What Are The Little Sponges Soaking Up?

This article is written for parents, both mothers and fathers. Single parent or married couples with young children. Or those planning on having children, or anyone can learn a whole lot also. So read all the way to the end. A baby’s or young child’s brain has always been compared to a sponge. Why? Because just like a sponge soaks up anything or everything that is spilled around it, so does the brains of young children. Even before they are born, while in the mother’s womb a baby can already start soaking up things that are happening outside the mother’s womb.

We have often heard some mother’s exclaim when talking about the alertness of their newborn: “This child seems like she (or he) was here before”. In reality they were not literally there before but whatever the environment was outside the womb, the conversations, music, shouting, screaming, fighting, arguments, obscene language, or spirituality was being heard and soaked up by the baby even before they enter the real world.

I know of two different real life experiences where this was proven to be true. One pregnant mother who was a classical pianist practiced her piano music at home everyday right up until she was almost ready to go into labor with her first born child. She particularly loved a favorite classical piano concert piece from Mozart and played it repeatedly during her pregnancy.

Even before they are born babies already start soaking up things happening outside the womb

After her baby was born, she continued her piano practice playing a variety of songs, but whenever she played her favorite Mozart piano concert piece, even if the baby was sleeping, it woke up, the newborn baby actually became very alert, turned its little head in her direction and listened intently. She did this everyday and the response was the same from the baby, the young child acted like she knew the song, recognized its every note and was enjoying the music along with her mother.

The child did not react this way with any of the new songs she was beginning to play but only with this particular classical piece of music. Then she remembered that was her favorite song she played while being pregnant with the baby and the baby heard and knew the music even before it was born. Its little brain had soaked up every note.

Another experience comes from a young father. When his wife was pregnant, every night before they went to sleep, he read a short chapter from a children’s Bible Story Book holding the book and his head close to his wife swollen abdomen and read aloud to the unborn child. After the baby was born he continued rereading the same stories to the child and the baby responded and listened intently like it knew every story he read, it had heard them before, while in the womb.

Giving a young child a cell phone without any supervision is leaving him or her open to a whole world of all kinds of conflicting negative information, messages and moral filth

So today young children are being bombarded or soaking up all kinds of negative information from the day they are born all through their childhood. Some of this comes from right inside their homes. They imitate whatever they hear or see their parents do, or whatever they see or hear on TV or online. And with our new technology craze very young children are given smart phones and are left alone with these, without any supervision from their working parents. Some of these children are entrust in the care of nannies or baby-sitters, who just leave them use their phones as they wish.

Putting these instruments in the hands of young children is giving them access to all kinds of news, internet sites and videos, that should only be visited or seen by adults. And there has not been any research done yet as to the danger of cell phone radiation to a young child’s brains. Or even those whom are stay at home Moms spend so much time on their cell phones and the children can hear their conversations, or left alone to be with their own phone or just watch TV. All this info is slowly shaping their minds, personalities, attitudes and inclinations.

Parents are you aware of whom your children are becoming fans of? Do you know who they are texting each other about?

Most young people even the very young are becoming fans of famous Reality TV Stars, Singers, and other famous questionable personalities. Do you yourself pay attention and admire these people? Then no doubt your children will also pick up on this and absorb these person’s lifestyles and moral ideas.

Lifestyles that were once considered to be immoral and people kept secret are now openly glamorized and broadcast on National TV News making it easy for young children to see and hear, to soak up

For instance lifestyles that were once considered to be immoral and people kept secret are now openly glamorized and even broadcast and praised on National TV News. For instance a certain Reality TV Star who filed for divorce from her third (3rd) husband of only 72 days shortly after started sleeping around with a another man even before her divorce is final.

Now she is pregnant with this other man’s child while still being married to her husband. This has been all over the news, this young couple is being treated as if they did a great thing. It has even been reported that this Star gets the most searches on Google. Why?

A promiscuous woman openly committing adultery and this is good news to be told to the whole world? Why does this even have to be on the National News or Online front page News? And she gets invitations for interviews talking about her pregnancy with another man while still being married to someone else. And what is she going to tell her child after it is born? What will this child soak up with a mother like that? How will this shape their future life?

