Think before you ink the skin, t(h)at too can be painfully costly

Today tattoos – ink on the skin seems to be the in thing. Nearly everybody or his brother and sister got a tattoo somewhere on their body. This past summer when the weather was so hot here in New York, and everyone wore shorts or sleeveless shirts, I remembered riding the overcrowded subway one day going downtown.

Since I had to stand while holding on to the handles overhead, I couldn’t help noticing the people sitting down in front of me. I was surprised to see almost every single person both young men and women of every race or ethnic group sitting for rows down was exposing tattoos on their arms, legs, necks, chests, and even the calf of their legs.

Even very young teenagers were flashing tattoos. On the back of their calves, some with both arms completely covered by tattoos, and other women wearing low cut blouses exposing tattoos right down the middle of their cleavages. Wow, I had no idea tattoos were that popular, I thought it was mostly among Celebrities, Rock and Pop Stars. It is not just that we are living in a scary world (a world full of fear) but also a very scarry one, people full of scars, for that is what a tattoo is, a permanent decorated scar on the skin.

From a little girl I could remember myself always scribbling, drawing or painting on any piece of paper I could get my hands on. My parents used to buy coloring books for me to color the illustrations in whatever colors I choose using either coloring pencils or crayons. And as I got older I advanced to other mediums such as water colors and paints. So I guess I was born to be an Artist, but drawing on the skin, somehow I never thought that was right.

I couldn’t stand even a little spot getting on my skin as it looked dirty to me. And as I grew into my teenage years I was always concerned that those teenage blemishes don’t leave any permanent scars on my face or body. And that was the way most people thought a few years back.

A few years ago people would do anything to remove scars or any blemishes from their bodies, spotless and blemish free clear skin was something everyone desired. There were creams invented to remove or hide even the smallest blackhead scars as people find them to be embarrassing and unattractive. Now they are paying money to do just the opposite, to place permanent marks on their bodies. Are the outer scars a reflection of the inner deep seated psychological or emotional scars?

Perhaps that is the case with some people, or others just follow the crowd. Because some of their friends or favorite Stars do it, they do it to. It is like monkey see, monkey do. This is often the case with preteens and teenagers, they want everything that the majority of their peers have. But just like certain types of clothes can identify people with a certain group or a gang, so that would be the same with tattoos. So it would be wise to find out what kind of people wore tattoos, what do most of the skin graft symbols represent, and what were they involved in?

Tattoos go back as far back as 5000 years ago, and it is believed that the first tattoo was discovered by accident. Someone developed a wound on their skin, and since in those days they used coal in open fire cooking, while taking care of the fire rubbed their dirty hand that was covered in black soot and ashes accidently right into the wound. After the wound healed it left a permanent mark in the skin.

From then onward the art of cutting the skin and inserting dark or colored material under those cuts forming these into designs on the skin became a practice throughout most of the pagan world.

In the high Altai mountains of Western and Southern Siberia mummies have been excavated that date to around 2400 years ago. The tattoos on their bodies represented a variety of animals, griffins, and monsters and was believed to have magical significance, but a few were purely decorative.

In 1891 mummified remains have also been found in Egypt of a priestess of the goddess Hathor at Thebes who lived around 2160 BC – 1994 BC. Her body was covered with tattoos of dots, lines and dashes that were grouped together in abstract geometric patterns. This type of design was restricted to women only and was associated with ritualistic idol worship. The Egyptians spread the art of tattooing throughout the world, to Crete, Greece, Persia and Arabia. By the year 2000 BC tattooing had spread all the way to Southeast Asia. Eventually Japan, China, Polynesia, Samoa, New Zealand, Indonesia, India/Thailand all adopted the pagan practice of tattooing.

The Romans whom got the practice of tattooing from the Greeks used it to brand slaves and criminals and it was also used as a form of punishnment. During the early Roman Empire all slaves exported to Asia were tattooed with the inscription: “Tax paid”. Convicts, Gladiators and Soldiers also used tattoos on their faces but this was later prohibited by the Roman Emperor Constantine. Even though he wasn’t a worshiper of the true God, followed his conscience and believed that humans created in God’s Image should not disfigure or defile their faces. (That’s one thing he was right about).

In 1519 when the Spaniards, who had never heard of tattoos before, arrived on the coast of Mexico they were horrified to learn that the natives not only worship devils in the form of statues and idols but also had these idol images indelible imprinted on their skin. They immediately recognized it as the work of Satan. The Spaniards later discovered that the practice of tattooing was widely practiced not just in Mexico but throughout all of Central America.

The practice spread to North America where outstanding warriors were recognized by their tattoos. And the first tattoo shop was set up in New York City and began the tradition of tattooing military servicemen from both sides of the civil war. In 1891 Samuel O ‘Reilly invented the electric tattooing machine which made the art of performing tattoos easier to do.

