Beautiful Handpainted Oil Paintings From Your Photo(s)

Turn Your Old or New Photos into Beautiful Hand Painted Original Oil Paintings on Canvas at affordable Prices.

Throughout this page you will see samples of Oil Paintings that were done from old photos or even new ones. Just click on the images to enlarge or use mouse magnifier + on the images to get a better view.

You like most of us will agree that beautiful paintings or Art on a wall does something for our spirit. That is the reason we have Museums where we can go to relax, soothe the mind and spirit, as we admire the details in each painting we see. As Art imitates life we can learn so much about previous generations by just observing works of art.

Also Wall Art or Paintings make any interior complete, it is like putting the finishing touches on interior decorating. That is true for homes and offices alike, where most people spend their time.

Most of the time it is not always easy to find an Oil Painting of something we would like to have for our home or off ice in the sizes we want, or that is priced within the range of our budgets. Now you can actually have anything you want pa inted into beautiful Oil Paintings in the sizes you wish.

I have been painting for many years mostly for self and friends when I have time, but couldn’t do much for others as it is a very time consuming job.

Now along with myself I have a group of Highly Skilled Professional Artists with years of painting experience that will personally hand paint any photo you request into a beautiful Oil Painting on Canva s in the size you desire. This is done on stretched Canvas, and is shipped without frames. (Choosing the frames is your personal choice and taste

These are Museuam Quality Oil Paintings, that can last for many years, unlike photographs which becom e discolored or tear with time. They are literally Hand Painted, not machine produced, or printed.

You can have any picture of yourself, your family, pets, scenery, special memories, that old house where you grew up,  vacation spots, that old discolored photo of your grandparents, or parents wedding day, new baby, anyth ing painted into beautiful oil Paintings.  

Or combine different photos and request a unique painting of your own. (For instance two different pictures: one of you and your dog (or cat), and another one of a special vacation spot. Combine them, get you and your dog on vacation!).

I can create different settings or backgrounds just let me know what you want. Or just give me an idea  I will put it together, let you see it and if approve then have it painted for you in the size you want.

Also you can choose a painting from the sample catalog pages you see here online, and have it repainted in the size you desire.

It takes about 2 and a half months or three months (that includes the drying period of the oil) to complete a painting especially if there are any corrections to be made.  An oil painting cannot ship before it is completely dry otherwise it will smear the oil on the canvas and the results will be ruined. It must be completely dry before I can ship it.

Oil Paintings make excellent gifts for any occasion. Know of someone who is moving into a new home, or office? An oil painting  will be a gift worth treasuring for years to come and will be a memory that will even outlasts the receiver.

 You can choose a painting to be done in any size from  12×16 to 36×48. Or any other size you request.

All you have to do is send me a clear photo of what you want painted in your chosen size, along with 50% of the already reasonable price (See Order Form for details).Your photos will be returned with the final painting(s).

If you prefer to choose a painting from the catalog, (the pages you see here online) on the order form just include the number, the name of the painting and what size you would like to have it repainted in.

If choosing to have a personal photo or photos of yourself painted in Oil, just send me clear photo(s) with any instructions, along with the filled in Order form, and 50% down of the price for the size of the painting you want.


Oil Painting Secure Order Form

Hand Painted Oil Paintings Retail Price List, Sizes of Paintings:

Oil Paintings

Wholesale Price will be 35% of the above prices and requires a min of 12 paintings ea.
*For different sizes than those above, I will have to consult with the other artists for different price quotes for each.

** For the Raviv* Paintings which are a series of Oil Paintings from India, and for any other requested paintings that has more than 1 person added to the painting, an additional $10 will be added to the above prices.

 Remember because oil paintings take a long time to dry about 90 days or less depending on if there are any corrections to be made before I can ship it, if you need a painting as a gift or for a special occasion send your requests in soon.

Send clear photos via email attachment to Any other questions or problems please email me via the above email address.

Regards: Glenda Brill (giggling)

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