“Great Joy to the World, and Peace among men of Goodwill” How to find comfort and hope even now amidst devastating tragedy from this promise

Those were the words that angels sang on the night that Jesus was born. This time of year people around the world think about Jesus Christ birth, even though many know that his birth did not occur on December 25th, but they are really celebrating a pagan holiday.

But they get so caught up in the Christmas spirit that most people even don’t pay attention to why Jesus came and what are the meaning of the words that the angels announced at his birth. Why would his birth bring great joy and peace to humanity? And with ever increasing violence and trouble on earth now why would this give us comfort and hope in that promise?

Because Jesus Christ was born and died to put the Evil One Satan the Devil out of existence a promise that was given all the way back in the garden of Eden. All through the centuries God’s people were looking out for the birth of the Messiah.  The long awaited Savior promised to bring relief from sin, disease, trouble and death restoring humans back to the perfect state they were created as, and supposed to live was finally born. (See previous post on : “Why cleverly calculated evil acts and killings are not mere innocent acts of insanity or a mental disorder”)

Now that he was finally here the angels were singing and announcing that at last the Savior did arrive giving all people on earth the wonderful hope that now the Messiah was here God’s purpose for the restoration of Paradise on earth and human perfection is guarantee to take place.

This would bring joy and peace even now before it actually takes place, and even more so when it is finally fulfilled. Is it coincidental that the Evil One has struck again just around the time of the year when most people do think about Jesus Christ?. Now that his end is very close he is doing all he can to destroy the human race and get their attention away from God’s Kingdom, of which Jesus is the main King.

Before I go on I want to first send all the families whom lost those innocent children and teachers in death my condolences and sympathy! But more so to share the Biblical truth and hope with them for a better world in which these sad things will not occur anymore. The title of this post quotes from the Biblical promise and how they can see their children again right here on earth.

I listened and saw all the news reports and the interfaith services and the comments from the clergy and even the President, but not one person has mentioned anything worthwhile about God’s purpose, offered any real comfort and hope to these parents and families, or answered the constant questions everyone is asking: ”Why did all this happen?” Why? Why?”

Do you really believe that God the Creator, and lover of the human race has to kill little children in order to take them to heaven to be angels?

But instead I kept hearing the same lies, that God has called the children home to be angels in heaven! And the murderer was suffering from mental illness! So according to the opinions of the majority because they don’t believe in the truth, every time Satan and his demons possessed someone to carry out his evil aims to kill humanity, it is not murder, he is just mentally ill!

So this would also mean that all the terrorism and killings that are taking place around the world, and even men in the past like Alcaida, Hitler and others, were not Satan’s murderous evil agents, but just mentally ill, they didn’t know what they were doing. (See previous post on “Why cleverly calculated evil acts and killings are not mere innocent acts of insanity or a mental disorder”).

And the Creator of the human race and God of love is going to call a evil possessed young man with enough assault guns to wipe out hundreds of people for no reason, and send him to a elementary school to kill little innocent children just to take them to heaven to be angels? This mass murderer used several bullets to kill each child, it was complete brutal slaughter of innocent children.

If this kind of teaching is true then according to the religious leaders and their believers God is to blame for this mass murder of young children and teachers so why all the fuzz, this is a good thing then! And what about their parents? What kind of God would rip little children away from their parents just to be angels in heaven?

How can intelligent people really believe such disgusting religious nonsense? Don’t people see this is complete blasphemy against the Most High himself inspired by the Opposer and Hater of God and humanity? Satan is the Ruler of the world (Bible books of John 12:31, John 14:30 and John 16:11), and controls all the world’s religions and governments that is the reason they cannot tell you the truth or offer any comfort and hope.

They are not God’s agents for teaching the truth, but filling your minds up with sheer lies and falsehood! But still they are pretending to be so concerned about the victims and their families with their hypocritical words: “Our thoughts and prayers are with you”. Prayers to Who? Not the true God!

The problems we are faced with today are spiritual problems, it all started as a spiritual problem, disobedience to God, and can only be solved in a spiritual way by obedience to God

It is in times like these that we see how spiritual dark and sick this world really is. It is just as the Bible says at 2 Corinthians 4:4 in speaking about the Opposer, Satan the Devil calling him the God of this system of things how he has “blinded the minds of the unbelievers that the good news about the Christ might not shine through.” People are spiritually blind and sick, with no knowledge of the true purpose of life or hope even though it is written right in their own Bibles.

Mostly because their religious leaders have not taught people the truth, or explain them why there is so much hatred, evil and violence in the world. You could see so many sincere people flocking to the church for the memorial of these children hoping to get answers to their questions: Why, Why, Why? And they got nothing, but the same lies as mentioned above. As Jesus said about our time period people would be like sheep without a shepherd their leaders not giving them any real spiritual direction or hope.

About two months ago I explained all this in the article or post entitled: ”Why cleverly calculated evil acts and killings are not mere innocent acts of insanity or a mental disorder” and the following one on ”Developing a keen sense of observation could save many lives. Please read those again if you haven’t done so already because I started all the way from Genesis following each historical step first from the creation of Adam and Eve, how evil was born in a good angel who became the Opposer and hater of God and the human race, Satan.

How death was introduced because of this rebellion when Eve disobeyed God’s instructions by listening to Satan and was later followed by Adam. In Genesis 3:15 God foretold that He would send a Savior or Messiah to save dying humans and restore Paradise and human perfection again, by putting the Evil one Satan the Devil out of existence.

Billions of angels were already in heaven long before the creation of humans on earth. Job 38:7 mentions how they shouted in joy and applauded after the creation of the first humans on earth and they are always spoken of as Sons of God, never as children. (Genesis 6:2) So God doesn’t need people or children from the earth to be angels in heaven.

God showed whom the Messiah would come through by giving the faithful man Abraham the promise that by means of his seed all the nations of the earth will bless themselves. (Genesis 22:18) All through history every detail of this Messiah was given so that everyone could recognize him when he arrived, even the place of his birth was foretold. (read previous post: “Why cleverly calculated evil acts and killings are not mere innocent acts of insanity or a mental disorder“)

All this was for the purpose of getting rid of Satan and his demons, (there were other angels whom also disobeyed God and joined Satan in his promoting of evil among people on earth), also for restoring perfect life, peace and joy to humans again on a Paradise Earth just as it was intended to be from the beginning.

People were never told or promised that they would die and later be taken to heaven. Adam and Eve were created from the dust of the earth to live forever right here. The earth was their home, it was supposed to become a global Paradise, they were given the command to multiple and fill the earth, take care of it and all the animals on it. But if they didn’t listen to God their Life Giver they couldn’t keep on living without this Life Source just as a light would go out if the electrical cord was unplugged from its source.

And that is what happened, after they sinned they began dying and so have all their offspring ever since. But going to heaven was never mentioned. After they sinned God simple told them as recorded in Genesis 3:19: “In the sweat of your face you will eat bread until you return to the ground, for out of it you were taken. For dust you are, and to dust you will return.”

Unfortunately that is where all humans since Adam and Eve sold us into sin and death have gone back to, the dust of the earth, whether they are rich or poor, old, young or children, buried in a fancy coffin, or a plain one, they have all become dust again just as the Creator said they would because of disobedience. But since God knew that Adam and Eve offspring didn’t deserve to die because of their disobedience he promised to resurrect them back to life and give them a chance at living forever on earth as he intended. And that was the purpose of sending Jesus to die to give all people even those whom died because of no fault of their own, a chance at life again.

Millions will be resurrected back to life right here on earth under God’s Kingdom in the coming new world, including many children

But in the meantime our loving God was preparing to reverse all this by sending His son to die and restore the human race back to his original purpose of perfect life on earth. This means millions of those now sleeping in death will be resurrected back to life on earth. John 5;28, 29 says: “Do not marvel at this, because the hour is coming in which all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come out, those who did good things to a resurrection of life, those who practiced vile things to a resurrection of judgement.”

So without a doubt those children and teachers will be resurrected back to life under God’s Kingdom in the new world of peace and joy. This Kingdom is the arrangement or Government God provided to accomplish this

restoration work and is made up of Jesus Christ and other co-rulers, faithful men and women chosen by God from the earth. Just like any government it is made of a set number of rulers 144.000. (Read Revelation 14:1, Rev 7:4) They are grown men and women, the first selection of these started with Jesus Christ disciples whom were all natural born Jews and with whom he made the New Covenant on the night before he died.

(Genesis 22:18 God promised Abraham that members of his offspring or “Seed” would be the ones to bless all nations of the earth by means of this Kingdom). (read ”Why cleverly calculated evil acts and killings are not mere innocent acts of insanity or a mental disorder”) Later after the Jews as a nation rejected Jesus as the Messiah, God’s invitation and selection of members for the Kingdom was extended to anybody from any race or nation whom was humble enough to take in instruction and qualify to be members of this Government.

So God’s Kingdom is made up of natural born Jews, the first chosen foundation members, as well as men and women chosen by God from all nations of the earth to rule as Kings and Priests along with Jesus Christ, over those on earth in restoring humans back to perfection. (Revelation 20:6, Rev 14:1, and Rev 7:4).They have been tested and proven their love and faith for the Creator and his Son Jesus Christ. They are not children, they become spirits in heaven but do not become part of the body of angels.

But were chosen by God, not a decision they made themselves, as some people think they can these days, to go to heaven to co-rule with Jesus Christ as Kings and Priests on behalf of the rest of humans on earth. This choosing started while Jesus was on earth and continued after then until the number was filled.  Most of those members are already in that Kingdom ready to go into action on behalf of survivors into the cleansed earth. Only a few are still alive on earth today, before they also will die and go to their assignments. (Revelation 20:6).

Jesus used children as an illustration to show that humble people are the ones whom God chose to rule in that Kingdom, childlike qualities, not proud haughty people.

These are humble men and women chosen from earth because of their faith and love for God and people. They cannot be proud haughty people. Proud people are not the ones whom usually listens to the Bible teachings, or have any interest in spiritual things. So they never really learn the truth because they are to proud and haughty and some of these are the very ones today whom are asking: “Why, Why, Why”?

That is the reason Jesus used children as an illustration to show how God is interested in humble people, childlike qualities. He said in Matthew 19:14: “Let the young children alone, and stop hindering them from coming to me for the Kingdom of the Heavens belongs to suchlike ones”

And in Matthew 18:3 he made it even clearer what he meant, as he said: “Unless you turn around and become as young children, you will by no means enter into the Kingdom of the heavens. Therefore, whoever will humble himself like this young child is the one that is the greatest in the Kingdom of the heavens”.

So teaching people that God took children to be angels in heaven is a false teaching, a lie. The angels themselves are always spoken of as adult spiritual sons of God doing their assigned duties in heaven and working on behalf of humans on earth. They are of a different nature and superior than humans and all work in different assignments doing God’s will in heaven and also on behalf of people on earth. God doesn’t employ children to work in heaven. (Read Bible books of Ezekiel and Daniel, shows how billions of angels in heaven created by God for doing different tasks and working on behalf of humans on earth).

The Creator made families to live together on earth, he will not break families up, especially in such a devastating murderous slaughter to take their children away to heaven. They belong here on earth with their families. But everyone keep asking how can this happen? What needs to be done to stop it from happening again?

Ever increasing lawlessness sign of the last days of Satanic Rulership

Jesus foretold that when the Kingdom was established in heaven, it would be the beginning of the last days for Satan’s world. He was defeated and thrown out of heaven and Revelation 12: 9, 12 says that this would result in great trouble on earth because the Devil is angry, and is intent on killing as many humans as he can so that no one would be alive when the Kingdom finally starts its restoration over the earth. I quoted this scripture in the previous posts on: (Why cleverly calculated evil acts and killings are not mere innocent acts of insanity or a mental disorder.)

So here is what it says again Revelation 12:9 “So down the great dragon was hurled, the original serpent, the one called Devil and Satan, who is misleading the entire inhabited earth; he was hurled down to the earth, and his angels were hurled down with him. And verse 12 says: “..Woe for the earth and for the sea because the Devil has come down to you having great anger, knowing he has a short period of time”. This angry spirit is what is behind the ever increasing violence and hatred, getting worst as the time gets closer for his being put out of existence. Matthew 24:12 says there will be an increase in lawlessness.

Violence has become the number one choice of entertainment, so people are reaping what they are sowing

Most people today are lovers of violence. They complain when they hear about a shooting that took place, but still go out and spend money to view violence on the Big Screen or watch it on TV. Violence is featured in almost every movie either for Film or TV produced, Video games, Music, Books, Internet sites and other media outlets. Toy guns are produced for little boys to play with, and even cartoon shows for young children to view.

Not just violence but so many shows and movies now featuring all kinds of demonic characters like angry monsters, dragons, witches and strange characters all to do evil, get revenge, win at all cost, fight, kill, kick, promote hatred and desensitize people toward badness. Young children are being bombarded by all this violence and evil being infiltrated into their hearts.

And their spirits their (inner selves) becoming inclined and trained to do the same thing. The motivating spirit is to hate, kill, fight, anybody, it doesn’t matter whether they are old or young. It is the spirit of Satan who hates all people, and pushing people toward self destruction. That is the reason also it is a spiritual problem, and can only be solved in a spiritual way.

Parents have to watch what they are allowing their children to listen, play with, watch, or what they are being exposed to otherwise they could be guilty of allowing evil to enter their homes and influence their children to become just like what they are watching and being trained to do.

Parents are allowing evil to enter their homes through these different mediums, allowing guns, and letting their children play violent games, watch demonic and violent movies or expose them to any of these things in any way is bringing the spirit of the Devil right into their homes and will influence your children to become just like what they are watching and being trained to do. Especially if their is no true Biblical or spiritual instruction being taught in the home, we are seeing the sad results of such. The Bible says at Galatians 6:7:  “God is not one to be mocked, for whatever a man is sowing this he will also reap.”

That is what the mother of Adam Lanza the Mass Killer did. She had a house full of guns, and even taught him to use them, besides allowing this young man to play violent video games and who knows what else he was looking at on the internet or even if he was on drugs. He became possessed or fascinated with evil, and so she reaped what she sowed.

Her own well trained in evil son killing his own mother and killing so many other innocent children and teachers besides. You can see how all these young mass killers are motivated by the same Satanic or demonic evil force, as if they are following specific instructions from someone else. They are all bright intelligent young men, they prepare very well for their mission to kill, all dress the same in black, just like the killers in the movies, they have a clever well planned out way to attack and enough weapons to kill as many people they can get away with, and always seem to strike at a time when people least expect.

Will getting more gun laws really stop violence and mass killings ?

Getting guns out of the hands of so many people might reduce the killings, but if some people still have guns hidden in their homes, sooner or later at any opportunity they will use those weapons to kill. Because it is not guns or laws that kill, it is people! As long as people have hearts full of hatred, evil intentions, jealousy or rage they will find other ways to kill their fellowman even if they cannot get a gun.

So the key is teaching children or people how to love their fellowman, changing hearts to be loving, kind, compassionate, and developing love for God and people and hatred for what is bad. That is why I said above it is a spiritual problem. A problem that has to be changed from the inside out.

Laws cannot change hearts, only true love for God and neighbor can. If everyone on earth learns how to love their fellowman from the heart, we wouldn’t need laws, because love would motivate us to not kill, not to steal, fight, or do anything to harm each other. People wouldn’t need weapons to protect themselves from their neighbor because their neighbor will not do them any harm either.

Freedom from all violence is possible only when all people on earth learn how to love God and their fellowman, it is a spiritual solution for a spiritual problem.

Folks, this is the way our Creator intended the humans race to live on this earth, and this is the way it will be in the coming new world under the rule of God’s Kingdom in the hands of the Prince of Peace.

Some people might be saying yes, that sounds like fantasy but it is not possible now. I can assure you that it is possible now because millions and millions of Jehovah’s Witnesses from every racial and ethnic group around the world in over 234 countries and islands of the sea, from their study of the Bible have learned to love God and neighbor and are constantly being trained in being loving amidst a world of hate. They are not allowed to have any guns in their homes, or carry guns on their body or go to war to kill their fellowman. Their children don’t watch violent movies, or play any kinds of violent video games or anything that can teach them to do harm to another.

Even toy guns are not bought for little boys to play with. I was raised in a home as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, my father especially took the lead in teaching us children the Bible from very young, (that is the reason I know all this information as I was asked before, and the reason I am given you some scriptures to read in your own Bible to see the Truth is right there for anyone with a love for what is right to see for themselves).

Every week we had regular family Bible study discussions in our home, as well as attended weekly congregational Bible study discussions with other families of Jehovah’s Witnesses and anybody whom are interested in learning what the Bible teaches and the hope for the future. These meetings are upbuilding Bible discussions on specific topics for building character and teaching proper conduct relating to the particular topic.

They are not dominated by any Clergy, Reverend, Father or Priest (there is no such thing mentioned in the Bible) carrying out a bunch of religous rituals from which no body learns anything, but are like a big family discussing the Bible, and commenting on the topic and how the Bible helps us apply council in dealing with every problem which we all face.

Also there is the Theocratic Ministry School and Service Meeting which trains us to be Public Speakers, and how to talk and treat people, proper dress and grooming, scene study, the study and acting out (mini dramas on stage for everyone to see and learn) different situations that can arise and how we can use the Bible to solve the problem with love, or answer questions people ask. As well as presentation of the Bible’s Message to help anybody whom has a desire to learn.

Everyone, even little children in attendance participate, and give talks and comments, which I still do today and enjoy. (see previous post: Memoirs of a wonderful Beloved Father) I have seen guns on TV, or in magazines, but never seen a real one in my life, and I really don’t know the difference between the kinds of guns that I heard being mentioned. What a pistol, an assault gun, hand gun or rifle is, I have no idea and don’t want to know either.