Eventually tattoos became the mark of sailors and criminals. Sailors returned home from their ships with their own tattoos. And prisoners had tattoos imprinted on their bodies what they desired in their soul-autonomy and identity. Most of those in prison were gang members and they had their own gang tattoos. A permanent mark showed total commitment to the gang.

These tattoos also revealed a lot about each individual gang member such as what their beliefs were, who they were, what gang they belonged to, where they came from, how many years they were in jail, and how many people they killed. This was symbolized by the spider web on their elbows showing how many people they killed.

Because the same gods or spirits (Satan and the demons) the evil promoters of every unclean ungodly practice are still around. And more so now than ever before since these are the last days of his Rulership over the world, is misleading the entire inhabited earth and leading people straight to destruction where he and his demons are heading. (Bible books of Revelation 12:9, 12 and Ephesians 6:12) (read previous posts: “Why cleverly calculated evil acts and killings are not mere innocent acts of insanity or a mental disorder” and Developing a keen sense of observation could save many lives”).

Inspite of the progress our generation claim to have made, morally and spiritually we are the most backward, ignorant and debased than previous ones. People do and say things now without any regard, as to whether it is morally or spiritually right or wrong. (as the Bible says in Ephesians 4:19 “ Having come to be past all moral sense they gave themselves over to loose conduct to work uncleanness of every sort”).

There is demonic influence in all areas of life. And this is mostly promoted through entertainment – music, videos, movies and other media outlets. Talent and Art are gifts from God, entertainment is needed to add to our enjoyment of life. So don’t get me wrong for pointing this out, I love the whole Creative and Performing Arts industry. I am an Artist myself and have studied all phases of the creative arts: Art & Design, dancing, music, acting, and worked for 6 years in the Industry (ABC-TV in New York City), and would love to work in the Industry again, especially movies.

So I have a keen interest in everything that is taking place in the Industry. I don’t think I can live in a world without any entertainment, and God never meant for us to live in such a world otherwise there would not be so much talent out there. But because of this love and need for entertainment by all humans,  it is one of the easiest channels that Satan and his demons are using to entrap masses of people around the world by promoting his God dishonoring and self destructive lifestyles. Their influence is very plain to see these days.

I believe the art of the modern day tattoo first began in the Music Industry where most Heavy Metal Musicians and Rock Stars started having tattoos. Most of them were also drug addicts, and eventually spread to all areas of the Entertainment world, including Actors, Dancers, Singers, Performers and even those behind the  scenes.

 And ofcourse there are more nudity on stage than before because they have to expose their tattooed bodies for everyone to see. So young men and women dance half naked freely on stage with bodies full of tattoos, or appear on the cover of magazines practically naked exposing their tattooed body parts.

These are the ones whom everyone idolize, the “Super Stars”  of our day, whom set the standard in fashions, conduct, and speech, and whom everyone want to look like. All forms of evil are viewed as good entertainment. So the message that is being sent is that it is alright to have tattoos just like extreme violence, evil, vulgar speech, sexual immoral and perverted lifestyles or sodomy are condone as nothing being wrong with them.

All these talented people and those whom imitate them don’t realize that the ones whom are getting their honor and of whom they have become “Slaves” of are the Devil and the demons. He is willfully promoting everything that he knows God condemns and that can corrupt humans so that they will have to be destroyed along with him and his demons. (See previous post on “Why calculated evil acts and killings are not mere innocent acts of insanity or a mental disorder and the follow up to that one). Even though the entire pagan world back then practiced the art of tattooing in honor of idol and demonic worship, there is no record of God fearing men and women (the original Israelites/Jews and succeeding Christians) engaging in the practice of putting marks on their skin. This was in obedience to several commands given by the Creator himself: One is not to have any other Gods before His face, and not to make any carved images of anything in Heaven or Earth, or under the Sea and serve them. (Bible book of Exodus 20: 3, 4).  

Leviticus 19:28 the practice of cutting the skin and tattooing is clearly prohibited, words spoken by God himself. It says “And you must not make cuts in your flesh for a deceased soul, and you must not put tattoo marking upon yourselves. I am Jehovah” (The name of the true God and Creator) (Bible Book of Leviticus 19:28).

The skin is the largest cell in the body, protecting our immune system and other bodily organs. If a tattoo Artist doesn’t keep his hands clean, (even though I believe they are require to wear gloves) or the instruments that is used in tattooing are not sterilized, and even the ink that is used is contaminated we don’t know to what extent bacteria produced by such can cause poisoning of the blood stream and affect the entire immune system which protects us from diseases.

Many commands such as washing hands, drinking wine in moderation, laughter as being good for the heart, the proper dispensing of animal fat and blood, eating of certain foods and many others were given by our Creator (Jehovah) years ago, and are only now, being discovered by Scientists in our modern century as having many health and life preserving benefits.

