White Crystal Jewels Falling From The Sky, Decorating Trees, Lawns And Everything In Their Path – Their Amazing Beauty And Many Benefits To Us

They fall quietly, noiselessly and harmless from the sky, each one beautifully shaped, their feel resembles medium fine white sand found on a tropical beach island, only refreshingly cool against the skin. They descend in a orderly fashion and seem to know exactly where to land, blanketing lawns and packing around the roots and bases of trees like thick necklaces, and on bare tree branches like earrings placed with such accurate precision as if being guided by invisible hands.

They beautify and transform everything they land on into a magical fairy Wonderland. When caught in the sun rays they sparkle as little diamonds showing off their beauty and seemingly pleased to have arrived at their destination.

There appearance is as pure and white as their name: SNOW! Yes that is the general name for these amazing white crystal jewels, “snowflakes when bunched all together making up Snow”. These snow crystals are made in the clouds when water vapor condenses directly into ice.

This process form some amazingly beautiful patterns as the crystals grow together, and fall as millions to earth. It is unfortunate that “Snow” a natural process which has been occurring in winter for generations is becoming a scary word to some people spurred on by the news weather forecasters. It is the constant bad news that is making people feel depressed and to dread snow, not the weather itself.

When did Snow Showers or a Snow Fall become such Bad News, that needed to be repeated over and over with such destructive descriptions?

Every snow storm becomes Big News here in New York City, like “Bad News” putting people on alert that is repeated over and over like it is the worst thing to expect. It seems some TV Stations are competing with each other as to who can describe the coming snow fall in the worst possible terms.

People sure love bad news these days! (See previous post: Addiction to Bad News – how this creates more turmoil, unrest, indifference and tolerance in our world). They don’t see any good worth reporting but nothing but exaggerated description of any little thing to scare people. Some forecasters described the snow fall in words like: “a storm of preponderance proportions”, or “Watch your roofs because of bone crushing snow” some even use the word “Snow-mageddon”.

That really got to me. I spent about an hour and a half walking around in the falling snow, and even stuck my hand in a pile of freshly fallen snow just to feel it. I love snow and winter, and I wanted to take some more pictures. I am alright, none of my bones were crushed, not even my little finger that was in the pile of snow, or I wasn’t killed by this so called “Storm of preponderance proportions”.

I saw cars completely covered under snow, and rooftops, and I am sure there will not be a slight dent in any of them, because snow is very soft and light and will not crush anything that sturdy. Any rooftop that caved in from snow (as I heard happened somewhere in the suburbs) had to have been very old, of poor materials and damaged before the snow storm for that to happen.

Please, when did Snow Showers or a Snow Fall become such bad news? Snow occurs in other countries as well, and people go about their daily life, children go to school through the snow like any other day without all this negative News Forecasting and complaining done here in the USA.

Is it because people are smarter and know that just as rain in Summer is necessary for life on earth, so is Snow in winter?

Maybe, that is the case, they are not so focused on some temporary inconvenience but on the benefits. I understand that in some situations due to heavy snow fall it is not wise to travel through snow, and when snow turn to ice, it can become dangerous causing people to fall and possible get hurt. (See previous post: Avoiding and Dealing with Disappointments). In cases like that it is the best thing to stay inside and off of the roads, which common sense will move most people to do.

Also within the last couple of years there has been a dramatic change in the climate and weather patterns, resulting in progressively colder winters with more snow and ice storms, unbearable hot summers, fierce tornadoes, tsunami’s, earthquakes, hurricanes and increasing storms in some places that didn’t have these before. For instance in some countries where it is usually very cold is now getting warmer, and those with warm weather is becoming colder. Global warming has began, and every year it gets gradually worst.

We were for-warned for several years that our damaged Ozone Layer would result in extreme Climate changes and weather patterns

This was foretold to happen several years ago due to man’s messing up of the atmosphere. Our Ozone layer which is supposed to protect us from these extremes in weather has been completely damaged due to all the debris, technological wastes and pollution caused by humans spouting these into the air, and our oceans. We are reaping what we have sown!