I have no interest in violent movies, and really can’t stand to see someone brutalize another person or see blood. Even common fighting if such break out anywhere where I am I run away for my life, I get so scared of seeing a person being killed. Many of Jehovah’s Witnesses are single women like myself living alone with no guns for protection, and many of them living in war torn countries surrounded by lawless people and terror.

Some witnesses have had guns pointed in their faces demanding that they get away from their doors when they are out preaching, and just simple wished the person a good day and peacefully walked away, leaving the person dumb founded. No doubt they expected a fight but shocked to see the peace they didn’t expect and the power of God’s spirit in action.

They don’t have guns for protection as some clamoring for gun laws are trying to defend their reasons for having guns. And still we have inner peace, a peace that puzzles many people. This is because after studying the Bible for so many years has prepared me and others for everything that is happening, and I know what the outcome will be, so I don’t get disturbed and keep asking why, why why? Rather I feel more inclined to help people to see why.

Trying to stop violence with violence will only increase it, Jesus said if you live by the sword you will perish by the sword

Those above words have proven so true. Don’t those whom make their living from carrying guns such as Police Officers, Soldiers, or Military people usually also die from the very weapons they carry for protecting people or themselves? If you are depending on guns to protect you, most of the time you’ll also die at the hands of guns.

Also many people who kept guns for protection have ended up accidentally killing other family members with their own guns. While others in a argument with someone who also had a gun died from the other persons gun shot. Or some because of the availability of having a gun in their home in getting in any argument or fight with their marriage mate or someone else in their household have shot them.

While others have used their guns to kill themselves or commit suicide. Isn’t this what happened to the shooter and his mother? Why in the world did this single woman need so many guns to protect her, looks like she was preparing for a war.

Also if young children should find these guns and not knowing the danger of such can end up killing themselves. This happened years ago back in St. Maarten, two little girls, sisters found their fathers gun under his bed while playing hide and seek. Not knowing how dangerous a gun was one of the little girls pulled the trigger and accidentally killed her little sister.

These were two beautiful little girls just five (5) and three (3) years old. The five year old killed her own little sister by accident due to the carelessness of her father having a gun in his home under the bed where little children love to play. He paid a heavy price for that by spending many years in prison, while the surviving sister is now an adult and I don’t know if she can remember or was ever told that she killed her own little sister by accident.

The ever increasing lawlessness and the preaching about this Kingdom is proof that those words sang by the angels that Joy and Peace is soon to be fulfilled on this earth among men of goodwill

Many former violent people whom have studied the Bible and allowed God’s spirit to change their own inner spirit or hearts have thrown away their guns or weapons and now have peace of mind and contentment. So the evil spirit that once motivated them to kill and what the rest of the world is calling mental illness has been replaced with God’s Spirit and they can in turn help other people to learn to love their fellowman. This is the only way people can stop all this violence, by changing hearts from one of hate to that of love, and only the True God can do that.

This educational work is already taking place worldwide, and will continue on into the coming new world when Satan and his demons are removed from this earth. Those whom God allows to survive this coming world change in which the restoration of humanity back to perfection on earth will take place will have to have a love for God and their fellowman, because violence will be no more, only love, joy and peace will prevail.

So the increasing lawlessness now is evidence that the Kingdom of God is soon to start ruling over this earth, and that is the reason those words that the angels sang at Jesus birth can be a source of comfort for those whom are mourning. Because even those whom have died will be resurrected and given the chance at human perfection and everlasting life again right here on this earth, our home.

So if you are a parent or one of those whom recently lost any of those loved ones in the recent mass shooting or even previous ones, your loved children or relatives will be resurrected back to life on earth! It depends on you now to be among those whom will be there to welcome them back home to this earth not heaven! So amidst all the devastating tragedy that has taken place recently, you can find comfort now in those words sang at Jesus birth, the coming King of God’s Kingdom, “Joy to the world and peace among men of good will”, and develop the hope of seeing its fulfillment soon.

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Think before you ink the skin, t(h)at too can be painfully costly

Today tattoos – ink on the skin seems to be the in thing. Nearly everybody or his brother and sister got a tattoo somewhere on their body. This past summer when the weather was so hot here in New York, and everyone wore shorts or sleeveless shirts, I remembered riding the overcrowded subway one day going downtown.

Since I had to stand while holding on to the handles overhead, I couldn’t help noticing the people sitting down in front of me. I was surprised to see almost every single person both young men and women of every race or ethnic group sitting for rows down was exposing tattoos on their arms, legs, necks, chests, and even the calf of their legs.

Even very young teenagers were flashing tattoos. On the back of their calves, some with both arms completely covered by tattoos, and other women wearing low cut blouses exposing tattoos right down the middle of their cleavages. Wow, I had no idea tattoos were that popular, I thought it was mostly among Celebrities, Rock and Pop Stars. It is not just that we are living in a scary world (a world full of fear) but also a very scarry one, people full of scars, for that is what a tattoo is, a permanent decorated scar on the skin.

From a little girl I could remember myself always scribbling, drawing or painting on any piece of paper I could get my hands on. My parents used to buy coloring books for me to color the illustrations in whatever colors I choose using either coloring pencils or crayons. And as I got older I advanced to other mediums such as water colors and paints. So I guess I was born to be an Artist, but drawing on the skin, somehow I never thought that was right.

I couldn’t stand even a little spot getting on my skin as it looked dirty to me. And as I grew into my teenage years I was always concerned that those teenage blemishes don’t leave any permanent scars on my face or body. And that was the way most people thought a few years back.

A few years ago people would do anything to remove scars or any blemishes from their bodies, spotless and blemish free clear skin was something everyone desired. There were creams invented to remove or hide even the smallest blackhead scars as people find them to be embarrassing and unattractive. Now they are paying money to do just the opposite, to place permanent marks on their bodies. Are the outer scars a reflection of the inner deep seated psychological or emotional scars?

Perhaps that is the case with some people, or others just follow the crowd. Because some of their friends or favorite Stars do it, they do it to. It is like monkey see, monkey do. This is often the case with preteens and teenagers, they want everything that the majority of their peers have. But just like certain types of clothes can identify people with a certain group or a gang, so that would be the same with tattoos. So it would be wise to find out what kind of people wore tattoos, what do most of the skin graft symbols represent, and what were they involved in?

Tattoos go back as far back as 5000 years ago, and it is believed that the first tattoo was discovered by accident. Someone developed a wound on their skin, and since in those days they used coal in open fire cooking, while taking care of the fire rubbed their dirty hand that was covered in black soot and ashes accidently right into the wound. After the wound healed it left a permanent mark in the skin.

From then onward the art of cutting the skin and inserting dark or colored material under those cuts forming these into designs on the skin became a practice throughout most of the pagan world.

In the high Altai mountains of Western and Southern Siberia mummies have been excavated that date to around 2400 years ago. The tattoos on their bodies represented a variety of animals, griffins, and monsters and was believed to have magical significance, but a few were purely decorative.

In 1891 mummified remains have also been found in Egypt of a priestess of the goddess Hathor at Thebes who lived around 2160 BC – 1994 BC. Her body was covered with tattoos of dots, lines and dashes that were grouped together in abstract geometric patterns. This type of design was restricted to women only and was associated with ritualistic idol worship. The Egyptians spread the art of tattooing throughout the world, to Crete, Greece, Persia and Arabia. By the year 2000 BC tattooing had spread all the way to Southeast Asia. Eventually Japan, China, Polynesia, Samoa, New Zealand, Indonesia, India/Thailand all adopted the pagan practice of tattooing.

The Romans whom got the practice of tattooing from the Greeks used it to brand slaves and criminals and it was also used as a form of punishnment. During the early Roman Empire all slaves exported to Asia were tattooed with the inscription: “Tax paid”. Convicts, Gladiators and Soldiers also used tattoos on their faces but this was later prohibited by the Roman Emperor Constantine. Even though he wasn’t a worshiper of the true God, followed his conscience and believed that humans created in God’s Image should not disfigure or defile their faces. (That’s one thing he was right about).

In 1519 when the Spaniards, who had never heard of tattoos before, arrived on the coast of Mexico they were horrified to learn that the natives not only worship devils in the form of statues and idols but also had these idol images indelible imprinted on their skin. They immediately recognized it as the work of Satan. The Spaniards later discovered that the practice of tattooing was widely practiced not just in Mexico but throughout all of Central America.

The practice spread to North America where outstanding warriors were recognized by their tattoos. And the first tattoo shop was set up in New York City and began the tradition of tattooing military servicemen from both sides of the civil war. In 1891 Samuel O ‘Reilly invented the electric tattooing machine which made the art of performing tattoos easier to do.

Eventually tattoos became the mark of sailors and criminals. Sailors returned home from their ships with their own tattoos. And prisoners had tattoos imprinted on their bodies what they desired in their soul-autonomy and identity. Most of those in prison were gang members and they had their own gang tattoos. A permanent mark showed total commitment to the gang.

These tattoos also revealed a lot about each individual gang member such as what their beliefs were, who they were, what gang they belonged to, where they came from, how many years they were in jail, and how many people they killed. This was symbolized by the spider web on their elbows showing how many people they killed.

Because the same gods or spirits (Satan and the demons) the evil promoters of every unclean ungodly practice are still around. And more so now than ever before since these are the last days of his Rulership over the world, is misleading the entire inhabited earth and leading people straight to destruction where he and his demons are heading. (Bible books of Revelation 12:9, 12 and Ephesians 6:12) (read previous posts: “Why cleverly calculated evil acts and killings are not mere innocent acts of insanity or a mental disorder” and Developing a keen sense of observation could save many lives”).

Inspite of the progress our generation claim to have made, morally and spiritually we are the most backward, ignorant and debased than previous ones. People do and say things now without any regard, as to whether it is morally or spiritually right or wrong. (as the Bible says in Ephesians 4:19 “ Having come to be past all moral sense they gave themselves over to loose conduct to work uncleanness of every sort”).

There is demonic influence in all areas of life. And this is mostly promoted through entertainment – music, videos, movies and other media outlets. Talent and Art are gifts from God, entertainment is needed to add to our enjoyment of life. So don’t get me wrong for pointing this out, I love the whole Creative and Performing Arts industry. I am an Artist myself and have studied all phases of the creative arts: Art & Design, dancing, music, acting, and worked for 6 years in the Industry (ABC-TV in New York City), and would love to work in the Industry again, especially movies.

So I have a keen interest in everything that is taking place in the Industry. I don’t think I can live in a world without any entertainment, and God never meant for us to live in such a world otherwise there would not be so much talent out there. But because of this love and need for entertainment by all humans,  it is one of the easiest channels that Satan and his demons are using to entrap masses of people around the world by promoting his God dishonoring and self destructive lifestyles. Their influence is very plain to see these days.

I believe the art of the modern day tattoo first began in the Music Industry where most Heavy Metal Musicians and Rock Stars started having tattoos. Most of them were also drug addicts, and eventually spread to all areas of the Entertainment world, including Actors, Dancers, Singers, Performers and even those behind the  scenes.

 And ofcourse there are more nudity on stage than before because they have to expose their tattooed bodies for everyone to see. So young men and women dance half naked freely on stage with bodies full of tattoos, or appear on the cover of magazines practically naked exposing their tattooed body parts.

These are the ones whom everyone idolize, the “Super Stars”  of our day, whom set the standard in fashions, conduct, and speech, and whom everyone want to look like. All forms of evil are viewed as good entertainment. So the message that is being sent is that it is alright to have tattoos just like extreme violence, evil, vulgar speech, sexual immoral and perverted lifestyles or sodomy are condone as nothing being wrong with them.

All these talented people and those whom imitate them don’t realize that the ones whom are getting their honor and of whom they have become “Slaves” of are the Devil and the demons. He is willfully promoting everything that he knows God condemns and that can corrupt humans so that they will have to be destroyed along with him and his demons. (See previous post on “Why calculated evil acts and killings are not mere innocent acts of insanity or a mental disorder and the follow up to that one). Even though the entire pagan world back then practiced the art of tattooing in honor of idol and demonic worship, there is no record of God fearing men and women (the original Israelites/Jews and succeeding Christians) engaging in the practice of putting marks on their skin. This was in obedience to several commands given by the Creator himself: One is not to have any other Gods before His face, and not to make any carved images of anything in Heaven or Earth, or under the Sea and serve them. (Bible book of Exodus 20: 3, 4).  

Leviticus 19:28 the practice of cutting the skin and tattooing is clearly prohibited, words spoken by God himself. It says “And you must not make cuts in your flesh for a deceased soul, and you must not put tattoo marking upon yourselves. I am Jehovah” (The name of the true God and Creator) (Bible Book of Leviticus 19:28).

The skin is the largest cell in the body, protecting our immune system and other bodily organs. If a tattoo Artist doesn’t keep his hands clean, (even though I believe they are require to wear gloves) or the instruments that is used in tattooing are not sterilized, and even the ink that is used is contaminated we don’t know to what extent bacteria produced by such can cause poisoning of the blood stream and affect the entire immune system which protects us from diseases.

Many commands such as washing hands, drinking wine in moderation, laughter as being good for the heart, the proper dispensing of animal fat and blood, eating of certain foods and many others were given by our Creator (Jehovah) years ago, and are only now, being discovered by Scientists in our modern century as having many health and life preserving benefits.

But our Creator knew this all along. Every command given to humans by God was for their physical and spiritual health and protection. Being created in His Image he wanted people to keep their bodies clean and healthy which would contribute to their general well being and preservation of their life. Those who did in the past carry themselves with human dignity and respect, they had peace and stood out from among the other idol worshiping pagan nations around them.

This is recorded in the Bible Book of Isaiah 48: 17, 18: “ This is what Jehovah has said…the Holy One of Israel, I Jehovah am your God, the One teaching you to benefit yourself, the One causing you to tread in the way in which you should walk. O if only you would actually pay attention to my commandment! Then your peace would become just like a river, and your righteousness like the waves of the sea.”

This command to be clean was carried over into the Christian area, right up into our time period, which was an extension of the Hebrew/Judean period.

In 2 Corinthians 7:7 it was repeated: “Therefore since we have these promises beloved ones, (the promise of a better world under God’s Kingdom) let us cleanse ourselves of every defilement of flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in God’s fear. Holiness and cleanliness means the same thing, tattoos make one look physical unclean and because they have their roots in Satanic worship are also a spiritual defilement. Some people may not have any interest in listening to what God says, or even believe in such, and may reason that they just like tattoos because they make them look more attractive. But do they really?Anything added to our body is supposed to enhance us, not take away from it. For instance women wear clothes and jewelry to enhance or compliment their beauty, and a man will wear a nice shirt, tie or jacket that enhances his looks, and to look presentable for the occasion he is dressing for. (See previous post on: “When Heads turn, let it be for the right reason“)

Anything that we wear whether it is clothes, shoes, a purse, necklace or earrings. Shirt or ties, should add or compliment our attractiveness, should make us more pleasing to the beholder, not divert from it. To me tattoos do just the opposite, they distract from a persons natural beauty. A beautiful woman or some men with visible tattoos look spotty and to me some look plain dirty like they haven’t taken a bath or shower in days.

I was looking at the American Music Award show last Sunday, and some of the male singers and dancers with their shirts off exposing their bodies, had bare backs, chests, arms, necks and heads full of tattoos.

Some of these performers are handsome or attractive people but they look like a bunch of dirty zombies whom haven’t taken a bath in days with their bodies covered up in tattoos. Their natural attractiveness was completely lost because our eyes usually go to the distraction rather than the attraction.

And the hard fact is that tattoos are permanent skin marks. And as people age their skin also ages and those tattoos that they thought once as attractive don’t look the same anymore and become even more of a distraction. And so some people find themselves stuck with tattoos they no longer like. The cost to remove tattoos are much higher than having them done in the first place, and the process cannot be done with one treatment.

It takes several laser surgical procedures, somewhere from ten to fifteen laser treatments to remove tattoos. And each treatment is only about twenty minutes long with several weeks of healing time in between. Each one of these less than a hour treatment cost several hundreds or thousands of dollars each, and most average people can’t afford the cost. And with the healing weeks in between it is a very long and very painful process.

Earlier this year in January 2012 a poll was taken among 21% of Americans who had tattoos done years ago. One in eight of those polled regretted having it done. Some of the reasons were that they were just mere teenagers or too young when the process was done. Others said it was permanent and they felt marked for life. Some as they got older no longer liked the tattoos.

The same poll was done among tattooed people in Britain, and Italians with the same regretful attitude. As life is constantly changing people minds also change. What you like when you are a teenager, you usually outgrow as you get older. But unfortunately the tattoo is permanent, and doesn’t go away with age.

Some people changed careers or got a new job that requested that tattoos be removed. Others may have ended  previous relationships or marriages that had the name of their partner tattooed onto their bodies, now they want to remove that person’s name. This happens quite often with Actors, whom change relationships often, or they may get some acting parts that require the covering up or complete removal of their tattoos.

One Actress gave her experience several months ago of how she had to remove tattoos because of getting a part that didn’t want any exposed tattoos on her body. She described the process as so painful, worst than giving birth to a child of which she had several children, and she said she would rather have more children than suffer the pain of another tattoo removal. With increasing technology in laser surgical tattoo removal techniques, the pain might be reduced, but it still takes  several laser treatments to completely remove a tattoo, and so far it is very expensive.

Most medical insurance companies don’t cover cosmetic procedures like tattoo removal. So if you are just the average person whom wants to remove previous tattoos and doesn’t have the money to pay a high tech doctor to remove it then you are stuck for life with a branding or mark on your body that you may now be embarrassed to show, or have to do all you can to cover it up.

So whether you are a young person, or the average person whom may be tempted to follow the crowd in getting a tattoo done and didn’t know to much about the process. In view of the foregoing history, how it affects both your physical and spiritual life, and the fact that you may be interested now, but later a change can occur in your life that might require that you remove that tattoo. Also the pain and money that it will require to do so it is wise to do as the title of this post says: “Think before you ink the skin, tattoos can be painfully costly!” And I should add both in a physical and spiritual sense. But like everything else it is your choice!

