation members, as well as men and women chosen by God from all nations of the earth to rule as Kings and Priests along with Jesus Christ, over those on earth in restoring humans back to perfection. (Revelation 20:6, Rev 14:1, and Rev 7:4).They have been tested and proven their love and faith for the Creator and his Son Jesus Christ. They are not children, they become spirits in heaven but do not become part of the body of angels.

But were chosen by God, not a decision they made themselves, as some people think they can these days, to go to heaven to co-rule with Jesus Christ as Kings and Priests on behalf of the rest of humans on earth. This choosing started while Jesus was on earth and continued after then until the number was filled.  Most of those members are already in that Kingdom ready to go into action on behalf of survivors into the cleansed earth. Only a few are still alive on earth today, before they also will die and go to their assignments. (Revelation 20:6).

Jesus used children as an illustration to show that humble people are the ones whom God chose to rule in that Kingdom, childlike qualities, not proud haughty people.

These are humble men and women chosen from earth because of their faith and love for God and people. They cannot be proud haughty people. Proud people are not the ones whom usually listens to the Bible teachings, or have any interest in spiritual things. So they never really learn the truth because they are to proud and haughty and some of these are the very ones today whom are asking: “Why, Why, Why”?

That is the reason Jesus used children as an illustration to show how God is interested in humble people, childlike qualities. He said in Matthew 19:14: “Let the young children alone, and stop hindering them from coming to me for the Kingdom of the Heavens belongs to suchlike ones”

And in Matthew 18:3 he made it even clearer what he meant, as he said: “Unless you turn around and become as young children, you will by no means enter into the Kingdom of the heavens. Therefore, whoever will humble himself like this young child is the one that is the greatest in the Kingdom of the heavens”.

So teaching people that God took children to be angels in heaven is a false teaching, a lie. The angels themselves are always spoken of as adult spiritual sons of God doing their assigned duties in heaven and working on behalf of humans on earth. They are of a different nature and superior than humans and all work in different assignments doing God’s will in heaven and also on behalf of people on earth. God doesn’t employ children to work in heaven. (Read Bible books of Ezekiel and Daniel, shows how billions of angels in heaven created by God for doing different tasks and working on behalf of humans on earth).

The Creator made families to live together on earth, he will not break families up, especially in such a devastating murderous slaughter to take their children away to heaven. They belong here on earth with their families. But everyone keep asking how can this happen? What needs to be done to stop it from happening again?

Ever increasing lawlessness sign of the last days of Satanic Rulership

Jesus foretold that when the Kingdom was established in heaven, it would be the beginning of the last days for Satan’s world. He was defeated and thrown out of heaven and Revelation 12: 9, 12 says that this would result in great trouble on earth because the Devil is angry, and is intent on killing as many humans as he can so that no one would be alive when the Kingdom finally starts its restoration over the earth. I quoted this scripture in the previous posts on: (Why cleverly calculated evil acts and killings are not mere innocent acts of insanity or a mental disorder.)

So here is what it says again Revelation 12:9 “So down the great dragon was hurled, the original serpent, the one called Devil and Satan, who is misleading the entire inhabited earth; he was hurled down to the earth, and his angels were hurled down with him. And verse 12 says: “..Woe for the earth and for the sea because the Devil has come down to you having great anger, knowing he has a short period of time”. This angry spirit is what is behind the ever increasing violence and hatred, getting worst as the time gets closer for his being put out of existence. Matthew 24:12 says there will be an increase in lawlessness.

Violence has become the number one choice of entertainment, so people are reaping what they are sowing

Most people today are lovers of violence. They complain when they hear about a shooting that took place, but still go out and spend money to view violence on the Big Screen or watch it on TV. Violence is featured in almost every movie either for Film or TV produced, Video games, Music, Books, Internet sites and other media outlets. Toy guns are produced for little boys to play with, and even cartoon shows for young children to view.

Not just violence but so many shows and movies now featuring all kinds of demonic characters like angry monsters, dragons, witches and strange characters all to do evil, get revenge, win at all cost, fight, kill, kick, promote hatred and desensitize people toward badness. Young children are being bombarded by all this violence and evil being infiltrated into their hearts.

And their spirits their (inner selves) becoming inclined and trained to do the same thing. The motivating spirit is to hate, kill, fight, anybody, it doesn’t matter whether they are old or young. It is the spirit of Satan who hates all people, and pushing people toward self destruction. That is the reason also it is a spiritual problem, and can only be solved in a spiritual way.

Parents have to watch what they are allowing their children to listen, play with, watch, or what they are being exposed to otherwise they could be guilty of allowing evil to enter their homes and influence their children to become just like what they are watching and being trained to do.

Parents are allowing evil to enter their homes through these different mediums, allowing guns, and letting their children play violent games, watch demonic and violent movies or expose them to any of these things in any way is bringing the spirit of the Devil right into their homes and will influence your children to become just like what they are watching and being trained to do. Especially if their is no true Biblical or spiritual instruction being taught in the home, we are seeing the sad results of such. The Bible says at Galatians 6:7:  “God is not one to be mocked, for whatever a man is sowing this he will also reap.”

That is what the mother of Adam Lanza the Mass Killer did. She had a house full of guns, and even taught him to use them, besides allowing this young man to play violent video games and who knows what else he was looking at on the internet or even if he was on drugs. He became possessed or fascinated with evil, and so she reaped what she sowed.

Her own well trained in evil son killing his own mother and killing so many other innocent children and teachers besides. You can see how all these young mass killers are motivated by the same Satanic or demonic evil force, as if they are following specific instructions from someone else. They are all bright intelligent young men, they prepare very well for their mission to kill, all dress the same in black, just like the killers in the movies, they have a clever well planned out way to attack and enough weapons to kill as many people they can get away with, and always seem to strike at a time when people least expect.

Will getting more gun laws really stop violence and mass killings ?

Getting guns out of the hands of so many people might reduce the killings, but if some people still have guns hidden in their homes, sooner or later at any opportunity they will use those weapons to kill. Because it is not guns or laws that kill, it is people! As long as people have hearts full of hatred, evil intentions, jealousy or rage they will find other ways to kill their fellowman even if they cannot get a gun.

So the key is teaching children or people how to love their fellowman, changing hearts to be loving, kind, compassionate, and developing love for God and people and hatred for what is bad. That is why I said above it is a spiritual problem. A problem that has to be changed from the inside out.

Laws cannot change hearts, only true love for God and neighbor can. If everyone on earth learns how to love their fellowman from the heart, we wouldn’t need laws, because love would motivate us to not kill, not to steal, fight, or do anything to harm each other. People wouldn’t need weapons to protect themselves from their neighbor because their neighbor will not do them any harm either.

Freedom from all violence is possible only when all people on earth learn how to love God and their fellowman, it is a spiritual solution for a spiritual problem.

Folks, this is the way our Creator intended the humans race to live on this earth, and this is the way it will be in the coming new world under the rule of God’s Kingdom in the hands of the Prince of Peace.

Some people might be saying yes, that sounds like fantasy but it is not possible now. I can assure you that it is possible now because millions and millions of Jehovah’s Witnesses from every racial and ethnic group around the world in over 234 countries and islands of the sea, from their study of the Bible have learned to love God and neighbor and are constantly being trained in being loving amidst a world of hate. They are not allowed to have any guns in their homes, or carry guns on their body or go to war to kill their fellowman. Their children don’t watch violent movies, or play any kinds of violent video games or anything that can teach them to do harm to another.

Even toy guns are not bought for little boys to play with. I was raised in a home as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, my father especially took the lead in teaching us children the Bible from very young, (that is the reason I know all this information as I was asked before, and the reason I am given you some scriptures to read in your own Bible to see the Truth is right there for anyone with a love for what is right to see for themselves).

Every week we had regular family Bible study discussions in our home, as well as attended weekly congregational Bible study discussions with other families of Jehovah’s Witnesses and anybody whom are interested in learning what the Bible teaches and the hope for the future. These meetings are upbuilding Bible discussions on specific topics for building character and teaching proper conduct relating to the particular topic.

They are not dominated by any Clergy, Reverend, Father or Priest (there is no such thing mentioned in the Bible) carrying out a bunch of religous rituals from which no body learns anything, but are like a big family discussing the Bible, and commenting on the topic and how the Bible helps us apply council in dealing with every problem which we all face.

Also there is the Theocratic Ministry School and Service Meeting which trains us to be Public Speakers, and how to talk and treat people, proper dress and grooming, scene study, the study and acting out (mini dramas on stage for everyone to see and learn) different situations that can arise and how we can use the Bible to solve the problem with love, or answer questions people ask. As well as presentation of the Bible’s Message to help anybody whom has a desire to learn.

Everyone, even little children in attendance participate, and give talks and comments, which I still do today and enjoy. (see previous post: Memoirs of a wonderful Beloved Father) I have seen guns on TV, or in magazines, but never seen a real one in my life, and I really don’t know the difference between the kinds of guns that I heard being mentioned. What a pistol, an assault gun, hand gun or rifle is, I have no idea and don’t want to know either.

I have no interest in violent movies, and really can’t stand to see someone brutalize another person or see blood. Even common fighting if such break out anywhere where I am I run away for my life, I get so scared of seeing a person being killed. Many of Jehovah’s Witnesses are single women like myself living alone with no guns for protection, and many of them living in war torn countries surrounded by lawless people and terror.

Some witnesses have had guns pointed in their faces demanding that they get away from their doors when they are out preaching, and just simple wished the person a good day and peacefully walked away, leaving the person dumb founded. No doubt they expected a fight but shocked to see the peace they didn’t expect and the power of God’s spirit in action.

They don’t have guns for protection as some clamoring for gun laws are trying to defend their reasons for having guns. And still we have inner peace, a peace that puzzles many people. This is because after studying the Bible for so many years has prepared me and others for everything that is happening, and I know what the outcome will be, so I don’t get disturbed and keep asking why, why why? Rather I feel more inclined to help people to see why.

Trying to stop violence with violence will only increase it, Jesus said if you live by the sword you will perish by the sword

Those above words have proven so true. Don’t those whom make their living from carrying guns such as Police Officers, Soldiers, or Military people usually also die from the very weapons they carry for protecting people or themselves? If you are depending on guns to protect you, most of the time you’ll also die at the hands of guns.

Also many people who kept guns for protection have ended up accidentally killing other family members with their own guns. While others in a argument with someone who also had a gun died from the other persons gun shot. Or some because of the availability of having a gun in their home in getting in any argument or fight with their marriage mate or someone else in their household have shot them.

While others have used their guns to kill themselves or commit suicide. Isn’t this what happened to the shooter and his mother? Why in the world did this single woman need so many guns to protect her, looks like she was preparing for a war.

Also if young children should find these guns and not knowing the danger of such can end up killing themselves. This happened years ago back in St. Maarten, two little girls, sisters found their fathers gun under his bed while playing hide and seek. Not knowing how dangerous a gun was one of the little girls pulled the trigger and accidentally killed her little sister.

These were two beautiful little girls just five (5) and three (3) years old. The five year old killed her own little sister by accident due to the carelessness of her father having a gun in his home under the bed where little children love to play. He paid a heavy price for that by spending many years in prison, while the surviving sister is now an adult and I don’t know if she can remember or was ever told that she killed her own little sister by accident.

The ever increasing lawlessness and the preaching about this Kingdom is proof that those words sang by the angels that Joy and Peace is soon to be fulfilled on this earth among men of goodwill

Many former violent people whom have studied the Bible and allowed God’s spirit to change their own inner spirit or hearts have thrown away their guns or weapons and now have peace of mind and contentment. So the evil spirit that once motivated them to kill and what the rest of the world is calling mental illness has been replaced with God’s Spirit and they can in turn help other people to learn to love their fellowman. This is the only way people can stop all this violence, by changing hearts from one of hate to that of love, and only the True God can do that.

This educational work is already taking place worldwide, and will continue on into the coming new world when Satan and his demons are removed from this earth. Those whom God allows to survive this coming world change in which the restoration of humanity back to perfection on earth will take place will have to have a love for God and their fellowman, because violence will be no more, only love, joy and peace will prevail.

So the increasing lawlessness now is evidence that the Kingdom of God is soon to start ruling over this earth, and that is the reason those words that the angels sang at Jesus birth can be a source of comfort for those whom are mourning. Because even those whom have died will be resurrected and given the chance at human perfection and everlasting life again right here on this earth, our home.

So if you are a parent or one of those whom recently lost any of those loved ones in the recent mass shooting or even previous ones, your loved children or relatives will be resurrected back to life on earth! It depends on you now to be among those whom will be there to welcome them back home to this earth not heaven! So amidst all the devastating tragedy that has taken place recently, you can find comfort now in those words sang at Jesus birth, the coming King of God’s Kingdom, “Joy to the world and peace among men of good will”, and develop the hope of seeing its fulfillment soon.

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Think before you ink the skin, t(h)at too can be painfully costly

Today tattoos – ink on the skin seems to be the in thing. Nearly everybody or his brother and sister got a tattoo somewhere on their body. This past summer when the weather was so hot here in New York, and everyone wore shorts or sleeveless shirts, I remembered riding the overcrowded subway one day going downtown.

Since I had to stand while holding on to the handles overhead, I couldn’t help noticing the people sitting down in front of me. I was surprised to see almost every single person both young men and women of every race or ethnic group sitting for rows down was exposing tattoos on their arms, legs, necks, chests, and even the calf of their legs.

Even very young teenagers were flashing tattoos. On the back of their calves, some with both arms completely covered by tattoos, and other women wearing low cut blouses exposing tattoos right down the middle of their cleavages. Wow, I had no idea tattoos were that popular, I thought it was mostly among Celebrities, Rock and Pop Stars. It is not just that we are living in a scary world (a world full of fear) but also a very scarry one, people full of scars, for that is what a tattoo is, a permanent decorated scar on the skin.

From a little girl I could remember myself always scribbling, drawing or painting on any piece of paper I could get my hands on. My parents used to buy coloring books for me to color the illustrations in whatever colors I choose using either coloring pencils or crayons. And as I got older I advanced to other mediums such as water colors and paints. So I guess I was born to be an Artist, but drawing on the skin, somehow I never thought that was right.

I couldn’t stand even a little spot getting on my skin as it looked dirty to me. And as I grew into my teenage years I was always concerned that those teenage blemishes don’t leave any permanent scars on my face or body. And that was the way most people thought a few years back.

A few years ago people would do anything to remove scars or any blemishes from their bodies, spotless and blemish free clear skin was something everyone desired. There were creams invented to remove or hide even the smallest blackhead scars as people find them to be embarrassing and unattractive. Now they are paying money to do just the opposite, to place permanent marks on their bodies. Are the outer scars a reflection of the inner deep seated psychological or emotional scars?

Perhaps that is the case with some people, or others just follow the crowd. Because some of their friends or favorite Stars do it, they do it to. It is like monkey see, monkey do. This is often the case with preteens and teenagers, they want everything that the majority of their peers have. But just like certain types of clothes can identify people with a certain group or a gang, so that would be the same with tattoos. So it would be wise to find out what kind of people wore tattoos, what do most of the skin graft symbols represent, and what were they involved in?

Tattoos go back as far back as 5000 years ago, and it is believed that the first tattoo was discovered by accident. Someone developed a wound on their skin, and since in those days they used coal in open fire cooking, while taking care of the fire rubbed their dirty hand that was covered in black soot and ashes accidently right into the wound. After the wound healed it left a permanent mark in the skin.

From then onward the art of cutting the skin and inserting dark or colored material under those cuts forming these into designs on the skin became a practice throughout most of the pagan world.

In the high Altai mountains of Western and Southern Siberia mummies have been excavated that date to around 2400 years ago. The tattoos on their bodies represented a variety of animals, griffins, and monsters and was believed to have magical significance, but a few were purely decorative.

In 1891 mummified remains have also been found in Egypt of a priestess of the goddess Hathor at Thebes who lived around 2160 BC – 1994 BC. Her body was covered with tattoos of dots, lines and dashes that were grouped together in abstract geometric patterns. This type of design was restricted to women only and was associated with ritualistic idol worship. The Egyptians spread the art of tattooing throughout the world, to Crete, Greece, Persia and Arabia. By the year 2000 BC tattooing had spread all the way to Southeast Asia. Eventually Japan, China, Polynesia, Samoa, New Zealand, Indonesia, India/Thailand all adopted the pagan practice of tattooing.

The Romans whom got the practice of tattooing from the Greeks used it to brand slaves and criminals and it was also used as a form of punishnment. During the early Roman Empire all slaves exported to Asia were tattooed with the inscription: “Tax paid”. Convicts, Gladiators and Soldiers also used tattoos on their faces but this was later prohibited by the Roman Emperor Constantine. Even though he wasn’t a worshiper of the true God, followed his conscience and believed that humans created in God’s Image should not disfigure or defile their faces. (That’s one thing he was right about).