People have become afraid of a simple process that was put into operation by the Creator for our own good and continued life and that has been here for generations: “The Weather!” In spite of this warning and the visible results some people still continue to destroy the atmosphere, causing unusual shifts in the earth and under ocean currents throwing everything out of balance, affecting us here on earth. (see previous post on :”Modern technology reversing the roles senior parents obey your children and grandchildren”)

This deteriorating of our atmosphere will continue to result in more extremes in cold winters and unbearable hot summers. All part of the times we are living in, and unless there is Divine intervention one part of our earth and human population would burn up completely from extreme hot summers, and other parts would completely freeze over.

Folks, this is not mere here say, we see it already heading in that direction, and no human has any control to reverse this decline. (After reading this entire post, come back and look at this video of how Climate Changes are causing so much havoc in other parts of the world, not just here in the US click here http://bit.ly/1nQ987R )

(See also previous post: Developing a keen sense of observation could save many lives). But the Creator will not let it go that far, there will be a saving of this beautiful planet Earth and obedient humans in the coming of the real “Armageddon”, God’s War on a wicked disobedient world and the restoration of Paradise on Earth. (Revelation 11:18 says God will bring to ruin those ruining the earth)

So a simple snow storm is not “Snow-mageddon”. Snow wasn’t meant to be a war or to destroy anything, but for our benefit.

It is natural for countries that have the privilege of the four seasons including winter to expect snow. It is one of the natural wonders put into operation by Our Creator for the benefit of His creations, humans, animals, trees and plants here on earth. And even though heavy snow fall have sometimes immobilized an entire city or town, unless it is a heavy snow blizzard accompanied by ice storms, snow for the most part doesn’t do damage or any to anyone, just keeps people off the streets. And the extremes in cold weather is not the natural result of nature, but as mentioned above is due to the dramatic change in our atmosphere.

As a matter of fact snow falls so light and quietly from the sky that if someone should get caught while walking in a snowfall, all you would feel is a light cold wet brush of snow flakes against your face, or on your hair. I experienced this myself, and believe me, there is a lot of snow that fell and is still falling to earth, (see all of the photos throughout this post that I took myself while walking around looking at the transformation snow gives the neighborhood.)

But nothing as dangerous as the Weather Forecasters are howling about. And you might not know that those simple snow flakes brushing against your skin is actually good for you. In spite of the inconvenience some dislike about snowy weather, snow has a tremendous lot of benefits to all life here on earth. So what are some of the direct benefits to us humans from snow?

Snowflakes are pure untouched moisture, giving your skin that soft dewy youthful look and feel if caught in falling snow

I read years ago that snow is loaded with pure minerals, but recently some Scientists say it doesn’t it only accumulates minerals depending on where it falls on rocks or the ground. Never the less snow is laden with pure untouched moisture, eating several handfuls of recently fallen snow would do the body just as good as drinking a glass of cold mineral water. Some people stranded away from home are known to have survived when caught in a snow storm just from eating snow the same as those whom lives were saved from drinking water if there was nothing else around to eat.

Also snow flakes brushing against your face and allow to dry into the skin improves your skin giving you that dewy soft look and feel. I see this result to my own skin every time I go out in the snow, just the moist air keeps the skin hydrated and soft.

That is the reason people who live in cold climates for most of the year where the air is filled with cool moisture have such beautiful dewy soft youthful skin.

I experienced this myself when I spent some time in Holland (the Netherlands Europe). It was during winter and it was quite cold and moist every day and this continued even beyond winter. I saw the visible results to my skin just after a week, that creamy soft, smooth dewy youthful look and feel that women spend so much money on skin creams to achieve. This is so unlike the sun scorched aging look and feel caused by hot weather and the hot sun.

Still so many people here in New York complain about the snow and cold weather. While on the other hand I am fascinated by snow, since I grew up in the tropical Caribbean and had never experienced or seen snow until I was a young adult when I came to New York City. Most of the time people take for granted what they are used to, while others like myself may appreciate the winter even more. They fail to see the beauty and its magical transforming ability to make everything look so clean and pure and learn of the benefits of snow.

Seeing the beauty of snow, and its transforming power to change a drab environment into a stunning wonderland

Have you ever gone to sleep and got up the next morning, looked through your window and was welcome with the stunning beauty of snow covered trees, roof tops and snow covered lawns glistering in the bright morning sun. That is what I experienced this morning and every time it snows. The pile of snow outside my window sill which has been sitting there since the last snow fall a couple of weeks ago, looks like little rhinestones or diamonds on white fabric. Even after several days of snowfall, the snow that accumulated on the outside of the window sills still remain and sparkle so vibrantly that you can’t even imagine that it is just plain snowflakes.