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Being careful to carefully put Care back in its place with Care

A lot of caring in that title. So who cares? That seems to be the prevalent attitude with most people today, and this lack of caring is responsible for the untimely death of some people and most of our problems. Everybody should have a caring attitude, because everything both inanimate things and living beings need care. And any business, family or human relationships cannot function properly or succeed without care. What is care?

Care means: centering our attention, anxiety or solicitude on a person or thing, or being concerned or having a personal interest, relation or affection for a person, animal or thing. The word is similar to solicitude which means attentive care and protectiveness, great concern or connotes either thoughtful or hovering attentiveness towards another. Concern also implies a troubled state of mind because of personal interest, relation or affection, such as the care a parent would have for a child or children, or vice versa children should have for an ill or aging parent, or a person will have for a animal or pet.

Why Care is necessary for the growth and welfare of life before birth and all throughout up until death.

Even before a child is born, the mother has to be careful about her health so that the baby inside her will also be healthy. And after birth then even more care has to be taken for the child, not just in providing clothing, food, and a warm place to sleep but more so for it’s emotional needs, by hugging, holding, softly talking, rocking and singing to the baby, loving care necessary for the proper development of the child. Without this the baby’s growth can be stunted or it can even die.

Even if the mother or both parents are not always present, this care needs to be given to the baby for its own proper developmentAnd parents whom need child care should carefully investigate the entire background of those they are hiring and entrusting the care of their young children to. Not doing so can be dangerous and can affect the child’s health and development. The importance of loving care to a baby even if it is not by its own mother was discovered years ago in an orphanage. These were young babies without parents so their care depended on the staff in the orphanage.

A nurse working in this orphanage was in charge of several babies on the floor. These babies had no parental love, they were orphans, so all their care and emotional needs for love and affection depended on the staff. Most of the babies slept well during her nightly shift except two babies who constantly woke up and kept crying. The nurse would always pick up one of them and smilingly and softly talked to the child, hugged it close to her body, sang to it, and cuddled it back to sleep.

The other baby just never got any attention at all, was completely ignored, and just kept crying itself until exhausted back to sleep. This went on almost every night, the nurse some how loved one baby, and ignored the other. The doctors noticed that even though both children were getting the same food and being bathed properly one baby was getting weaker and sickly and wasn’t growing or seemed emotionally sick.

It takes more than just food, water and shelter to be healthy and happy, but also loving care

The other baby whom was being hugged, talked to and held was happy, healthy and was beginning to smile and made happy baby noises while the neglected one kept getting sicker, never smile and never made any happy baby noises. Both these babies were given the same food, proper nutrition warm clothes and a warm place to sleep.

But still it seemed to the doctors that the child was dying even though they couldn’t find any particular thing wrong with its health. Then the nurse that took care of these children was questioned about the care the children were getting.

The nurse then admitted that she never held this baby, talked to it or hugged and cuddled it and just let it cry alone until exhausted and it fell back to sleep. It was suggested that she started paying more attention to this child, holding it and doing the same thing she did to the other one. Just after a few nights of holding this baby hugging it and softly singing and talking to the child it began to improve, started showing life, eventually started making natural baby noises.

The baby had began to die because of a lack of loving care

And with continued care this child began to smile and eventually started growing and living again. It sure proves how important loving care is from birth and throughout life, even if it doesn’t come from the child’s natural parents, as long as it is giving by a caring human being. It is needed without it we could die.

Some recent research is saying that you should leave a baby cry itself back to sleep. That might be Okay only if the baby is dry, not hungry, and is being taken care of all during the day, and getting the necessary love by holding, hugging it and softly speaking and cuddling. If the child is crying unnecessary during the night because it just wants attention, then it is up to the parents to talk to the baby and explain it that there is no reason for him or her to be crying and they should go to sleep. Babies are smart, even long before they start speaking they can understand what you are saying. I used to see my mother do this to my younger baby sisters and brothers.

Balancing Child Care with loving discipline

Mom used to lean over the crib checked to see if the baby was not wet, and with the baby crying and kicking to be picked up, she would softly talked to it explaining that it is time for everybody to sleep and they have had enough loving, hugging and cuddling all during the day, and now it is sleep time. And believe it Mom did the trick, the baby would stop crying and went back to sleep. This was done more than just one time but over a period of several nights each time her voice getting a little more firmer. The baby will realize that Mommy (or Daddy) means what she or he  says, and will even stop getting up for no reason.

At the same time she was teaching the baby discipline and unselfishness, so later when growing up they knew not to throw a tantrum or start crying and screaming just to get their own way. Most often that attitude among small children starts from their birth. If they can get their parents to pick them up whenever they cry for no reason just because they want it, then later on they continue to use tantrums and screaming to get their own way. My mother raised eight children and even helped raised six grandchildren and other people’s children so she learned through experience what works or not. And she did an excellent job, for we all turned out very well, disciplined and trained how to behave and be unselfish and show concern for others not just ourselves.

But this is different if the baby is not getting any care at all, such a baby should not be left to cry itself back to sleep because they are crying out for love and should be given the necessary love and care which is necessary for its emotional health and normal growth, as mentioned above.

 Caring for our gardens, houseplants, and Pets, balancing them with human care

We should also show care for our homes, cars, belongings, gardens or plants if we have such (see previous post on Houseplants behaving like people), and animals or pets. Some people take better care of their pets than other people.

We must care for our pets but it should be balanced since they are not human beings, and letting a dog or cat sit on the table or your plate that you will be eaten from is unhealthy. Do you know how dirty an animal butt and tongue is, and loaded with harmful bacteria?

Or hugging and kissing a dog on the mouth (or any animal) or letting them lick your mouth or face, especially letting young children do so can transfer bacteria over to humans which are unhealthy and can make us sick. This is not keeping care in its place, but is out of place. Care of humans come first, animals should not be allowed to endanger the health of humans. So many incurable diseases are being discovered and not yet researched, no one knows yet how many of these were transferred by the bacteria from animals to humans. Take care of your pets by feeding and getting them the proper nutritional and veterinarian care. Keeping them clean by giving them good baths and free from infections. Petting them and showing them you care. Be balanced though, with other living things, they are still animals, not humans whom are always superior.

 Don’t forget our seniors whom need special care

When we are young we give no thought to getting old. People by nature are youth tuned. (That is how God created us. The Bible book of Ecclesiastes says that time indefinite has been put into the hearts of men) so that explains why everything is tuned toward youth and staying young. Old age and death was never part of God’s original purpose that is the reason we all hate the very idea of growing old and dying. It all came because of inherited sin. (See several previous posts on restoration of perfect life again under the Category: Peoples and Families). So growing old and becoming an elderly person can be very depressing to them.

Some of them need to be taken care of by their children and grandchildren and this can be humiliating to some of them. And some may not have any children or others to give them any care and end up alone or in a nursing home. This can be a frightening experience for an aging adult to look forward to. Most often these seniors in nursing homes are neglected and may even die prematurely due to a lack of care.

About two years ago or maybe last year there was TV News about the police finding the skeleton of a dead person in a house right within a well inhabited neighborhood  somewhere in New Jersey. After talking to the neighbors they all knew this older man that was living alone and they said kept to himself. But nobody missed him for a whole year or even knocked on his door to see how he was even after they didn’t see him for a while.

It is shocking that people can be so cold and unconcerned or uncaring about a neighbor living right within their midst and his body already turned to skeleton and nobody even knew. This is not the way for us to live folks, especially in these difficult times people need to show more concern for each other especially the older ones living alone. We have to take the initiative because they might be to ashamed to ask for help or really need someone to talk to.

In our modern world one of the ways we show we care is by helping seniors, those that are not to old yet to learn how to make good use of some modern technology such as computers, ipads, digital tablets, newest cell-phones, GPS, etc. (See previous post on: Modern Technology reversing the roles: Seniors Parents obey your children and grandchildren). Some seniors may even want to go back to school to upgrade their skills to fit in with our ever changing world.

Parents can teach their children by example how to care for the elderly

When I was a young girl growing up back home on St. Maarten Sunday dinners were always special, the highlight of the week with full course meal and all the trimmings. But inspite of just feeding her own family my mother used to always put aside a full plate of all the Sunday Dinner special for an older senior from our small congregation. He was old enough to be her father but didn’t have any one to care for him.

I don’t remember if he was a widower or just grew older living alone. But he had snow white hair and every Sunday he came to the back door of the kitchen and Mom would hand him a plate of food to take home with him since he preferred to take it to his own home.

She did this right up until Mr. Garnett died, even with a house full of her own children she still faithfully provided a meal for an elderly senior never asking for anything back in return. (See previous post: A mother like no other). After so many years I still remember that and such kindness taught to children by example of their parents does leave a lasting impact on how they themselves treat older ones. I know I gave credit to my parents for my care and concern I have for the elderly.

I had the experience once of temporary assisting a friend of mine years ago with her job as a Senior Companion Caretaker. Normally I never thought I would enjoy a job like that since it involved actual helping the elderly with their medications, preparing meals, bathing and dressing them. Even though I love older people for their wisdom and experience, I am not inclined toward the nursing profession, hate the smell of medicine, or being around sick people. So I declined the first time when she asked me to help her out just one weekend. She spent the whole week on her job and only got every other weekend off. When she asked me again to relieve her one weekend because the other substitute caregiver couldn’t do it, I finally said yes, but only one time because this is not my kind of work.

Never turn down an opportunity to show care for the elderly, it can turn out to be an educational and rewarding experience

First she invited me to meet her client and his daughter living in New York City. A nice Jewish elderly man 91 one years old, and his daughter who lived with him. Since the daughter worked she hired a personal caregiver to care for her father at home rather than putting him in a nursing home. That was a loving thing for her to do for her father I commended her, and since they were both such nice people and we liked each other right away, including the elderly father I agreed to work the weekend for my friend and relieved her until the regular substitute returned the next time she needed the weekend off.

That experience taught me so much about how much we can learn from those whom lived and worked long before we were born. This was not a depressing or senile senior at all. After bathing him and preparing his breakfast we just sat and talked. This elderly man even though he was 91 years old and growing feeble his mind was as sharp as a razor. 

 I love getting to know people asking them what they did when they were young, what kind of work and recreation they did, what life was like back then and so much more. I asked him questions and he just talked, remembering everything. From his job down on Wall Street, to his family, what life was like back then in New York City. Remember then they had none of the modern day technology, people used their brains and hands to work.

It was so interesting to learn so much from him. Like having a personal history teacher (and I love history) and business coach teaching me how business was done and should be done, but also some of the hardships they had to endure then and worked hard to achieve whatever they did. But what was the most satisfying was that he was so happy to have somebody as young as I was then showing that much interest in his life, an old man, and he could talk to, that alone made him feel better.

 It makes older ones feel useful when they can share life experiences with younger ones, bringing purpose to their life rather than a feeling of worthlessness. I later found out my friend who regularly took care of him didn’t do much talking to him, so he was left to read or watch TV. She didn’t know how much she missed out on not getting to know her client.

He wanted me to come back again if the other weekend caregiver couldn’t make it, and I promised I would but unfortunately about a month later he had a stroke and died. I felt sad for even though I only had one weekend to meet such a sharp mind, it was such a privilege and a gift and taught me that caring for the elderly can be very rewarding and a lot to learn. So young people reading this don’t look down on our seniors, especially your aging parents or grand-parents, there is a world of knowledge and wisdom they can share with you contributing to your success. You can bring joy to their life and vice versa they to yours.

 Customer Care the key to business success

Most business owners know that without customers or clients their business cannot grow or succeed.  Here is where care makes a big difference in whether they make money or not. Care has to be taken in what kind of customers they want to attract, what these customers need, and care in what marketing and advertising methods will be used to attract them. Big business only hire people that they know will attract the clients they want, so they invest in training the right employees to get them customers and keep them.

People looking for work should carefully do research on companies before applying for a job. Find out exactly what they do and whether you have what they need to get new customers or clients. If not then take additional training to qualify or to fit within their organization. In these difficult economic times the more you can be of help to an employer in caring about or for their customers the better you become an asset to them.

I noticed a lot of companies now send out surveys for their customers to let them know what they can do to improve their services. Other places are now employing “Greeters” these are employees who do nothing more than stand at the entrances or throughout the stores, the banks, or Supermarkets and greet the customers and ask them if they need any help. Even some of the smaller discount stores are now doing the same thing. I was surprised to be approached by at least two greeters when I entered one recently.

Every company is interested in people whom will treat their clients with respect and kindness because this is what keeps them in business.

 Employers know that if they hire rude nasty unconcern people they drive clients away and the business suffers. Employees have to be careful how they talk to and treat customers since this will determine whether they keep their jobs or not. I know all the big department stores carefully pay attention to the kind of treatment their Sales Associates render to customers, or they can be let go if no improvements are made.

Businesses are made up of people and people need other people who really cares about their needs and wants

These days it would be the wise thing to do for all businesses to study, plan surveys and ask everyone what they could do to make their shopping experience, or the services they provide a pleasant one. For it is only when customers see that they are being cared for then they will continue doing business with that company. Also satisfied customers refer others to a business that treats them well, and business owners need this kind of free publicity and advertising.

For just like everything else businesses are made up of people and people need other people that really cares about their needs and wants. So customer care is something a business owner has to always consider when planning for new products, services and advertising to attract and keep the customers he has already and hopes to recruit. So caring is a very important asset for all businesses to succeed.

 Putting Care back into Healthcare

Back in times past doctors made house calls, and midwives delivered babies. All sick patients got one on one loving care from their doctors and new mothers from midwives. In some countries and smaller islands some doctors still make house calls on older bedridden patients. I know four years ago before my mother died, her doctor came to the house several times to look after her. These doctors really show genuine care and concern for the health of their patients, and this is what a “Healthcare Professional” should be like. These medical personnel spend time with their house patients getting to know them very well, talking and comforting them and this personal care in itself helps in restoring good health sometimes as much as given them a medication to take.

Healthcare Professionals may know the right prescription to give patients, but they should also know that a kind word, a warm smile a caring touch and attitude, and a question as to how the patient feels all contribute to good health. (See previous post on: A pill for this and a pill for that, a smoke, a drink, and whats the bill for all these  huh?) No matter how bad a person feels, a nice caring attitude can do much for the human spirit which helps in healing most medical problems a person has. And this is what real caring means, putting the care back into healthcare. Because some places seem to have forgotten that this quality of care is very important to the general health of patients. Today some doctors and nurses are more concerned with their salary or making money rather than the health of their patients.

Some time ago I had a follow up with one of my doctors in Manhattan NY, and in the meantime I changed my insurance network of doctors. I really thought he was still in my network because I checked to see if my present doctors were, but somehow he had changed and I didn’t know. When I got to his office, his front desk nurses couldn’t find his name in my network of doctors anymore, and he came out and said: “I am sorry, I can’t see you, I am no longer in your network of doctors”. Not even how are you feeling now, or nice to see you. I guess that is also covered by money. (He had performed a surgical procedure on my left knee, and it was still hurting) so at least I thought he would be interested to see how well it was healing, or why was it still hurting. 

But no, there was no “care” in his health care, just “money care”.  If no insurance money, then he couldn’t even take a follow up look on a patient. So what would have happen if I was an older adult maybe suffering from a heart attack, would that doctor just let me die there because he was not in my insurance network? It is shocking to even think about the many people who could have lost their lives because of the lack of “Care” by some so-called Healthcare Professionals, whose main concern is money, not people.

 Showing Care in how patients are talked to and treated affects their blood pressure tests and can result in the improper diagnosis and treatments being given

But there are a lot of fine doctors and nurses all around the world including the USA and especially here in New York. Very well trained and are doing a fine job in helping the sick, not just by their knowledge but also by their caring attitude. Of course there will always be a few whom by their conduct will give others a bad name.

This is the case with one large Hospital Facility in Brooklyn NY whose “Medical Clinic Staff” are rude, unfriendly, argumentative, never smile, and don’t talk in a kind way to the patients. Scientific research has shown that the way a patient is talked to or treated can raise or lower that persons blood pressure, which affects the heart and other organs in the body, and can affect the proper or improper diagnosis the healthcare professional makes.

This clinic is also made up of a mostly Black Medical staff (Africans and West Indians). And that should be a good reason for these Healthcare Professionals to watch their attitude because they are giving other black people a bad name. Whatever unfriendly culteral background or mannerism a person came from, a real professional knows that displaying the right personality and attitude goes with the job. Just as any business depends on the care they give to their customers to stay in business, Healthcare Professionals should also know that their business also depends on how they treat their patients, and even more seriously the life of their patients depends on the care they give them.

It is very common for people to stereo-type a whole race of people by the attitude of a few in a particular field. It would be easy for anyone going to that clinic to conclude that this is the way black people are, rude, argumentative, unsmiling, and having a don’t care attitude.  Fortunately the doctors and nurses from many of the other medical departments within this same Facility whom are also Black Professionals are very nice caring doctors and nurses. And it is interesting to find so many of these caring black doctors are women, (another group whom have been wrongly stereo-typed are black women) well trained women specialists in different fields of healthcare: Gynecologists, Dermatologists, Orthopeadics, Podiatrists and every other specialized fields of medicine. So it would not be true to say that all black people (or doctors and nurses) are the same, there are rude unkind people among all races. (See previous post on: Avoiding and dealing with disappointments)

 But care should be taken especially in the healthcare field that no doctor, or nurse of any race should develop an uncaring attitude toward any patient

Healthcare is a matter of life or death. The wrong diagnosis, treatment or neglect can result in a person’s prolonged illness or death. And everyone in the field of Health needs to be well trained in not just medicine but also in people care. Just put “care” and “people” back into healthcare, keep it there, and we will have a much healthier happier world of people.

