Formal Wear For Formal Occasions, Where Elegance, Decency, and Respect Go Hand In Hand

As summer approaches, there will be many occasions that require formal wear. There is going to be high school and college graduation parties, proms, weddings, religious conventions and other special events or celebrations that give us reasons to dress up in formal wear, this can be either day or evening dress.

Very Formal evening wear usually means long elegant evening dresses for women, and black tie or tuxedo’s for men. There is also semi or day formal events such as religious conventions or other celebrations or Reunions. Even before summer begins we had some of the Entertainment Award Shows giving us a chance to see some of the latest in formal wear worn by the Stars.

In days past these were the fore runners in Fashion, where most other women got ideas from in dressing for formal occasions. Not only the Artists sitting in the audience were respectfully dressed but also those presenting the Awards, and those performing were like wise dressed, the way real Movie and Singing Stars should. The following day people usually talk and comment on what everybody wore and who was the best or worst dressed.

These days some formal events are becoming progressively more indecent and disrespectful

But these days some of these shows are becoming less and less formal and respectful. The conduct and dress styles of some of those performing on stage are downright indecent and disrespectful not just to their fellow Artists in attendance but to the viewing audience which includes families with children. Remember this is a formal event. It is the celebration of those who merit an award through their singing, acting or other talents.

I am referring to the last Global Award Show earlier in May. Why is it necessary for a Performer or Singer old enough to  be a grandmother, to wear nothing but body suit panties on stage and to open her legs and show her crotch to the audience while singing and dancing about making love and demonstrating it with camera close up sexual moves on stage?

Or another to turn her big butt to the audience including us at home watching and to give a male singer sitting on a chair a lap dance moving her body in ways like she is having sex right there on stage? Don’t the TV Stations have any rules anymore about what is allowed or not at formal events on TV? At least one of them CBS did set some standards for dress earlier this year, hope that will continue, and the others follow.

Formal and Elegance means the same thing: Refined grace, dignified, tasteful, polish, neatness

Those that we used to look up to for setting the standard in elegant dress wear are far removed from what the word means. While men still hold to the formal dress code at these events, black suit, neck or bow tie, most of the female Stars wear gowns with just enough material to cover the outer edges of their breasts while exposing their entire bare chests and breasts. Or other dresses are made from such sheer material, thigh high side and crotch slits, or fabric cut outs, revealing their entire bodies. Where is the refined grace? Class and decency?

This type of dressing and conduct doesn’t make a woman look sexy, but slutty. What else are they going to allow, Celebrities appearing completely naked on stage? Might as well, there is nothing left to the imagination anymore. Formality or respect is not only reflected in what we wear but also our conduct and speech. Why do they bleep out obscene language on screen, but still allow this type of open sexual display to take place? We can understand why sexual violence is increasing because it is constantly being fed into people’s minds through the media and other means.

So what is formal enough to wear for a Prom or Graduating Party?

So some young women today graduating from High school or College may not know anymore what formal wear is, they think nothing of imitating the way the Stars dress, and resent any rules put down by the schools to dress decent. Young women should dress appropriate for their ages, and according to what is required for the occasion. It is a good idea for mothers to shop with their teenage daughters in choosing appropriate gowns for their graduating parties.

Because most girls will try to find clothes like they see worn by their role models which would be completely out of place. A better idea is to have some of these dresses made in the style you want, since it is hard to find something appropriate today. Or you may find something you like and have it altered to make it suitable. But young women definitely don’t need to wear sheer dresses, long thigh high front or side slits, and open chest or very low cut dresses revealing their breasts and sexual parts. This is completely disrespectful, and it is doesn’t make you anymore attractive.

Weddings, deserve the utmost formality and respect that should never become outdated

Just last week one young man was complaining about the high cost of renting a tuxedo for a upcoming wedding he was going to be a part of. He said that with marriages breaking up so fast it is like wasting money to spend all that for one day. (See previous post on: “Understanding the different roles between men and women and how they express themselves can prevent many break-ups“). He wishes that someday men can wear tee shirts at a wedding instead of getting all dressed up. I asked him how much it cost since I didn’t know it would be that much money. When he said “$400” for the entire outfit which includes the tuxedo, bow tie and even the shoes, I thought that was pretty high, but then I understand why the high cost would really make the bridal party realize the seriousness and the dignity of getting married.