But our Creator knew this all along. Every command given to humans by God was for their physical and spiritual health and protection. Being created in His Image he wanted people to keep their bodies clean and healthy which would contribute to their general well being and preservation of their life. Those who did in the past carry themselves with human dignity and respect, they had peace and stood out from among the other idol worshiping pagan nations around them.

This is recorded in the Bible Book of Isaiah 48: 17, 18: “ This is what Jehovah has said…the Holy One of Israel, I Jehovah am your God, the One teaching you to benefit yourself, the One causing you to tread in the way in which you should walk. O if only you would actually pay attention to my commandment! Then your peace would become just like a river, and your righteousness like the waves of the sea.”

This command to be clean was carried over into the Christian area, right up into our time period, which was an extension of the Hebrew/Judean period.

In 2 Corinthians 7:7 it was repeated: “Therefore since we have these promises beloved ones, (the promise of a better world under God’s Kingdom) let us cleanse ourselves of every defilement of flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in God’s fear. Holiness and cleanliness means the same thing, tattoos make one look physical unclean and because they have their roots in Satanic worship are also a spiritual defilement. Some people may not have any interest in listening to what God says, or even believe in such, and may reason that they just like tattoos because they make them look more attractive. But do they really?Anything added to our body is supposed to enhance us, not take away from it. For instance women wear clothes and jewelry to enhance or compliment their beauty, and a man will wear a nice shirt, tie or jacket that enhances his looks, and to look presentable for the occasion he is dressing for. (See previous post on: “When Heads turn, let it be for the right reason“)

Anything that we wear whether it is clothes, shoes, a purse, necklace or earrings. Shirt or ties, should add or compliment our attractiveness, should make us more pleasing to the beholder, not divert from it. To me tattoos do just the opposite, they distract from a persons natural beauty. A beautiful woman or some men with visible tattoos look spotty and to me some look plain dirty like they haven’t taken a bath or shower in days.

I was looking at the American Music Award show last Sunday, and some of the male singers and dancers with their shirts off exposing their bodies, had bare backs, chests, arms, necks and heads full of tattoos.

Some of these performers are handsome or attractive people but they look like a bunch of dirty zombies whom haven’t taken a bath in days with their bodies covered up in tattoos. Their natural attractiveness was completely lost because our eyes usually go to the distraction rather than the attraction.

And the hard fact is that tattoos are permanent skin marks. And as people age their skin also ages and those tattoos that they thought once as attractive don’t look the same anymore and become even more of a distraction. And so some people find themselves stuck with tattoos they no longer like. The cost to remove tattoos are much higher than having them done in the first place, and the process cannot be done with one treatment.

It takes several laser surgical procedures, somewhere from ten to fifteen laser treatments to remove tattoos. And each treatment is only about twenty minutes long with several weeks of healing time in between. Each one of these less than a hour treatment cost several hundreds or thousands of dollars each, and most average people can’t afford the cost. And with the healing weeks in between it is a very long and very painful process.

Earlier this year in January 2012 a poll was taken among 21% of Americans who had tattoos done years ago. One in eight of those polled regretted having it done. Some of the reasons were that they were just mere teenagers or too young when the process was done. Others said it was permanent and they felt marked for life. Some as they got older no longer liked the tattoos.

The same poll was done among tattooed people in Britain, and Italians with the same regretful attitude. As life is constantly changing people minds also change. What you like when you are a teenager, you usually outgrow as you get older. But unfortunately the tattoo is permanent, and doesn’t go away with age.

Some people changed careers or got a new job that requested that tattoos be removed. Others may have ended  previous relationships or marriages that had the name of their partner tattooed onto their bodies, now they want to remove that person’s name. This happens quite often with Actors, whom change relationships often, or they may get some acting parts that require the covering up or complete removal of their tattoos.

One Actress gave her experience several months ago of how she had to remove tattoos because of getting a part that didn’t want any exposed tattoos on her body. She described the process as so painful, worst than giving birth to a child of which she had several children, and she said she would rather have more children than suffer the pain of another tattoo removal. With increasing technology in laser surgical tattoo removal techniques, the pain might be reduced, but it still takes  several laser treatments to completely remove a tattoo, and so far it is very expensive.

Most medical insurance companies don’t cover cosmetic procedures like tattoo removal. So if you are just the average person whom wants to remove previous tattoos and doesn’t have the money to pay a high tech doctor to remove it then you are stuck for life with a branding or mark on your body that you may now be embarrassed to show, or have to do all you can to cover it up.

So whether you are a young person, or the average person whom may be tempted to follow the crowd in getting a tattoo done and didn’t know to much about the process. In view of the foregoing history, how it affects both your physical and spiritual life, and the fact that you may be interested now, but later a change can occur in your life that might require that you remove that tattoo. Also the pain and money that it will require to do so it is wise to do as the title of this post says: “Think before you ink the skin, tattoos can be painfully costly!” And I should add both in a physical and spiritual sense. But like everything else it is your choice!

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