And yes, this is one of the main keys to being Happy, is becoming a caring person. Following the Golden Rule as Jesus said: “Just as you want others to do to you, do likewise unto them” Everybody wants to be treated with care, so we should also treat others the same. By the way we speak and act toward others, kind, courteous and helpful when necessary. Keeping care in its place starts with each one of us. Take care.

PS: I finished writing this post long before I heard about the hurricane Sandy coming to New York. I was researching the photos and fixing them which takes time to publish the post, and the hurricane struck during this time.  Fortunately my area was not damaged that badly because these are all high rise buildings, away from any oceans or rivers, and I am on the 5th Floor. Just the terrible howling of the wind outside and occasional flickering of the lights was all that we endured. And ofcourse I am stuck indoors because there are no subways running and some places are closed because no one can travel to work or back.
But this post is so appropriate for this time because when such a disaster strikes then it really brings out the best in people and how much they care or not. Even  though some of us like myself are  not receiving any direct care from anyone, we all are benefiting from the care that is taken in the City. I just want to thank all the people whom are showing all of us directly or not such care:
The Mere’s and Governors of the Cities involved in the hurricane, the Fire-fighters, Police Officers, Para-medics, Doctors, Nurses, Hospital Personnel, Government Workers cleaning up the after effects, First Responders, The TV News Casters (They are sure  working tirelessly around the clock keeping us up to date with what is happening) (See previous post on showing gratitude for all those whom serve us daily: On the road of Life their are many Jacks and Jackie’s deserving of their Jacket) and everyone for all their hard work and care they are showing. And all of us can also show care for the Care-givers.
If you live in New York or any of the disaster struck areas close to a Police Precinct or a Fire-house and you can afford it, why not take some cooked food over for these hard workers letting them know how much you appreciate their concern for us?

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Developing A Keen Sense Of Observation Could Save Many Lives

This post is a follow up or continuation of the previous one on: “Why cleverly calculated evil acts and killings are not mere innocent acts of insanity or a mental disorder, and it would be good to read that first if you haven’t done so already. According to the definition in the Webster English Dictionary the word “Observe” means: to take note of what’s happening, to pay attention to something, to watch carefully especially with attention to details or behavior for the purpose of arriving at a judgment, to come to realize or know through consideration of noted facts, or to expertly analyze a particular field.

  “Observe” means to come to realize or know through consideration of noted facts, or to take note of what’s happening

That is what I did in the previous article or post. I invited all readers to check every scripture or book I listed in the article to prove to themselves that what was being discussed was recorded and accurate history. Starting from the very beginning of human creation I showed from the only historical and inspired Book from God himself, the Bible as to how and why we the human race got into this mess, how evil began, why it is increasing more so now than ever before. Why the world today is in so much turmoil and chaos, why so much human suffering, and who is behind it all – the conclusion leading to the great Manslayer, Satan the Devil along with his rebellious evil angels or demons.

Also how God was progressively preparing for the Messiah, Deliverer or Savior to be born that will be the one to put the Devil and his demons out of existence and restore human perfection and peace to this earth again. Every single detail about him was foretold and fulfilled up to our day, and just a few more yet to come in the near future. According to the sign he gave about conditions getting worst on earth this Messiah Jesus Christ is already ruling in God’s Kingdom and ready to put Satan and his demons out of existence.

This also means that the restoration work to human perfection and returning the Earth to its peaceful Paradise like conditions, will soon take place. But in the meantime we don’t know how many more terror attacks or mass shootings will take place before that comes. So there is the need to be always on guard, to be very observant where ever we go.

 The motto is: If you see something, say something, I will add if you see or hear something run for your life, then say something!

Yes, always be prepared to run if you can. Even if think you can’t when scared it seems like God gives us wings attached to our feet. We fly on ground. I experienced this myself, last year on Labor Day I was standing in the crowd among thousands of people on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn New York looking at the West Indian Day Parade. I went more so for the enjoyment of the music which I love.

Suddenly I heard a gun shot, without thinking or trying to find out if it really was, I just started running in the direction away from the crowd. I was flying on my feet, and I didn’t stop until I was far away from that crowd. I even didn’t know where I was when I stopped running and had to find the nearest subway to get back home. Later that night I saw on the news several people had indeed gotten shot around the same area where I was standing. Some people just stuck around to see what was happening, putting themselves in danger to be hit by a stray bullet if not directly.

In this age of terror we have to always pay attention to anybody that even looks a bit strange, anything however small it might be such as an empty can or bottle just lying around on the floor or on a seat. People with unusual bags or hats or whatever they may be carrying. I learned again through personal experience that these days, even those we least expect could be dangerous.

 What does the face of a killer looks like?

There is no way we can tell by the faces of people, who a killer could be. A lot of killers have turned out to be quite attractive and even innocent looking. Remember Satan and the demons were once good angels, no doubt beautiful when materialized in human bodies. Their becoming evil had nothing to do with their looks but their personalities, a corruption of their hearts.

So some people can be very good looking and still be possessed by evil or even develop an evil heart. About 5 years ago I had to run out to the grocery store two blocks away from where I lived because I needed something to add to my lunch I was preparing. I came down my elevator and when I opened the door into the building lobby, I saw a well dressed, clean shaven young man walking slowly toward the elevators.

I briefly greeted him as I was leaving, he responded with like and then asked me where the Super of the building was. Thinking he lived in the building, I told him probably in the basement since it was about 11:30 am in the morning and he is usually still working downstairs, and he calmly walked into the elevator. I noticed he was carrying a brown paper bag rolled up under his arm. I thought nothing about it because he looked like a regular young man with a bulgy newspaper in a bag under his arm and looking for the Super. Must be having problems with his apartment I thought. Twenty to thirty minutes when I came back home I couldn’t get into my building.

 Who would have suspected that a man carrying an innocent brown paper bag under his arm was carrying a gun prepared to kill another human being?

It was surrounded by police cars, an ambulance and newspapers and TV news men. I was surprised but not knowing what was going on I tried to go into my building and was stopped by two police officers. “You can’t go in there Ma’am, a man was just shot dead and his body is still lying in front of the elevator. Until the body is removed no one is allowed to enter and come out of the building”. I was shocked, I saw the Super standing outside with everyone else and asked him exactly what happened.

He told me a man came down to the basement asking for another tenant’s apt# referring to him by name and as a friend, so he gave it to him. Then later discovered that this young man had killed the same guy from the apt. that was given to him. The same young man with the paper bag rolled up under his arm that I had talked to about thirty minutes earlier was the killer and had gotten away after shooting the other guy.

The brown bag he was carrying under his arm was hiding his gun that he used to shoot the guy. Even though it was obvious that he came there specifically to kill the guy that he knew, just imagine what could have happened if I had come down that elevator at the same time the guy he killed did.

The man whom he shot ran into the elevator from the third floor and the killer ran down the stairs and shot him as he exited the elevator, dying right in front of it, the same one I had exited myself a half hour earlier, and briefly talked to the killer not knowing what he was up to. Anyone else could have gotten shot if they had been exiting at the same time.

That incident had me shaken up for months after as the police detectives came to my apartment and questioned me about my conversation with this killer since they could see me talking to him from the surveillance cameras. Then I had to go down to the local precinct several times and tried to identify criminals from a group of mug shots of faces. It was just like what you see on the TV Show “Law & Order”. I couldn’t remember exactly every detail of his face since he looked like a nice young man, all I remembered was that he had long hair pulled back in a braid, with this brown bag under his arm.

So I never did find out if he was ever caught or not. I was looking over my shoulders for months after so afraid this guy would show up again and get me. My mother advised me to move somewhere else. Who would have thought that the brown paper bag under his arm was a gun prepared to kill another man in broad daylight at high noon? And I had come face to face with a cold blooded killer and didn’t know it. So I have learned to observe everything around me in these dangerous times ever since.

  What should we do to survive if caught in a terror attack or a mass shooting?

But since Evil can strike anywhere at anytime we can be caught in a place when terrorism or a mass shooting occurs. Since we know now that Satan and his demons are aiming at killing masses of people at a time, whenever going to any event where there is going to be a crowd of people the authorities need to step up Police Protection. And all of us need to do as they ask us to do, keep our eyes, ears and sense of smell open. I will offer some of my own common sense suggestions, I didn’t get these from anywhere else, but just seem to be the wise things to do in case of danger.

It is always good to check out your environment beforehand where you could run in case there is a terrorist attack or a shooting. If in a open area among a crowd of people look around to see if there are any side alleys, walls that you could hide behind, buildings that you could run into and hide, or a road that leads to somewhere that you could get help. Run in a stooped over zigzag manner so that if anyone is shooting or throwing weapons from behind you it is easier for them to miss those that are running bent over and not in a straight line.

If indoors in your own home and you hear gun shots or shouting outdoors don’t poke your head out or stand in front of a window or door. Many people have gotten killed by stray bullets, trying to see what is going on outdoors. Stay far away from any doors or windows, if possible lie down on the floor, call the police, and stay low until they arrive to the crime scene and the shooting is over.

If you are in a closed in environment such as a theater, school, hotel, or religious meeting place, always familiarize yourself with the Exit places. Where could you run and hide if a terrorist should enter and start shooting?  I know I develop the habit of mostly sitting in the back or somewhere in the middle where ever I go. And I always check out where the exit signs are. Know where they are located.

Take note also of other things in the building. Are there stairs leading to another area, to a basement, or the roof? Is there a door leading to another room that you could run inside and push others in and then lock behind you? What about the restrooms, could you run inside and pull others in with you so you save their lives also?

(Always look out for the welfare and survival of others, this will help save your own life) A real life experience that this works is during the Holocaust in Europe there were many Jehovah’s Witnesses in those Consecration camps, and the reason many of them survived and even helped some of the Jews survived those that they could, was by their  physically sustaining, helping, protecting, hiding, covering over, and sharing whatever they had with each other.

In a theater or school, restaurant or any place where there are tables, chairs, or seats it is always good to fall to the ground on hands and knees and try to hide under the tables. In a theater or church get down on hands and knees between the seats and crawl carefully to the nearest exits. If no exits are nearby just lie flat between the seats until the police arrive.

It is very unlikely that the shooter will go from seat row to seat row and shoot people hiding on the floors between the seats. If children are with you protect them by keeping them under you covering them with your body, and tell them to be quite. Ofcourse, if you can crawl out of the building through the nearest exit once out, then run for your life away from the area. Even young children now in terrorist countries are learning to run from very young when terror strikes.

 In most cases following your intuition can be the best protection

Sometimes when we get an intuition to not go somewhere it could be like an inner warning and a protection against danger. This is what saved some friends I knew from being killed in the World Trade Center on 9/11 years ago. All four girls living in different places all decided to stay home that day, they followed their intuition, not knowing that others had done the same thing. Only after the attack they found out that the others did not go to work that day and was saved. Another friend of mine was working in the first building on the 45th floor hit by the terrorist airplane.

She had no idea what was happening she thought the loud noise and shaking of the building was an earthquake and she just ran for the stairs. She was on the 45th floor and she flew down those stairs without stopping not once until she got out of the building. And that was the same building where most people lost their lives, probably because some of them didn’t run right away hanging around to find out what was going on.

That was the same reason so many people got killed in the Aurora Colorado killing, people thought the killer was part of the movie and didn’t run or try to hide right away. So many lives could have been saved had they all just hide on hands and knees behind those seats as suggested above. Be observant folks, as soon as you see anything different get moving out of danger.

 Fear and anguish among people another sign of the times

Today there is so much fear because there seems to be no end to trouble somewhere in the world. Even in the USA there is the constant fear of another terror attack, or shooting. Right now there are mass mob uprisings in the Middle East and spreading to different countries. Do you know that the international fear and anguish in our generation is also foretold as the sign of the end of Satanic Rule? 

In Luke chapter 21: verse 10 and 11 Jesus himself is talking about what to look for when God’s Kingdom starts ruling in Heaven, it reads: “Nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom and there will be great earthquakes, and in one place after another pestilences and food shortages and there will be fearful sights…and verse 25, …”and on the earth anguish of nations not knowing the way out because of the roaring of the sea and its agitation,

verse 26..” while men become faint out of fear and expectation of the things coming upon the inhabited earth for the powers of the heavens will be shaken”. Matthew 24:12 also speaks of the increasing of lawlessness. And Matthew 24:14:  “And this good news of the Kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.”

So the entire sign is being fulfilled in our day, proving that the end of Satanic Rule is very near. Jesus gave an illustration at: Luke 21:29 – 31: “Note the fig tree and all the other trees… when they are already in the bud, by observing it you know for yourselves that now the summer is near. In this way also when you see these things occurring, know that the Kingdom of God is near”.

In the previous post (“Why cleverly calculated evil acts and killings are not mere innocent acts of insanity or a mental disorder) I showed from Revelation 12 why increased trouble started because of Satan and his demons being casted out of heaven down to this earth and the sea (the sea refers to the masses of restless humanity who become disturbed or agitated because of all the trouble that starts happening, resulting in loud mob protesting and lawlessness). It said in that scripture: “Woe for the earth and the sea” because the Devil has come down to you having great anger knowing he has a short period of time. His intention on killing the human race was partly successful when he stirred up the nations resulting in two mayor wars World War 1 and World War 11, where millions of people lost their lives.

These wars introduced different kinds of diseases, (pestilences), and ailments. Modern technology and war has also messed up the atmosphere, the air we breathe and the ground is polluted with all kinds of chemicals, and technological waste. Our food and water are not pure as they should be, which is weakening our immune system making us more susceptible to different kinds of diseases. Besides fear and anguish produce daily stresses contributing to the decline in human health and death. With the misuse of human blood and the increased sexual moral decline, other types of mental and sexual transmitted diseases came into existence. Satan sure has brought “Woe” for humankind.

Inspite of modern medical research there is still no cure for many of the mayor diseases, the foretold modern day pestilences contributing to the fear and anguish

No one can deny that our times are plaque by pestilences, inspite of modern medical research, there is still no cure for so many different kinds of diseases, and illnesses some of them still being studied by scientists with no definite cure yet in sight. Even though there might be some improvements in medical treatments, people are still dying from these pestilences, one of the biggest one is cancer which takes the lives of people from all races both young and old alike.

But as we get closer to the end the roaring and agitation of the sea (restless humanity) gets louder. The discontent among the “sea of humanity” is very apparent. The increasing of lawlessness is out of control as people all over the world rise up in mob rage resulting in chaotic rioting, protesting and violence in the streets. It doesn’t take too much of anything for people to go into a rage with resulting protest and violence.

Human governments or the ruling authorities sometimes spoken of as the heavens over us, are indeed shaken as they cannot control the rebellious crowd of protesters in different parts of the world. Pay attention folks, this is not the way humans were created to live. It is very plain to see that the masses of people are under the influence of Satan and the demons pushing them toward total destruction of each other. Two of his biggest deceptive, divisive and controlling powers are religion and politics, Worship and Rulership. All the turmoil in the world can be linked to these two things, and they are standing in the way of permanent peace.

 Satan’s two most powerful deceptive and divisive Elements for controlling people and preventing worldwide Peace and Unity are Religion and Politics—Worship and Rulership

Remember the reason he opposed God in the first place was because he wanted worship, and rulership over the human race. He wanted to be like God, (read the previous post of Why cleverly calculated evil acts…) he is called in the Bible “The God of this system of things”, and “the Ruler of the world”.(2 Corinthians 4:4 and John 14:30). (I am encouraging all readers again to read all quoted scriptures throughout this post in their own Bibles to confirm this information as accurate to themselves. I am using the new World translation of the Bible in modern English language, you can use whatever version you have, the message is the same).

When he caused the first humans Adam and Eve to sin, Satan also challenged God’s right to rule and to be worshipped by his own children, human beings. So the Creator allowed time to pass for people to choose which is better, His Rule or Satans, while preparing to eventually settle the issue by means of his Kingdom. 

We see the outcome today, nothing but religious and political confusion. Whether they claim to be Christian or none Christian, worshiping a Prophet, an image, atheist or evolutionist, all the world’s “religions” are under the control of the Devil and the demons. (Bible books of 1 Corinthians 10:20 and Luke 7:22). And the Worldwide Political Governments (spoken of in Revelation as the Wild Beast) got their power from the Dragon, which Revelation identified as the original Serpent, Satan the Devil. (Revelation 12:9). So Satan is the one who established all these conflicting religions and divided people up into different national governments. (Revelation 13: 4). This way he has power and gets worship from people all over the world.

The book of Revelation 18 speaks of all these religions as: Babylon the Great, the world empire of false religion. The most reprehensible are those claiming to worship God but proving false by their actions and teachings. They will all be destroyed in the last war, ArmageddonRevelation 18: verse 2 reads: “She has fallen, Babylon the Great has fallen, and she has become a dwelling place of demons and a lurking place of every unclean exhalation… “and in verse 4 and 5, our loving Creator God himself knowing that their are a lot of very righthearted and sincere people deceived by religion and trapped inside of her because of being baptized as enfants into most of these religions, something God or Jesus never instituted, is calling sincere people out of false religion: (continuing in verse 4 and 5):

“And I heard another voice out of heaven say: Get out of her my people if you do not want to share with her in her sins, and if you do not want to receive part of her plagues. For her sins have massed together clear up to heaven, and God has called her acts of injustice to mind… “and verse 8: “That is why in one day her plagues will come, death and mourning and famine, and she will be completely burned with fire because Jehovah God who judged her is strong”.

Even though all the nations represented by the United Nations will come to some kind of peaceful agreement proclaiming “Peace and Security” (Bible Book of 1 Thessalonians 5:3) it will not be for long, because the scriptures says this will be followed by “sudden destruction.” Revelation 18:8 mentioned above shows Babylon the Great destruction will be like in one day, suddenly.