In 1519 when the Spaniards, who had never heard of tattoos before, arrived on the coast of Mexico they were horrified to learn that the natives not only worship devils in the form of statues and idols but also had these idol images indelible imprinted on their skin. They immediately recognized it as the work of Satan. The Spaniards later discovered that the practice of tattooing was widely practiced not just in Mexico but throughout all of Central America.

The practice spread to North America where outstanding warriors were recognized by their tattoos. And the first tattoo shop was set up in New York City and began the tradition of tattooing military servicemen from both sides of the civil war. In 1891 Samuel O ‘Reilly invented the electric tattooing machine which made the art of performing tattoos easier to do.

Eventually tattoos became the mark of sailors and criminals. Sailors returned home from their ships with their own tattoos. And prisoners had tattoos imprinted on their bodies what they desired in their soul-autonomy and identity. Most of those in prison were gang members and they had their own gang tattoos. A permanent mark showed total commitment to the gang.

These tattoos also revealed a lot about each individual gang member such as what their beliefs were, who they were, what gang they belonged to, where they came from, how many years they were in jail, and how many people they killed. This was symbolized by the spider web on their elbows showing how many people they killed.

Because the same gods or spirits (Satan and the demons) the evil promoters of every unclean ungodly practice are still around. And more so now than ever before since these are the last days of his Rulership over the world, is misleading the entire inhabited earth and leading people straight to destruction where he and his demons are heading. (Bible books of Revelation 12:9, 12 and Ephesians 6:12) (read previous posts: “Why cleverly calculated evil acts and killings are not mere innocent acts of insanity or a mental disorder” and Developing a keen sense of observation could save many lives”).

Inspite of the progress our generation claim to have made, morally and spiritually we are the most backward, ignorant and debased than previous ones. People do and say things now without any regard, as to whether it is morally or spiritually right or wrong. (as the Bible says in Ephesians 4:19 “ Having come to be past all moral sense they gave themselves over to loose conduct to work uncleanness of every sort”).

There is demonic influence in all areas of life. And this is mostly promoted through entertainment – music, videos, movies and other media outlets. Talent and Art are gifts from God, entertainment is needed to add to our enjoyment of life. So don’t get me wrong for pointing this out, I love the whole Creative and Performing Arts industry. I am an Artist myself and have studied all phases of the creative arts: Art & Design, dancing, music, acting, and worked for 6 years in the Industry (ABC-TV in New York City), and would love to work in the Industry again, especially movies.

So I have a keen interest in everything that is taking place in the Industry. I don’t think I can live in a world without any entertainment, and God never meant for us to live in such a world otherwise there would not be so much talent out there. But because of this love and need for entertainment by all humans,  it is one of the easiest channels that Satan and his demons are using to entrap masses of people around the world by promoting his God dishonoring and self destructive lifestyles. Their influence is very plain to see these days.

I believe the art of the modern day tattoo first began in the Music Industry where most Heavy Metal Musicians and Rock Stars started having tattoos. Most of them were also drug addicts, and eventually spread to all areas of the Entertainment world, including Actors, Dancers, Singers, Performers and even those behind the  scenes.

 And ofcourse there are more nudity on stage than before because they have to expose their tattooed bodies for everyone to see. So young men and women dance half naked freely on stage with bodies full of tattoos, or appear on the cover of magazines practically naked exposing their tattooed body parts.

These are the ones whom everyone idolize, the “Super Stars”  of our day, whom set the standard in fashions, conduct, and speech, and whom everyone want to look like. All forms of evil are viewed as good entertainment. So the message that is being sent is that it is alright to have tattoos just like extreme violence, evil, vulgar speech, sexual immoral and perverted lifestyles or sodomy are condone as nothing being wrong with them.

All these talented people and those whom imitate them don’t realize that the ones whom are getting their honor and of whom they have become “Slaves” of are the Devil and the demons. He is willfully promoting everything that he knows God condemns and that can corrupt humans so that they will have to be destroyed along with him and his demons. (See previous post on “Why calculated evil acts and killings are not mere innocent acts of insanity or a mental disorder and the follow up to that one). Even though the entire pagan world back then practiced the art of tattooing in honor of idol and demonic worship, there is no record of God fearing men and women (the original Israelites/Jews and succeeding Christians) engaging in the practice of putting marks on their skin. This was in obedience to several commands given by the Creator himself: One is not to have any other Gods before His face, and not to make any carved images of anything in Heaven or Earth, or under the Sea and serve them. (Bible book of Exodus 20: 3, 4).  

Leviticus 19:28 the practice of cutting the skin and tattooing is clearly prohibited, words spoken by God himself. It says “And you must not make cuts in your flesh for a deceased soul, and you must not put tattoo marking upon yourselves. I am Jehovah” (The name of the true God and Creator) (Bible Book of Leviticus 19:28).

The skin is the largest cell in the body, protecting our immune system and other bodily organs. If a tattoo Artist doesn’t keep his hands clean, (even though I believe they are require to wear gloves) or the instruments that is used in tattooing are not sterilized, and even the ink that is used is contaminated we don’t know to what extent bacteria produced by such can cause poisoning of the blood stream and affect the entire immune system which protects us from diseases.

Many commands such as washing hands, drinking wine in moderation, laughter as being good for the heart, the proper dispensing of animal fat and blood, eating of certain foods and many others were given by our Creator (Jehovah) years ago, and are only now, being discovered by Scientists in our modern century as having many health and life preserving benefits.

But our Creator knew this all along. Every command given to humans by God was for their physical and spiritual health and protection. Being created in His Image he wanted people to keep their bodies clean and healthy which would contribute to their general well being and preservation of their life. Those who did in the past carry themselves with human dignity and respect, they had peace and stood out from among the other idol worshiping pagan nations around them.

This is recorded in the Bible Book of Isaiah 48: 17, 18: “ This is what Jehovah has said…the Holy One of Israel, I Jehovah am your God, the One teaching you to benefit yourself, the One causing you to tread in the way in which you should walk. O if only you would actually pay attention to my commandment! Then your peace would become just like a river, and your righteousness like the waves of the sea.”

This command to be clean was carried over into the Christian area, right up into our time period, which was an extension of the Hebrew/Judean period.

In 2 Corinthians 7:7 it was repeated: “Therefore since we have these promises beloved ones, (the promise of a better world under God’s Kingdom) let us cleanse ourselves of every defilement of flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in God’s fear. Holiness and cleanliness means the same thing, tattoos make one look physical unclean and because they have their roots in Satanic worship are also a spiritual defilement. Some people may not have any interest in listening to what God says, or even believe in such, and may reason that they just like tattoos because they make them look more attractive. But do they really?Anything added to our body is supposed to enhance us, not take away from it. For instance women wear clothes and jewelry to enhance or compliment their beauty, and a man will wear a nice shirt, tie or jacket that enhances his looks, and to look presentable for the occasion he is dressing for. (See previous post on: “When Heads turn, let it be for the right reason“)

Anything that we wear whether it is clothes, shoes, a purse, necklace or earrings. Shirt or ties, should add or compliment our attractiveness, should make us more pleasing to the beholder, not divert from it. To me tattoos do just the opposite, they distract from a persons natural beauty. A beautiful woman or some men with visible tattoos look spotty and to me some look plain dirty like they haven’t taken a bath or shower in days.

I was looking at the American Music Award show last Sunday, and some of the male singers and dancers with their shirts off exposing their bodies, had bare backs, chests, arms, necks and heads full of tattoos.

Some of these performers are handsome or attractive people but they look like a bunch of dirty zombies whom haven’t taken a bath in days with their bodies covered up in tattoos. Their natural attractiveness was completely lost because our eyes usually go to the distraction rather than the attraction.

And the hard fact is that tattoos are permanent skin marks. And as people age their skin also ages and those tattoos that they thought once as attractive don’t look the same anymore and become even more of a distraction. And so some people find themselves stuck with tattoos they no longer like. The cost to remove tattoos are much higher than having them done in the first place, and the process cannot be done with one treatment.

It takes several laser surgical procedures, somewhere from ten to fifteen laser treatments to remove tattoos. And each treatment is only about twenty minutes long with several weeks of healing time in between. Each one of these less than a hour treatment cost several hundreds or thousands of dollars each, and most average people can’t afford the cost. And with the healing weeks in between it is a very long and very painful process.

Earlier this year in January 2012 a poll was taken among 21% of Americans who had tattoos done years ago. One in eight of those polled regretted having it done. Some of the reasons were that they were just mere teenagers or too young when the process was done. Others said it was permanent and they felt marked for life. Some as they got older no longer liked the tattoos.

The same poll was done among tattooed people in Britain, and Italians with the same regretful attitude. As life is constantly changing people minds also change. What you like when you are a teenager, you usually outgrow as you get older. But unfortunately the tattoo is permanent, and doesn’t go away with age.

Some people changed careers or got a new job that requested that tattoos be removed. Others may have ended  previous relationships or marriages that had the name of their partner tattooed onto their bodies, now they want to remove that person’s name. This happens quite often with Actors, whom change relationships often, or they may get some acting parts that require the covering up or complete removal of their tattoos.

One Actress gave her experience several months ago of how she had to remove tattoos because of getting a part that didn’t want any exposed tattoos on her body. She described the process as so painful, worst than giving birth to a child of which she had several children, and she said she would rather have more children than suffer the pain of another tattoo removal. With increasing technology in laser surgical tattoo removal techniques, the pain might be reduced, but it still takes  several laser treatments to completely remove a tattoo, and so far it is very expensive.

Most medical insurance companies don’t cover cosmetic procedures like tattoo removal. So if you are just the average person whom wants to remove previous tattoos and doesn’t have the money to pay a high tech doctor to remove it then you are stuck for life with a branding or mark on your body that you may now be embarrassed to show, or have to do all you can to cover it up.

So whether you are a young person, or the average person whom may be tempted to follow the crowd in getting a tattoo done and didn’t know to much about the process. In view of the foregoing history, how it affects both your physical and spiritual life, and the fact that you may be interested now, but later a change can occur in your life that might require that you remove that tattoo. Also the pain and money that it will require to do so it is wise to do as the title of this post says: “Think before you ink the skin, tattoos can be painfully costly!” And I should add both in a physical and spiritual sense. But like everything else it is your choice!

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Being careful to carefully put Care back in its place with Care

A lot of caring in that title. So who cares? That seems to be the prevalent attitude with most people today, and this lack of caring is responsible for the untimely death of some people and most of our problems. Everybody should have a caring attitude, because everything both inanimate things and living beings need care. And any business, family or human relationships cannot function properly or succeed without care. What is care?

Care means: centering our attention, anxiety or solicitude on a person or thing, or being concerned or having a personal interest, relation or affection for a person, animal or thing. The word is similar to solicitude which means attentive care and protectiveness, great concern or connotes either thoughtful or hovering attentiveness towards another. Concern also implies a troubled state of mind because of personal interest, relation or affection, such as the care a parent would have for a child or children, or vice versa children should have for an ill or aging parent, or a person will have for a animal or pet.

Why Care is necessary for the growth and welfare of life before birth and all throughout up until death.

Even before a child is born, the mother has to be careful about her health so that the baby inside her will also be healthy. And after birth then even more care has to be taken for the child, not just in providing clothing, food, and a warm place to sleep but more so for it’s emotional needs, by hugging, holding, softly talking, rocking and singing to the baby, loving care necessary for the proper development of the child. Without this the baby’s growth can be stunted or it can even die.

Even if the mother or both parents are not always present, this care needs to be given to the baby for its own proper developmentAnd parents whom need child care should carefully investigate the entire background of those they are hiring and entrusting the care of their young children to. Not doing so can be dangerous and can affect the child’s health and development. The importance of loving care to a baby even if it is not by its own mother was discovered years ago in an orphanage. These were young babies without parents so their care depended on the staff in the orphanage.

A nurse working in this orphanage was in charge of several babies on the floor. These babies had no parental love, they were orphans, so all their care and emotional needs for love and affection depended on the staff. Most of the babies slept well during her nightly shift except two babies who constantly woke up and kept crying. The nurse would always pick up one of them and smilingly and softly talked to the child, hugged it close to her body, sang to it, and cuddled it back to sleep.

The other baby just never got any attention at all, was completely ignored, and just kept crying itself until exhausted back to sleep. This went on almost every night, the nurse some how loved one baby, and ignored the other. The doctors noticed that even though both children were getting the same food and being bathed properly one baby was getting weaker and sickly and wasn’t growing or seemed emotionally sick.

It takes more than just food, water and shelter to be healthy and happy, but also loving care

The other baby whom was being hugged, talked to and held was happy, healthy and was beginning to smile and made happy baby noises while the neglected one kept getting sicker, never smile and never made any happy baby noises. Both these babies were given the same food, proper nutrition warm clothes and a warm place to sleep.

But still it seemed to the doctors that the child was dying even though they couldn’t find any particular thing wrong with its health. Then the nurse that took care of these children was questioned about the care the children were getting.

The nurse then admitted that she never held this baby, talked to it or hugged and cuddled it and just let it cry alone until exhausted and it fell back to sleep. It was suggested that she started paying more attention to this child, holding it and doing the same thing she did to the other one. Just after a few nights of holding this baby hugging it and softly singing and talking to the child it began to improve, started showing life, eventually started making natural baby noises.

The baby had began to die because of a lack of loving care

And with continued care this child began to smile and eventually started growing and living again. It sure proves how important loving care is from birth and throughout life, even if it doesn’t come from the child’s natural parents, as long as it is giving by a caring human being. It is needed without it we could die.

Some recent research is saying that you should leave a baby cry itself back to sleep. That might be Okay only if the baby is dry, not hungry, and is being taken care of all during the day, and getting the necessary love by holding, hugging it and softly speaking and cuddling. If the child is crying unnecessary during the night because it just wants attention, then it is up to the parents to talk to the baby and explain it that there is no reason for him or her to be crying and they should go to sleep. Babies are smart, even long before they start speaking they can understand what you are saying. I used to see my mother do this to my younger baby sisters and brothers.

Balancing Child Care with loving discipline

Mom used to lean over the crib checked to see if the baby was not wet, and with the baby crying and kicking to be picked up, she would softly talked to it explaining that it is time for everybody to sleep and they have had enough loving, hugging and cuddling all during the day, and now it is sleep time. And believe it Mom did the trick, the baby would stop crying and went back to sleep. This was done more than just one time but over a period of several nights each time her voice getting a little more firmer. The baby will realize that Mommy (or Daddy) means what she or he  says, and will even stop getting up for no reason.

At the same time she was teaching the baby discipline and unselfishness, so later when growing up they knew not to throw a tantrum or start crying and screaming just to get their own way. Most often that attitude among small children starts from their birth. If they can get their parents to pick them up whenever they cry for no reason just because they want it, then later on they continue to use tantrums and screaming to get their own way. My mother raised eight children and even helped raised six grandchildren and other people’s children so she learned through experience what works or not. And she did an excellent job, for we all turned out very well, disciplined and trained how to behave and be unselfish and show concern for others not just ourselves.

But this is different if the baby is not getting any care at all, such a baby should not be left to cry itself back to sleep because they are crying out for love and should be given the necessary love and care which is necessary for its emotional health and normal growth, as mentioned above.

 Caring for our gardens, houseplants, and Pets, balancing them with human care

We should also show care for our homes, cars, belongings, gardens or plants if we have such (see previous post on Houseplants behaving like people), and animals or pets. Some people take better care of their pets than other people.

We must care for our pets but it should be balanced since they are not human beings, and letting a dog or cat sit on the table or your plate that you will be eaten from is unhealthy. Do you know how dirty an animal butt and tongue is, and loaded with harmful bacteria?

Or hugging and kissing a dog on the mouth (or any animal) or letting them lick your mouth or face, especially letting young children do so can transfer bacteria over to humans which are unhealthy and can make us sick. This is not keeping care in its place, but is out of place. Care of humans come first, animals should not be allowed to endanger the health of humans. So many incurable diseases are being discovered and not yet researched, no one knows yet how many of these were transferred by the bacteria from animals to humans. Take care of your pets by feeding and getting them the proper nutritional and veterinarian care. Keeping them clean by giving them good baths and free from infections. Petting them and showing them you care. Be balanced though, with other living things, they are still animals, not humans whom are always superior.

 Don’t forget our seniors whom need special care

When we are young we give no thought to getting old. People by nature are youth tuned. (That is how God created us. The Bible book of Ecclesiastes says that time indefinite has been put into the hearts of men) so that explains why everything is tuned toward youth and staying young. Old age and death was never part of God’s original purpose that is the reason we all hate the very idea of growing old and dying. It all came because of inherited sin. (See several previous posts on restoration of perfect life again under the Category: Peoples and Families). So growing old and becoming an elderly person can be very depressing to them.