Even though some marriages don’t last very long these days, it is not the fault of the arrangement itself, and the formality of a wedding should never be reduced to a casual event, I explained him which he later agreed. A wedding should always be a formal occasion, worthy of high esteem, since it is an arrangement from God himself, and performed in His presence. Both the Bride, Groom and entire bridal party and the guest should be clothed in respectful attire.

This should be made clear on the invitation itself. Even the conduct of those attending should be respectful of such an arrangement, with no one getting drunk, cursing or wearing distracting overly revealing clothes. The Bride and Groom has the right to set the standard as to how formal they want their special day to be, and those attending, or who make up the bridal party should respect their wishes.

Formal events and formal attire have been around for centuries

I always had an interest in fashion and have been designing and sewing my own clothes since I was seventeen. So I love doing research back in time just to get ideas from the way people dressed in former times. We may think that the various occasions we have to dress up is mostly common to our century, but if we look back in history people of old were even more elegant than our days. Look at some of the ways the old Movie Stars of the 1920’s, 30’s and 1940’s dressed. Or women in general they carried themselves with such modesty and elegance.

There was nothing overly revealing or sexual about their manner of dressing. And even men with their long coats and some with hats exhibiting class and dignity. A lot of today’s fashions incorporate some of these looks into modern styles in woman clothes. While fashions for men haven’t changed that much over the years one thing that is coming back for men is the Bow tie! I love to see men in bow ties at formal and even semi formal events, and I wanted to see how far back they go and when they began to be worn.

Women all dressed up in cute “Bows” and Men in “Bow Ties”, there was something about the “Bow” that added the finishing touch to special events.

I couldn’t find exactly when the “Bow’ for women dresses, and even shoes first began. But a lot of the formal wear for women dresses back in time past always seemed to have a bow. This was either placed at the neck front, or at the front or back waistline or just above the chest area. And even some styles of shoes had a big bow at the top, or at the back. When I was a little girl all my dresses were tied at the waist with a bow in the back.

That was the style for girl’s dresses then. And when I had to get dressed up for Sunday Congregational meetings, Mom always put a bow in my hair as the finishing touch in dressing nice. I also found a picture of my grandmother dressed for a formal event probably a wedding in her day with a dress topped with a big bow at her neck. Even today some bridesmaid dresses are designed with bows in the back.

There must have been something symbolic about the Bow and its meaning. As a Designer I know fashions tell a story about the era and the way people think in that time period, and why certain types of clothes were worn then. (See previous post on how clothes speak or tell a message : “When heads turn let it be for the right reason”).

I believe and concluded that the bow in formal dressing came from the way people of high class or at an elegant affair used to greet each other with a slight bow of the head denoting respect, and their way of holding others in high esteem, which is another meaning for formality. Women back then were fully clothed from head to toe in long dresses and as mentioned before, most of those styles had a bow either at the back or at the front of the dress.

They also wore hats to most formal occasions such as weddings, to their churches and to other dignified ceremonies. This was another way of showing respect for the occasion and for those in attendance. British women today still wear hats and formal attire when attending special events, and in the Caribbean women also continue the tradition of wearing hats to church dressed in their best “Sunday Clothes” as they call their semi formal day wear.

Even in some cultures, such as the Japanese people still greet each other with a slight bow of the head. So it seems like the bow was  the respectable finishing touch for that special event. But no matter what time period people lived in formal dressing or dressing as a whole was dignified, it meant being fully clothed with no excessive nudity or openly display of sexual parts. But when did men start wearing “Bows” as in Bow ties??

Guys, when invited to a formal affair, leave the necktie at the office, wear a “Bow Tie” instead. It has always been the final touch in formal men dressing and becoming such again

Bow ties go back in history as far back as I could find to the 1600 all the way up to our day. But who first started it and why did they became associated with dignified dressing for men? According to a bit of history I discovered King Louis XIV of France was impressed by the Croatian horsemen who wore shirts that had more buttonholes than buttons on them. So in order to close up their shirts at the neck they began stringing a small scarf through the extra buttonholes and making a knot at the neck.

King Louis XIV loved the look so much that he had his tailors create a similar accessory for himself, and then made this neck wear a requirement for members of the upper class on formal occasions. And so a distinct mark in formal men clothing was created by a Frenchman, ofcourse. The French have always been some of the pioneers, or trend setters in “Haute Couture” classy dressing, and the inspiration behind the Old Hollywood Glamour. (So you understand my interest in Fashion, it’s in my blood, being french by birth. Also learned a lot from my mother who was french, a dress maker herself and was a stickler for dignified dressing. See previous post “A Mother Like no Other“).