And this book (Chapter 17) shows further how the very Political Governments according to God’s will, develop intense hatred for Babylon the Great, false religion (also called the harlot) and will suddenly turn on her and destroy her completely. (Revelations Chapter 13 to 19). This will be the beginning of the final war, the war of Armageddon, to be followed by the destruction of all Satan’s worldwide political systems, the two main elements standing in the way of world peace and unity.

Then finally the Source of Evil Satan and the demons will be captured by Jesus Christ and thrown into a abyss. This part of God inspired pre-written history is the only thing yet to be fulfilled before the Kingdom goes into action to restore obedient humans and Paradise again.

 What can we do now to protect ourselves from the direct influence of Satanic or demonic control?

Since the Book of Revelation says Satan is misleading the entire inhabited earth and this would result in “Woe for the Earth” (Revelation 12: 9) then every single person on earth right now is open to his attacks. But we can protect ourselves from becoming possessed or directly under his control by refraining from any conduct that could bring us under such.

The Bible Book of Deuteronomy chapter 18: verse 10-12 gives us some of those practices that can bring a person under the direct possession by Satan or the demons. Such as: consulting fortune tellers, practicing divination and magic, casting of spells, consulting spirit mediums, astrology, Quigi boards, sorcerers, all kinds of spiritism, (voodoo) reading crystal balls, consulting and talking to the dead (in reality it’s the demons that talk back to you, not the dead person).

Also people can become under demonic control by taking hard drugs new ones being added every day that can kill people in a very short time. Some of these synthetic drugs the newest ones being “Smiles 2C-I”, and “25b-Nborne” instantly brings a person under demonic control and death follows shortly after. Teenagers are the victims so far.  Please stay away from drugs young people. Remember our enemy wants us dead, this is one of his easiest way to kill you. Also being involved in false religions, becoming extremely interested in ghosts and the occult.

Being obsessed with evil, violence, watching and reading demonic or satanic books and movies, developing extreme hatred for other people (that is the real spirit of Satan, he hates people), being always angry and ready to fight, liars, all immoral sexual conduct including some mentioned in the previous post, such as sodomy, child molesters and all unnatural debased unclean and obscene conduct. In reality everything that God condemns is a protection from becoming controlled by Satan, since he approves and promotes just the opposite of what is right.

So learning all we can about our Creator, the true God Jehovah,  developing love in our hearts for him and other people, doing good, learning the real reason why Jesus died for us and how he will use His Kingdom to adminster the benefits of his death for the healing of all peoples, is another great and the best protection from demonic possession, for where there is God’s spirit and Love it will conquer Evil. And this is what will determine whether we survive into the new world or not. It is our desire to do what is right, the willingness to learn and be obedient, faith and love for God and our fellowman.

And that is basically what true worship is all about. It is a way of life, not an institution. That was the only “religion” that was established in the Garden of Eden. Being obedient to the Creator, with no bunch of restricted laws, no religious rituals and sacrifices, no doctrines, no unnecessary burdens, no hellfire scare tactics, no false hopes, and no specific holidays to celebrate.

Even now Jesus sacrificial death already abolished all those laws, animal sacrifices, observation of specific days, and other rituals practiced under the law of Moses, the old law covenant which was a temporary law pointing to the Deliverer or Messiah. It was a burden because so much was needed for the forgiveness of sins of the people, it was given to sinful humans until the Messiah came and died. 

He was the foretold “Lamb of God” that would take away the sins of the world instead of animal  sacrifices. He replaced that old law covenant with all its burdensome animal sacrifices and requirements, with the New Covenant based on Love of God and Neighbor, which sums up the entire Ten commandments. This is what true worship was supposed to be, is now, and will be in Paradise, a way of life). Living a clean life, and the freedom to celebrate life everyday, no restrictions as to how kind, or loving, or joyful, or happy you want to be. This is the truth Jesus said would set us FREE! 

 The removal of Evil and peace restored to the earth soon to come

It is very unnatural and everyone knows that the human race wasn’t supposed to live like this. Being in constant fear and on alert to terror or killings is not normal. We were supposed to be a united human family, not being afraid of our own fellowman. Fortunately our Creator has already provided the means for saving obedient humans, and will not allow the entire human race to be killed by his enemy.

The war to capture the Devil and his demons will result in a lot of trouble on earth known as the war of Armageddon mentioned above. Once it is over then complete freedom and peace will follow for those who survived. Revelation 7:9 says a great crowd of people from every nation, race and walks of life will survive Armageddon. But it depends on what they do now, not on a physical hiding place.

We just can’t imagine how the earth and life will be when evil is removed, and peace restored. God’s Kingdom will go into action to restore the human race back to perfection. Everyday people will grow a little more perfect than the day before, instead of getting older and sicker, they will be getting younger and healthier. Even the dead will return to life and benefit from this restoration. Many survivors into that peaceful earth will be able to welcome former relatives whom died years ago back to Paradise.

 Finally the promise of Paradise will be a reality just as it was meant to be and humans will experience complete freedom

Yes, finally the promise of Paradise will be a reality just as it was supposed to be before that angel became Satan and caused the first humans to sin. (read previous post: Why cleverly calculated evil acts and killings are not mere innocent act of insanity or a mental disorder) The promise given to faithful Abraham years ago that by means of his seed all nations of the earth will bless themselves (Genesis 22:18), will go into operation as Jesus Christ the promised Seed and Messiah along with his co-rulers making up the Kingdom of God go into full force in restoring the human race back to perfection and the Earth to a beautiful Paradise. And Abraham (and many of those faithful men of old) will be resurrected and see the fulfillment of that promise with his own eyes.

Here are some more scriptures that will be definitely fulfilled. Psalms 37:11 says: “The meek ones themselves will possess the earth and they will indeed find their exquisite delight in the abundance of peace.” and verse 29: “the righteous themselves will possess the earth and they will reside forever upon it”… Also Isaiah 33:24 says:”No resident will say I am sick”.

Revelation 21:1-4, verse 4 says how God will wipe out every tear from their eyes and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away”. Revelation 21:5 confirms these promises with the words: “These words are faithful and true.” So there is no “if’s, maybe or could be true” that God will restore humans back to perfection on a Paradise earth like it was in the beginning. It will happen! We have all the signs, pay attention folks! Also Jesus was real, that was the reason why he died, otherwise his death would be for nothing! 

Finally all people will be free! Free from all fear, free from terrorist attacks and shootings, free from old age, sickness, diseases and death, free from demonic and satanic influence toward violence (they will be gone), free from all false religious teachings and influence, free from worry and stress. Then all humans who survived into that new world along with those resurrected to life could share in singing the phrase “Free at last, Peace at last. Thank God Almighty we have Peace and Freedom at last!” And that is a wonderful hope to look forward to.

Written, and illustrated by Glenda Brill ©

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Why Cleverly Calculated Evil Acts And Killings Are Not Mere Innocent Acts of Insanity Or A Mental Disorder

It has happened again, just like it happened several times before, almost in the exact way, just different locations. A young man cleverly managed to enter a place where there were masses of people, and just start killing anyone within his range, complete strangers. This recent attack was in a Movie Theatre, but the same acts of terror or killings have been done in various places before always suddenly, unexpected, in schools, on subways, in buildings, even places of worship most often aimed at killing masses of people at a time, and always cleverly planned, timed and calculated.

It happens in the same way with acts of terrorism, either a sole person or a group suddenly attack masses of people with the aim of total destruction. Everyone is shocked, becomes scared, police security increases, and most people accuses the Killer of insanity or mentally deranged. Are they really? After the Aurora Theatre shootings I heard one grown man said on the news that he doesn’t understand why these things happen. And a lot of other people saying the same thing. I understand why they are happening, and violence is bound to increase getting worst as time goes on. Keep reading and I will explain why I said that. But those of you who prefer to believe that it is all the act of a insane person should ask yourself the below question:

Most of us have seen or met insane or mentally sick people before. I know one lady in my neighborhood whom suffers from schizophrenia but as long as she takes her medication she is the sweetish, kindest person you can find, with no evil bone in her body. Also sometimes riding the subways in New York, I occasionally see a insane person loudly speaking to themselves or to someone in their head without trying to do any harm to anyone else.

So insanity is a disease of the human mind or a brain disorder. Our minds and brains like the rest of the body due to inherited imperfection are subject to diseases and mental disorders, most of them can be kept under control with medication. Some mental problems could be the result of lacking in certain nutrients. But that does not make someone wicked, evil or desire to kill strangers.

A mentally deranged or insane person can do foolish things on the spur of the moment, and some if provoked to the point of becoming angry if they are in possession of a weapon can use it to kill sometimes unintentionally. But cleverly planning, studying, reading, and stockpiling weapons or bombs for the purpose of killing innocent people is not the work of a mere insane person, but from someone possessed by an intelligent evil being, which comes from outside the human mind.

Contrary to many beliefs of some people, no doubt those that are saying they cannot understand why these things are happening, is because of their failure to accept this one fundamental fact that: Human beings were created in God’s Image, by a real loving Creator. A God of love with no trace of evil whatsoever! If we don’t believe this then we cannot understand anything else that is happening and living without a purpose or hope.

Being created in the image of God means that all the qualities that God possesses such as love, kindness, mercy, forgiveness, joy, goodness, the ability to know right from wrong and be guided by moral laws were built into us along with a conscience which would act like a compass to let us know when we are going the wrong way. Originally perfect as our Creator, there was no evil in humans at all just as there is no evil in God.  

The inspired Bible is the only book that tells us the complete true history of how we began, how evil came about, why it is increasing now, what the end result will be, and how this will happen. This will affect the life of every single human on earth now and those already dead, so please keep reading all the way to the end of this post. You will find this very interesting history somethings you may not even have known before if you never examined the Bible yourself,  but only believed what your religion told you.

 I am going from the very beginning, the book of Genesis all the way up to our time period foretold in the last book of Revelation. If you check everything yourself, you will see how it all makes sense and will no longer be so shocked when another terrorist attack or mass killing takes place, or even what all the hard times means now. So please stay and keep reading:

When our first parents Adam and Eve disobeyed God, they became sinful or imperfect, meaning they missed the mark of perfection according to God’s standard. So all humans because we are all offspring from this original pair were born imperfect (not evil) and sinful and subject to diseases and death.(See previous related post: People are basically all just people)

But it was an evil being that caused Eve to disobey and eventually Adam joined her. The Bible says that this evil being was originally a good angel, a heavenly son of God. There was a survey taken some years ago that said that by far the majority of Americans believe in angels, so it shouldn’t be hard to understand how angels can become evil, since they were also given free will.

The Bible book of Job 38:7 says that after God finished creating Adam and Eve all the angels in heaven whom were looking on started shouting and applauding this new earthly creation. Except to one angel whom became jealous of all the honor that was being given to the Creator knowing also that this new Man and Woman and their future offspring would be doing the same thing worshipping and honoring the Creator.

So this angel who was a real intelligent heavenly person wanted to be like God himself, he wanted to be worshiped by this new creation of God the human race. He desired something that belonged to His Creator, “Worship” and lied to the first woman talking through a serpent told her just the opposite of what God told her not to do. God said that if they didn’t listen to him they would die.

This evil angel became known as “Satan the Devil” which means Opposer, told her that she wouldn’t die. (Genesis 3: 1-6). Human beings have been dying ever since then, so God proved to be true, and Satan turned out to be the Liar. He made himself the Great Opposer and Hater of God and humans by his rebellion and deceptive conduct.

This was the birth of real evil, a perfect angel allowing envy and the desire for prominence to turn into hate, willfully hating God and also saying that humans don’t need to listen to anything he says. They can rule themselves, lyingly knowing that his actions would cause death to the human race.

Since the entire human race was plunged on a path that would lead to a life of suffering and death which was contrary to God’s purpose, right from the start the Creator foretold that he would provide a Deliverer for the human race whom would put Satan out of existence. This first prophecy gave all of Adam’s children, all humans hope that Perfect life and peace will be restored again just as it was in the beginning is recorded in Genesis 3:15.

Talking to the Serpent whom was really the evil angel Satan. (The bible book of Revelation confirms that the original serpent was indeed Satan. Revelation 12:9 says….”the original serpent the one called Devil and Satan who is misleading the entire inhabited earth…”) God said that he would provide a Seed (a offspring) that would crush the Devil in the head, killing him.

So the Evil One was sentenced to death, but God allowed him to continue and the human race to reproduce until He provided the Messiah to restore them back to perfection and put Satan out of existence. Just as Genesis 3:15 says, the devil develop his own seed or followers, and a hatred for this coming Messiah and his Kingdom and anyone whom put faith in it, and started on a fight to prevent the Messiah and his Kingdom from coming about. So his murderous path of keeping people fighting and killing each other began, if he couldn’t rule the human race and get them to worship him, then he would kill them all so no one would remain to worship the Creator.

Yes. Eventually Satan was joined by other disobedient angels whom also disobeyed God before the flood of Noah’s day. Angels whom the Bible refers to as “Sons of God” were used by God back then as messengers between God and humans. They were given the ability to put on human flesh and looked just like men on earth. (The Bible always speaks of angels as “Sons of God” as male spirit persons, not female). This also proves that the religious teaching that God needs humans to die so that they  can be angels in heaven is a lie.

The Bible book of Daniel says that there are billions of angels in heaven all were created long before humans on earth. Remember the Bible book of Job said they applauded and shouted with joy at the creation of humans on earth, showing they were living in heaven long before the creation of humans on earth.

But instead of these angels doing their work as messengers of God, some of them began noticing beautiful women on earth and started marrying women and having promiscuous sexual relations, the Bible says with as many women as they choose. So there were several women for each angel. This was unnatural as angels were not created to marry or have sexual relations with humans on earth, and this was the start of perverted sex, or unnatural sex. (Genesis chapter 6).Their cohabiting with women in turn produced offspring or children something they were not supposed to do as temporary messengers of God or as angels.

The offspring of these angels were unnatural unlike normal human beings, and became fierce violent men, called the Nephilim, and the whole earth back then was full of violence. So God had to wipe these violent men out in the great flood in the days of Noah. (Genesis chapter 6) (Jesus said in speaking of the last days that just as it was in the days of Noah, so the last days of this system will be, and our time period is filled with much more violence than even in those days).

But these disobedient angels lost their privilege as messengers of God and a good standing with their heavenly Father, and became angry evil spirits, in joining Satan in his rebellion they made themselves demons, and started on the same course of promoting evil, violence, and every debased sexual conduct among people on earth. They were sentenced to death just like Satan to be put out of existence by the Messiah when he comes in his Kingdom to destroy this present Satanic and demonic controlled world and restore God’s original purpose as it was in the beginning.

Later this promise that was foretold in the Garden of Eden that a Seed would crush Satan’s head was re-enforced when God told the faithful man Abraham that this Messiah would be born in his lineage. God told Abraham in Genesis 22:18: “By means of your Seed all nations of the earth will certainly bless themselves due to the fact that you have listened to my voice”. It was later revealed to him that this would come through the line of Judah, (Genesis 49:10) whose offspring later became known as the Jews. So God would transfer the life of his only begotten son to be born as a man into the womb of a simple Jewish girl, Mary.

So from then onward all God’s people of the earth back then were looking forward to this Deliverer whom would put an end to Evil. Every prophecy and even the Passover was all pointing to the time and place when he would arrive and bring an end to human suffering. Isaiah 53:3-12 foretold the kind of personality he would display, one of humility and how he would suffer and die for the sins of the people. Micah 5:2 foretold the very place he would be born in Bethlehem. Satan knew his time and craving for worship would eventually come to an end, and he tried to do everything in his power to wipe out the people of God so that the Messiah would not be born.

All through history we see how Satan tried to destroy God’s people using his wicked human agents. But our Creator was constantly finding ways to preserve Abraham’s offspring in keeping with his promise that the Messiah would be born in his lineage. This he did in the time of Pharaoh using Moses (Bible book of Exodus) to deliver them through the Red Sea. Later down in history using Queen Esther (the book of Esther) to save the Jews from complete annihilation all the way up to the time when the Messiah was born the Creator always coming to their rescue in order to keep his promise to Abraham that the Savior to restore human perfection and put the Originator of Evil out of existence was to come from his lineage. 

When the Messiah was eventually born the angels announced in Luke 2:11: “For there is born to you today a Savior, who is Christ the Lord in David’s City.. and verse 14: “Glory in the Heights above and upon earth peace among men of goodwill”. Nothing could make the Devil angrier than to see God’s purpose still coming through. So he used wicked King Herod (Matthew 2:1-23) who was ruling during that time, (By this time Satan had become the “Ruler of the World” holding power over Kings and Kingdoms) to find out where the baby was so that he could kill him. Herod did so by sending three astrologers they called wise men to visit the infant and report back to him. But they were directed by God to not return to Herod.

When Herod realized that he was sidestepped, the baby Jesus was about 2 years old, but he didn’t know where he was or what he looked like. Evil ruthless hateful Satan using Herod as his human agent went throughout Bethlehem and surrounding regions and employing his mass murderous techniques with the hope that one of them would be Jesus, had all the little Jewish baby boys two years and under killed in an attempt to kill the little boy Jesus. (Matthew 2:1-23)

What evil! Just imagine the cries of young Jewish mothers as they had to turn over their little infant boys to this murderous King for no reasons at all than to be killed just in  case one of them might be the future Messiah Jesus whom he knew was already born. But again God carefully told Joseph in a dream to flee to Egypt so that the infant Jesus would not be killed again preserving the means for saving mankind. Mary and Joseph and the little boy Jesus stayed in Egypt until Herod died, he himself never knew that the child wasn’t killed in his murderous attempt.

After Herod’s death Mary, Joseph and young boy Jesus returned to Israel, and later spent his life in the city of Nazareth. There Jesus grew up and at the age of thirty started his great preaching and teaching work all about the coming Kingdom for the healing and restoration of the fallen human race and the ending of Satanic and demonic rule. He also taught people how to pray for God’s Kingdom identifying himself as the King designate, and was gathering other members that would make up this Kingdom besides himself. He gave his disciples the command to keep preaching about this Kingdom until the end comes.