Some of them need to be taken care of by their children and grandchildren and this can be humiliating to some of them. And some may not have any children or others to give them any care and end up alone or in a nursing home. This can be a frightening experience for an aging adult to look forward to. Most often these seniors in nursing homes are neglected and may even die prematurely due to a lack of care.

About two years ago or maybe last year there was TV News about the police finding the skeleton of a dead person in a house right within a well inhabited neighborhood  somewhere in New Jersey. After talking to the neighbors they all knew this older man that was living alone and they said kept to himself. But nobody missed him for a whole year or even knocked on his door to see how he was even after they didn’t see him for a while.

It is shocking that people can be so cold and unconcerned or uncaring about a neighbor living right within their midst and his body already turned to skeleton and nobody even knew. This is not the way for us to live folks, especially in these difficult times people need to show more concern for each other especially the older ones living alone. We have to take the initiative because they might be to ashamed to ask for help or really need someone to talk to.

In our modern world one of the ways we show we care is by helping seniors, those that are not to old yet to learn how to make good use of some modern technology such as computers, ipads, digital tablets, newest cell-phones, GPS, etc. (See previous post on: Modern Technology reversing the roles: Seniors Parents obey your children and grandchildren). Some seniors may even want to go back to school to upgrade their skills to fit in with our ever changing world.

Parents can teach their children by example how to care for the elderly

When I was a young girl growing up back home on St. Maarten Sunday dinners were always special, the highlight of the week with full course meal and all the trimmings. But inspite of just feeding her own family my mother used to always put aside a full plate of all the Sunday Dinner special for an older senior from our small congregation. He was old enough to be her father but didn’t have any one to care for him.

I don’t remember if he was a widower or just grew older living alone. But he had snow white hair and every Sunday he came to the back door of the kitchen and Mom would hand him a plate of food to take home with him since he preferred to take it to his own home.

She did this right up until Mr. Garnett died, even with a house full of her own children she still faithfully provided a meal for an elderly senior never asking for anything back in return. (See previous post: A mother like no other). After so many years I still remember that and such kindness taught to children by example of their parents does leave a lasting impact on how they themselves treat older ones. I know I gave credit to my parents for my care and concern I have for the elderly.

I had the experience once of temporary assisting a friend of mine years ago with her job as a Senior Companion Caretaker. Normally I never thought I would enjoy a job like that since it involved actual helping the elderly with their medications, preparing meals, bathing and dressing them. Even though I love older people for their wisdom and experience, I am not inclined toward the nursing profession, hate the smell of medicine, or being around sick people. So I declined the first time when she asked me to help her out just one weekend. She spent the whole week on her job and only got every other weekend off. When she asked me again to relieve her one weekend because the other substitute caregiver couldn’t do it, I finally said yes, but only one time because this is not my kind of work.

Never turn down an opportunity to show care for the elderly, it can turn out to be an educational and rewarding experience

First she invited me to meet her client and his daughter living in New York City. A nice Jewish elderly man 91 one years old, and his daughter who lived with him. Since the daughter worked she hired a personal caregiver to care for her father at home rather than putting him in a nursing home. That was a loving thing for her to do for her father I commended her, and since they were both such nice people and we liked each other right away, including the elderly father I agreed to work the weekend for my friend and relieved her until the regular substitute returned the next time she needed the weekend off.

That experience taught me so much about how much we can learn from those whom lived and worked long before we were born. This was not a depressing or senile senior at all. After bathing him and preparing his breakfast we just sat and talked. This elderly man even though he was 91 years old and growing feeble his mind was as sharp as a razor. 

 I love getting to know people asking them what they did when they were young, what kind of work and recreation they did, what life was like back then and so much more. I asked him questions and he just talked, remembering everything. From his job down on Wall Street, to his family, what life was like back then in New York City. Remember then they had none of the modern day technology, people used their brains and hands to work.

It was so interesting to learn so much from him. Like having a personal history teacher (and I love history) and business coach teaching me how business was done and should be done, but also some of the hardships they had to endure then and worked hard to achieve whatever they did. But what was the most satisfying was that he was so happy to have somebody as young as I was then showing that much interest in his life, an old man, and he could talk to, that alone made him feel better.

 It makes older ones feel useful when they can share life experiences with younger ones, bringing purpose to their life rather than a feeling of worthlessness. I later found out my friend who regularly took care of him didn’t do much talking to him, so he was left to read or watch TV. She didn’t know how much she missed out on not getting to know her client.

He wanted me to come back again if the other weekend caregiver couldn’t make it, and I promised I would but unfortunately about a month later he had a stroke and died. I felt sad for even though I only had one weekend to meet such a sharp mind, it was such a privilege and a gift and taught me that caring for the elderly can be very rewarding and a lot to learn. So young people reading this don’t look down on our seniors, especially your aging parents or grand-parents, there is a world of knowledge and wisdom they can share with you contributing to your success. You can bring joy to their life and vice versa they to yours.

 Customer Care the key to business success

Most business owners know that without customers or clients their business cannot grow or succeed.  Here is where care makes a big difference in whether they make money or not. Care has to be taken in what kind of customers they want to attract, what these customers need, and care in what marketing and advertising methods will be used to attract them. Big business only hire people that they know will attract the clients they want, so they invest in training the right employees to get them customers and keep them.

People looking for work should carefully do research on companies before applying for a job. Find out exactly what they do and whether you have what they need to get new customers or clients. If not then take additional training to qualify or to fit within their organization. In these difficult economic times the more you can be of help to an employer in caring about or for their customers the better you become an asset to them.

I noticed a lot of companies now send out surveys for their customers to let them know what they can do to improve their services. Other places are now employing “Greeters” these are employees who do nothing more than stand at the entrances or throughout the stores, the banks, or Supermarkets and greet the customers and ask them if they need any help. Even some of the smaller discount stores are now doing the same thing. I was surprised to be approached by at least two greeters when I entered one recently.

Every company is interested in people whom will treat their clients with respect and kindness because this is what keeps them in business.

 Employers know that if they hire rude nasty unconcern people they drive clients away and the business suffers. Employees have to be careful how they talk to and treat customers since this will determine whether they keep their jobs or not. I know all the big department stores carefully pay attention to the kind of treatment their Sales Associates render to customers, or they can be let go if no improvements are made.

Businesses are made up of people and people need other people who really cares about their needs and wants

These days it would be the wise thing to do for all businesses to study, plan surveys and ask everyone what they could do to make their shopping experience, or the services they provide a pleasant one. For it is only when customers see that they are being cared for then they will continue doing business with that company. Also satisfied customers refer others to a business that treats them well, and business owners need this kind of free publicity and advertising.

For just like everything else businesses are made up of people and people need other people that really cares about their needs and wants. So customer care is something a business owner has to always consider when planning for new products, services and advertising to attract and keep the customers he has already and hopes to recruit. So caring is a very important asset for all businesses to succeed.

 Putting Care back into Healthcare

Back in times past doctors made house calls, and midwives delivered babies. All sick patients got one on one loving care from their doctors and new mothers from midwives. In some countries and smaller islands some doctors still make house calls on older bedridden patients. I know four years ago before my mother died, her doctor came to the house several times to look after her. These doctors really show genuine care and concern for the health of their patients, and this is what a “Healthcare Professional” should be like. These medical personnel spend time with their house patients getting to know them very well, talking and comforting them and this personal care in itself helps in restoring good health sometimes as much as given them a medication to take.

Healthcare Professionals may know the right prescription to give patients, but they should also know that a kind word, a warm smile a caring touch and attitude, and a question as to how the patient feels all contribute to good health. (See previous post on: A pill for this and a pill for that, a smoke, a drink, and whats the bill for all these  huh?) No matter how bad a person feels, a nice caring attitude can do much for the human spirit which helps in healing most medical problems a person has. And this is what real caring means, putting the care back into healthcare. Because some places seem to have forgotten that this quality of care is very important to the general health of patients. Today some doctors and nurses are more concerned with their salary or making money rather than the health of their patients.

Some time ago I had a follow up with one of my doctors in Manhattan NY, and in the meantime I changed my insurance network of doctors. I really thought he was still in my network because I checked to see if my present doctors were, but somehow he had changed and I didn’t know. When I got to his office, his front desk nurses couldn’t find his name in my network of doctors anymore, and he came out and said: “I am sorry, I can’t see you, I am no longer in your network of doctors”. Not even how are you feeling now, or nice to see you. I guess that is also covered by money. (He had performed a surgical procedure on my left knee, and it was still hurting) so at least I thought he would be interested to see how well it was healing, or why was it still hurting. 

But no, there was no “care” in his health care, just “money care”.  If no insurance money, then he couldn’t even take a follow up look on a patient. So what would have happen if I was an older adult maybe suffering from a heart attack, would that doctor just let me die there because he was not in my insurance network? It is shocking to even think about the many people who could have lost their lives because of the lack of “Care” by some so-called Healthcare Professionals, whose main concern is money, not people.

 Showing Care in how patients are talked to and treated affects their blood pressure tests and can result in the improper diagnosis and treatments being given

But there are a lot of fine doctors and nurses all around the world including the USA and especially here in New York. Very well trained and are doing a fine job in helping the sick, not just by their knowledge but also by their caring attitude. Of course there will always be a few whom by their conduct will give others a bad name.

This is the case with one large Hospital Facility in Brooklyn NY whose “Medical Clinic Staff” are rude, unfriendly, argumentative, never smile, and don’t talk in a kind way to the patients. Scientific research has shown that the way a patient is talked to or treated can raise or lower that persons blood pressure, which affects the heart and other organs in the body, and can affect the proper or improper diagnosis the healthcare professional makes.

This clinic is also made up of a mostly Black Medical staff (Africans and West Indians). And that should be a good reason for these Healthcare Professionals to watch their attitude because they are giving other black people a bad name. Whatever unfriendly culteral background or mannerism a person came from, a real professional knows that displaying the right personality and attitude goes with the job. Just as any business depends on the care they give to their customers to stay in business, Healthcare Professionals should also know that their business also depends on how they treat their patients, and even more seriously the life of their patients depends on the care they give them.

It is very common for people to stereo-type a whole race of people by the attitude of a few in a particular field. It would be easy for anyone going to that clinic to conclude that this is the way black people are, rude, argumentative, unsmiling, and having a don’t care attitude.  Fortunately the doctors and nurses from many of the other medical departments within this same Facility whom are also Black Professionals are very nice caring doctors and nurses. And it is interesting to find so many of these caring black doctors are women, (another group whom have been wrongly stereo-typed are black women) well trained women specialists in different fields of healthcare: Gynecologists, Dermatologists, Orthopeadics, Podiatrists and every other specialized fields of medicine. So it would not be true to say that all black people (or doctors and nurses) are the same, there are rude unkind people among all races. (See previous post on: Avoiding and dealing with disappointments)

 But care should be taken especially in the healthcare field that no doctor, or nurse of any race should develop an uncaring attitude toward any patient

Healthcare is a matter of life or death. The wrong diagnosis, treatment or neglect can result in a person’s prolonged illness or death. And everyone in the field of Health needs to be well trained in not just medicine but also in people care. Just put “care” and “people” back into healthcare, keep it there, and we will have a much healthier happier world of people.

And yes, this is one of the main keys to being Happy, is becoming a caring person. Following the Golden Rule as Jesus said: “Just as you want others to do to you, do likewise unto them” Everybody wants to be treated with care, so we should also treat others the same. By the way we speak and act toward others, kind, courteous and helpful when necessary. Keeping care in its place starts with each one of us. Take care.

PS: I finished writing this post long before I heard about the hurricane Sandy coming to New York. I was researching the photos and fixing them which takes time to publish the post, and the hurricane struck during this time.  Fortunately my area was not damaged that badly because these are all high rise buildings, away from any oceans or rivers, and I am on the 5th Floor. Just the terrible howling of the wind outside and occasional flickering of the lights was all that we endured. And ofcourse I am stuck indoors because there are no subways running and some places are closed because no one can travel to work or back.
But this post is so appropriate for this time because when such a disaster strikes then it really brings out the best in people and how much they care or not. Even  though some of us like myself are  not receiving any direct care from anyone, we all are benefiting from the care that is taken in the City. I just want to thank all the people whom are showing all of us directly or not such care:
The Mere’s and Governors of the Cities involved in the hurricane, the Fire-fighters, Police Officers, Para-medics, Doctors, Nurses, Hospital Personnel, Government Workers cleaning up the after effects, First Responders, The TV News Casters (They are sure  working tirelessly around the clock keeping us up to date with what is happening) (See previous post on showing gratitude for all those whom serve us daily: On the road of Life their are many Jacks and Jackie’s deserving of their Jacket) and everyone for all their hard work and care they are showing. And all of us can also show care for the Care-givers.
If you live in New York or any of the disaster struck areas close to a Police Precinct or a Fire-house and you can afford it, why not take some cooked food over for these hard workers letting them know how much you appreciate their concern for us?

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Developing A Keen Sense Of Observation Could Save Many Lives

This post is a follow up or continuation of the previous one on: “Why cleverly calculated evil acts and killings are not mere innocent acts of insanity or a mental disorder, and it would be good to read that first if you haven’t done so already. According to the definition in the Webster English Dictionary the word “Observe” means: to take note of what’s happening, to pay attention to something, to watch carefully especially with attention to details or behavior for the purpose of arriving at a judgment, to come to realize or know through consideration of noted facts, or to expertly analyze a particular field.

  “Observe” means to come to realize or know through consideration of noted facts, or to take note of what’s happening

That is what I did in the previous article or post. I invited all readers to check every scripture or book I listed in the article to prove to themselves that what was being discussed was recorded and accurate history. Starting from the very beginning of human creation I showed from the only historical and inspired Book from God himself, the Bible as to how and why we the human race got into this mess, how evil began, why it is increasing more so now than ever before. Why the world today is in so much turmoil and chaos, why so much human suffering, and who is behind it all – the conclusion leading to the great Manslayer, Satan the Devil along with his rebellious evil angels or demons.

Also how God was progressively preparing for the Messiah, Deliverer or Savior to be born that will be the one to put the Devil and his demons out of existence and restore human perfection and peace to this earth again. Every single detail about him was foretold and fulfilled up to our day, and just a few more yet to come in the near future. According to the sign he gave about conditions getting worst on earth this Messiah Jesus Christ is already ruling in God’s Kingdom and ready to put Satan and his demons out of existence.

This also means that the restoration work to human perfection and returning the Earth to its peaceful Paradise like conditions, will soon take place. But in the meantime we don’t know how many more terror attacks or mass shootings will take place before that comes. So there is the need to be always on guard, to be very observant where ever we go.

 The motto is: If you see something, say something, I will add if you see or hear something run for your life, then say something!

Yes, always be prepared to run if you can. Even if think you can’t when scared it seems like God gives us wings attached to our feet. We fly on ground. I experienced this myself, last year on Labor Day I was standing in the crowd among thousands of people on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn New York looking at the West Indian Day Parade. I went more so for the enjoyment of the music which I love.

Suddenly I heard a gun shot, without thinking or trying to find out if it really was, I just started running in the direction away from the crowd. I was flying on my feet, and I didn’t stop until I was far away from that crowd. I even didn’t know where I was when I stopped running and had to find the nearest subway to get back home. Later that night I saw on the news several people had indeed gotten shot around the same area where I was standing. Some people just stuck around to see what was happening, putting themselves in danger to be hit by a stray bullet if not directly.

In this age of terror we have to always pay attention to anybody that even looks a bit strange, anything however small it might be such as an empty can or bottle just lying around on the floor or on a seat. People with unusual bags or hats or whatever they may be carrying. I learned again through personal experience that these days, even those we least expect could be dangerous.

 What does the face of a killer looks like?

There is no way we can tell by the faces of people, who a killer could be. A lot of killers have turned out to be quite attractive and even innocent looking. Remember Satan and the demons were once good angels, no doubt beautiful when materialized in human bodies. Their becoming evil had nothing to do with their looks but their personalities, a corruption of their hearts.

So some people can be very good looking and still be possessed by evil or even develop an evil heart. About 5 years ago I had to run out to the grocery store two blocks away from where I lived because I needed something to add to my lunch I was preparing. I came down my elevator and when I opened the door into the building lobby, I saw a well dressed, clean shaven young man walking slowly toward the elevators.

I briefly greeted him as I was leaving, he responded with like and then asked me where the Super of the building was. Thinking he lived in the building, I told him probably in the basement since it was about 11:30 am in the morning and he is usually still working downstairs, and he calmly walked into the elevator. I noticed he was carrying a brown paper bag rolled up under his arm. I thought nothing about it because he looked like a regular young man with a bulgy newspaper in a bag under his arm and looking for the Super. Must be having problems with his apartment I thought. Twenty to thirty minutes when I came back home I couldn’t get into my building.

