What does Jesus have to do with the Easter Bunny and Colored Eggs?

Absolutely NOTHING! Today Easter Sunday millions of professed Christians around the world celebrated Easter Sunday, which they are taught to believe was the honoring of Jesus Christ resurrection.  Many sincere people go along with tradition without even questioning or investigating what they are celebrating.

Many might be shocked to realize that they are actually honoring an ancient Fertility Goddess, and not God or Jesus Christ at all.

Where did Easter come from?

The Word “Easter” originated with an ancient Goddess or God who was Eostre or Eastre. She was the Great Mother Goddess of the Saxon people of Northern Europe. Also the Teutonic dawn goddess of fertility was known by various other names closely related to Easter such as Ostare, Ostara, Ostern, Eastur. The name was also derived from the ancient word for spring. “eastre”.

Springtime was sacred to many of the ancient worshipers of false Gods in the land of Phoenicia and other surrounding nations in the Mediterranean and the land of Canaan. Their fertility Goddess Astarte, or Ishtar had as her symbols the egg and the hare. Her statues usually depicted her as having extreme exaggerated sex organs or with an egg in her hand and a rabbit at her side. The promotion of immoral sex, the innocent spilling of blood,  and sacred prostitution was part of her cult.

Why a Rabbit or Bunny and Eggs?

As mentioned above this Goddess was the God of fertility, or reproduction. The Rabbit is known to be the most fertile animal known, and eggs also were ancient symbols of fertility. Spring is also the time when new life and rebirth begins after a long winter so these symbols of fertility was incorporated to celebrate spring time.  But how did they become symbolic of Jesus Resurrection?

There is no record in the Bible or any historic writings of the Jews or Christians of Easter, or its celebration with a Bunny or eggs. The custom was definitely of pagan or heathen origins. The custom of a Easter Bunny and edible eggs was first mentioned in pre-christian Germany writings and was later brought to America by German settlers in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. As mentioned above this custom was associated with the worship of false Gods which is Idolatry, of which the True God told his people not to have anything to do with false Gods, and to worship Him alone.

When did Easter became a “Christian” Celebration?

After the death of Jesus Apostles, (remember all Jesus Christs’ original followers were Jews, who after the celebration of his death became “Christians”, which means  “Anointed”) the Great Apostasy, the breaking away from the true God inspired Hebrew-Christian teachings took place with Roman Catholicism becoming the first and the dominant religion of this Apostate Christianity.

(This again helps us to understand that all the terrible things done in the name of  “Christianity” which the Catholic Churches took the lead, was not really Christian at all. One of these terrible injustices was the Holocaust, the horrible slaughter of millions of Jews. Since all the first Christians were Jews, followers of Jesus Christ who also was a Jew these true Christians were not going to turn against their own fellow Jews and commit such a horrible crime like what took place during the holocaust. That was done by means of  “False Christianity”, Apostate Religion, that started with Roman Catholicism).

Many pagan customs and teachings were adopted into these new Catholic churches and dressed up as holy or Christian. As more religious groups joined in this apostasy, they formed their own religions and took these pagan customs with them and ingrained them into their worship. These became part of their new teachings now being taught as Christian or Holy Celebrations. Anything that has its origins in Paganism cannot be Holy to God, it is offensive and does not have his approval.

Why a Rabbit and Eggs could not be symbolic of  Jesus Christ Resurrection

First of all a Rabbit does not lay eggs. That is contrary to nature. Birds lay eggs, not Rabbits, or Hares. Second Jesus was a Jew, born into the lineage of Abraham. Among the laws that were given to the Israelites back then were certain foods or animals that they could not eat as they were considered unclean by God. Only animals that chew the cud and have a fully cloven hoof could be eaten, others such as the pig, camel and the rabbit or hare was one of those animals that were forbidden to eat.

God would never use an unclean animal like a rabbit to symbolize the clean life of His Son. Sheep or lamb were allowed, and it was the blood of a lamb that was used on the door posts of the Jews as a sign for the angel to pass over. (This was the origin of the Passover). The Lamb, not a rabbit or hare is also sometimes spoken of as symbolic of Jesus, as a Lamb is a meek animal and was considered clean to God.

Also Jesus never gave any command to celebrate his resurrection, but only his death. Because his death means the releasing of obedient humans from sin and death which was brought on by the human race first parents, Adam and Eve. (see post: People are basically all just people).

Like all the Jews back then He celebrated the Passover on Nisan 14th after sundown. That was the exact date and time when they were given the command to celebrate the Passover.  This was a very important celebration as it reminded the Jews of God’s deliverance from Egyptian bondage, and how they were spared alive by means of putting the blood of a Lamb on their doorposts, so that the Angel of Death that killed Pharoah firstborns “passed over” the houses of the Jews so they survived. But there was a even greater reason why they were given the command to keep the Passover. It was also to be a reminder of a greater deliverance to come.

It was also symbolic of the Greater Deliverance from bondage to sin and death that would come to them and all obedient humans by means of the Greater Deliverer, or Messiah. All during the years after that first Passover, we see progressive steps toward the fulfillment of producing this Greater Deliverer, who would have to die for the release and restoration to the original Life God meant humans to have.

On the night before Jesus died, he celebrated the Passover with his 12 apostles who were all Jews, the same way that he and they were doing for years before his birth and during his life on earth. Then He explained to them that he was establishing a New Covenant with them by breaking the unleavened bread and passing it around for them to eat. He explained it represented His Perfect Sinless Life which was to die on their behalf. He also passed the Red Wine of which they drank, which he explained to them meant His Blood which was to be poured out as a sacrificial Lamb to take away the sins of the world.

Only His Death was given as a command to celebrate

He gave them the command to “Keep doing this in Remembrance of Me”. They were already used to celebrating the Passover every year. Now He was telling them to keep doing it, but now with a New Arrangement in view. His death and Life was the final sealing of all God’s Promises to deliver them and all obedient Humans from sin and death, and bring a restoration of perfect life to mankind.

It became a much greater reason for celebrating than the deliverance from Egyptian bondage, because His Blood and Life was far more superior than the blood of the lamb on their doorposts that saved them, and would deliver them from much more than just a physical place of slavery, but from a world of sin, suffering and death. And this would extend to all obedient humans who had faith. This was the promise that was given to Abraham hundreds of years before Jesus’ birth, that “by means of Abraham’s seed, or offspring all the nations of the earth would be blessed”. He was the foretold Lamb of God that will take away the sin of the world!

So the death of Jesus Christ is the important Day to remember and celebrate. It is closely connected to the Passover, but superior. And this was the only command he gave to celebrate: the Memorial of His death which took place on the exact date of Nisan 14, on the Passover after sundown.  It may fall on a different day each year, but it is always on Nisan 14th. each year.

So what does Jesus have to do with an Easter Bunny and colored Eggs? NOTHING!  These are all of Pagan origins and all sincere believers in God should be careful about following traditions that originate with False Gods. Doing so make it a matter of whether we will be included among the peoples who will live forever on earth when the restoration of perfect life again is given to humans. (see previous written post: People are basically are just People)

Written and illustrated by: Glenda Brill (C)

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