This is what I look forward to every morning enjoying it while it last since I know eventually the sun would melt it and this beauty will disappear. The last snow storm we had last week the next day I made sure I got lasting memories of this beauty by going out and walking around taking pictures of the snow covered trees and lawns. Some of these pictures can be seen throughout this post. And this morning I had another chance to take more beautiful pictures as the snow is still falling and more is yet to come.

Beauty of snowflakes, real ice crystals, like pieces of well designed jewelry, no two exactly alike

When we see snow falling, it looks like small clumps of white cotton just dropping from the sky. But Scientists when examining snowflakes under a microscope have discovered that each flake is actually a beautiful well designed coordinating shape, each one with a different pattern from the other, like pieces of crystal jewelry. Now I can understand why the small pile of snow outside my window sill glitters like small rhinestones on white fabric in the sunlight. It’s caused by the designed shape of the snowflakes crystals and how they are reflecting the sunlight. Look at the few examples of snowflakes presented at the beginning of this post. (Permission to reprint these from SnowCrystals.com).

Beautiful isn’t it? Who would think that they would be so well designed and even though there are millions of them, they are all different, no two exactly alike.

Snowflakes by their unique and variety of designs provide inspiration to all kinds of human Designers and have been incorporated either whole or in part into a variety of useful products for use by all people on earth. Beautiful items such as jewelry, wall and floor covering, bed sheets and spreads, blankets, gift wrap paper, different kinds of fabrics and textiles, children’s toys, tiles, holiday decorations and dressing and much more. Who knew such a small simple thing like a snowflake could be so helpful to us all?? Would an accident, or some inanimate so-called “Mother Nature” know how to do this, or doesn’t it show Intelligent Design by a real Creator with a purpose?

Snow brings joy to lovers of different winter sports and to children

Even though some people may complain about snow and winter there are many millions whom look forward to winter with its accompanying snow showers. Some children love playing in the snow and making snow men. While I was taking pictures earlier this week after the previous snow storm here in New York City, I saw a cute snowman inside a person’s yard. Probably built by some of the children living in the house or neighborhood.

It was so well done completely with a carrot nose and cap on his head, it made me smile and I took a photo of it and you can see it here. This is one way some children can have fun and a good way to spend a snowy or a snow-in day at home.

Then there are others who love skiing, ice skating, and various other winter sports (I love ice skating myself, but after trying it I fell so many times I became afraid I would break my back or something else) With the Winter Olympics going on in Russia now, it is so interesting to see how many more sports can be done only in winter and on snow, bringing joy and recreation to millions not only to the athletes put to all the spectators. Snow also provide extra income for companies who make salt that is used to melt the snow from streets and sidewalks making travel possible. Also for those who shovel snow from people’s drive-ways and walkways for a few dollars.

A snow transformed wonderland bring about a certain type of serenity and peacefulness that cannot be explained in words

A couple of years ago when we had the much larger snow storm than we had this year so far, I remember going outside early like I did this week, to look at the snow and to take pictures. The whole environment had taken on a different look of immense beauty. It was so quiet, peaceful and serene.

There were no cars, or buses running not a single soul was on the streets. It was almost like a magical fairyland we only read about in story books, but a beautiful sight with nothing but mountains of snow everywhere and everything blanketed by pure fallen snow. Cars parked next to the curb were all covered in snow.

There was a peacefulness or stillness in the air, that only brought a sense of calm. Not even a sound could be heard but only the silence. I couldn’t help stooping down to feel the snow and then fell right into the pile I was scooping up some from in my hand. It felt soft like the crushed sea shells laden white sanded beaches back home in the Caribbean only cool and refreshing instead. I couldn’t get hurt on this soft blanket.

“Why would anyone complain about this magnificent beauty” I couldn’t help wondering. I can understand that it could be dangerous for the Elderly or disabled to get around in snow, but some younger people complain just as much.