 Who would have suspected that a man carrying an innocent brown paper bag under his arm was carrying a gun prepared to kill another human being?

It was surrounded by police cars, an ambulance and newspapers and TV news men. I was surprised but not knowing what was going on I tried to go into my building and was stopped by two police officers. “You can’t go in there Ma’am, a man was just shot dead and his body is still lying in front of the elevator. Until the body is removed no one is allowed to enter and come out of the building”. I was shocked, I saw the Super standing outside with everyone else and asked him exactly what happened.

He told me a man came down to the basement asking for another tenant’s apt# referring to him by name and as a friend, so he gave it to him. Then later discovered that this young man had killed the same guy from the apt. that was given to him. The same young man with the paper bag rolled up under his arm that I had talked to about thirty minutes earlier was the killer and had gotten away after shooting the other guy.

The brown bag he was carrying under his arm was hiding his gun that he used to shoot the guy. Even though it was obvious that he came there specifically to kill the guy that he knew, just imagine what could have happened if I had come down that elevator at the same time the guy he killed did.

The man whom he shot ran into the elevator from the third floor and the killer ran down the stairs and shot him as he exited the elevator, dying right in front of it, the same one I had exited myself a half hour earlier, and briefly talked to the killer not knowing what he was up to. Anyone else could have gotten shot if they had been exiting at the same time.

That incident had me shaken up for months after as the police detectives came to my apartment and questioned me about my conversation with this killer since they could see me talking to him from the surveillance cameras. Then I had to go down to the local precinct several times and tried to identify criminals from a group of mug shots of faces. It was just like what you see on the TV Show “Law & Order”. I couldn’t remember exactly every detail of his face since he looked like a nice young man, all I remembered was that he had long hair pulled back in a braid, with this brown bag under his arm.

So I never did find out if he was ever caught or not. I was looking over my shoulders for months after so afraid this guy would show up again and get me. My mother advised me to move somewhere else. Who would have thought that the brown paper bag under his arm was a gun prepared to kill another man in broad daylight at high noon? And I had come face to face with a cold blooded killer and didn’t know it. So I have learned to observe everything around me in these dangerous times ever since.

  What should we do to survive if caught in a terror attack or a mass shooting?

But since Evil can strike anywhere at anytime we can be caught in a place when terrorism or a mass shooting occurs. Since we know now that Satan and his demons are aiming at killing masses of people at a time, whenever going to any event where there is going to be a crowd of people the authorities need to step up Police Protection. And all of us need to do as they ask us to do, keep our eyes, ears and sense of smell open. I will offer some of my own common sense suggestions, I didn’t get these from anywhere else, but just seem to be the wise things to do in case of danger.

It is always good to check out your environment beforehand where you could run in case there is a terrorist attack or a shooting. If in a open area among a crowd of people look around to see if there are any side alleys, walls that you could hide behind, buildings that you could run into and hide, or a road that leads to somewhere that you could get help. Run in a stooped over zigzag manner so that if anyone is shooting or throwing weapons from behind you it is easier for them to miss those that are running bent over and not in a straight line.

If indoors in your own home and you hear gun shots or shouting outdoors don’t poke your head out or stand in front of a window or door. Many people have gotten killed by stray bullets, trying to see what is going on outdoors. Stay far away from any doors or windows, if possible lie down on the floor, call the police, and stay low until they arrive to the crime scene and the shooting is over.

If you are in a closed in environment such as a theater, school, hotel, or religious meeting place, always familiarize yourself with the Exit places. Where could you run and hide if a terrorist should enter and start shooting?  I know I develop the habit of mostly sitting in the back or somewhere in the middle where ever I go. And I always check out where the exit signs are. Know where they are located.

Take note also of other things in the building. Are there stairs leading to another area, to a basement, or the roof? Is there a door leading to another room that you could run inside and push others in and then lock behind you? What about the restrooms, could you run inside and pull others in with you so you save their lives also?

(Always look out for the welfare and survival of others, this will help save your own life) A real life experience that this works is during the Holocaust in Europe there were many Jehovah’s Witnesses in those Consecration camps, and the reason many of them survived and even helped some of the Jews survived those that they could, was by their  physically sustaining, helping, protecting, hiding, covering over, and sharing whatever they had with each other.

In a theater or school, restaurant or any place where there are tables, chairs, or seats it is always good to fall to the ground on hands and knees and try to hide under the tables. In a theater or church get down on hands and knees between the seats and crawl carefully to the nearest exits. If no exits are nearby just lie flat between the seats until the police arrive.

It is very unlikely that the shooter will go from seat row to seat row and shoot people hiding on the floors between the seats. If children are with you protect them by keeping them under you covering them with your body, and tell them to be quite. Ofcourse, if you can crawl out of the building through the nearest exit once out, then run for your life away from the area. Even young children now in terrorist countries are learning to run from very young when terror strikes.

 In most cases following your intuition can be the best protection

Sometimes when we get an intuition to not go somewhere it could be like an inner warning and a protection against danger. This is what saved some friends I knew from being killed in the World Trade Center on 9/11 years ago. All four girls living in different places all decided to stay home that day, they followed their intuition, not knowing that others had done the same thing. Only after the attack they found out that the others did not go to work that day and was saved. Another friend of mine was working in the first building on the 45th floor hit by the terrorist airplane.

She had no idea what was happening she thought the loud noise and shaking of the building was an earthquake and she just ran for the stairs. She was on the 45th floor and she flew down those stairs without stopping not once until she got out of the building. And that was the same building where most people lost their lives, probably because some of them didn’t run right away hanging around to find out what was going on.

That was the same reason so many people got killed in the Aurora Colorado killing, people thought the killer was part of the movie and didn’t run or try to hide right away. So many lives could have been saved had they all just hide on hands and knees behind those seats as suggested above. Be observant folks, as soon as you see anything different get moving out of danger.

 Fear and anguish among people another sign of the times

Today there is so much fear because there seems to be no end to trouble somewhere in the world. Even in the USA there is the constant fear of another terror attack, or shooting. Right now there are mass mob uprisings in the Middle East and spreading to different countries. Do you know that the international fear and anguish in our generation is also foretold as the sign of the end of Satanic Rule? 

In Luke chapter 21: verse 10 and 11 Jesus himself is talking about what to look for when God’s Kingdom starts ruling in Heaven, it reads: “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom and there will be great earthquakes, and in one place after another pestilences and food shortages and there will be fearful sights…and verse 25, …”and on the earth anguish of nations not knowing the way out because of the roaring of the sea and its agitation,

verse 26..” while men become faint out of fear and expectation of the things coming upon the inhabited earth for the powers of the heavens will be shaken”. Matthew 24:12 also speaks of the increasing of lawlessness. And Matthew 24:14:  “And this good news of the Kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.”

So the entire sign is being fulfilled in our day, proving that the end of Satanic Rule is very near. Jesus gave an illustration at: Luke 21:29 – 31: “Note the fig tree and all the other trees… when they are already in the bud, by observing it you know for yourselves that now the summer is near. In this way also when you see these things occurring, know that the Kingdom of God is near”.

In the previous post (“Why cleverly calculated evil acts and killings are not mere innocent acts of insanity or a mental disorder) I showed from Revelation 12 why increased trouble started because of Satan and his demons being casted out of heaven down to this earth and the sea (the sea refers to the masses of restless humanity who become disturbed or agitated because of all the trouble that starts happening, resulting in loud mob protesting and lawlessness). It said in that scripture: “Woe for the earth and the sea” because the Devil has come down to you having great anger knowing he has a short period of time. His intention on killing the human race was partly successful when he stirred up the nations resulting in two mayor wars World War 1 and World War 11, where millions of people lost their lives.

These wars introduced different kinds of diseases, (pestilences), and ailments. Modern technology and war has also messed up the atmosphere, the air we breathe and the ground is polluted with all kinds of chemicals, and technological waste. Our food and water are not pure as they should be, which is weakening our immune system making us more susceptible to different kinds of diseases. Besides fear and anguish produce daily stresses contributing to the decline in human health and death. With the misuse of human blood and the increased sexual moral decline, other types of mental and sexual transmitted diseases came into existence. Satan sure has brought “Woe” for humankind.

Inspite of modern medical research there is still no cure for many of the mayor diseases, the foretold modern day pestilences contributing to the fear and anguish

No one can deny that our times are plaque by pestilences, inspite of modern medical research, there is still no cure for so many different kinds of diseases, and illnesses some of them still being studied by scientists with no definite cure yet in sight. Even though there might be some improvements in medical treatments, people are still dying from these pestilences, one of the biggest one is cancer which takes the lives of people from all races both young and old alike.

But as we get closer to the end the roaring and agitation of the sea (restless humanity) gets louder. The discontent among the “sea of humanity” is very apparent. The increasing of lawlessness is out of control as people all over the world rise up in mob rage resulting in chaotic rioting, protesting and violence in the streets. It doesn’t take too much of anything for people to go into a rage with resulting protest and violence.

Human governments or the ruling authorities sometimes spoken of as the heavens over us, are indeed shaken as they cannot control the rebellious crowd of protesters in different parts of the world. Pay attention folks, this is not the way humans were created to live. It is very plain to see that the masses of people are under the influence of Satan and the demons pushing them toward total destruction of each other. Two of his biggest deceptive, divisive and controlling powers are religion and politics, Worship and Rulership. All the turmoil in the world can be linked to these two things, and they are standing in the way of permanent peace.

 Satan’s two most powerful deceptive and divisive Elements for controlling people and preventing worldwide Peace and Unity are Religion and Politics—Worship and Rulership

Remember the reason he opposed God in the first place was because he wanted worship, and rulership over the human race. He wanted to be like God, (read the previous post of Why cleverly calculated evil acts…) he is called in the Bible “The God of this system of things”, and “the Ruler of the world”.(2 Corinthians 4:4 and John 14:30). (I am encouraging all readers again to read all quoted scriptures throughout this post in their own Bibles to confirm this information as accurate to themselves. I am using the new World translation of the Bible in modern English language, you can use whatever version you have, the message is the same).

When he caused the first humans Adam and Eve to sin, Satan also challenged God’s right to rule and to be worshipped by his own children, human beings. So the Creator allowed time to pass for people to choose which is better, His Rule or Satans, while preparing to eventually settle the issue by means of his Kingdom. 

We see the outcome today, nothing but religious and political confusion. Whether they claim to be Christian or none Christian, worshiping a Prophet, an image, atheist or evolutionist, all the world’s “religions” are under the control of the Devil and the demons. (Bible books of 1 Corinthians 10:20 and Luke 7:22). And the Worldwide Political Governments (spoken of in Revelation as the Wild Beast) got their power from the Dragon, which Revelation identified as the original Serpent, Satan the Devil. (Revelation 12:9). So Satan is the one who established all these conflicting religions and divided people up into different national governments. (Revelation 13: 4). This way he has power and gets worship from people all over the world.

The book of Revelation 18 speaks of all these religions as: Babylon the Great, the world empire of false religion. The most reprehensible are those claiming to worship God but proving false by their actions and teachings. They will all be destroyed in the last war, ArmageddonRevelation 18: verse 2 reads: “She has fallen, Babylon the Great has fallen, and she has become a dwelling place of demons and a lurking place of every unclean exhalation… “and in verse 4 and 5, our loving Creator God himself knowing that their are a lot of very righthearted and sincere people deceived by religion and trapped inside of her because of being baptized as enfants into most of these religions, something God or Jesus never instituted, is calling sincere people out of false religion: (continuing in verse 4 and 5):

“And I heard another voice out of heaven say: Get out of her my people if you do not want to share with her in her sins, and if you do not want to receive part of her plagues. For her sins have massed together clear up to heaven, and God has called her acts of injustice to mind… “and verse 8: “That is why in one day her plagues will come, death and mourning and famine, and she will be completely burned with fire because Jehovah God who judged her is strong”.

Even though all the nations represented by the United Nations will come to some kind of peaceful agreement proclaiming “Peace and Security” (Bible Book of 1 Thessalonians 5:3) it will not be for long, because the scriptures says this will be followed by “sudden destruction.” Revelation 18:8 mentioned above shows Babylon the Great destruction will be like in one day, suddenly.

And this book (Chapter 17) shows further how the very Political Governments according to God’s will, develop intense hatred for Babylon the Great, false religion (also called the harlot) and will suddenly turn on her and destroy her completely. (Revelations Chapter 13 to 19). This will be the beginning of the final war, the war of Armageddon, to be followed by the destruction of all Satan’s worldwide political systems, the two main elements standing in the way of world peace and unity.

Then finally the Source of Evil Satan and the demons will be captured by Jesus Christ and thrown into a abyss. This part of God inspired pre-written history is the only thing yet to be fulfilled before the Kingdom goes into action to restore obedient humans and Paradise again.

 What can we do now to protect ourselves from the direct influence of Satanic or demonic control?

Since the Book of Revelation says Satan is misleading the entire inhabited earth and this would result in “Woe for the Earth” (Revelation 12: 9) then every single person on earth right now is open to his attacks. But we can protect ourselves from becoming possessed or directly under his control by refraining from any conduct that could bring us under such.

The Bible Book of Deuteronomy chapter 18: verse 10-12 gives us some of those practices that can bring a person under the direct possession by Satan or the demons. Such as: consulting fortune tellers, practicing divination and magic, casting of spells, consulting spirit mediums, astrology, Quigi boards, sorcerers, all kinds of spiritism, (voodoo) reading crystal balls, consulting and talking to the dead (in reality it’s the demons that talk back to you, not the dead person).

Also people can become under demonic control by taking hard drugs new ones being added every day that can kill people in a very short time. Some of these synthetic drugs the newest ones being “Smiles 2C-I”, and “25b-Nborne” instantly brings a person under demonic control and death follows shortly after. Teenagers are the victims so far.  Please stay away from drugs young people. Remember our enemy wants us dead, this is one of his easiest way to kill you. Also being involved in false religions, becoming extremely interested in ghosts and the occult.

Being obsessed with evil, violence, watching and reading demonic or satanic books and movies, developing extreme hatred for other people (that is the real spirit of Satan, he hates people), being always angry and ready to fight, liars, all immoral sexual conduct including some mentioned in the previous post, such as sodomy, child molesters and all unnatural debased unclean and obscene conduct. In reality everything that God condemns is a protection from becoming controlled by Satan, since he approves and promotes just the opposite of what is right.

So learning all we can about our Creator, the true God Jehovah,  developing love in our hearts for him and other people, doing good, learning the real reason why Jesus died for us and how he will use His Kingdom to adminster the benefits of his death for the healing of all peoples, is another great and the best protection from demonic possession, for where there is God’s spirit and Love it will conquer Evil. And this is what will determine whether we survive into the new world or not. It is our desire to do what is right, the willingness to learn and be obedient, faith and love for God and our fellowman.

And that is basically what true worship is all about. It is a way of life, not an institution. That was the only “religion” that was established in the Garden of Eden. Being obedient to the Creator, with no bunch of restricted laws, no religious rituals and sacrifices, no doctrines, no unnecessary burdens, no hellfire scare tactics, no false hopes, and no specific holidays to celebrate.

Even now Jesus sacrificial death already abolished all those laws, animal sacrifices, observation of specific days, and other rituals practiced under the law of Moses, the old law covenant which was a temporary law pointing to the Deliverer or Messiah. It was a burden because so much was needed for the forgiveness of sins of the people, it was given to sinful humans until the Messiah came and died. 

He was the foretold “Lamb of God” that would take away the sins of the world instead of animal  sacrifices. He replaced that old law covenant with all its burdensome animal sacrifices and requirements, with the New Covenant based on Love of God and Neighbor, which sums up the entire Ten commandments. This is what true worship was supposed to be, is now, and will be in Paradise, a way of life). Living a clean life, and the freedom to celebrate life everyday, no restrictions as to how kind, or loving, or joyful, or happy you want to be. This is the truth Jesus said would set us FREE! 

 The removal of Evil and peace restored to the earth soon to come

It is very unnatural and everyone knows that the human race wasn’t supposed to live like this. Being in constant fear and on alert to terror or killings is not normal. We were supposed to be a united human family, not being afraid of our own fellowman. Fortunately our Creator has already provided the means for saving obedient humans, and will not allow the entire human race to be killed by his enemy.

The war to capture the Devil and his demons will result in a lot of trouble on earth known as the war of Armageddon mentioned above. Once it is over then complete freedom and peace will follow for those who survived. Revelation 7:9 says a great crowd of people from every nation, race and walks of life will survive Armageddon. But it depends on what they do now, not on a physical hiding place.