Another also famous Celebrity Singer also divorced her fourth (4th) husband and shortly after that started dating her dancer and on tour with this man while her divorce is still in progress. And what is so shameful is that she takes her two little children just three years old twins (a boy and girl) with her on tour with this new man, while still being married to their father. What do you think these little children are soaking up?

How will this affect their life now, and in the future? Most of these children whenever you see them look sad and lonely. And what message is being sent to other young children probably your young daughters and sons when they see all this online, and through the news? Are they fans of these Stars, admire them consider them role models, and hope to be like them? Do you know whom your young children are texting each other about?

Parents do you know what your children are soaking up and what they are texting each other about?

Other examples of children being raised by same sex couples gays or lesbians (or Sodomites), two fathers or two mothers. But if a child is found in the presence or even touched by a pedophile or child molester which is the same as a sodomite, he or she is thrown in prison, but young baby boys and even young baby girls, can be adopted by two homosexual men or lesbians and raised as their children.

And they are praised for their conduct in the Movies, TV and the Media, while someone with the same perverted lifestyle is branded as a pedophile or child molester and if caught just talking or being in the presence of a child is thrown into prison. What do you think these children are soaking up? Aren’t the lives of these children in just as much danger as those in the presence of a child molester? Who knows what can be done to these children in secret and they will never know if it is wrong or right, because these are their “parents” whom loves them.

Another news bit is the high school Graduate coming out with his gay lifestyle and being praised and congratulated for doing so. This young man got so much praise online, that you would think he did the most honorable thing. On the other hand another famous young man is being condemned for deception and lies about a girlfriend he never had. Can you understand why children are so confused, stressed and acting like adults? And how do you think this is affecting your own children whom are hearing or seeing this on TV, online or getting this news through their phones?

The little brains of children are constantly being exposed to and obsorbing all kinds of hypocritical and conflicting messages

Do you also see how hypocritical and conflicting the messages are for young minds, because some immoral people with their debased sexual conduct are being glamorized, praised, idolized and even congratulated for exposing their conduct to everyone. While on the other hand those that tell lies, defraud and kill are being condemned. And parents are concerned about the need for gun control to protect their children from killers because this is very bad.

But didn’t the same God that says “do not murder, do not lie or defraud your fellowman, also said do not commit adultery, and a man should not lie down the same with another man as with a woman? (And the same goes for women with women)”. (Exodus 20: 13-16 and Leviticus 20:13) It is all the same thing, murder, lies and deception falls in the same category with adultery, all immoral debased conduct or sodomy, (sodomy is all unnatural perverted sexual conduct contrary to natural intercourse between a man and his wife. The cities of Sodom (that is where the word sodomy comes from) and Gomorrah were completely destroyed because of the gross homosexual practices that took place there,  setting the example of what will happen to our present time as foretold in the Bible), and all the other sexual immoral lifestyles people are glorifying.

The slow moral corrupting of young minds and conscience is the same as killing them, it is destroying them from the inside out.

None is any worst or less wrong than the other. (Revelation 22:15) and if you need to protect your children from killers then you also need to protect them from this type of mind corrupting information that they are soaking up, and that is shaping their personalities and characters. it is literally killing them from the inside out, spiritually.

Children are growing up with no sense of what is right or wrong, no conscience, no morals, no purpose in life, no faith, no hope, all because of what they are soaking up from the world around them, a spiritual dead world under the control of the Great Deceiver Satan the Devil. And parents are not teaching them anything to counteract all this adding to the stress and confusion to their lives.

Sad lonely children becoming obsessed with their only companion their cell phones

Some of these children are just plain sad and lonely. They may spend most of their time away from working parents, and even when home there is very little verbal communication within some families, so they have no one to talk to and texting is now taking the place of conversation, adding more to the loneliness of these children.

Their cell phones become their companions since it gives them something to do, search the web, text friends or whatever other apps they have on these phones. Also by soaking in all the things they are hearing or seeing by means of these phones or other electronic devices children are growing up so fast because of being concerned with news that only adults were once concerned with.