Some even don’t come out of their apartments or homes to even savor the moment, by the time they do come out the snow begins to melt and they have to walk through the slush, and maybe that is the reason people complain. The inconvenience of walking through snow or melting snow is the greatest problem to some while ignoring all the beauty and benefits of this fallen white miraculous wonder that only last for a while and then it is gone. And what if some don’t like going out in the snow?

A cold snowy day can provide an opportunity for families to stay in spend time with each other or engage in some indoor recreational activities together

If families like to stay in on a snowy day, then that is a great time to get together, read a good book or just engage in some recreational indoor activities together. That is what we did when I was in the Netherlands, on some snowy days when we didn’t have to go out, we stayed in played board games with my little niece and nephew or just sat and talked around the kitchen table.

In New York, on a nice snowy or winter day after going out, I love to stay in and watch old movies while sewing. Others might like to do some uncluttering of their apartment, curl up in bed with a good book, or catch up on some other things around the house that needed to be done. No time should be wasted on any day, including a snowy winter day. Any day whether we like the outdoors or indoors can provide an opportunity to enjoy life and its many benefits, including a snowy day.

Besides the many benefits and beauty of snow to us personally as humans, snow also has numerous benefits to trees, plants, soil and animals as well

One of the greatest benefits of those Jewels falling from the sky providing the soft blanket of snow covering our lawns, soil and gardens is it is a conditioner and preserver of the soil. You can see how snow always seem to pack up against the tree roots as careful as if put their by real hands, definitely no human hands would do such a great job. Why?

It actually insulates the soil and vegetation from low temperatures and harsh winds. Without this covering of snow, the soil would freeze deeper and deeper with accompanying cold temperatures, damaging the root systems of trees and shrubs.

Without this protective covering by snow, the alternating cycles of freezing and thawing would have a negative effect on perennials, bulbs and the ground as a whole. It would suffer from soil heaving which could injure roots or dry out plants. Snow actually conserves soil moisture during the long winter months.

Frigid winds in winter sucks moisture from the land which is needed to keep plants and trees alive, snow replenishes this necessary moisture preventing vegetation and gardens from becoming barren and dead.

Snow in winter has the same effect on the ground as rain in summer. Winter even though not all days are usually accompanied by strong winds, even mild cold winds suck moisture from the land. Frigid ground devoid of moisture will quickly kill any tree or shrub, and animals. The periodic melting of fallen snow replenishes this moisture keeping plants and trees from drying out and dying from thirst. Thus preserving them for food to us and animals.

The blanket covering of snow on the ground and even as snow begins to slowly melt it keeps the soil beneath at the perfect temperature so plants and animals alike can have a continuous source of moisture needed to keep them alive. Especially evergreens which keep their foliage throughout winter are at greater risk of injury without this source of moisture.

We do well to remember that a snow-less winter contributes just as much to the misery of dry wells as does the absence of summer rains. And that is another benefit of snow it also replenishes our water supply. As snow gradually melts water trickles slowly into the earth, percolating through the soil and refilling our aquifers, providing water for our drinking supply, needed for all life on earth.

Snow can be just as good for your indoor plants as the outdoors ones. Give your houseplants a good drink of freshly fallen melted snow and watch them flourish

If you love houseplants like myself freshly fallen snow can be a great nourishing drink for them. That is another reason I believe that snow does contain minerals as I read in a report about snow years ago, even though some Scientist say there is no proof it does. By the way it benefits our skin and plants, including houseplants. After a snowfall I usually take a couple of pails or buckets outside, fill them up with pure snow that hasn’t been walked on yet.

Let the snow melt inside my apartment at room temperature (A full pail or bucket of snow when melted becomes half full of water) and then water my plants with this pure melted snow. They just seem to flourish from this “heavenly treatment” and stay green and beautiful. As long as there is still snow outside, I continue watering them with this melted snow. If it is good for the trees outside, then it is good for those inside to.

I am sure there are many more things and benefits snow provides for the benefit of life here on earth, that have not been discovered yet. One thing is clear that snow is not the result of some blind “Mother Nature”, (which is a made up name by those who choose to believe everything came about by chance without the direction or creation by God, and that they don’t have to render an account to Him) deciding to dump it on us intending to harm us. These well designed snowflakes like white crystal Jewels from heaven were created for a purpose, for the continued welfare of life on earth, humans, animals and all vegetation.