We just can’t imagine how the earth and life will be when evil is removed, and peace restored. God’s Kingdom will go into action to restore the human race back to perfection. Everyday people will grow a little more perfect than the day before, instead of getting older and sicker, they will be getting younger and healthier. Even the dead will return to life and benefit from this restoration. Many survivors into that peaceful earth will be able to welcome former relatives whom died years ago back to Paradise.

 Finally the promise of Paradise will be a reality just as it was meant to be and humans will experience complete freedom

Yes, finally the promise of Paradise will be a reality just as it was supposed to be before that angel became Satan and caused the first humans to sin. (read previous post: Why cleverly calculated evil acts and killings are not mere innocent act of insanity or a mental disorder) The promise given to faithful Abraham years ago that by means of his seed all nations of the earth will bless themselves (Genesis 22:18), will go into operation as Jesus Christ the promised Seed and Messiah along with his co-rulers making up the Kingdom of God go into full force in restoring the human race back to perfection and the Earth to a beautiful Paradise. And Abraham (and many of those faithful men of old) will be resurrected and see the fulfillment of that promise with his own eyes.

Here are some more scriptures that will be definitely fulfilled. Psalms 37:11 says: “The meek ones themselves will possess the earth and they will indeed find their exquisite delight in the abundance of peace.” and verse 29: “the righteous themselves will possess the earth and they will reside forever upon it”… Also Isaiah 33:24 says:”No resident will say I am sick”.

Revelation 21:1-4, verse 4 says how God will wipe out every tear from their eyes and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away”. Revelation 21:5 confirms these promises with the words: “These words are faithful and true.” So there is no “if’s, maybe or could be true” that God will restore humans back to perfection on a Paradise earth like it was in the beginning. It will happen! We have all the signs, pay attention folks! Also Jesus was real, that was the reason why he died, otherwise his death would be for nothing! 

Finally all people will be free! Free from all fear, free from terrorist attacks and shootings, free from old age, sickness, diseases and death, free from demonic and satanic influence toward violence (they will be gone), free from all false religious teachings and influence, free from worry and stress. Then all humans who survived into that new world along with those resurrected to life could share in singing the phrase “Free at last, Peace at last. Thank God Almighty we have Peace and Freedom at last!” And that is a wonderful hope to look forward to.

Written, and illustrated by Glenda Brill ©

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Why Cleverly Calculated Evil Acts And Killings Are Not Mere Innocent Acts of Insanity Or A Mental Disorder

It has happened again, just like it happened several times before, almost in the exact way, just different locations. A young man cleverly managed to enter a place where there were masses of people, and just start killing anyone within his range, complete strangers. This recent attack was in a Movie Theatre, but the same acts of terror or killings have been done in various places before always suddenly, unexpected, in schools, on subways, in buildings, even places of worship most often aimed at killing masses of people at a time, and always cleverly planned, timed and calculated.

It happens in the same way with acts of terrorism, either a sole person or a group suddenly attack masses of people with the aim of total destruction. Everyone is shocked, becomes scared, police security increases, and most people accuses the Killer of insanity or mentally deranged. Are they really? After the Aurora Theatre shootings I heard one grown man said on the news that he doesn’t understand why these things happen. And a lot of other people saying the same thing. I understand why they are happening, and violence is bound to increase getting worst as time goes on. Keep reading and I will explain why I said that. But those of you who prefer to believe that it is all the act of a insane person should ask yourself the below question:

Most of us have seen or met insane or mentally sick people before. I know one lady in my neighborhood whom suffers from schizophrenia but as long as she takes her medication she is the sweetish, kindest person you can find, with no evil bone in her body. Also sometimes riding the subways in New York, I occasionally see a insane person loudly speaking to themselves or to someone in their head without trying to do any harm to anyone else.

So insanity is a disease of the human mind or a brain disorder. Our minds and brains like the rest of the body due to inherited imperfection are subject to diseases and mental disorders, most of them can be kept under control with medication. Some mental problems could be the result of lacking in certain nutrients. But that does not make someone wicked, evil or desire to kill strangers.

A mentally deranged or insane person can do foolish things on the spur of the moment, and some if provoked to the point of becoming angry if they are in possession of a weapon can use it to kill sometimes unintentionally. But cleverly planning, studying, reading, and stockpiling weapons or bombs for the purpose of killing innocent people is not the work of a mere insane person, but from someone possessed by an intelligent evil being, which comes from outside the human mind.

Contrary to many beliefs of some people, no doubt those that are saying they cannot understand why these things are happening, is because of their failure to accept this one fundamental fact that: Human beings were created in God’s Image, by a real loving Creator. A God of love with no trace of evil whatsoever! If we don’t believe this then we cannot understand anything else that is happening and living without a purpose or hope.

Being created in the image of God means that all the qualities that God possesses such as love, kindness, mercy, forgiveness, joy, goodness, the ability to know right from wrong and be guided by moral laws were built into us along with a conscience which would act like a compass to let us know when we are going the wrong way. Originally perfect as our Creator, there was no evil in humans at all just as there is no evil in God.  

The inspired Bible is the only book that tells us the complete true history of how we began, how evil came about, why it is increasing now, what the end result will be, and how this will happen. This will affect the life of every single human on earth now and those already dead, so please keep reading all the way to the end of this post. You will find this very interesting history somethings you may not even have known before if you never examined the Bible yourself,  but only believed what your religion told you.

 I am going from the very beginning, the book of Genesis all the way up to our time period foretold in the last book of Revelation. If you check everything yourself, you will see how it all makes sense and will no longer be so shocked when another terrorist attack or mass killing takes place, or even what all the hard times means now. So please stay and keep reading:

When our first parents Adam and Eve disobeyed God, they became sinful or imperfect, meaning they missed the mark of perfection according to God’s standard. So all humans because we are all offspring from this original pair were born imperfect (not evil) and sinful and subject to diseases and death.(See previous related post: People are basically all just people)

But it was an evil being that caused Eve to disobey and eventually Adam joined her. The Bible says that this evil being was originally a good angel, a heavenly son of God. There was a survey taken some years ago that said that by far the majority of Americans believe in angels, so it shouldn’t be hard to understand how angels can become evil, since they were also given free will.

The Bible book of Job 38:7 says that after God finished creating Adam and Eve all the angels in heaven whom were looking on started shouting and applauding this new earthly creation. Except to one angel whom became jealous of all the honor that was being given to the Creator knowing also that this new Man and Woman and their future offspring would be doing the same thing worshipping and honoring the Creator.

So this angel who was a real intelligent heavenly person wanted to be like God himself, he wanted to be worshiped by this new creation of God the human race. He desired something that belonged to His Creator, “Worship” and lied to the first woman talking through a serpent told her just the opposite of what God told her not to do. God said that if they didn’t listen to him they would die.

This evil angel became known as “Satan the Devil” which means Opposer, told her that she wouldn’t die. (Genesis 3: 1-6). Human beings have been dying ever since then, so God proved to be true, and Satan turned out to be the Liar. He made himself the Great Opposer and Hater of God and humans by his rebellion and deceptive conduct.

This was the birth of real evil, a perfect angel allowing envy and the desire for prominence to turn into hate, willfully hating God and also saying that humans don’t need to listen to anything he says. They can rule themselves, lyingly knowing that his actions would cause death to the human race.

Since the entire human race was plunged on a path that would lead to a life of suffering and death which was contrary to God’s purpose, right from the start the Creator foretold that he would provide a Deliverer for the human race whom would put Satan out of existence. This first prophecy gave all of Adam’s children, all humans hope that Perfect life and peace will be restored again just as it was in the beginning is recorded in Genesis 3:15.

Talking to the Serpent whom was really the evil angel Satan. (The bible book of Revelation confirms that the original serpent was indeed Satan. Revelation 12:9 says….”the original serpent the one called Devil and Satan who is misleading the entire inhabited earth…”) God said that he would provide a Seed (a offspring) that would crush the Devil in the head, killing him.

So the Evil One was sentenced to death, but God allowed him to continue and the human race to reproduce until He provided the Messiah to restore them back to perfection and put Satan out of existence. Just as Genesis 3:15 says, the devil develop his own seed or followers, and a hatred for this coming Messiah and his Kingdom and anyone whom put faith in it, and started on a fight to prevent the Messiah and his Kingdom from coming about. So his murderous path of keeping people fighting and killing each other began, if he couldn’t rule the human race and get them to worship him, then he would kill them all so no one would remain to worship the Creator.

Yes. Eventually Satan was joined by other disobedient angels whom also disobeyed God before the flood of Noah’s day. Angels whom the Bible refers to as “Sons of God” were used by God back then as messengers between God and humans. They were given the ability to put on human flesh and looked just like men on earth. (The Bible always speaks of angels as “Sons of God” as male spirit persons, not female). This also proves that the religious teaching that God needs humans to die so that they  can be angels in heaven is a lie.

The Bible book of Daniel says that there are billions of angels in heaven all were created long before humans on earth. Remember the Bible book of Job said they applauded and shouted with joy at the creation of humans on earth, showing they were living in heaven long before the creation of humans on earth.

But instead of these angels doing their work as messengers of God, some of them began noticing beautiful women on earth and started marrying women and having promiscuous sexual relations, the Bible says with as many women as they choose. So there were several women for each angel. This was unnatural as angels were not created to marry or have sexual relations with humans on earth, and this was the start of perverted sex, or unnatural sex. (Genesis chapter 6).Their cohabiting with women in turn produced offspring or children something they were not supposed to do as temporary messengers of God or as angels.

The offspring of these angels were unnatural unlike normal human beings, and became fierce violent men, called the Nephilim, and the whole earth back then was full of violence. So God had to wipe these violent men out in the great flood in the days of Noah. (Genesis chapter 6) (Jesus said in speaking of the last days that just as it was in the days of Noah, so the last days of this system will be, and our time period is filled with much more violence than even in those days).

But these disobedient angels lost their privilege as messengers of God and a good standing with their heavenly Father, and became angry evil spirits, in joining Satan in his rebellion they made themselves demons, and started on the same course of promoting evil, violence, and every debased sexual conduct among people on earth. They were sentenced to death just like Satan to be put out of existence by the Messiah when he comes in his Kingdom to destroy this present Satanic and demonic controlled world and restore God’s original purpose as it was in the beginning.

Later this promise that was foretold in the Garden of Eden that a Seed would crush Satan’s head was re-enforced when God told the faithful man Abraham that this Messiah would be born in his lineage. God told Abraham in Genesis 22:18: “By means of your Seed all nations of the earth will certainly bless themselves due to the fact that you have listened to my voice”. It was later revealed to him that this would come through the line of Judah, (Genesis 49:10) whose offspring later became known as the Jews. So God would transfer the life of his only begotten son to be born as a man into the womb of a simple Jewish girl, Mary.

So from then onward all God’s people of the earth back then were looking forward to this Deliverer whom would put an end to Evil. Every prophecy and even the Passover was all pointing to the time and place when he would arrive and bring an end to human suffering. Isaiah 53:3-12 foretold the kind of personality he would display, one of humility and how he would suffer and die for the sins of the people. Micah 5:2 foretold the very place he would be born in Bethlehem. Satan knew his time and craving for worship would eventually come to an end, and he tried to do everything in his power to wipe out the people of God so that the Messiah would not be born.

All through history we see how Satan tried to destroy God’s people using his wicked human agents. But our Creator was constantly finding ways to preserve Abraham’s offspring in keeping with his promise that the Messiah would be born in his lineage. This he did in the time of Pharaoh using Moses (Bible book of Exodus) to deliver them through the Red Sea. Later down in history using Queen Esther (the book of Esther) to save the Jews from complete annihilation all the way up to the time when the Messiah was born the Creator always coming to their rescue in order to keep his promise to Abraham that the Savior to restore human perfection and put the Originator of Evil out of existence was to come from his lineage. 

When the Messiah was eventually born the angels announced in Luke 2:11: “For there is born to you today a Savior, who is Christ the Lord in David’s City.. and verse 14: “Glory in the Heights above and upon earth peace among men of goodwill”. Nothing could make the Devil angrier than to see God’s purpose still coming through. So he used wicked King Herod (Matthew 2:1-23) who was ruling during that time, (By this time Satan had become the “Ruler of the World” holding power over Kings and Kingdoms) to find out where the baby was so that he could kill him. Herod did so by sending three astrologers they called wise men to visit the infant and report back to him. But they were directed by God to not return to Herod.

When Herod realized that he was sidestepped, the baby Jesus was about 2 years old, but he didn’t know where he was or what he looked like. Evil ruthless hateful Satan using Herod as his human agent went throughout Bethlehem and surrounding regions and employing his mass murderous techniques with the hope that one of them would be Jesus, had all the little Jewish baby boys two years and under killed in an attempt to kill the little boy Jesus. (Matthew 2:1-23)

What evil! Just imagine the cries of young Jewish mothers as they had to turn over their little infant boys to this murderous King for no reasons at all than to be killed just in  case one of them might be the future Messiah Jesus whom he knew was already born. But again God carefully told Joseph in a dream to flee to Egypt so that the infant Jesus would not be killed again preserving the means for saving mankind. Mary and Joseph and the little boy Jesus stayed in Egypt until Herod died, he himself never knew that the child wasn’t killed in his murderous attempt.

After Herod’s death Mary, Joseph and young boy Jesus returned to Israel, and later spent his life in the city of Nazareth. There Jesus grew up and at the age of thirty started his great preaching and teaching work all about the coming Kingdom for the healing and restoration of the fallen human race and the ending of Satanic and demonic rule. He also taught people how to pray for God’s Kingdom identifying himself as the King designate, and was gathering other members that would make up this Kingdom besides himself. He gave his disciples the command to keep preaching about this Kingdom until the end comes.

Eventually as it was God’s will for him to die as a ransom for what Adam did to the human race, He allowed him to be put to death by Satans Agent the Romans, the enemies of the Jews. The Jewish Religious leaders took sides with their own enemies the Romans in publicly supporting his impalement and rejecting this humble Son of God the Messiah.

 After all the love the Creator showed them and did to preserve them alive, the Jews as a nation shamefully rejected this Messiah, the way was now opened up for people of all nations or gentiles to also become members of the Kingdom. All the original disciples and followers of Jesus or selected ones that would make up this Kingdom were Jews. So the rejection of Jesus as Messiah by the majority of Jews did not change the promise God made. The foundation was already laid. He was the foretold Messiah no matter what some decided. He was raised from death three days later and later went on to Heaven where the Kingdom would eventually be set up. Another defeat for Satan and God’s purpose kept moving forward for the good of humanity. 

Again it shows how that purpose of God and the promise to Abraham was being fulfilled: “All nations of the earth would indeed be blessed by Abraham’s seed, Jesus Christ and many hundreds of his original followers and disciples were all from the lineage of Judah (the Jews) along with other members, both men and women from all nations of the earth will make up this new Government by God for the restoring of Paradise and humans all over the earth, and put evil out of existence.”

Yes, Satan is the Source of Evil, the great manslayer. He is real, a real intelligent supernatural spirit being, brutally cruel and hateful and he along with his army of demons are the ones promoting evil and death among the humanrace. Jesus himself testified to the real existence of Satan and the demons. He never referred to him as a abstract figment of the imagination, but as a real evil person. He referred to Satan as the “Ruler of the World”, and said that “the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one” and he was also referred by the apostle Paul as “The God of this system of things.”

In an attempt to get Jesus himself to disobey God Satan tempted him and offered him all the kingdoms of the world if he would just do an act of worship to him. So he proved that he is indeed the Ruler of the world, and every segment of this world is under his control, the political powers, the greedy commercial systems, the religious and entertainment world.

Ephesians 6:12 says that we have a wrestling against the wicked spirit forces in the heavenly places, the world rulers of this darkness. Since he and his demons are spirits they can influence people in different ways and directly possess people and get them to do what they want. There are many examples in the Bible of people being possessed by demons, one recorded in Luke 8: 28-31, about a man possessed by more than one demon whom called himself Legion. Showing that they are real spirit creatures they caused the man to cry out to Jesus when he saw him recognizing Jesus as the son of God and asked him not to send them away to the abyss. So they are aware that their time to harass people will come to an end through Jesus.

Because we are getting close to the time when the Messiah by means of his Kingdom will indeed fulfill that original prophecy in Genesis 3:15, to crush the Serpents head, putting Satan and his hordes of demons out of existence. The first part of the prophecy where Satan would bruise the Seed in the heel, was fulfilled when he had the wicked Romans put Jesus to death, but God raised Jesus up and the price was paid for the releasing of sins for the human race.