Ever since it’s creation by French Louis XIV, the Bow Tie has been worn by Great Men with good taste, and God fearing men down through the centuries for Formal and Semi Formal occasions.

Ever since this new creation in mens’ wear all down through the Centuries great men of class, good taste, and in “service positions of authority” wore “Bow Ties” on special occasions. Some of those were: Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Music Composers, Governors and Presidents including our present Commander in Chief, President Barrack Obama, and other men held in high esteem.

Even some God fearing men such as among Jehovah’s Witnesses Ministers or “Congregational Servants” (whom are also in a service position of authority) some wear “Bow ties” at their Sunday Congregation Meetings, because these meetings are respectful and dignified occasions where they serve the congregation in teaching and in keeping order.

The Bible says that we should always dress in “well arranged dress” (I Timothy 2:9). which is the same as formal or dignified dress when gathering together to be taught by God. Everything we do should be done for God’s Glory. So respectful dressing is found not just among the men but also among the women, and children in the Congregation. This is considered Semi formal Day wear, not long evening wear, (unless it is a wedding or a organized Gala evening affair), otherwise regular knee or slightly below knee length dresses are appropriate.

Or some women may occasional wear ankle length dresses that is according to their own choice or taste). But suit and tie, or bow tie if some prefer is the standard requirement for men. Casual wear, jeans, tee shirts, mini skirts, women’s short or long pants, see through dresses, plunging necklines or very low cut dresses, or high slits revealing private body parts or underwear are all completely out of place like it would be at any other formal event.

So the bow tie was designed for formal events, or for those holding service positions of high authority, it should not be worn on casual occasions or to the office as regular business wear. Unless a particular job like some waiters in high class formal restaurants sometimes wear Bow Ties as part of their uniform. Again this confirms my speculation as to the reason for  the “Bow” and “Bow Tie” in both women and men clothes, probably a symbol of the way those in service positions or people bow to those they greet and serve, holding them in high esteem.

Men who use the Bow Tie with casual wear such as a tee shirt or a sweater take away from the formal dignified touch it represents. (See previous post on: ”When heads turn let it be for the right reason”) I explained there how different items of clothing were designed for different occasions, and there is a difference between casual and formal attire). People who don’t follow the rules of what is required for formal dressing are showing disrespect for others in attendance at the event. Sometimes people can even shock others by their disrespectful attire and conduct, and may not even realize they are doing so.

Disrespect means interfering with the conscience of, or disturbing another person’s peace of mind

Another reason to dress and watch our behavior at formal events whether it is a graduation, wedding, religious meeting, convention, special anniversary celebration, or anywhere else, is that we can interfere with another person’s conscience or disturb their peace of mind. As I mentioned at the beginning about the Award Shows, when we know that a certain type of dressing or conduct is indecent, or just out of place, and we find ourselves thinking or even talking about it, that is an indication that our conscience was interfered with and our peace of mind disturbed.

For instance a woman appearing with overly revealing sheer clothes or her entire breasts showing will disturb not only other women but most men peace of mind, because they will look no matter how hard they try not to.

Men can be sitting right next to their wives, and find themselves staring at this display and thinking about sexual matters at a time they may never plan on it, and once this thinking starts it is hard to get it out of their minds. This may lead to a guilty feeling, because their desires may not be for their wives but for what they are now being presented with. Both their conscience and peace of mind was disturbed. (See previous post on when “When heads turn, let it be for the right reason

Disrespectful dressing and indecent behavior is rooted in lack of neighborly love and contribute toward the continual decline in morality.

Disrespectful dressing or indecent behavior is contrary to what formality means and its root cause is lack of neighborly love. This lack of neighborly love is reflective in the “I don’t care about what you think or feel attitude” and for the general decline in morality and all the other hardships people suffer today. That is exactly what the main repeated phrase of the song says that the above mentioned singer and dancer at the Award Show while exposing herself on stage says.

These are some of the words:”We can do what we want, let’s make love, don’t fight, live it up, live it up”. In reality she is telling young people (and was demonstrating it at the same time) that is how you live it up by having immoral sex. When this type of attitude or conduct is carried over into formal affairs then it can lead to exactly that, people engaging in unrestrained misbehavior, living it up. I have heard of some cases where young teenage girls were raped at some formal prom events because of their provocative dress or dancing, causing some young men to be disrespectful in return leading to sex and or rape. And this is always the ultimate goal, the promotion of debased immoral lifestyles and  sexual misconduct.