Eventually as it was God’s will for him to die as a ransom for what Adam did to the human race, He allowed him to be put to death by Satans Agent the Romans, the enemies of the Jews. The Jewish Religious leaders took sides with their own enemies the Romans in publicly supporting his impalement and rejecting this humble Son of God the Messiah.

 After all the love the Creator showed them and did to preserve them alive, the Jews as a nation shamefully rejected this Messiah, the way was now opened up for people of all nations or gentiles to also become members of the Kingdom. All the original disciples and followers of Jesus or selected ones that would make up this Kingdom were Jews. So the rejection of Jesus as Messiah by the majority of Jews did not change the promise God made. The foundation was already laid. He was the foretold Messiah no matter what some decided. He was raised from death three days later and later went on to Heaven where the Kingdom would eventually be set up. Another defeat for Satan and God’s purpose kept moving forward for the good of humanity. 

Again it shows how that purpose of God and the promise to Abraham was being fulfilled: “All nations of the earth would indeed be blessed by Abraham’s seed, Jesus Christ and many hundreds of his original followers and disciples were all from the lineage of Judah (the Jews) along with other members, both men and women from all nations of the earth will make up this new Government by God for the restoring of Paradise and humans all over the earth, and put evil out of existence.”

Yes, Satan is the Source of Evil, the great manslayer. He is real, a real intelligent supernatural spirit being, brutally cruel and hateful and he along with his army of demons are the ones promoting evil and death among the humanrace. Jesus himself testified to the real existence of Satan and the demons. He never referred to him as a abstract figment of the imagination, but as a real evil person. He referred to Satan as the “Ruler of the World”, and said that “the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one” and he was also referred by the apostle Paul as “The God of this system of things.”

In an attempt to get Jesus himself to disobey God Satan tempted him and offered him all the kingdoms of the world if he would just do an act of worship to him. So he proved that he is indeed the Ruler of the world, and every segment of this world is under his control, the political powers, the greedy commercial systems, the religious and entertainment world.

Ephesians 6:12 says that we have a wrestling against the wicked spirit forces in the heavenly places, the world rulers of this darkness. Since he and his demons are spirits they can influence people in different ways and directly possess people and get them to do what they want. There are many examples in the Bible of people being possessed by demons, one recorded in Luke 8: 28-31, about a man possessed by more than one demon whom called himself Legion. Showing that they are real spirit creatures they caused the man to cry out to Jesus when he saw him recognizing Jesus as the son of God and asked him not to send them away to the abyss. So they are aware that their time to harass people will come to an end through Jesus.

Because we are getting close to the time when the Messiah by means of his Kingdom will indeed fulfill that original prophecy in Genesis 3:15, to crush the Serpents head, putting Satan and his hordes of demons out of existence. The first part of the prophecy where Satan would bruise the Seed in the heel, was fulfilled when he had the wicked Romans put Jesus to death, but God raised Jesus up and the price was paid for the releasing of sins for the human race.

When the Kingdom was established in heaven Satan and his demons again tried to prevent it from taking place, but lost the battle. Revelation described the fight between Satan and his demons and Michael (Jesus Christ) and his angels as a war in which Satan was defeated and cast down to our earth having great anger. Here is what it says partly directly quoted from:

Revelation 12: 7–12: “And war broke out in heaven Michael (referring to Jesus heavenly name) and his angels battled with the Dragon and the Dragon and his angels battled but it did not prevail, neither was a place found for them any longer in heaven. So down the great Dragon was hurled, the original serpent, the one called Devil and Satan who is misleading the entire inhabited earth; he was hurled down to earth and his angels were hurled down with him…….and verse 12 continues..”Woe for the earth and the sea, because the Devil has come down to you having great anger knowing he has a short period of time”.

Jesus foretold that the time period before God’s Kingdom starts ruling over the earth would be a time of great trouble on earth with increasing lawlessness. People having no respect for law and life. Also the difficulty of life itself, the economy, increase in diseases, earthquakes, famines, high prices and so much woe just as Revelation says would be for earth’s inhabitants. (Luke 21:10,11, 25, 26. Matthew 24:6-14. 2 Timothy 3:1-5) And this is because of Satan and his demons being extremely angry that they were defeated and thrown down to earth. According to the sign Jesus said to look for, and the way conditions on earth suddenly got worst, this outcast of Satan and the demons is believed and calculated by Bible Scholars to have taken place around the time of World War One in 1914.

That was the first time that the whole world went mad and nations started fighting against each other resulting in the death of millions of people losing their lives in that War. This was the start of the last days for Satanic rule and when his anger got worst with his intent on killing the human race increased.  The “Woe” for the earth foretold in Revelation began. Later this was followed by World War Two (2) killing more millions of people than the first one, especially many young men. (whom is needed for the reproduction of humans on earth). History confirms that the world has gone down hill ever since, getting worst every year. So that explains the ever increasing wars, acts of terrorism, mass killings and brutal violence. Satans rulership is coming to a close, God’s Kingdom will soon rule over the earth.

So in order for no one to remain when that takes place, the Devil and his demonic hordes will try to kill the entire human race, using every means he can wars, terrorism, mass killings at innocent people for no reason but to kill and destroy them.  And this is another way where he has the majority of people under his control and indirectly killing them.

By promoting every debased in your face immoral conduct that would cause God to destroy humans along with him, or make people kill themselves. The increase in sodomy, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, pornography, pedophilia, (child molestation), racial hatreds among people, drug addictions, heavy metal hate music, false teachings and religions (a deceptive way to make people believe they are serving God, when in reality they are serving Satan and the demons), depraved obscenities everything that God condemns for the protection of the human race, Satan and the demons are promoting just so that humans would either kill themselves or God himself will have to destroy them along with him when he is put out of existence. 

And one big way this is being done is through entertainment, movies and music which reaches people around the world. The easiest way to brainwash and corrupt young minds is through movies. Haven’t we noticed the increase in violence in movies, each one getting worst than the previous one? So much cruel spilling of human blood, others full of depraved conduct including pornography, and obscene language. Anybody who wants to learn how to do any of these things can see it all demonstrated in movies. Movies about witches, dragons, vampires, ghosts, apparitions haunted houses, and violent men flying through the air. Where did the inspiration for all these movies and the cold dark movie characters including Batman, and so many others came from?

If you look at illustrations of the way Satan is always depicted all dressed in black from head to toe as the Prince of Darkness with two horns on his head, it is the same way that Batman in the coming movie “The Suffocators of Sins” looks. I took a picture from that Movie Trailer which you can see here in this post. The similarities between the two characters is almost the same.

This movie seem to be one of the most cruel violent blood spilling movies yet to be released. (The Trailer is on YouTube). Isn’t it plain to see who is behind all this? This type of extreme hatred and violent behavior is unnatural it is contrary to the human personality, it is not normal. It is the clear influence of Satan and evil spirits pushing humans to complete anarchy. For sure their inspiration didn’t come from the God of Love, the Creator of the human mind, who hates violence.

It is reported that James Holmes the killer in the Aurora Colorado movie theater massacre, called the writer and actor of the upcoming movie “The Suffocaters of Sins” one week before he went on his shooting rampage, and said he watched the Trailer for the “Suffocaters of Sins” more than a 100 times and wanted more information on the Movie. (Looking at this Movie Trailer which is just a small potion of the whole movie, it is full of evil, vicious gross killings including injections and suffocation by plastic bag over someone’s head, it is like looking at Satan himself in action, and listening to him speak.

Unless you like that stuff you cannot watch it. I know I can’t. I only wanted to see the Trailer because I was writing this post. Please be careful of watching these types of movies, even the lives of the actors themselves could be in danger, or they might suffer from demonic attacks or depression later on. Always remember the Devil is real, hates us and wants us all dead, God is the one who loves us and wants us to keep living) 

But James Holmes watched it more than a 100 times, was very interested in how many people Batman killed, and if he was selective in whom he kills or was it mass killings. And he was disappointed that Batman wasn’t using bigger guns to kill in the movie.

Anyone subjecting themselves to such evil can become possessed by demons and do exactly whatever this demon tells them to do. The following week he entered the theater dressed and prepared for his intended mission, announced that he was the Joker and started shooting innocent people. Everything was completely planned and studied, and he no doubt was following the direction of his demonic possessed mind. The demons have names, this one name was the Joker.

Again do research on Google on the various actors that played the Joker and look at pictures of this character, and you will notice the look in their eyes is the same as that of James Holmes. That piercing ball-eyed look as if completely separate from their own. Heath Ledger who played the Joker before after shooting the movie suffered from depression and died from a drug overdose. One way they control people is through drugs.

In reading the biography of the Joker even though they admit nobody really knew his origin says in part that –he was a mass murderer, intelligent, calculating, with no empathy for people, a criminal with no regard for law. He also laughs because nobody could kill him.(ofcourse no human call kill demons because they are spirits) and would spit on people. This same spirit and attitude is what James Holmes displayed and admitted that he was the Joker. It is reported that he also spits at people while in prison.

The Joker is not a mere fictional character, neither is Batman they are all intelligent calculating murderous evil spirits whom can possess people and get them to carry out their mission which is to kill people. This is no doubt a demon possessed young man whom opened himself up to be taken as such by his obsession with evil.

Several years ago around the late 1970’s or early 80’s New York City was also terrorized by another killer whom called himself the “Son of Sam”. Like most of these killers he also was an intelligent fine looking young white man, and he concentrated only on killing innocent young women. I think they were all white women, and many young women were killed before he was caught. When he was he admitted that he would get specific instructions from a talking dog. He knew exactly where to find his victims by listening to the talking dog. Didn’t Satan also talked to Eve through a Serpent?

It a spiritual problem. They are evil spirits unseen to the human eye, so they can possess people talk to them through their own mind, or use other visible humans, or animals or anything to convey their instructions to humans. (Remember the example I mentioned before of Jesus himself being tempted by Satan and the other demon possessed man whose demon name was Legion and whom recognized Jesus himself ?) Would people whom read that in the Bible say that Jesus the perfect Son of God was suffering from a mental illness? And how could this demon possessed man recognized Jesus since he had never seen him before?

But the demons inside of him knew whom Jesus was because they were once good angels and lived in the spirit heavens together before they became evil. Or even Eve, who heard and listened to the Serpent, would they also say that she had schizophrenia? She was perfect so she had no diseases at all and the Serpent gave her specific information. Later remember the Book of Revelation identified the Serpent as Satan.

Since there is no law that can convict a criminal on the basis of demonic control or possession, and it cannot be medically diagnosed, and some people don’t believe in such or say they cannot prove it, they are usually charged with schizophrenia or mental madness. Only God knows whether a person like this has developed a completely evil heart, and is really guilty of the death penalty. They could be considered victims of evil themselves, just as the ones they killed. In most cases the demons after causing the killer to accomplish their mission usually cause them to kill themselves.

In my next post I will write what we can do if caught in a terrorist attack or mass shooting. How some others in the past used common intuition and avoided being killed, ways to be cautious, and becoming possess by evil spirits, how we can be sure that evil will end and peace restored again, and what righteously disposed people need to do now to continue living in that coming new peaceful world.

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Written, illustrated and website designed by Glenda Brill(C)



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The Benefits of Natures Own Natural Thirst Quenchers And Cooling Aids Versus Sugary Drinks and Sodas

 Oh, summer sure makes a grand entry here in the USA. Nothing but heat wave after heat wave. Fortunately this week the humidity has dropped at least temporarily. It usually surprises people whenever I say I hate hot weather. Because they know by now that I was born and raised on a hot Caribbean Island, St. Maarten.

But that is the reason I hate hot  weather so much is because I had too much of it growing up and just couldn’t take the heat anymore. The disadvantage is that it is always hot there, never a change in season like here in the USA or Europe.

So as soon as summer begins here I already started the countdown to fall and winter. I can’t wait for the cooler climates to get here. But since that might be for a couple more months how can we cope with the heat now? Our body is made up of mostly water and we lose a lot of fluid during warm weather and if not replaced we can become dehydrated and literally die from the lack of fluid.

So keeping our bodies hydrated is necessary for life. The best way I find is by drinking lots of ice cold water. That is nature’s number one best way to quench our thirst on a hot day. Instead of water most people just gulp down tons and tons of sugary drinks and sodas, even little children are given these to drink.

Why cold sugary drinks or sodas don’t quench our thirst for long or really do any good for the body

I saw a mother giving her little children all a can of soda to drink, even the toddler in the baby carriage. These sugary drinks or sodas only quench thirst for a little while and keep you drinking more and more. Why? Because the body becomes addicted to the sugar in the drinks, and keep us drinking more and more producing more insulin which builds in the blood instead of getting into our cells to produce energy. All this sugar does is adding up into calories and people keep getting fatter and fatter, even children.

And because the body is not getting the energy it needs it keeps craving more sugar building in the blood and creating obesity and other diseases. Even if the drinks claim to be diet sodas or other natural waters check the ingredients and you will see they are filled with a lot of artificial stuff and sweeteners which is not good for the human body. They only temporarily quench our thirst without providing any nutritional value to the body but instead loading it up on damaging sugar, which is toxic, makes us fat and lead to other diseases.

Lately there has been a lot of talk about drinking large amounts of sugary drinks and sodas. Even the Mere of New York City wants to stop people from buying these large cans or bottles of sugar laden drinks. Why? Basically because obesity is becoming an epidemic in the USA.

Half the population is obese, especially among young children, and Type Two Diabetes is showing up in children as young as eight and ten years old. Diet including large amounts of sugar in processed foods or through sugary drinks and sodas is responsible for this increase in obesity with it’s accompanying health problems  such as diabetes, cancers, cardiovascular problems and others.

Today’s most dangerous health toxin is not a chemical, pollutant or contaminant. It’s Sugar!

That sentence I took directly from one Nutritional Health Report I subscribe to. That is what a growing number of health experts studying the dangers of toxins to the human body is concluding. (I keep up to date with many of the Nutritional findings and reports on Health both in Europe and the USA). Why is sugar so toxic to the human body? Because it actually changes the biochemisty in the body.

Sugar overload not only makes us become resistant to our own insulin which leads to on-going blood sugar trouble, it also speeds up the very process of aging! (So if you want to stay young longer, stay away from sugar). Too much blood sugar reacts with proteins in the blood and forms nasty molecules called “AGEs” (Advanced Glycosylation End products). So too much sugar actually ages the body on the inside and outside as well.

If their diet consists of only junk foods and sugary drinks, it shouldn’t surprise us that some children are not only overweight but seem to be growing old so fast. Some teenage or even preteens young girls already look like grown women. Especially among black American families whose diet consists of more junk and starchy foods because of its lower cost than organic nutritional foods, and a lot of these children are already suffering from Type Two Diabetes.

Too much sugar in the blood actually contributes to premature aging of the human body both inside and outside

And this premature aging is not only limited to just children but adults as well. You notice how some adults that have become overweight also look much older than their real age? Both among black and white people alike, especially white men whom ages much faster than everyone else, even those that don’t become extremely overweight just look old too fast, some guys as young as age forty-five (45) already look like old men in their sixties, and having all kinds of prostrate and cardiovascular problems.

While in some countries people that eat more natural unprocessed foods made up of more fruits, vegetables, fish and whose diet does not include all these sugary foods and drink, stay younger longer and are sexually active way into old age. I had some uncles back in the Caribbean that grew up eating off the land as they call it, and they were having children naturally way into their early or later seventies, without any Viagra or suffered from any mayor health problems.They lived way into their eighties and nineties so they did see their children grow up, and grandchildren to.

My father got married later in life when he was forty years old, (my mother was several years younger) had me the eldest daughter by age 41 and all his other seven children (He had eight of us all through natural conception, with my mother giving natural childbirth to all children, and no twins) in his later forties, fifties, and my last sister was born when he was almost sixty. And this was only because my mother stopped having anymore children. He was active way into old age. He knew nothing about Viagra, or injections or any artificial help, never had a obese problem, diabetes, cholesterol, arthritis or any of the mayor problems most men in the USA are suffering from. (He also never smoked, drunk or used drugs). These are just true to life examples of how Diet and Lifestyle does make a big difference in how healthy we are, how we age and how long we live!

No offense guys, but your diet is aging you too fast, and responsible for nearly every health problem you are suffering from. Stay away from all those sugar coated doughnuts, high sugar content cereals, sodas, drinks, foods, hotdogs, hamburgers (The white bread converts to sugar in the body) and you will take ages off of your looks, maintain your good looks, be healthier, enjoy sex longer and live longer.

How can sugar so sweet be so bad for us?

Whether it is high fructose corn syrup, sucrose, maltose, lactose or any type of sugar it turns our bloodstream into a virtual poison! And a growing number of health experts believe that sugar consumption has fueled the skyrocketing rates of blood sugar issues, obesity and cardiovascular related problems in this country.

And there are five types of cells that are especially vulnerable to blood sugar spikes and the free radicals damage they cause. These include cells in our eyes, kidneys, arteries, peripheral nerves (like in feet) and pancreas. These are fragile cells that need the right kind of antioxidants to protect them from the oxidative damage caused by excess levels of sugar.

After eating or drinking anything with high sugar content, damaging free radicals head right to the mitochondrial center (the life force in cells) in these fragile cells in our eyes, kidneys, arteries, peripheral nerves and pancreas. And if this damaging free radical effects starts from very young, such as feeding very young children foods or drinks containing lots of sugar including other junk foods, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular problems, blood cancers, and other degenerative conditions can manifest themselves very early in their life.

So the USA is a nation full of overweight people including children some suffering from many diseases that was only found among older people. And many health conditions found among the aging baby boomers can be traced back to a diet high in sugar and other junk foods which contain large amounts of refined sugars. (nearly all processed foods have high sugar content).