When the Kingdom was established in heaven Satan and his demons again tried to prevent it from taking place, but lost the battle. Revelation described the fight between Satan and his demons and Michael (Jesus Christ) and his angels as a war in which Satan was defeated and cast down to our earth having great anger. Here is what it says partly directly quoted from:

Revelation 12: 7–12: “And war broke out in heaven Michael (referring to Jesus heavenly name) and his angels battled with the Dragon and the Dragon and his angels battled but it did not prevail, neither was a place found for them any longer in heaven. So down the great Dragon was hurled, the original serpent, the one called Devil and Satan who is misleading the entire inhabited earth; he was hurled down to earth and his angels were hurled down with him…….and verse 12 continues..”Woe for the earth and the sea, because the Devil has come down to you having great anger knowing he has a short period of time”.

Jesus foretold that the time period before God’s Kingdom starts ruling over the earth would be a time of great trouble on earth with increasing lawlessness. People having no respect for law and life. Also the difficulty of life itself, the economy, increase in diseases, earthquakes, famines, high prices and so much woe just as Revelation says would be for earth’s inhabitants. (Luke 21:10,11, 25, 26. Matthew 24:6-14. 2 Timothy 3:1-5) And this is because of Satan and his demons being extremely angry that they were defeated and thrown down to earth. According to the sign Jesus said to look for, and the way conditions on earth suddenly got worst, this outcast of Satan and the demons is believed and calculated by Bible Scholars to have taken place around the time of World War One in 1914.

That was the first time that the whole world went mad and nations started fighting against each other resulting in the death of millions of people losing their lives in that War. This was the start of the last days for Satanic rule and when his anger got worst with his intent on killing the human race increased.  The “Woe” for the earth foretold in Revelation began. Later this was followed by World War Two (2) killing more millions of people than the first one, especially many young men. (whom is needed for the reproduction of humans on earth). History confirms that the world has gone down hill ever since, getting worst every year. So that explains the ever increasing wars, acts of terrorism, mass killings and brutal violence. Satans rulership is coming to a close, God’s Kingdom will soon rule over the earth.

So in order for no one to remain when that takes place, the Devil and his demonic hordes will try to kill the entire human race, using every means he can wars, terrorism, mass killings at innocent people for no reason but to kill and destroy them.  And this is another way where he has the majority of people under his control and indirectly killing them.

By promoting every debased in your face immoral conduct that would cause God to destroy humans along with him, or make people kill themselves. The increase in sodomy, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, pornography, pedophilia, (child molestation), racial hatreds among people, drug addictions, heavy metal hate music, false teachings and religions (a deceptive way to make people believe they are serving God, when in reality they are serving Satan and the demons), depraved obscenities everything that God condemns for the protection of the human race, Satan and the demons are promoting just so that humans would either kill themselves or God himself will have to destroy them along with him when he is put out of existence. 

And one big way this is being done is through entertainment, movies and music which reaches people around the world. The easiest way to brainwash and corrupt young minds is through movies. Haven’t we noticed the increase in violence in movies, each one getting worst than the previous one? So much cruel spilling of human blood, others full of depraved conduct including pornography, and obscene language. Anybody who wants to learn how to do any of these things can see it all demonstrated in movies. Movies about witches, dragons, vampires, ghosts, apparitions haunted houses, and violent men flying through the air. Where did the inspiration for all these movies and the cold dark movie characters including Batman, and so many others came from?

If you look at illustrations of the way Satan is always depicted all dressed in black from head to toe as the Prince of Darkness with two horns on his head, it is the same way that Batman in the coming movie “The Suffocators of Sins” looks. I took a picture from that Movie Trailer which you can see here in this post. The similarities between the two characters is almost the same.

This movie seem to be one of the most cruel violent blood spilling movies yet to be released. (The Trailer is on YouTube). Isn’t it plain to see who is behind all this? This type of extreme hatred and violent behavior is unnatural it is contrary to the human personality, it is not normal. It is the clear influence of Satan and evil spirits pushing humans to complete anarchy. For sure their inspiration didn’t come from the God of Love, the Creator of the human mind, who hates violence.

It is reported that James Holmes the killer in the Aurora Colorado movie theater massacre, called the writer and actor of the upcoming movie “The Suffocaters of Sins” one week before he went on his shooting rampage, and said he watched the Trailer for the “Suffocaters of Sins” more than a 100 times and wanted more information on the Movie. (Looking at this Movie Trailer which is just a small potion of the whole movie, it is full of evil, vicious gross killings including injections and suffocation by plastic bag over someone’s head, it is like looking at Satan himself in action, and listening to him speak.

Unless you like that stuff you cannot watch it. I know I can’t. I only wanted to see the Trailer because I was writing this post. Please be careful of watching these types of movies, even the lives of the actors themselves could be in danger, or they might suffer from demonic attacks or depression later on. Always remember the Devil is real, hates us and wants us all dead, God is the one who loves us and wants us to keep living) 

But James Holmes watched it more than a 100 times, was very interested in how many people Batman killed, and if he was selective in whom he kills or was it mass killings. And he was disappointed that Batman wasn’t using bigger guns to kill in the movie.

Anyone subjecting themselves to such evil can become possessed by demons and do exactly whatever this demon tells them to do. The following week he entered the theater dressed and prepared for his intended mission, announced that he was the Joker and started shooting innocent people. Everything was completely planned and studied, and he no doubt was following the direction of his demonic possessed mind. The demons have names, this one name was the Joker.

Again do research on Google on the various actors that played the Joker and look at pictures of this character, and you will notice the look in their eyes is the same as that of James Holmes. That piercing ball-eyed look as if completely separate from their own. Heath Ledger who played the Joker before after shooting the movie suffered from depression and died from a drug overdose. One way they control people is through drugs.

In reading the biography of the Joker even though they admit nobody really knew his origin says in part that –he was a mass murderer, intelligent, calculating, with no empathy for people, a criminal with no regard for law. He also laughs because nobody could kill him.(ofcourse no human call kill demons because they are spirits) and would spit on people. This same spirit and attitude is what James Holmes displayed and admitted that he was the Joker. It is reported that he also spits at people while in prison.

The Joker is not a mere fictional character, neither is Batman they are all intelligent calculating murderous evil spirits whom can possess people and get them to carry out their mission which is to kill people. This is no doubt a demon possessed young man whom opened himself up to be taken as such by his obsession with evil.

Several years ago around the late 1970’s or early 80’s New York City was also terrorized by another killer whom called himself the “Son of Sam”. Like most of these killers he also was an intelligent fine looking young white man, and he concentrated only on killing innocent young women. I think they were all white women, and many young women were killed before he was caught. When he was he admitted that he would get specific instructions from a talking dog. He knew exactly where to find his victims by listening to the talking dog. Didn’t Satan also talked to Eve through a Serpent?

It a spiritual problem. They are evil spirits unseen to the human eye, so they can possess people talk to them through their own mind, or use other visible humans, or animals or anything to convey their instructions to humans. (Remember the example I mentioned before of Jesus himself being tempted by Satan and the other demon possessed man whose demon name was Legion and whom recognized Jesus himself ?) Would people whom read that in the Bible say that Jesus the perfect Son of God was suffering from a mental illness? And how could this demon possessed man recognized Jesus since he had never seen him before?

But the demons inside of him knew whom Jesus was because they were once good angels and lived in the spirit heavens together before they became evil. Or even Eve, who heard and listened to the Serpent, would they also say that she had schizophrenia? She was perfect so she had no diseases at all and the Serpent gave her specific information. Later remember the Book of Revelation identified the Serpent as Satan.

Since there is no law that can convict a criminal on the basis of demonic control or possession, and it cannot be medically diagnosed, and some people don’t believe in such or say they cannot prove it, they are usually charged with schizophrenia or mental madness. Only God knows whether a person like this has developed a completely evil heart, and is really guilty of the death penalty. They could be considered victims of evil themselves, just as the ones they killed. In most cases the demons after causing the killer to accomplish their mission usually cause them to kill themselves.

In my next post I will write what we can do if caught in a terrorist attack or mass shooting. How some others in the past used common intuition and avoided being killed, ways to be cautious, and becoming possess by evil spirits, how we can be sure that evil will end and peace restored again, and what righteously disposed people need to do now to continue living in that coming new peaceful world.

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The Benefits of Natures Own Natural Thirst Quenchers And Cooling Aids Versus Sugary Drinks and Sodas

 Oh, summer sure makes a grand entry here in the USA. Nothing but heat wave after heat wave. Fortunately this week the humidity has dropped at least temporarily. It usually surprises people whenever I say I hate hot weather. Because they know by now that I was born and raised on a hot Caribbean Island, St. Maarten.

But that is the reason I hate hot  weather so much is because I had too much of it growing up and just couldn’t take the heat anymore. The disadvantage is that it is always hot there, never a change in season like here in the USA or Europe.

So as soon as summer begins here I already started the countdown to fall and winter. I can’t wait for the cooler climates to get here. But since that might be for a couple more months how can we cope with the heat now? Our body is made up of mostly water and we lose a lot of fluid during warm weather and if not replaced we can become dehydrated and literally die from the lack of fluid.

So keeping our bodies hydrated is necessary for life. The best way I find is by drinking lots of ice cold water. That is nature’s number one best way to quench our thirst on a hot day. Instead of water most people just gulp down tons and tons of sugary drinks and sodas, even little children are given these to drink.

Why cold sugary drinks or sodas don’t quench our thirst for long or really do any good for the body

I saw a mother giving her little children all a can of soda to drink, even the toddler in the baby carriage. These sugary drinks or sodas only quench thirst for a little while and keep you drinking more and more. Why? Because the body becomes addicted to the sugar in the drinks, and keep us drinking more and more producing more insulin which builds in the blood instead of getting into our cells to produce energy. All this sugar does is adding up into calories and people keep getting fatter and fatter, even children.

And because the body is not getting the energy it needs it keeps craving more sugar building in the blood and creating obesity and other diseases. Even if the drinks claim to be diet sodas or other natural waters check the ingredients and you will see they are filled with a lot of artificial stuff and sweeteners which is not good for the human body. They only temporarily quench our thirst without providing any nutritional value to the body but instead loading it up on damaging sugar, which is toxic, makes us fat and lead to other diseases.

Lately there has been a lot of talk about drinking large amounts of sugary drinks and sodas. Even the Mere of New York City wants to stop people from buying these large cans or bottles of sugar laden drinks. Why? Basically because obesity is becoming an epidemic in the USA.

Half the population is obese, especially among young children, and Type Two Diabetes is showing up in children as young as eight and ten years old. Diet including large amounts of sugar in processed foods or through sugary drinks and sodas is responsible for this increase in obesity with it’s accompanying health problems  such as diabetes, cancers, cardiovascular problems and others.

Today’s most dangerous health toxin is not a chemical, pollutant or contaminant. It’s Sugar!

That sentence I took directly from one Nutritional Health Report I subscribe to. That is what a growing number of health experts studying the dangers of toxins to the human body is concluding. (I keep up to date with many of the Nutritional findings and reports on Health both in Europe and the USA). Why is sugar so toxic to the human body? Because it actually changes the biochemisty in the body.

Sugar overload not only makes us become resistant to our own insulin which leads to on-going blood sugar trouble, it also speeds up the very process of aging! (So if you want to stay young longer, stay away from sugar). Too much blood sugar reacts with proteins in the blood and forms nasty molecules called “AGEs” (Advanced Glycosylation End products). So too much sugar actually ages the body on the inside and outside as well.

If their diet consists of only junk foods and sugary drinks, it shouldn’t surprise us that some children are not only overweight but seem to be growing old so fast. Some teenage or even preteens young girls already look like grown women. Especially among black American families whose diet consists of more junk and starchy foods because of its lower cost than organic nutritional foods, and a lot of these children are already suffering from Type Two Diabetes.

Too much sugar in the blood actually contributes to premature aging of the human body both inside and outside

And this premature aging is not only limited to just children but adults as well. You notice how some adults that have become overweight also look much older than their real age? Both among black and white people alike, especially white men whom ages much faster than everyone else, even those that don’t become extremely overweight just look old too fast, some guys as young as age forty-five (45) already look like old men in their sixties, and having all kinds of prostrate and cardiovascular problems.

While in some countries people that eat more natural unprocessed foods made up of more fruits, vegetables, fish and whose diet does not include all these sugary foods and drink, stay younger longer and are sexually active way into old age. I had some uncles back in the Caribbean that grew up eating off the land as they call it, and they were having children naturally way into their early or later seventies, without any Viagra or suffered from any mayor health problems.They lived way into their eighties and nineties so they did see their children grow up, and grandchildren to.

My father got married later in life when he was forty years old, (my mother was several years younger) had me the eldest daughter by age 41 and all his other seven children (He had eight of us all through natural conception, with my mother giving natural childbirth to all children, and no twins) in his later forties, fifties, and my last sister was born when he was almost sixty. And this was only because my mother stopped having anymore children. He was active way into old age. He knew nothing about Viagra, or injections or any artificial help, never had a obese problem, diabetes, cholesterol, arthritis or any of the mayor problems most men in the USA are suffering from. (He also never smoked, drunk or used drugs). These are just true to life examples of how Diet and Lifestyle does make a big difference in how healthy we are, how we age and how long we live!

No offense guys, but your diet is aging you too fast, and responsible for nearly every health problem you are suffering from. Stay away from all those sugar coated doughnuts, high sugar content cereals, sodas, drinks, foods, hotdogs, hamburgers (The white bread converts to sugar in the body) and you will take ages off of your looks, maintain your good looks, be healthier, enjoy sex longer and live longer.

How can sugar so sweet be so bad for us?

Whether it is high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, maltose, lactose or any type of sugar it turns our bloodstream into a virtual poison! And a growing number of health experts believe that sugar consumption has fueled the skyrocketing rates of blood sugar issues, obesity and cardiovascular related problems in this country.

And there are five types of cells that are especially vulnerable to blood sugar spikes and the free radicals damage they cause. These include cells in our eyes, kidneys, arteries, peripheral nerves (like in feet) and pancreas. These are fragile cells that need the right kind of antioxidants to protect them from the oxidative damage caused by excess levels of sugar.

After eating or drinking anything with high sugar content, damaging free radicals head right to the mitochondrial center (the life force in cells) in these fragile cells in our eyes, kidneys, arteries, peripheral nerves and pancreas. And if this damaging free radical effects starts from very young, such as feeding very young children foods or drinks containing lots of sugar including other junk foods, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, blood cancers, and other degenerative conditions can manifest themselves very early in their life.

So the USA is a nation full of overweight people including children some suffering from many diseases that was only found among older people. And many health conditions found among the aging baby boomers can be traced back to a diet high in sugar and other junk foods which contain large amounts of refined sugars. (nearly all processed foods have high sugar content).

Water and water laden fruits provide a natural healthy alternative to sugary and artificial drinks

 All fruits and vegetables provide water and nutrients the body needs, but some have more water content than others and seemed to be designed especially for very hot seasons when people have more a need for body fluids. I will mention a few here not necessarily in alphabetic order but by their most water or juice content and the many nutrients they supply to our body for optimum health. And all fruits are low in calorie and can aid in weight loss if eaten in moderation. One is the delicious watermelon:


The name speaks for itself, water embodied in a melon, contains more water than grapes. A slice of watermelon melts in your mouth and is very refreshing on a hot summer day. Besides providing delicious fluid to quench our thirst watermelons are loaded with many vitamins and minerals. Good source of vitamins A, B, C, carbohydrates, potassium and antioxidants.

Also contain amino acids which help keep arteries and blood flow to our hearts in fine order. Good for our eyes since they provide a higher source of lycopene than any other fruit or vegetable. Lycopene helps us keep our vision longer and can prevent macular degeneration and other eye problems as we age. Watermelon has also been known to provide a Viagra like effect on men with sexual or erectile dysfunction.

Watermelons also help boost our energy levels and strengthen our immune system. Because of its high Vitamins B and C content – B vitamins give our bodies the energy it needs, while Vitamin C which is a potent antioxidant helps ward off illness protecting our cells from damage and play a role in helping us stay young. Eating fruits such as watermelon is a perfect and easy way to upgrade our defenses.

Watermelons are indeed a very refreshing fruit for both young and old alike. Can be eaten in fruit salads or plain sliced and even made into juice in a blender for home drinking. They do just the opposite of what sugary drinks do for the body, providing the body with a nutritional alternative of water loaded with life giving ingredients rather than a can liquid loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients which add nothing but toxins to the body.


Seedless or seeded grapes either red, black or green are high in water content. Grapes are mostly water. Grapes are anywhere from 65-85% water, which means low calories and high hydration.

You can take a container of cold seedless grapes anywhere and eat whenever feeling thirsty. There are also many benefits to eating grapes besides quenching our thirst. Just like all the fruits mentioned above they are good for toddlers (especially the seedless ones can be given to young children to eat) as well as older adults. Grapes are the basis for wine and we know how a little wine is good for our health. (See previous post on: Would you like a little wine with that?)