Some women are speaking out against sexual violence against women while inviting and promoting it at the same time by their constant display of nudity and disgraceful conduct.

All a part of the sign of the times we are living in. One of the easiest ways Satan and his demonic hordes have caused people, even great professional men to fall is through sexual misconduct. Like bait to catch fish, he promotes immorality all around by every means he can. It is constantly being fed into the minds of men no matter who they are, mostly through the media. Because it works, this promoting of immoral sex is infiltrating all areas of life.

When was the last time you pass a Magazine Stand on the street or in a store and not see half naked women in special poses with everything exposed on the covers? And most of these magazines are targeted toward men. Or probably now with the rise in lesbianism also toward them.  And ironic some of them are speaking out against sexual violence against women, while inviting and promoting it at the same time?? Indecent dressing and openly display of a woman’s private parts is debasing and dishonoring women in general as sexual objects. This is only attracting men (or women) who will use women only for what they are advertising, even if it means through violence against them.

So it doesn’t surprise me to see these Award Shows (it already started in the movies) deteriorating to the extent they are with celebrities wearing hardly anything or exhibiting so much nudity taking away from the dignity of the affair. It is sad to see this because I am also a Talented Artist (see page: About Me-Contact Me) and love the Entertainment Industry, (Show Business) having worked in it for almost ten years (several years at ABC/WABC-TV in New York City).

Because people look up to Movie, TV and Singing Stars they can be used to sell and promote anything to get others to buy or follow. Everybody love and need entertainment so the Media is one of Satan’s main channels to reach and corrupt masses of people at one time worldwide. He is accomplishing his goal to kill the entire human race, ( see previous post on: “Why cleverly calculated evil acts and killings are not mere innocent acts of insanity or a mental disorder” if it is not by hateful shootings, outright war, terrorism, drugs, then through immoral conduct and the resulting diseases.

And so sexual immorality in all its forms, marital break-ups,  violence against women (rape), sexual transmitted diseases and pornography will continue to increase just as foretold. I recently read a report that over 1.2 million Americans are infected with the  HIV virus, and more people coming down with full blown AIDS than ever before. (And this is only with respect to one country not even including what’s happening worldwide).

There is also an ever increasing new form of cancer of the mouth, tongue and throat caused by Oral Sex, and who knows how many more millions of people are already or will be infected with or die from that? And don’t be surprised to hear of an epidemic of new incurable strains of sexual transmitted diseases worst than AIDS developing and people dropping dead faster than ever.

The Bible book of Galatians says at chapter 6:7, 8: “Do not be misled. God is not one to be mocked. For whatever a man is sowing, this he will also reap. Because he who is sowing with a view to his flesh will reap corruption from his flesh, but he who is sowing with a view to his spirit, will reap everlasting life from the spirit.

People will reap what they sow. People make the choice to do whatever they want and mock the Originator of Life Himself thinking they can get away with it without any consequences.  It is not God who is causing human suffering and death, it is the choices we make ourselves. Jehovah God is holding out “Everlasting Life” on earth in Peace and Happiness free from diseases to all who will choose it FREE!

(Before God’s Kingdom begins to rule over the earth, Jesus foretold the cooling off of neighborly love and the increasing of lawlessness (Matthew 24:12) and the developing of pestilences or diseases all because of this mocking and complete disregard for all Gods moral laws. (Luke 21:10, 11). He is the Creator of the human family and all His moral laws were giving to protect us, keep us healthy and continue living forever on earth in the new world.

Satan doesn’t want humans to keep living so he is the one promoting everything to rebel against their own Creator and pushing them on to their own destruction and death. And one way that is succeeding is through this constant advertising of sex through every means he can and, by women through indecent dressing whether at a formal event or just in everyday wear.

Whatever your formal celebration will be this year you want it to be a day or night filled with happy respectful memories, nothing of which to be ashamed of or later regret

So whatever special formal celebration you will be attending this summer or the rest of the year remember what it means to be formal, dress for the occasion, and remember ladies or young women you don’t have to wear bare chest dresses, high slits or sheer see through dresses to be elegant or to get attention, on the contrary that will make you look slutty and out of place, and get the wrong attention.

Whatever the occasion you want it to be a day or night filled with happy respectful memories and good times, nothing of which to be ashamed of or later regret. Always think about those in attendance, and this should give us a good reason not to distract from the respectful atmosphere that should prevail at formal events.

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