Water and water laden fruits provide a natural healthy alternative to sugary and artificial drinks

 All fruits and vegetables provide water and nutrients the body needs, but some have more water content than others and seemed to be designed especially for very hot seasons when people have more a need for body fluids. I will mention a few here not necessarily in alphabetic order but by their most water or juice content and the many nutrients they supply to our body for optimum health. And all fruits are low in calorie and can aid in weight loss if eaten in moderation. One is the delicious watermelon:


The name speaks for itself, water embodied in a melon, contains more water than grapes. A slice of watermelon melts in your mouth and is very refreshing on a hot summer day. Besides providing delicious fluid to quench our thirst watermelons are loaded with many vitamins and minerals. Good source of vitamins A, B, C, carbohydrates, potassium and antioxidants.

Also contain amino acids which help keep arteries and blood flow to our hearts in fine order. Good for our eyes since they provide a higher source of lycopene than any other fruit or vegetable. Lycopene helps us keep our vision longer and can prevent macular degeneration and other eye problems as we age. Watermelon has also been known to provide a Viagra like effect on men with sexual or erectile dysfunction.

Watermelons also help boost our energy levels and strengthen our immune system. Because of its high Vitamins B and C content – B vitamins give our bodies the energy it needs, while Vitamin C which is a potent antioxidant helps ward off illness protecting our cells from damage and play a role in helping us stay young. Eating fruits such as watermelon is a perfect and easy way to upgrade our defenses.

Watermelons are indeed a very refreshing fruit for both young and old alike. Can be eaten in fruit salads or plain sliced and even made into juice in a blender for home drinking. They do just the opposite of what sugary drinks do for the body, providing the body with a nutritional alternative of water loaded with life giving ingredients rather than a can liquid loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients which add nothing but toxins to the body.


Seedless or seeded grapes either red, black or green are high in water content. Grapes are mostly water. Grapes are anywhere from 65-85% water, which means low calories and high hydration.

You can take a container of cold seedless grapes anywhere and eat whenever feeling thirsty. There are also many benefits to eating grapes besides quenching our thirst. Just like all the fruits mentioned above they are good for toddlers (especially the seedless ones can be given to young children to eat) as well as older adults. Grapes are the basis for wine and we know how a little wine is good for our health. (See previous post on: Would you like a little wine with that?)

Prevent heart disease. A study from the Journal of Nutrition showed that eating fresh grapes could prevent the accumulation of harmful oxidized cholesterol and atherosclerotic lesions. This means less coronary heart disease from plaque build up on the walls of your arteries. They clean out our cholesterol and intestines and strengthen the heart.

The polyphenol called “resveratrol” in the grape skin breaks down bad cholesterol, and acts as a antioxidant in the body. It can also be found in grape juice and wine. Fight illness: Grapes are high in another polyphenol called “tannin.” tannins move into the intestinal tract and protect from viruses and tumors alike. Fight cancer: Grapes have a high level of caffeic acid. Caffeic acid he lps fight cancer.

Prevent brain damage from strokes. Studies from the University of Missouri-Columbia show that grapes prevent brain damage in the event of a stroke. Boost brain activity: Grapes have a significant amount of potassium and increase brain activity. Boost metabolism: Grapes have a light laxative effect that boosts metabolism.

A handful of grapes can do wonders for dieting. Increase calorie burning: They increase your blood flow and help with calorie burning. They compliment workouts very well as grapes enhance endurance. Helps stave off tuberculosis: Patients in the first stage of tuberculosis are told to include a higher amount of grapes in their diet.


Another water, vitamin and mineral loaded fruit. Honeydew melons are very sweet and delicious when ripe and eaten cold a nd very similar to the watermelon they actually melt in your mouth as a refreshing thirst quencher. Honeydew melons provide the body with Potassium necessary for regular heart beats and for pumping blood throughout the body. The water potassium ratio in honeydew melons may prevent an increase in blood pressure.

And most or all fruits provide the necessary Vitamin C, which helps our immune system fight infections, and also good for the formation of collagen responsible for healthy hair, skin and nails. Another necessary ingredient in honeydew melons is copper an essential trace mineral good for healthy skin regeneration. Copper also aids the body’s ability to repair its muscles and tissues.

A great source of B vitamins-which include thiamine and niacin. B vitamins help the body get rid of toxins which cause illness and disease. And may also help reduce the risk of heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.


Another delicious fruit when ripe and cold almost feels like ice cream in your mouth when eaten. I grew up on Papayas since we have several papaya trees growing in our back yard in St Maarten. They can be cooked green and used as a side dish with fish or meat, or left until completely ripe and eaten sliced or in chunks. They are also high in water content and a good thirst quenching summer fruit. Like the above mention fruits papaya is another health packed fruit. It is reported that Christopher Columbus when discovering the Caribbean Islands called this fruit the “The Fruit of the Angels”.

Because Papaya contains practically everything our bodies need to be healthy. It is rich in anti-oxidants, B vitamins, folate and pantothenic acid, minerals, potassium, magnesium and fiber. These nutrients promote a healthy cardiovascular system and also protection against colon cancer. Papaya also contains the digestive enzyme, papain, which is used like bromelain to treat sports injuries, and other causes of trauma.

Papain also aids in digestion: Beta-carotene found abundant in papaya along with Vitamin A, C and E help with the proper functioning of the immune system and prevents such illnesses as recurrent ear infections, colds and flu. Also aids in reducing inflammation. Helps with intestinal health, stomach problems, and prevents constipation.

Papaya juice aids in relieving infections of the colon and break up pus and mucus in the body. May help prevent cancer in organs and glands – papaya’s fiber is able to bind to cancer-causing toxins in the colon and keep them away from the healthy colon cells thus preventing colon cancer. Papayas may be very helpful in preventing atherosclerosis and diabetic heart disease. Because of their high fiber content they are known to lower high cholesterol levels.


Another sweet juicy thirst quenching tropical fruit loaded with Vitamins and Minerals. These include calcium, potassium, fiber and Vitamin C. The fruit is also low in fat and cholesterol. Pineapples can be sliced after washing and cutting off the though outer skin, or cut in small chunks and taken in containers in a small cooler and eaten anywhere whenever feeling thirsty. They are sweet and juicy and will fill the need for fluid on a hot day.

Pineapples are good for building healthy bones. This is because pineapples are rich in manganese, a trace mineral that is required to strengthen bones and connective tissues. One cup of pineapple provides 73 percent of the daily recommended intake of manganese. Pineapple consumption can boost the growth and development of bones in young people and strengthen bones among the elderly.

Good for Colds and Coughs: While many people take Vitamin C supplements or drink orange juice during a cold, few know that pineapples are just as good for colds and coughs. The fruit provides the same benefits as orange juice in treating a cold or cough with additional benefits. Good for our Gums: Pineapples are good for our gums which is necessary for holding our teeth in place and protecting our heart which is affected by the health of our gums. By eating pineapple, you are strengthening your gums to make it through the hard years later, especially good for young children still growing.

Prevents Macular Degeneration: Macular Degeneration the deterioration of the eyes usually found among aging adults can be prevented through regular pineapple consumption as well as other fruits. Sugary drinks do just the opposite. Helps Arthritis: Those who have arthritis pain, eating pineapples provide Bromelain which reduces the pain of arthritis and for those who do not have arthritis, pineapple helps prevent the disease by strengthening your bones with iron.

When you eat pineapples, you have a better chance at having a healthier life and providing the body with the fluid it needs. Be aware of all the benefits of the fruit you eat so you know what you are lacking for the day. Our bodies need a certain amount of nutrients and vitamins each day.


During the summer season, mangoes are one of the richest tropical fruits you can find now. They have been widely known as the king of fruit due to its many health benefits. There are two different kinds of mangoes I know of, the round firm ones that is good for slicing and eating as a snack.

And the other oval kind that when ripe becomes soft and full of thick delicious juice that can actually be sucked right out of the fruit itself. Then peeled and the remainder of the fruit eaten off of the seed. Even babies can be given these ripe juice filled mangoes to suck the juice right into their mouth.

Mangoes are very palatable refreshing fruits with many nutritional benefits as well. They contain plenty of minerals, vitamins, as well as antioxidants. Mangoes are a good source of amino acids, flavanoids, vitamins C, E, B6, Vitamin K and other B vitamin, niacin, beta-carotene, calcium, selenium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron and potassium. They are rich in phytochemicals such as lutein, contain dietary fiber, and polyphenols.

They can improve cholesterol levels, fight off disease and helps tone up the heart muscles, prevent heart disease and certain cancers. Also full of carotenoids which are good for our eyes, and omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, improve the skin’s texture and appearance and helps invigorate appetite.

Improves Digestion: Mangoes are very beneficial for those who suffer from indigestion problems. They contain special digestive enzymes such as esters, aldehydes and terpenes which help in breaking down food and help in digestion, and soothe the stomach. Because of their high content of vitamin A they contributes to good eyesight and helps prevent night blindness, dryness of the eyes, refractive errors, softening of the cornea, itching and burning in the eye.

Improves Memory Power: Mangoes are helpful for children who have a lack of concentration in studies. Because of their Glutamine Acid content they help to develop concentration by boosting their memory. Mangoes are also good for the reproductive organs, and can help resolve sexual dysfunctions like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low libido. (Maybe that is where the name came from, man goes, a man will go, after his sexual problems are resolved through eating mangoes) The Vitamin E in mangoes helps to normalize sex hormones and improve sex drive.

Prevents Cancer: Also, mangoes contain soluble dietary fiber pectin in high amounts. Researchers have identified a strong relation between consuming lots of fiber and a reduced risk of cancers of the gastrointestinal tract. Also, the vitamin C in mangoes helps to protect cells from free radical damage and decreases risk of cancer.

Treats Anemia: Mangoes are helpful for pregnant women and individuals who suffer from anemia due to their iron content. Usually, women after menopause become weak due to reduced iron content; they should consume mangoes and other fruits high in iron.


Who hasn’t heard about, or don’t know how a cold glass of lemon aide will quench our thirst faster than any sugary drink. Lemons like all fruits are loaded with Vitamin C which helps the body cope with hot weather, that is why lemon aide is so refreshing on a hot day.

Even children can be taught how to make lemon aide and it is one of the first things some of them learn how to sell and make some extra money during summer months. (See previous post: How some people are kicking the economy to the curb).

After squeezing some lemons and mixing with cold water just add some Stevia or Aguave Nectar (Stevia and Aguave Nectar are natural plant based low calorie sweeteners, that is recommended by Nutritionist to be used instead of any refined sugars or artificial sweeteners). Aguava Nectar can be found in all Supermarkets now, this is my favorite which I use in all my beverages, coffee, tea, cocoa and can also be added to Lemon aide instead of sugar. Stevia and Aguave Nectar are not toxic to the body like regular sugars and will not have the same disease causing effects as mentioned at the beginning of this post.

The Best Healthcare is Preventative Healthcare

And this is what I believe the Mere of New York City is trying to do. It is obvious and has been researched that a lot of diseases resulted from obesity caused by the consumption of to much sugar in our diet. And the easiest and fastest way that excess sugar gets into our blood is through drinking sugar loaded drinks or beverages. (Ofcourse, obesity is also the result of eating too much fat and other processed foods, and lack of exercise).

When this affects even the very young, then it only makes sense to cut out the foods that are damaging to our health and start on a more nutritional program of eating. It will eventually save the government and everybody else a lot of money that is going toward Healthcare. If everyone starts on a good program of healthy nutritional eating and drinking, then there will be less people with diabetes, cancers, cardiovascular diseases, joint problems and many others that people suffer from today. There will be less a need for Healthcare in the first place.

And one good way is to include more fruits (and vegetables in our diet). They provide all the fluid our body needs and good nutrition as well. Now tell me which sugary drink can do all the good those fruits mentioned above will do? If we don’t like eating fruits sliced or in chunks, we can blend them into juices in our blender at home, keep pure without adding any other sugar, and take along in an empty water bottle kept cold in a mini cooler and drink whenever feeling thirsty. Or keep in a glass container in our refridgerator.

If some of us still miss that fizzing sparkling taste of sodas, just add some natural seltzer water to fruit juice after blending, and you will have created your own natural drinks, without the refined or artificial sugars, that will be just as refreshing and thirst quenching. Eventually you will see how much more healthy and refreshing nature’s own natural thirst quenchers are versus sugary drinks because you will eventually start feeling and looking better. And that is what we all want.

The importance of washing hands and wearing protective gloves when handling foods. For people working in food handling or slicing fruit, and for those whom buy sliced fruit at local vendors, please read this:

The importance of those handling foods or slicing foods to wear protective gloves.

To those of us that buy fruits from vendors, Let’s be safe. Check out the place to see how the employees handle the fruit and if they are wearing gloves or not. In some places it is mandatory that people handling foods, or slicing fruit should always wear protective gloves. But in some smaller establishment or some countries people don’t follow the rules. Here is an experience from Africa that shows how our hands can become deadly to others.
 It’s in Nigeria – Lagos.  A 10 year old boy, had eaten pineapple about 15 days back, and fell sick, from the day he had eaten. Later when he had his Health check done….doctors diagnosed that he had AIDS.
 His parents couldn’t believe it… Then the entire family under went a check-up… none of them suffered from Aids. So the doctors checked again with the boy if he had eaten out…The boy said ‘yes’. He had pineapple that evening. Immediately a group from the hospital went to the pineapple vendor to check.
 They found the pineapple seller had a cut on his finger while cutting the pineapple; his blood had spread into the fruit.When they had his blood checked…the guy was suffering from AIDS…but he himself was NOT aware. Unfortunately the boy is suffering from it now. Please take care while you eat on the road side (particularly Oranges, Mangoes etc) and please share this info with those you know whom usually buy sliced fruit on the go.
 It is always a better way to buy fruit whole and slice yourself at home after washing the fruit and your own hands.  But in some places you can buy fruit in small containers ready to eat and go. Just make sure you buy such from a supermarket or healthfood or somewhere that employees do wear protective gloves when slicing or handling food.
Written and illustrated by: Glenda Brill (C)



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Setting the mood for each day starts with the right attitude

Wouldn’t you agree that is true? Most often when we get up in the morning in a bad mood, our whole day will also be a bad day if we don’t change it. Even while driving to work a persons attitude becomes manifest to others if caught in traffic and engages in road rage.

It is all in our attitude, which is a feeling or emotion toward a fact or state. Attitude is also described as a mental position with regard to a fact or a negative or hostile state of mind. This is often reflected in a person’s posture or mannerism, which everyone else around that person can see.

Some people may not like their jobs or someone on the job, and their mental state with regard to this can become very negative producing their attitude. Their attitude is accompanied by complaining, nasty remarks or hostility toward others for no reason. Someone with a negative attitude can affect other people around him or her, and attitudes can become habit forming or a lifestyle if not changed. People like this are not usually liked by others, because they can also spoil the mood of the day for everyone else around them.

How a bad attitude affects others around you

But instead of seeing that their attitude is the reason they blame everyone else around them. My last freelance job I worked with such a young man. He sure was a case of someone whose negative attitude had become a habit. He came to work every day in a bad mood, never greeted anyone, and when I said good morni ng,  he never answered. He snapped at everyone whom asked him a question and always looked angry.

I can’t stand being around people like that it makes me depressed because their attitude is like smoky air that stinks up the whole place and you find yourself being caught up in this smelly air, and don’t know how to even ask a question or say hello for fear the person will tell you off.

But more so I feel sorry for people like that for their attitude is a reflection of something else inside them that is making them very unhappy. So anyone with a bad attitude needs to examine themselves carefully and see what it is that is causing the bad disposition because it can affect a persons health, cause them to lose good friends, relationships, even a job if the attitude becomes a habit and others are being infected especially a company’s clients or customers. But more so it eventually can destroy a person from the inside out.

There are all kinds of attitudes that people develop and can have either a good or bad effect on them and others. Take for instance people with a condescending attitude. That is arrogant or very proud people whom look down on others if they are not in their so called class rank or make less money than themselves.

How a condescending attitude can cost someone their life

Some people whom reached a certain status or rank or just plain prejudice develop a attitude that lets everyone know that they are very important and don’t usually associate with small people, those that they consider below them. This can be anyone of any racial group or ethnicity.

They feel that people that they consider below them can’t tell them or teach them anything or smart enough to do anything worthwhile for them. I have experienced this myself so many times and it hurts to be treated or prejudge based on a another persons arrogant or condescending attitude. But they even don’t know that sometimes it is the least important or ordinary people that can teach us something or even save our lives.

I know from studying the account of Jesus Christ, God’s Son (this is just an illustration to show the kind of person he was) lets say our day was back then and he was to come to earth as a man maybe just a brief visit to New York City for a couple of days. He would walk around the streets dressed in jeans and a tee shirt. And when he comes across a group of young black boys dancing on the sidewalk with a crowd of people gathered around to watch, he no doubt would stop and join the crowd to watch and applaud the dancing boys.

Nobody would know who he was, or even listen when he speaks. If he should even mention that he was Jesus Christ people would burst out laughing, thinking he was another crazy person standing in the crowd. He certainly wouldn’t appear in special robes, with a crown on his head or drive around in a special Mobile (like the Pope) or limousine. Because that was the way he was when he was here on earth.

He was a down to earth ordinary poor man, dressed like everybody else, associated with the ordinary poor people and walked the dusty roads of Galilee with sandals on his feet like everyone else. He never had a proud condescending attitude, pompous or arrogant air about himself, even though he was literally superior than men, since he was perfect and God’s first born son. It was his humble disposition and teachings, and the way he treated people with such love and concern that made him recognizable as God’s son.