Children scared, confused and under stress by all the negative news that were once only the concern of adults.

Just a few days ago I heard on the news how a little five (5) year old girl was suspended from school because she threatened to shoot someone with a Bubble Gun. Now how can a child that young even knew what a gun does and know how to threaten to kill someone with a gun? Because that is all everyone has been talking about since the mass shootings, the discussion of guns and shooting has been on the news constantly.

Or she may have heard her parents talking about the gun and shooting problem, or just soaked up that information from anyone’s conversation around her. She was too young to understand that a Bubble Gun cannot really kill anyone, all she knew from her little brains soaked up info that it was a gun and that it could kill people. Parents do you see how dangerous it is to expose your children to the news or even talk about these things around them?

Last week also a gun was found in the backpack of a seven year old boy. I never did heard if they discovered how the gun got in his backpack. Did he found his parents gun and put it in his school bag to protect him from another shooter? That probably was his idea. Why would a child that young even be concerned about protecting himself with a gun? Again because this is what is being talked about on the news, on the internet, from text messages, no doubt his parents and from others around him.

Children are scared, and under stress because of all the negative news that they are being surrounded by and just soaking up making them act like adults. Children shouldn’t be worried about these things, this is the time for them to learn good things and morals, to play and enjoy life, not under stress and scared. Instead most of them are becoming more and more addicted to information, to their cell phones which is creating other problems that parents are becoming worried about.

Children are not speaking like they should instead they are texting and this is affecting them in other ways like any other addiction. Below is ten signs that will help parents to see if their children are addicted to texting. (These were observed and sent to me by Olivia Lewis from the Nanny Network)

Ten Signs Your child is Addicted to Texting

Instant messaging, Twitter and unlimited texting on many cell phone plans have led to a texting craze among today’s youth. Kids will commonly communicate by texting instead of speaking, even when sitting next to each other on the couch. This texting phenomenon is something that is becoming an increasingly large concern to some parents. Instead of worrying about cigarettes, alcohol or drug addiction, they fear their children are becoming addicted to texting.

How do you know if your kid’s texting is getting out of hand? Here are 10 signs your child may be addicted to texting:

1. Calluses on thumbs – Check your child’s thumbs for  calluses.  This is a clear sign that texting is getting out of hand. Your kid may also start complaining about pain or cramps in the thumbs. This can be caused by severe overuse of the common digits used for texting, and warning bells should be ringing

2. Runs into things – Is your child constantly running into things? Kids who are addicted to texting pay more attention to their phones than where they’re going, and take little notice of any obstacles that may be in their way.

3. Deformed neck – Does your child have a permanently bowed head because of a neck deformity? By looking down at a phone for extended periods of time, growing children can end up with a deformed neck.

4. Speaks in acronymsWhen your kids actually talk to you instead of texting, do they speak in acronyms? Are they commonly saying things like OMG and LOL? If you find yourself beginning to wonder if they’ve learned a new language, you’re right. The inability to speak in complete sentences using real words is a clear sign of texting addiction.

5. Attached to phone – Has your child’s phone become a part of their anatomy? Are they continually within arm’s reach of their phone at all times? Are they constantly checking it for new messages? This is another sign you should be concerned.

6. Unaware of surroundings – Are your kids completely oblivious to their surroundings? Are they unaware of spectacular sunsets or a giraffe in the back yard? Children who are addicted to texting become so focused on their phones they ignore everything else.

7. Takes phone to bed – Is your child taking his phone to bed? Some kids will spend all night texting with their friends while their parents are completely unaware. This can lead to serious sleep deprivation and teachers will find them nodding off at school. If you suspect this, you may need to confiscate the phone at bedtime.

8. Panics attacks – If your son or daughter loses their phone, do they go into a panic attack? Kids who are addicted to texting become completely unhinged when separated from their phones. This is a serious sign of addiction that needs to be addressed.

9. Unable to function otherwise – If you take the phone away from your child, is he completely unable to function without it? Kids with serious texting addictions can have trouble functioning without the constant connection to others texting gives them.