Prevent heart disease. A study from the Journal of Nutrition showed that eating fresh grapes could prevent the accumulation of harmful oxidized cholesterol and atherosclerotic lesions. This means less coronary heart disease from plaque build up on the walls of your arteries. They clean out our cholesterol and intestines and strengthen the heart.

The polyphenol called “resveratrol” in the grape skin breaks down bad cholesterol, and acts as a antioxidant in the body. It can also be found in grape juice and wine. Fight illness: Grapes are high in another polyphenol called “tannin.” tannins move into the intestinal tract and protect from viruses and tumors alike. Fight cancer: Grapes have a high level of caffeic acid. Caffeic acid he lps fight cancer.

Prevent brain damage from strokes. Studies from the University of Missouri-Columbia show that grapes prevent brain damage in the event of a stroke. Boost brain activity: Grapes have a significant amount of potassium and increase brain activity. Boost metabolism: Grapes have a light laxative effect that boosts metabolism.

A handful of grapes can do wonders for dieting. Increase calorie burning: They increase your blood flow and help with calorie burning. They compliment workouts very well as grapes enhance endurance. Helps stave off tuberculosis: Patients in the first stage of tuberculosis are told to include a higher amount of grapes in their diet.


Another water, vitamin and mineral loaded fruit. Honeydew melons are very sweet and delicious when ripe and eaten cold a nd very similar to the watermelon they actually melt in your mouth as a refreshing thirst quencher. Honeydew melons provide the body with Potassium necessary for regular heart beats and for pumping blood throughout the body. The water potassium ratio in honeydew melons may prevent an increase in blood pressure.

And most or all fruits provide the necessary Vitamin C, which helps our immune system fight infections, and also good for the formation of collagen responsible for healthy hair, skin and nails. Another necessary ingredient in honeydew melons is copper an essential trace mineral good for healthy skin regeneration. Copper also aids the body’s ability to repair its muscles and tissues.

A great source of B vitamins-which include thiamine and niacin. B vitamins help the body get rid of toxins which cause illness and disease. And may also help reduce the risk of heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.


Another delicious fruit when ripe and cold almost feels like ice cream in your mouth when eaten. I grew up on Papayas since we have several papaya trees growing in our back yard in St Maarten. They can be cooked green and used as a side dish with fish or meat, or left until completely ripe and eaten sliced or in chunks. They are also high in water content and a good thirst quenching summer fruit. Like the above mention fruits papaya is another health packed fruit. It is reported that Christopher Columbus when discovering the Caribbean Islands called this fruit the “The Fruit of the Angels”.

Because Papaya contains practically everything our bodies need to be healthy. It is rich in anti-oxidants, B vitamins, folate and pantothenic acid, minerals, potassium, magnesium and fiber. These nutrients promote a healthy cardiovascular system and also protection against colon cancer. Papaya also contains the digestive enzyme, papain, which is used like bromelain to treat sports injuries, and other causes of trauma.

Papain also aids in digestion: Beta-carotene found abundant in papaya along with Vitamin A, C and E help with the proper functioning of the immune system and prevents such illnesses as recurrent ear infections, colds and flu. Also aids in reducing inflammation. Helps with intestinal health, stomach problems, and prevents constipation.

Papaya juice aids in relieving infections of the colon and break up pus and mucus in the body. May help prevent cancer in organs and glands – papaya’s fiber is able to bind to cancer-causing toxins in the colon and keep them away from the healthy colon cells thus preventing colon cancer. Papayas may be very helpful in preventing atherosclerosis and diabetic heart disease. Because of their high fiber content they are known to lower high cholesterol levels.


Another sweet juicy thirst quenching tropical fruit loaded with Vitamins and Minerals. These include calcium, potassium, fiber and Vitamin C. The fruit is also low in fat and cholesterol. Pineapples can be sliced after washing and cutting off the though outer skin, or cut in small chunks and taken in containers in a small cooler and eaten anywhere whenever feeling thirsty. They are sweet and juicy and will fill the need for fluid on a hot day.

Pineapples are good for building healthy bones. This is because pineapples are rich in manganese, a trace mineral that is required to strengthen bones and connective tissues. One cup of pineapple provides 73 percent of the daily recommended intake of manganese. Pineapple consumption can boost the growth and development of bones in young people and strengthen bones among the elderly.

Good for Colds and Coughs: While many people take Vitamin C supplements or drink orange juice during a cold, few know that pineapples are just as good for colds and coughs. The fruit provides the same benefits as orange juice in treating a cold or cough with additional benefits. Good for our Gums: Pineapples are good for our gums which is necessary for holding our teeth in place and protecting our heart which is affected by the health of our gums. By eating pineapple, you are strengthening your gums to make it through the hard years later, especially good for young children still growing.

Prevents Macular Degeneration: Macular Degeneration the deterioration of the eyes usually found among aging adults can be prevented through regular pineapple consumption as well as other fruits. Sugary drinks do just the opposite. Helps Arthritis: Those who have arthritis pain, eating pineapples provide Bromelain which reduces the pain of arthritis and for those who do not have arthritis, pineapple helps prevent the disease by strengthening your bones with iron.

When you eat pineapples, you have a better chance at having a healthier life and providing the body with the fluid it needs. Be aware of all the benefits of the fruit you eat so you know what you are lacking for the day. Our bodies need a certain amount of nutrients and vitamins each day.


During the summer season, mangoes are one of the richest tropical fruits you can find now. They have been widely known as the king of fruit due to its many health benefits. There are two different kinds of mangoes I know of, the round firm ones that is good for slicing and eating as a snack.

And the other oval kind that when ripe becomes soft and full of thick delicious juice that can actually be sucked right out of the fruit itself. Then peeled and the remainder of the fruit eaten off of the seed. Even babies can be given these ripe juice filled mangoes to suck the juice right into their mouth.

Mangoes are very palatable refreshing fruits with many nutritional benefits as well. They contain plenty of minerals, vitamins, as well as antioxidants. Mangoes are a good source of amino acids, flavanoids, vitamins C, E, B6, Vitamin K and other B vitamin, niacin, beta-carotene, calcium, selenium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and potassium. They are rich in phytochemicals such as lutein, contain dietary fiber, and polyphenols.

They can improve cholesterol levels, fight off disease and helps tone up the heart muscles, prevent heart disease and certain cancers. Also full of carotenoids which are good for our eyes, and omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, improve the skin’s texture and appearance and helps invigorate appetite.

Improves Digestion: Mangoes are very beneficial for those who suffer from indigestion problems. They contain special digestive enzymes such as esters, aldehydes and terpenes which help in breaking down food and help in digestion, and soothe the stomach. Because of their high content of vitamin A they contributes to good eyesight and helps prevent night blindness, dryness of the eyes, refractive errors, softening of the cornea, itching and burning in the eye.

Improves Memory Power: Mangoes are helpful for children who have a lack of concentration in studies. Because of their Glutamine Acid content they help to develop concentration by boosting their memory. Mangoes are also good for the reproductive organs, and can help resolve sexual dysfunctions like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low libido. (Maybe that is where the name came from, man goes, a man will go, after his sexual problems are resolved through eating mangoes) The Vitamin E in mangoes helps to normalize sex hormones and improve sex drive.

Prevents Cancer: Also, mangoes contain soluble dietary fiber pectin in high amounts. Researchers have identified a strong relation between consuming lots of fiber and a reduced risk of cancers of the gastrointestinal tract. Also, the vitamin C in mangoes helps to protect cells from free radical damage and decreases risk of cancer.

Treats Anemia: Mangoes are helpful for pregnant women and individuals who suffer from anemia due to their iron content. Usually, women after menopause become weak due to reduced iron content; they should consume mangoes and other fruits high in iron.


Who hasn’t heard about, or don’t know how a cold glass of lemon aide will quench our thirst faster than any sugary drink. Lemons like all fruits are loaded with Vitamin C which helps the body cope with hot weather, that is why lemon aide is so refreshing on a hot day.

Even children can be taught how to make lemon aide and it is one of the first things some of them learn how to sell and make some extra money during summer months. (See previous post: How some people are kicking the economy to the curb).

After squeezing some lemons and mixing with cold water just add some Stevia or Aguave Nectar (Stevia and Aguave Nectar are natural plant based low calorie sweeteners, that is recommended by Nutritionist to be used instead of any refined sugars or artificial sweeteners). Aguava Nectar can be found in all Supermarkets now, this is my favorite which I use in all my beverages, coffee, tea, cocoa and can also be added to Lemon aide instead of sugar. Stevia and Aguave Nectar are not toxic to the body like regular sugars and will not have the same disease causing effects as mentioned at the beginning of this post.

The Best Healthcare is Preventative Healthcare

And this is what I believe the Mere of New York City is trying to do. It is obvious and has been researched that a lot of diseases resulted from obesity caused by the consumption of to much sugar in our diet. And the easiest and fastest way that excess sugar gets into our blood is through drinking sugar loaded drinks or beverages. (Ofcourse, obesity is also the result of eating too much fat and other processed foods, and lack of exercise).

When this affects even the very young, then it only makes sense to cut out the foods that are damaging to our health and start on a more nutritional program of eating. It will eventually save the government and everybody else a lot of money that is going toward Healthcare. If everyone starts on a good program of healthy nutritional eating and drinking, then there will be less people with diabetes, cancers, cardiovascular diseases, joint problems and many others that people suffer from today. There will be less a need for Healthcare in the first place.

And one good way is to include more fruits (and vegetables in our diet). They provide all the fluid our body needs and good nutrition as well. Now tell me which sugary drink can do all the good those fruits mentioned above will do? If we don’t like eating fruits sliced or in chunks, we can blend them into juices in our blender at home, keep pure without adding any other sugar, and take along in an empty water bottle kept cold in a mini cooler and drink whenever feeling thirsty. Or keep in a glass container in our refridgerator.

If some of us still miss that fizzing sparkling taste of sodas, just add some natural seltzer water to fruit juice after blending, and you will have created your own natural drinks, without the refined or artificial sugars, that will be just as refreshing and thirst quenching. Eventually you will see how much more healthy and refreshing nature’s own natural thirst quenchers are versus sugary drinks because you will eventually start feeling and looking better. And that is what we all want.

The importance of washing hands and wearing protective gloves when handling foods. For people working in food handling or slicing fruit, and for those whom buy sliced fruit at local vendors, please read this:

The importance of those handling foods or slicing foods to wear protective gloves.

To those of us that buy fruits from vendors, Let’s be safe. Check out the place to see how the employees handle the fruit and if they are wearing gloves or not. In some places it is mandatory that people handling foods, or slicing fruit should always wear protective gloves. But in some smaller establishment or some countries people don’t follow the rules. Here is an experience from Africa that shows how our hands can become deadly to others.
 It’s in Nigeria – Lagos.  A 10 year old boy, had eaten pineapple about 15 days back, and fell sick, from the day he had eaten. Later when he had his Health check done….doctors diagnosed that he had AIDS.
 His parents couldn’t believe it… Then the entire family under went a check-up… none of them suffered from Aids. So the doctors checked again with the boy if he had eaten out…The boy said ‘yes’. He had pineapple that evening. Immediately a group from the hospital went to the pineapple vendor to check.
 They found the pineapple seller had a cut on his finger while cutting the pineapple; his blood had spread into the fruit.When they had his blood checked…the guy was suffering from AIDS…but he himself was NOT aware. Unfortunately the boy is suffering from it now. Please take care while you eat on the road side (particularly Oranges, Mangoes etc) and please share this info with those you know whom usually buy sliced fruit on the go.
 It is always a better way to buy fruit whole and slice yourself at home after washing the fruit and your own hands.  But in some places you can buy fruit in small containers ready to eat and go. Just make sure you buy such from a supermarket or healthfood or somewhere that employees do wear protective gloves when slicing or handling food.
Written and illustrated by: Glenda Brill (C)



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Setting the mood for each day starts with the right attitude

Wouldn’t you agree that is true? Most often when we get up in the morning in a bad mood, our whole day will also be a bad day if we don’t change it. Even while driving to work a persons attitude becomes manifest to others if caught in traffic and engages in road rage.

It is all in our attitude, which is a feeling or emotion toward a fact or state. Attitude is also described as a mental position with regard to a fact or a negative or hostile state of mind. This is often reflected in a person’s posture or mannerism, which everyone else around that person can see.

Some people may not like their jobs or someone on the job, and their mental state with regard to this can become very negative producing their attitude. Their attitude is accompanied by complaining, nasty remarks or hostility toward others for no reason. Someone with a negative attitude can affect other people around him or her, and attitudes can become habit forming or a lifestyle if not changed. People like this are not usually liked by others, because they can also spoil the mood of the day for everyone else around them.

How a bad attitude affects others around you

But instead of seeing that their attitude is the reason they blame everyone else around them. My last freelance job I worked with such a young man. He sure was a case of someone whose negative attitude had become a habit. He came to work every day in a bad mood, never greeted anyone, and when I said good morni ng,  he never answered. He snapped at everyone whom asked him a question and always looked angry.

I can’t stand being around people like that it makes me depressed because their attitude is like smoky air that stinks up the whole place and you find yourself being caught up in this smelly air, and don’t know how to even ask a question or say hello for fear the person will tell you off.

But more so I feel sorry for people like that for their attitude is a reflection of something else inside them that is making them very unhappy. So anyone with a bad attitude needs to examine themselves carefully and see what it is that is causing the bad disposition because it can affect a persons health, cause them to lose good friends, relationships, even a job if the attitude becomes a habit and others are being infected especially a company’s clients or customers. But more so it eventually can destroy a person from the inside out.

There are all kinds of attitudes that people develop and can have either a good or bad effect on them and others. Take for instance people with a condescending attitude. That is arrogant or very proud people whom look down on others if they are not in their so called class rank or make less money than themselves.

How a condescending attitude can cost someone their life

Some people whom reached a certain status or rank or just plain prejudice develop a attitude that lets everyone know that they are very important and don’t usually associate with small people, those that they consider below them. This can be anyone of any racial group or ethnicity.

They feel that people that they consider below them can’t tell them or teach them anything or smart enough to do anything worthwhile for them. I have experienced this myself so many times and it hurts to be treated or prejudge based on a another persons arrogant or condescending attitude. But they even don’t know that sometimes it is the least important or ordinary people that can teach us something or even save our lives.

I know from studying the account of Jesus Christ, God’s Son (this is just an illustration to show the kind of person he was) lets say our day was back then and he was to come to earth as a man maybe just a brief visit to New York City for a couple of days. He would walk around the streets dressed in jeans and a tee shirt. And when he comes across a group of young black boys dancing on the sidewalk with a crowd of people gathered around to watch, he no doubt would stop and join the crowd to watch and applaud the dancing boys.

Nobody would know who he was, or even listen when he speaks. If he should even mention that he was Jesus Christ people would burst out laughing, thinking he was another crazy person standing in the crowd. He certainly wouldn’t appear in special robes, with a crown on his head or drive around in a special Mobile (like the Pope) or limousine. Because that was the way he was when he was here on earth.

He was a down to earth ordinary poor man, dressed like everybody else, associated with the ordinary poor people and walked the dusty roads of Galilee with sandals on his feet like everyone else. He never had a proud condescending attitude, pompous or arrogant air about himself, even though he was literally superior than men, since he was perfect and God’s first born son. It was his humble disposition and teachings, and the way he treated people with such love and concern that made him recognizable as God’s son.

Developing a humble attitude can literally save our life

And because of his humble disposition or attitude and demeanor the proud high minded Jews, his own people (not all of them were this way, many humble Jews did become Jesus followers contrary to popular belief, and many today are also humble people and believers in Jesus)  in his day looked down on him, and couldn’t accept the fact that such a humble man could really teach them anything, or be their Messiah and saved their lives (even though it was prophesied that he would be this way). Only his fellow poor humble Jews paid attention to him and followed his instructions and were spared the terrible ordeal that befell those that didn’t listen.

The arrogant proud ones failure to listen to him when he gave them warning over and over to flee out of Jerusalem before the Romans came back to destroy the city, telling them exactly how the Romans would encircled the city and foretelling how  the entrapment would cause them to experience famine and a lot of suffering. He told them when and where they should run to (he even cried when foretelling the suffering for those that didn’t obey because they would include many mothers with children).

In spite of all that warning from Jesus, this humble Son of God, their condescending attitude prevailed. Even when they saw how the Romans were building stakes around the city just as Jesus said, and even halted the siege for a period of a couple years, giving them time to get out, only those whom believed Jesus fled, while the rest of the rebellious ones remained, some even thinking that Yahweh (their God Jehovah) would send someone else to rescue them, someone more prominent, not this ordinary man whom said he was God’s Son.

