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Hi, I am Glenda Brill, nicknamed “Giggling” (because I love to laugh). I am an Artist or Illustrator/Graphic-Web Designer, (draw and paint in all mediums) Writer for www.giggling-bloglight.com, Besides Graphic-Design took classes in all of the “Creative Arts” Dance, Music and Acting at (HB Studio in New York City). I also do Freelance Marketing as a  Brand Ambassador or Product Model/Demonstrator.

As a Graphic-Designer I can perform any of the following services for your company:  Website and Blogs Designs, Magazines, Newsletters, brochures, editorial  layouts, writing and design. Point of Purchase Displays, Posters, DVD and CD covers, Book Covers, Company logos, Identity Packages and all Marketing Materials. I can design and write your ads for any product, online or offline, as well as work as a Product Demonstrator/Brand Ambassador for your products.

(This Blog is my own original writing, and layout design, and is an example of what I can do for you using your own ideas, and product choices). Also designed and wrote my other shopping website: http://www.savethegreenstuff.com.   Since this field is always improving continue educating myself in upgrades in Design, including Web-design and Animation.

See also my own Collection of Wearable Art, all designed from own original Art: Beautiful Scarves, Wraps, Tote-bags, Statement Bags, Accent pillows, Wall Hanging Tapestries, Candles, Ladies tops, Men’s pocket squares, and more all custom made just for you. Click here to see entire collection https://shopvida.com/collections/glendabrill

Graduated from Parsons School of Design and the New School University with a Degree in Advertising Art/Graphic Design & Illustration in New York City. While at Parsons took additional courses in Copy writing, Children Books writing and illustrating. Occasionally do personalization of children’s educational books, and some books for adults for special occasions (Weddings, Anniversaries, Graduations).

Several years ago I designed, wrote and published my own line of Unique Handcrafted Greeting Cards. The line is called: “Observations”. Not being promoted at present until I am finished with the marketing materials to do so. But if need to see a sample just let me know.

I live in New York City after immigrating from the Caribbean Country/Island of St. Maarten/St.Martin a colony of the Netherlands (Holland) and France. (The island is part French, and part Dutch) I was born on the French side, so I am French through birth, but  grew up and lived on the Dutch Side because that is where my father was from. (French mother from the french side of the island and Dutch father from the Dutch side, that’s how I got my dual nationality). Can communicate in both Dutch, some French, Spanish and English as I am doing now.

(Under the European Educational System you’re required to learn four languages, the four main ones, English, Dutch, French and Spanish, so I learned those languages  in school on St. Maarten where I graduated from High School before coming to New York).

I still keep my original nationalities, Dutch/French citizen of Holland and France,  but I am a legal US Alien resident, and pay all taxes to the US Government.  I am mentioning this because some people are surprised that I write and use illustrations for all peoples of any race, since this is not the American way. African Americans or Black Americans, (I don’t know why they hate being called such) and White Americans or some of them, usually write for their own “race” as they say.

I came from a very mixed racial background which is very common in the Caribbean and even Europe (can’t you tell from my last name “Brill” from my father’s side of the family which is Jewish) and was not raised with the dividing of people into different races since I believe all people belong to the “human race”.

So whatever I write applies to the “HUMAN RACE” no matter where they live, we all face practically the same problems no matter our ethnicity. The world has become smaller and everybody (whether they think they are the whitest person on earth, the blackest, richest or the most superior) every single human being on earth is suffering from something or the other, that’s right, everybody is going through something, besides we all get sick, grow old, cry, and die like it has been from the beginning of creation when the first two humans sinned and passed it on to the entire human race. (All Human suffering will end, read most of the posts on my Blog and you will learn how and by what means).

It is a shame that we have come so far into the history of humanity and still some people can’t see that WE ARE ALL ONE PEOPLE. THERE IS NO SUPERIORITY OF ONE ETHNICITY OR NATIONALITY ABOVE THE OTHER. Only when people learn to accept that fact, and learn to love God, the Creator of the human race, and their neighbor as themselves (the entire human race) then PEACE will come to those who do. I live in New York,  and it has become my second home away from my birth home.

Some people say because of the subjects I write about that I sound like a 75 year old married woman with a bunch of kids and grand kids. No, I am single, with no kids, and have been 29 years old for several years now. (will be 29 forever ha, ha, ha). I came from a large family, and I have worked for  a couple of years as a Nanny with young children, and nothing can teach us more about the qualities we need as good human beings than dealing with young children.

Love, compassion, patience, kindness, mercy, long suffering, you name it, children can bring out the best in us. And if we don’t have those qualities already, children will put us to the test bringing out the worst in us shaming us into developing the above qualities needed to live in peace with each other. So you will find quite a few post written for parents with children, or anyone raising children, because I have learned so much over the years about kids and what they need to be happy.

I also got a lot of my wisdom from my parents, especially my father (read more of my upbringing from the post: “Memoirs of a Wonderful Beloved Father“) who taught me to love good, helpful and truthful education and personally instructed me in Godly Bible knowledge and wisdom from a child. I also learned a lot from my own personal study, reading and research, personal experiences, and from observation. By being interested in people you learn a lot about how they live, suffer and the problems they face and by keeping up to date with whats going on in the world and others lives.

I love all people and have always been around other people and involved with all kinds people. Learn what they are going through, and find ways of helping them. So I grew up sharing in the Bible educational volunteer work of helping people and developing compassion and deep love for other people. And ways I can share a worthwhile message and benefit anyone with knowledge that I know that can help them.

Love to laugh, and cheer people up. That is what I want my blog posts to be all about. Truthful, but also cheery and encouraging and beneficial for all people.

(Glenda Brill) giggling

See some of my videos on my youtube channel: LOVE-PEACE-LIFE

See my Facebook fan page for sample Oil Paintings done from Photos, and also on this Blog.

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For help with all your marketing, Product Demonstrator or freelance writing needs, or any questions please contact me via my Blog email address: info@giggling-bloglight.com. You might have to type this address directly into your email, I have deleted the automatic contact form because of the constant abuse by foreign websites spam mail.

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