They come from God the Creator, the great Jehovah (YHWH, His name written in Hebrew which means “He causes to become”). He caused all LIFE in the Universe, and Earth to come into existence and everything in nature to sustain that life which is designed to be for all eternity.

Looking on the Bright side of snow, with a sense of Appreciation and Gratitude

The Bible book of Genesis explains very clearly that God created the heavens and the earth. Everything in the Universe and on Earth, and the Oceans, the Seasons, Weather Cycles and Climates were in perfect balance and harmony, all created for the benefit of all life to keep existing throughout eternity. In the book of Job God questions Job as to how much he knew about God himself and the things He created and one of those things he mentioned and questioned Job about was (in Job 38:22) :”Have you entered the storehouses of the snow,”…making it quite clear that snow with all it’s good intent and beauty was created by God, not by some none existent “Mother Nature.”

Man’s misuse of his God Given Free Will are the ones that have messed up our Earth, Oceans, Seas and our Atmosphere, completely throwing the very climate out of balance, as mentioned at the beginning of this post and what is creating some of these severe Snow Blizzards, Storms and Floods. Snow main purpose is to act as a preserver and the protection of the soil and vegetation and for the enjoyment of those who love snow.

No, it is not like what these calamity News Weather Forecasters are constantly howling, about the coming Snow Storm” or “Snow-mageddon”, making it seems worst than it really is, and putting unnecessary stress and anxiety on people than they are already under.

Ofcourse if it is a severe snow blizzard then it is better to stay indoors, especially the elderly or disabled, and be very careful about walking on slippery snow or ice. That is one way a person can hurt themselves by a fall on ice or from ice falling from a rooftop or somewhere else.

But if caught in the falling snow itself or even falling on a newly pile of snow it is so soft it will not hurt you, or kill you. That’s one of the bright sides of snow to look at, you won’t get knocked out or killed by snowflakes falling from the sky. I didn’t, and I spent about an hour and a half walking around in the snow taking pictures and I am fine, nothing crushed or broken from snow flakes falling on me.

A beautiful Spring usually follows a very snowy winter, because of the preserving factor of snow in winter on the soil and trees

Another bright thing to look forward to is the resulting Beautiful Spring that follows a snowy winter. Winter only comes once a year, and sometimes we might only get a few snow falls during that time. But in spite of the inconvenience to some by those snow falls, we usually have a beautiful blooming Spring following right after. The more snow we have in the winter, the prettier those spring flowering gardens will be and the greener and healthier will be all vegetation.

Then we can look at those gorgeous gardens with their variety of flowers, the blossoming trees putting out new leaves, and the abundance of different fruit for us to eat. Along with the green vegetation sprouting new greens to keep us healthy.

Then reflect back with a sense of gratitude for all that snow from God’s Storehouse for if it hadn’t been for the insulating and protecting of the trees and soil by the snow, everything would have died, and we would have no Spring to look forward to and no food to eat.

So when we have the next snow storm which is being forecast to take place later this week, you will not dread it that much and the temporary inconvenience will not be that bad. So if you’re fortunate to live in a country with the four seasons, Savor the beauty and concentrate on the many benefits of snow now, these beautiful white crystal Jewels falling from the sky only happens in winter which comes only once a year.

Written, photographs taken and any illustrations by: Glenda Brill ©

*All photographs in this post were taken by myself, Glenda Brill and are my own property. None should be downloaded without my permission for sale or for profit. If need to use any of my photographs please contact me via email at: info@giggling-bloglight.com

** To learn more about the real Armageddon, the final war against this Satan and demonic controlled World, who is deceiving people into all kinds of ways to destroy themselves and the earth, it is during this war is when God will bring to ruin those ruining the earth. (“Revelation 11:18”) and restore this earth back to His original Purpose, a Paradise with perfect balanced Weather Cycles, Climates and Seasons. Revelation 21:5 He says: “Look I am making all things new”.
This earth and the survivors through that final war will be restored back to the way it was supposed to be in the beginning, human perfection with everlasting life, peace and love among people. No more fear, bad news and death. To learn more download this book under the category Publications “What does the Bible Really teach” from this website: www.jw.org. Can also read the Bible online, and request a Free home Bible study if you wish.

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