They were still to haughty to accept the fact that Jesus was the one that Yahweh sent, their Messiah. At his baptism in the Jordan River many eyewitnesses heard God’s own voice from heaven that said: “This is my son, Listen to him”. So there was no excuse for anyone not to know whom he was.

And just as he said would happen, over one million (1.100.000 according to historian Josephus) proud haughty Jews lost their lives within the City in 70 C.E when the Romans whom were enemies of the Jews destroyed Jerusalem. Ninety-seven thousands (97.000) others whom tried to get away after the Romans attacked were taken captive, sent as slaves to Egypt, or killed directly by the sword of the Romans. (Jerusalem today was later rebuilt but does not represent the same as that old city that was destroyed by the Romans, that old city represented the seat of God’s Kingdom on earth back then. God’s Kingdom will rule from heaven now, not from earthly Jerusalem). This is true history of how arrogant and apostate attitudes cost them their lives in one of the worst tribulations in Jewish history of that time period.

This shows us also how God operates. He always gives us warning by means of other humans, of what to expect,  because He doesn’t force anyone to do anything they don’t want. Our own free will, attitude and obedience is what we are being judged by. That tribulation back then is used in the Bible as an example and warning of the Great Tribulation that will take place again on a worldwide scale when our present Satanic controlled world is destroyed in the coming war of Armageddon. This is going to be far worst because it will involve not just one group of people or one city like it was back then, but the whole world of mankind.

A great teaching and warning work is taking place world wide through human beings (as Gods instruments) but so many people today from all racial and ethnic groups attitudes are so haughty and condescending that they even don’t take note or listen to the message or consider information or anything if it is coming from someone that they consider beneath them. And it is lifesaving information that they are missing out on. So many proud loveless people will lose their lives for good if they don’t listen and make changes now before that day comes.

But just like some did listen to Jesus back then and survived that tribulation, the book of Revelation also said that a great crowd of people from all walks of life, will survive Armageddon and continue living on, in the New World when Jesus Christ will restore obedient humans back to perfection again like it was in the Garden of Eden. This was the whole purpose of his coming to Earth and dying was to fulfill this promise of God to restore humans back to the way it started out, a perfect united human race living in peace on earth! This is God’s Will from the beginning and it will take place!

This is not what the movies on the End of the world is telling you, the earth or the human race will not end, only bad conditions, and disobedient wicked people will end. The promise to restore Paradise was giving way back to Abraham, whom was a faithful man, that God promised him that: “By means of your seed all nations of the earth will certainly bless themselves…..” Genesis 22:18. And it was because of this promise that God choose Abrahams offspring, the Jews as His special people so that Jesus Christ would indeed be born in a Jewish family and it would be easy for them to recognize this special offspring or seed, when he was born and baptized. (Check all the geneological reports about Jesus in the Gospel accounts they all go back to Abraham). 

But the ultimate purpose was for him to bless all obedient people of all nationalities and ethnicities, (all nations would be blessed that was the promise) that want to live forever on earth. There will be survivors who will keep on living and growing back to perfection in peace. Finally the human race will learn and experience what true happiness really is. But it depends on our attitude now and how we respond to the Godly education that is sent our way!

Here is another modern day example of how a condescending attitude can be dangerous to the person possessing it. A young woman I know who is from Africa and is a medical doctor works in a very prestigious hospital in an affluent part of Brooklyn New York. This girl is very well educated, but most of the older patients in this hospital are white or Caucasians and have money.

She said most of them when she walks into their room to treat them, they ask her if she is the maid on duty and request things that the maid would do. Even though she keeps telling them she is the doctor on duty they keep asking for a doctor. Some even refuse to let her take care of them and request that a white doctor do so.

Just because she is a black woman they think she doesn’t know what she is doing or have enough knowledge or experience to take care of them, even though she graduated from one of New York’s best medical schools. If there is another doctor on duty she gives them their wish but this young doctor may have the knowledge to help save their lives someday and their condescending prejudice attitude may prevent that, and will cost them their lives.

A compassionate attitude helps us understand why people do what they do

I understand exactly how she is treated because I had that experience many times when applying for design jobs here in New York City. Some people treated me just like I wasn’t capable of doing what they wanted, not capable of designing anything attractive as if I was stupid or something. Even with this Blog I see from Google Analytical reports that the Blog some days get several hundreds or even a thousand or more hits a day, but only a few people daily actually take the time to read the information.

I guess because they see my picture in the heading maybe concludes that I am an African American writing only for black people and I couldn’t be writing anything worthwhile reading. Some others I can see from the reports go through every single article or post that was written probably out of curiosity to see what I write about (or maybe looking for mistakes they can find to discredit my writing in some way).

Please read the “About Me Page” I am not African American (meaning I was not born or raised in America, and I am not a naturalized American Citizen, just a legal resident obeying all laws and paying my taxes). I know not all of them are prejudice but those whom are and these can be both African Americans or White Americans  alike I do not share or support their racial views about people. I love all people because I believe in the human race, and I am really a mixture of different races anyway. This Blog is not a Blog for any one racial group of people only, but for everybody, men and women living anywhere in the world.

I think I demonstrate that very well in my posts by the many illustrations I use throughout. You will never see illustrations depicting only one race, (unless I can’t find suitable pictures) but I try to mix them up with people from all racial or ethnic groups, because everything I write can be used by all people. (see previous post: People are basically all just people). In spite of what a few might think there are still many visitors whom do read the information daily (people from all over the world and some Americans also probably mostly white I believe).

They appreciate it, and have even commented on the helpful message and how they benefit from it. (Interesting sometimes I get comments praising other people for what is written, expressions like: “You guys, or you people”, it is just myself that writes, there are no guys or other people writing on the Blog.)

A loving attitude needed for real lasting change

There is a scripture that says God uses the foolish things of the world to put the wise men to shame. (1 Corinthians 1:27, 28). I came from a household where I was trained in Godly education and wisdom from the Scriptures by my parents whom are Jehovah’s Witnesses. (see previous post: Memoirs of a Wonderful Beloved Father) Over the years I have come to know the truth from the Bible very well, from beginning to end and know that the problems facing all humans is a spiritual problem.

I am not disturbed by all the turmoil going on in the world or even by people’s attitudes, because it was foretold to take place. These are difficult times because we are living in the closing period of a wicked world under the control of Satan and demons full of anger because they know that their end is very near. (This can be found in Revelation 12:9, 12). It will be replaced by a better world full of love under God’s Kingdom ruled by the Prince of Peace Jesus Christ. People will not change by means of Laws, New Regimes, or New Presidents, no matter how many new Presidents we get in office, our problems will remain the same. They cannot change people’s hearts or attitudes.

Because it is not laws that will prevent crime, thefts, hatreds, wars, murders, terrorism, immoral conduct, and all the other negative conditions we face today, it is people with hearts of love that will do so. And people hearts can only be changed in a spiritual way from the inside out, with right godly education in ways to show love, kindness, compassion, and all the spiritual qualities that make us better people.

Our problems started because of disobedience to God, and they will only be corrected with obedience to God. Those with a disbelieving attitude find people that believe in God to be foolish, but they still can’t explain why there are so many problems, why so much unhappiness or why they suffer and die, and most of them live in fear of what’s happening.

Those whom the high minded people look down on as foolish are the ones whom will have the knowledge needed for their lives. And Jesus also said that if they don’t speak God will cause the simple stones (beneath your feet) to do so. So examine every bit of information coming your way, never mind the messenger, pay attention to the message and its source if it appeals to your heart as truth. Don’t let a condescending attitude cause you to lose out on anything that can be beneficial to you, your family, and probably save your lives.

A courteous well mannered attitude is always more appreciated than a rude one

We can even learn lessons from children. I know a couple of days ago I was leaving my bank and there were three people in front of me all trying to get out through the side door since it was past closing time. There was a woman in front of me, and in front of her was a black woman and her young daughter about ten years old. The mother walked out first and the little girl instead of going through behind her mother stood at the door and held it open for the rest of us to pass through.

The woman in front of me just rushed right out almost knocking the child over and didn’t say a word. The little girl looked at her as she was leaving and shouted to her back ”You are welcome”. She was trying to let the woman know that she could have at least said “Thank you” since she stood there and held the door open for her to pass. She did the same for me and I thanked her.

But it shows how a young child whom no doubt would be looked down on, had the manners or training to show courtesy to other people. And to remind a grown person when they should say “Thank You”, while this other grown arrogant woman didn’t know.

This child was trying to teach her a lesson in common human courtesy or manners. In some cultures it is the custom to greet everyone whom you come in contact with, especially in small towns or countries. It used to be that way when I was growing up in St. Maarten (Dutch Caribbean).

When entering a home or a bus, you would say: “Good Morning” or “Good Afternoon” to everyone in the home or on the Bus especially the Bus driver. Or when passing someone on the street we did the same thing, greeting the person with good morning or afternoon, or just a nod of the head acknowledging their presence. A courteous attitude toward people shows respect and contributes to peace among people.

A good attitude promotes peace among people

Several years ago when I was in Holland (Europe) people did the same thing. I used to travel from Amsterdam to Eindhoven a small town outside Amsterdam where I stayed with my cousin. Most of the time it was late at night, and when entering the train people would greet each other with: “Goede Avond Iedereen” (Good evening to all), and on my walk home when passing some people standing outside the small stores in the neighborhood I did the same thing and everyone responded with: “Goede Nacht,” (Good night).

I kept my same attitude after I came to New York City, even though the custom is not the same here. Wherever I work or even in school I always greet everyone with either a Good Morning or Good Afternoon, even if some of them never respond. I do the same thing when entering the Bus, and sometimes the Bus drivers look surprised before they respond and those that do respond I can see how their countenance change because of at least one person wishing them a Good Day.

And this is the satisfaction that comes from displaying a friendly courteous attitude toward others is that it is making another persons day more endurable and also your own day. Whatever you give out comes back to you even if it is just a little bit. I am determined not to let other people change my attitude and become a stuck up unfriendly person, it is just not me!

How a bad attitude affects our general health

I am sure most people are aware how our mind affects our health. Our attitudes which starts in the mind is responsible for many of the diseases that people suffer from. Just feeding our mind with good thoughts can change our attitude and improve our lives. This was shown to a lady whom went to the doctor with severe stomach problems and needed x-rays to see inside her stomach.

The doctor gave her some kind of medical cocktail to drink which she said tasted like Styrofoam mixed in liquid cement followed by another drink that tasted like cod liver oil. As he was doing x-rays of her stomach he asked her what her favorite food was. After she said Banana Cream Pie, he asked her again what else would she like with the Pie, she added whipping cream.

Then she was told to look at the monitor that was showing her stomach and what was going on inside of her. The doctor showed her stomach with the fluid she had drunk, and while pointing the route he wanted the liquid to take, told her she could move the liquid from one part of her stomach to another location where it would dissolve, by just thinking about a food she loves.

When she concentrated on Banana Cream Pie with whipping cream, to her amazement the strange liquid that she drunk earlier moved from the original location in her stomach to the desired place the doctor pointed out right on the x-ray computer screen. Just the very thought of a food she loves moved the bad liquid out of her system and made her feel much better.

By this experiment it was demonstrated how resentful thoughts or bad attitudes bring changes in our body, causes stomach ulcers, tightened jaw, pounding temples, high blood pressure, heart disease, respiratory diseases, and probably many other ailments still being studied.

On the other hand a good attitude will have just the opposite effect on the body. As was demonstrated by the experiment above the pleasant thought of a food she loves, brought relief to her stomach, so a good attitude will bring peace to the digestive tracts, relaxation to our muscles and a smooth flow to our circulation.

Our altitude, how far we get in life all depends on our attitude

Some people are always complaining about their lot in life and being jealous of other people whom seem to be getting ahead. But they don’t realize how it is their negative attitude that is holding them back, and those that they think are doing better than them are being driven by their own positive outlook on life.

So in reality our attitude is the driving force behind our actions and will determine our altitude, how far we get in life and even how long we live. It affects everything, it is one of those spiritual qualities that we need to work on everyday because it comes from the inside out and affects our entire life and can affect others around us.

So any day we wake up in a bad mood, change the mood by doing something to start the day off with the right attitude. For me it is developing a Attitude of Gratitude. And one thing I do have is a measure of good health, and start everyday off with a good exercise program which includes mostly Dancing, Yoga, Pilates and stretching which I have been doing for years since I was a teenager.

This helps maintain my health and also get that good serotonin flowing through my brain. I also find something during the day to laugh about either some comedy show or some funny jokes I subscribe to via email. And take care of my spiritual health by feeding my mind with good thoughts, and finding some time to read whenever I can. So anyone I come across during the rest of the day, and I greet and they don’t answer, all I can say to them is: “Change your ‘tude Dude, because I am not letting you change mine!”

Written and illustrated by Glenda Brill (©)

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Understanding the different roles between men and women, and how they express themselves can prevent many break-ups.

Divorce because of irreconcilable differences. It seems like nearly every marital break up we hear about these days all claim to blame it on the above: differences that they say they couldn’t resolve. And it is happening so much now than at any other time in human history. Years ago most people stay married until they grew old together or until death did the m apart just as their marital vows said they should.

I know my parents did, they were married for 50 years until Dad died first. And there are still some older folks around that have been married for years and are growing old together. The divorce rate in the USA has been one in every two marriages according to the latest statistics. So what really change that younger couples today can’t seem to stay together and solve their problems? Or if they do are having so many problems?

The problem usually starts with not understanding the different roles of men and women within a marriage, how they speak, hear and react in conversations.

People are basically very similar in many ways but still very different in how we express ourselves through words, actions and our expectations from each other. And words can hurt, stab us to the bone, or heal. (read previous post on: “The Organ that sometimes plays an uncontrollable wrong tune“).

We are all the product of our upbringing, belief structure, culture and other views forming and shaping our thinking everyday. Today so many young people are growing up or have grown up in divided households or were raised without a father, or mother, or in some cases without any real parents, but by strangers.

Boys and girls learn how to talk and have conversations from their parent(s) or from their peers. So their world of words could be different from others even within their own racial group. For instance some Africans born and raised in Europe grew up speaking and thinking like white Europeans. And some Europeans immigrants to Africa their children also grew up speaking and thinking like Africans, it has nothing to do with their racial origins.

So men and women in relationships express themselves differently according to their backgrounds and cultural upbringing, (not race) and expect different re-actions than what they get and this leads to misunderstandings and arguments. The fundamental needs of men and women and the roles their play in marriage are the same all over.

But the reactions and outcome of a good union between a man and woman is using the right words in conversation and actions toward each other is what shows how well we understand each other and our place within the marriage. Having others understand why we talk and act as we do protects us from the pain of their puzzlement and criticism.

All of us want to be understood by the other for what we are saying, and what we meant

Women all over are the more emotional partner, more talkative than men. Women just love to talk about their problems and want to get a response right away. Most women will admit that one of the things they are looking for in a mate is someone to talk to. Both men and women need that emotional connection, not just to talk to someone but all of us want to be understood by the other for what we are saying, and what we meant.

Men on the other hand are more of the quite listeners, since their role calls for more problem solving and re-assurance. So a man may be listening while going over a solution in his mind at the same time. This lack of immediate response can be misunderstood by the woman speaking that maybe he didn’t hear her the first time. So she repeats the sentence or the question again. If he still doesn’t respond right  away, she accuses him of not caring about her problems.

Now he gets annoyed and lashes out at her for nagging him. Most men hate nagging because it makes them feel like their wives are telling them what to do or treating them like a child.

They become very defensive of their headship. The wife on the other hand takes this angry outburst against her questions as a controlling or superior reaction on her husband part, and so a argument starts over the simple fact that she didn’t understand that he was listening and thinking about her problem, and he in turn didn’t understand that she needed some re assurance right away and didn’t intend to nag him.

Sometimes the simple words “I am sorry” can stop an argument and restore communication again.

Most of the time arguments like this can be solved by just each saying to the other “I am sorry”, which most couples don’t do and view problems as being irreconcilable. Here is a another example I  remember reading years ago again about the differences between men and women and how they express themselves.

The wife was seriously injured in a car accident. Because she hated being in the hospital the wife asked to come home earlier. But once home she suffered pain because of having to move around. Her husband said, “Why didn’t you stay in the hospital where you would have been more comfortable?” This hurt her because to her it seemed to imply that he didn’t want her home.

She didn’t think of his suggestions that she should have stayed in the hospital as a response to her complaints about the pain she was suffering; she thought of it as an independent expression of his preference not to have her at home. You see how simple words and how they are expressed can hurt another partner and even start an argument. But why now more so than in the past are there so many break-ups?

Times changed, peoples thinking, attitudes viewpoints and lifestyles changed

There is no doubt that the times we are living in are much different than our parents and grandparents day. There is a lot more pressure from all sides on both men and women. Most women today unlike some of our parents and grandparents are Career Women or working outside the home. </