10. Combative behavior – Does your child become combative when you confront him with his texting problem? This behavior is another sign of addiction. If this happens, you may need to schedule an intervention.

Can this texting epidemic be stopped, or is it too late? Is our youth condemned to deformed necks and callused thumbs, spending their lives completely oblivious to their surroundings? Even though this article is meant to be tongue in cheek, parents do have some reason to be concerned about their children and texting. If your child is displaying unusual behavior you may need to intervene. Remember that you are the parent and you pay the phone bill. Take action before your child is consumed by the texting craze.

So what can parents do to protect their children from all this information overload and the texting craze?

It is obvious children need more parental guidance and companionship. They are spending to much time alone and their only friends are those that they are keeping touch with by texting. These friends can be anyone pretending to be children hoping for an opportunity to harm them. Since parents are the ones who buy their children these phones and pay the bill then they should only give a phone to those children that are old enough for such and that really need it for school or for keeping in touch with their families.

I don’t see why toddlers need a phone. All of us as adults today grew up without cell phones and we did just fine. I know when I was growing up we had no cell phones, computers or even a TV. I was sixteen years old when we first got a TV at home. We read educational books, and played games which included all kinds of ball games together, and as children play with toys.

I can still remember my dolls and how I used to play doll house with them. We had discussions with our parents and siblings, which included weekly Bible Study and discussions. (see previous post: “Memoirs of a Wonderful Beloved Father). We laughed, sang, dance and had fun together.

Families need to start talking again. Parents should know what is on their children’s minds, their fears, fans, concerns, desires. Take time away from work sometimes and spend time with your children as often as you can, talk to them when out shopping, or on other outings. Let them be children, playing with children’s games or toys, reading children’s books, not premature adults.

Or at home when doing so turn off all the distracting cell phones, TV, computers and other electronic devices. Talk, laugh, play with your children. (see previous post: Remember not to forget the little things of today) I know most people today, don’t want to hear anything about the truth about God and his purpose for humans on earth, and that is the reason they are having so much problems and children are soaking up the wrong information.

We are living in critical times hard to deal with. And it will get worse. (Bible Book of 2 Timothy 3:1)Spiritual instruction in the home is what will give families the strength to cope with these difficult times, and is needed for families to combat all the negative information they are being bombarded with today and causing so much stress for all, especially young children.

Families need to get back to the basic family life that was practiced by their forefathers, where they get together to read and study the Bible, have discussions, pray and go to congregational meetings together. They will be much happier, be less fearful of what is going on in the world, and have a bright future to look forward to. Children are a gift from the Creator, and parents have a heavy responsibility to raise and take care of these precious gifts. Proverbs 22:6 says: “Train up a boy (or girl) according to the way for him, even when he grows old he will not turn aside from it.

Also at Deuteronomy 6:6-9: God told his people back then to use every opportunity to teach their children what is good and about Him. He says: “and these words that I am commanding you today must prove to be on your heart, and you must inculcate them in your son and speak of them when you sit in your house and when you walk on the road and when you lie down and when you get up. And you must tie them as a sign upon your hand, and they must serve as a frontlet band between your eyes; and you must write them upon the doorposts of your house and on your gates.”

The Creator is the originator of families and is concerned about them, and this is just a illustrative way he is telling parents to be always in a position to teach children what is good, to use any opportunity to show by example or speak or teach good to your children but it first has to be on the parents own heart. They have to first educate themselves in what is good before they can teach or train their children to do so.

Parents can do a lot to control what their little ones soak up by not talking about what is going on around the children, don’t place unnecessary stress on children by allowing them to watch all this negative and glamorized immoral information on TV, and browse the web alone. Know who their friends are, and limit their use of cell phones and getting addicted to this texting craze.

Educate your own heart in what is right, set the right example, use opportunities to teach your children what is right, provide the right environment for them to grow in and they will turn out to be well adjusted adults, because they will be soaking up information that help them to do so. So parents how your children turn out all depends on you!

Written, designed and illustrated by: Glenda Brill(C)

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