Developing a humble attitude can literally save our life

And because of his humble disposition or attitude and demeanor the proud high minded Jews, his own people (not all of them were this way, many humble Jews did become Jesus followers contrary to popular belief, and many today are also humble people and believers in Jesus)  in his day looked down on him, and couldn’t accept the fact that such a humble man could really teach them anything, or be their Messiah and saved their lives (even though it was prophesied that he would be this way). Only his fellow poor humble Jews paid attention to him and followed his instructions and were spared the terrible ordeal that befell those that didn’t listen.

The arrogant proud ones failure to listen to him when he gave them warning over and over to flee out of Jerusalem before the Romans came back to destroy the city, telling them exactly how the Romans would encircled the city and foretelling how  the entrapment would cause them to experience famine and a lot of suffering. He told them when and where they should run to (he even cried when foretelling the suffering for those that didn’t obey because they would include many mothers with children).

In spite of all that warning from Jesus, this humble Son of God, their condescending attitude prevailed. Even when they saw how the Romans were building stakes around the city just as Jesus said, and even halted the siege for a period of a couple years, giving them time to get out, only those whom believed Jesus fled, while the rest of the rebellious ones remained, some even thinking that Yahweh (their God Jehovah) would send someone else to rescue them, someone more prominent, not this ordinary man whom said he was God’s Son.

They were still to haughty to accept the fact that Jesus was the one that Yahweh sent, their Messiah. At his baptism in the Jordan River many eyewitnesses heard God’s own voice from heaven that said: “This is my son, Listen to him”. So there was no excuse for anyone not to know whom he was.

And just as he said would happen, over one million (1.100.000 according to historian Josephus) proud haughty Jews lost their lives within the City in 70 C.E when the Romans whom were enemies of the Jews destroyed Jerusalem. Ninety-seven thousands (97.000) others whom tried to get away after the Romans attacked were taken captive, sent as slaves to Egypt, or killed directly by the sword of the Romans. (Jerusalem today was later rebuilt but does not represent the same as that old city that was destroyed by the Romans, that old city represented the seat of God’s Kingdom on earth back then. God’s Kingdom will rule from heaven now, not from earthly Jerusalem). This is true history of how arrogant and apostate attitudes cost them their lives in one of the worst tribulations in Jewish history of that time period.

This shows us also how God operates. He always gives us warning by means of other humans, of what to expect,  because He doesn’t force anyone to do anything they don’t want. Our own free will, attitude and obedience is what we are being judged by. That tribulation back then is used in the Bible as an example and warning of the Great Tribulation that will take place again on a worldwide scale when our present Satanic controlled world is destroyed in the coming war of Armageddon. This is going to be far worst because it will involve not just one group of people or one city like it was back then, but the whole world of mankind.

A great teaching and warning work is taking place world wide through human beings (as Gods instruments) but so many people today from all racial and ethnic groups attitudes are so haughty and condescending that they even don’t take note or listen to the message or consider information or anything if it is coming from someone that they consider beneath them. And it is lifesaving information that they are missing out on. So many proud loveless people will lose their lives for good if they don’t listen and make changes now before that day comes.

But just like some did listen to Jesus back then and survived that tribulation, the book of Revelation also said that a great crowd of people from all walks of life, will survive Armageddon and continue living on, in the New World when Jesus Christ will restore obedient humans back to perfection again like it was in the Garden of Eden. This was the whole purpose of his coming to Earth and dying was to fulfill this promise of God to restore humans back to the way it started out, a perfect united human race living in peace on earth! This is God’s Will from the beginning and it will take place!

This is not what the movies on the End of the world is telling you, the earth or the human race will not end, only bad conditions, and disobedient wicked people will end. The promise to restore Paradise was giving way back to Abraham, whom was a faithful man, that God promised him that: “By means of your seed all nations of the earth will certainly bless themselves…..” Genesis 22:18. And it was because of this promise that God choose Abrahams offspring, the Jews as His special people so that Jesus Christ would indeed be born in a Jewish family and it would be easy for them to recognize this special offspring or seed, when he was born and baptized. (Check all the geneological reports about Jesus in the Gospel accounts they all go back to Abraham). 

But the ultimate purpose was for him to bless all obedient people of all nationalities and ethnicities, (all nations would be blessed that was the promise) that want to live forever on earth. There will be survivors who will keep on living and growing back to perfection in peace. Finally the human race will learn and experience what true happiness really is. But it depends on our attitude now and how we respond to the Godly education that is sent our way!

Here is another modern day example of how a condescending attitude can be dangerous to the person possessing it. A young woman I know who is from Africa and is a medical doctor works in a very prestigious hospital in an affluent part of Brooklyn New York. This girl is very well educated, but most of the older patients in this hospital are white or Caucasians and have money.

She said most of them when she walks into their room to treat them, they ask her if she is the maid on duty and request things that the maid would do. Even though she keeps telling them she is the doctor on duty they keep asking for a doctor. Some even refuse to let her take care of them and request that a white doctor do so.

Just because she is a black woman they think she doesn’t know what she is doing or have enough knowledge or experience to take care of them, even though she graduated from one of New York’s best medical schools. If there is another doctor on duty she gives them their wish but this young doctor may have the knowledge to help save their lives someday and their condescending prejudice attitude may prevent that, and will cost them their lives.

A compassionate attitude helps us understand why people do what they do

I understand exactly how she is treated because I had that experience many times when applying for design jobs here in New York City. Some people treated me just like I wasn’t capable of doing what they wanted, not capable of designing anything attractive as if I was stupid or something. Even with this Blog I see from Google Analytical reports that the Blog some days get several hundreds or even a thousand or more hits a day, but only a few people daily actually take the time to read the information.

I guess because they see my picture in the heading maybe concludes that I am an African American writing only for black people and I couldn’t be writing anything worthwhile reading. Some others I can see from the reports go through every single article or post that was written probably out of curiosity to see what I write about (or maybe looking for mistakes they can find to discredit my writing in some way).

Please read the “About Me Page” I am not African American (meaning I was not born or raised in America, and I am not a naturalized American Citizen, just a legal resident obeying all laws and paying my taxes). I know not all of them are prejudice but those whom are and these can be both African Americans or White Americans  alike I do not share or support their racial views about people. I love all people because I believe in the human race, and I am really a mixture of different races anyway. This Blog is not a Blog for any one racial group of people only, but for everybody, men and women living anywhere in the world.

I think I demonstrate that very well in my posts by the many illustrations I use throughout. You will never see illustrations depicting only one race, (unless I can’t find suitable pictures) but I try to mix them up with people from all racial or ethnic groups, because everything I write can be used by all people. (see previous post: People are basically all just people). In spite of what a few might think there are still many visitors whom do read the information daily (people from all over the world and some Americans also probably mostly white I believe).

They appreciate it, and have even commented on the helpful message and how they benefit from it. (Interesting sometimes I get comments praising other people for what is written, expressions like: “You guys, or you people”, it is just myself that writes, there are no guys or other people writing on the Blog.)

A loving attitude needed for real lasting change

There is a scripture that says God uses the foolish things of the world to put the wise men to shame. (1 Corinthians 1:27, 28). I came from a household where I was trained in Godly education and wisdom from the Scriptures by my parents whom are Jehovah’s Witnesses. (see previous post: Memoirs of a Wonderful Beloved Father) Over the years I have come to know the truth from the Bible very well, from beginning to end and know that the problems facing all humans is a spiritual problem.

I am not disturbed by all the turmoil going on in the world or even by people’s attitudes, because it was foretold to take place. These are difficult times because we are living in the closing period of a wicked world under the control of Satan and demons full of anger because they know that their end is very near. (This can be found in Revelation 12:9, 12). It will be replaced by a better world full of love under God’s Kingdom ruled by the Prince of Peace Jesus Christ. People will not change by means of Laws, New Regimes, or New Presidents, no matter how many new Presidents we get in office, our problems will remain the same. They cannot change people’s hearts or attitudes.

Because it is not laws that will prevent crime, thefts, hatreds, wars, murders, terrorism, immoral conduct, and all the other negative conditions we face today, it is people with hearts of love that will do so. And people hearts can only be changed in a spiritual way from the inside out, with right godly education in ways to show love, kindness, compassion, and all the spiritual qualities that make us better people.

Our problems started because of disobedience to God, and they will only be corrected with obedience to God. Those with a disbelieving attitude find people that believe in God to be foolish, but they still can’t explain why there are so many problems, why so much unhappiness or why they suffer and die, and most of them live in fear of what’s happening.

Those whom the high minded people look down on as foolish are the ones whom will have the knowledge needed for their lives. And Jesus also said that if they don’t speak God will cause the simple stones (beneath your feet) to do so. So examine every bit of information coming your way, never mind the messenger, pay attention to the message and its source if it appeals to your heart as truth. Don’t let a condescending attitude cause you to lose out on anything that can be beneficial to you, your family, and probably save your lives.

A courteous well mannered attitude is always more appreciated than a rude one

We can even learn lessons from children. I know a couple of days ago I was leaving my bank and there were three people in front of me all trying to get out through the side door since it was past closing time. There was a woman in front of me, and in front of her was a black woman and her young daughter about ten years old. The mother walked out first and the little girl instead of going through behind her mother stood at the door and held it open for the rest of us to pass through.

The woman in front of me just rushed right out almost knocking the child over and didn’t say a word. The little girl looked at her as she was leaving and shouted to her back ”You are welcome”. She was trying to let the woman know that she could have at least said “Thank you” since she stood there and held the door open for her to pass. She did the same for me and I thanked her.

But it shows how a young child whom no doubt would be looked down on, had the manners or training to show courtesy to other people. And to remind a grown person when they should say “Thank You”, while this other grown arrogant woman didn’t know.

This child was trying to teach her a lesson in common human courtesy or manners. In some cultures it is the custom to greet everyone whom you come in contact with, especially in small towns or countries. It used to be that way when I was growing up in St. Maarten (Dutch Caribbean).

When entering a home or a bus, you would say: “Good Morning” or “Good Afternoon” to everyone in the home or on the Bus especially the Bus driver. Or when passing someone on the street we did the same thing, greeting the person with good morning or afternoon, or just a nod of the head acknowledging their presence. A courteous attitude toward people shows respect and contributes to peace among people.

A good attitude promotes peace among people

Several years ago when I was in Holland (Europe) people did the same thing. I used to travel from Amsterdam to Eindhoven a small town outside Amsterdam where I stayed with my cousin. Most of the time it was late at night, and when entering the train people would greet each other with: “Goede Avond Iedereen” (Good evening to all), and on my walk home when passing some people standing outside the small stores in the neighborhood I did the same thing and everyone responded with: “Goede Nacht,” (Good night).

I kept my same attitude after I came to New York City, even though the custom is not the same here. Wherever I work or even in school I always greet everyone with either a Good Morning or Good Afternoon, even if some of them never respond. I do the same thing when entering the Bus, and sometimes the Bus drivers look surprised before they respond and those that do respond I can see how their countenance change because of at least one person wishing them a Good Day.

And this is the satisfaction that comes from displaying a friendly courteous attitude toward others is that it is making another persons day more endurable and also your own day. Whatever you give out comes back to you even if it is just a little bit. I am determined not to let other people change my attitude and become a stuck up unfriendly person, it is just not me!

How a bad attitude affects our general health

I am sure most people are aware how our mind affects our health. Our attitudes which starts in the mind is responsible for many of the diseases that people suffer from. Just feeding our mind with good thoughts can change our attitude and improve our lives. This was shown to a lady whom went to the doctor with severe stomach problems and needed x-rays to see inside her stomach.

The doctor gave her some kind of medical cocktail to drink which she said tasted like Styrofoam mixed in liquid cement followed by another drink that tasted like cod liver oil. As he was doing x-rays of her stomach he asked her what her favorite food was. After she said Banana Cream Pie, he asked her again what else would she like with the Pie, she added whipping cream.

Then she was told to look at the monitor that was showing her stomach and what was going on inside of her. The doctor showed her stomach with the fluid she had drunk, and while pointing the route he wanted the liquid to take, told her she could move the liquid from one part of her stomach to another location where it would dissolve, by just thinking about a food she loves.

When she concentrated on Banana Cream Pie with whipping cream, to her amazement the strange liquid that she drunk earlier moved from the original location in her stomach to the desired place the doctor pointed out right on the x-ray computer screen. Just the very thought of a food she loves moved the bad liquid out of her system and made her feel much better.

By this experiment it was demonstrated how resentful thoughts or bad attitudes bring changes in our body, causes stomach ulcers, tightened jaw, pounding temples, high blood pressure, heart disease, respiratory diseases, and probably many other ailments still being studied.

On the other hand a good attitude will have just the opposite effect on the body. As was demonstrated by the experiment above the pleasant thought of a food she loves, brought relief to her stomach, so a good attitude will bring peace to the digestive tracts, relaxation to our muscles and a smooth flow to our circulation.

Our altitude, how far we get in life all depends on our attitude

Some people are always complaining about their lot in life and being jealous of other people whom seem to be getting ahead. But they don’t realize how it is their negative attitude that is holding them back, and those that they think are doing better than them are being driven by their own positive outlook on life.

So in reality our attitude is the driving force behind our actions and will determine our altitude, how far we get in life and even how long we live. It affects everything, it is one of those spiritual qualities that we need to work on everyday because it comes from the inside out and affects our entire life and can affect others around us.

So any day we wake up in a bad mood, change the mood by doing something to start the day off with the right attitude. For me it is developing a Attitude of Gratitude. And one thing I do have is a measure of good health, and start everyday off with a good exercise program which includes mostly Dancing, Yoga, Pilates and stretching which I have been doing for years since I was a teenager.

This helps maintain my health and also get that good serotonin flowing through my brain. I also find something during the day to laugh about either some comedy show or some funny jokes I subscribe to via email. And take care of my spiritual health by feeding my mind with good thoughts, and finding some time to read whenever I can. So anyone I come across during the rest of the day, and I greet and they don’t answer, all I can say to them is: “Change your ‘tude Dude, because I am not letting you change mine!”

Written and illustrated by Glenda Brill (©)

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Understanding the different roles between men and women, and how they express themselves can prevent many break-ups.

Divorce because of irreconcilable differences. It seems like nearly every marital break up we hear about these days all claim to blame it on the above: differences that they say they couldn’t resolve. And it is happening so much now than at any other time in human history. Years ago most people stay married until they grew old together or until death did the m apart just as their marital vows said they should.

I know my parents did, they were married for 50 years until Dad died first. And there are still some older folks around that have been married for years and are growing old together. The divorce rate in the USA has been one in every two marriages according to the latest statistics. So what really change that younger couples today can’t seem to stay together and solve their problems? Or if they do are having so many problems?

The problem usually starts with not understanding the different roles of men and women within a marriage, how they speak, hear and react in conversations.

People are basically very similar in many ways but still very different in how we express ourselves through words, actions and our expectations from each other. And words can hurt, stab us to the bone, or heal. (read previous post on: “The Organ that sometimes plays an uncontrollable wrong tune“).

We are all the product of our upbringing, belief structure, culture and other views forming and shaping our thinking everyday. Today so many young people are growing up or have grown up in divided households or were raised without a father, or mother, or in some cases without any real parents, but by strangers.

Boys and girls learn how to talk and have conversations from their parent(s) or from their peers. So their world of words could be different from others even within their own racial group. For instance some Africans born and raised in Europe grew up speaking and thinking like white Europeans. And some Europeans immigrants to Africa their children also grew up speaking and thinking like Africans, it has nothing to do with their racial origins.

So men and women in relationships express themselves differently according to their backgrounds and cultural upbringing, (not race) and expect different re-actions than what they get and this leads to misunderstandings and arguments. The fundamental needs of men and women and the roles their play in marriage are the same all over.

But the reactions and outcome of a good union between a man and woman is using the right words in conversation and actions toward each other is what shows how well we understand each other and our place within the marriage. Having others understand why we talk and act as we do protects us from the pain of their puzzlement and criticism.

All of us want to be understood by the other for what we are saying, and what we meant

Women all over are the more emotional partner, more talkative than men. Women just love to talk about their problems and want to get a response right away. Most women will admit that one of the things they are looking for in a mate is someone to talk to. Both men and women need that emotional connection, not just to talk to someone but all of us want to be understood by the other for what we are saying, and what we meant.

Men on the other hand are more of the quite listeners, since their role calls for more problem solving and re-assurance. So a man may be listening while going over a solution in his mind at the same time. This lack of immediate response can be misunderstood by the woman speaking that maybe he didn’t hear her the first time. So she repeats the sentence or the question again. If he still doesn’t respond right  away, she accuses him of not caring about her problems.

Now he gets annoyed and lashes out at her for nagging him. Most men hate nagging because it makes them feel like their wives are telling them what to do or treating them like a child.

They become very defensive of their headship. The wife on the other hand takes this angry outburst against her questions as a controlling or superior reaction on her husband part, and so a argument starts over the simple fact that she didn’t understand that he was listening and thinking about her problem, and he in turn didn’t understand that she needed some re assurance right away and didn’t intend to nag him.

Sometimes the simple words “I am sorry” can stop an argument and restore communication again.

Most of the time arguments like this can be solved by just each saying to the other “I am sorry”, which most couples don’t do and view problems as being irreconcilable. Here is a another example I  remember reading years ago again about the differences between men and women and how they express themselves.

The wife was seriously injured in a car accident. Because she hated being in the hospital the wife asked to come home earlier. But once home she suffered pain because of having to move around. Her husband said, “Why didn’t you stay in the hospital where you would have been more comfortable?” This hurt her because to her it seemed to imply that he didn’t want her home.

She didn’t think of his suggestions that she should have stayed in the hospital as a response to her complaints about the pain she was suffering; she thought of it as an independent expression of his preference not to have her at home. You see how simple words and how they are expressed can hurt another partner and even start an argument. But why now more so than in the past are there so many break-ups?

Times changed, peoples thinking, attitudes viewpoints and lifestyles changed

There is no doubt that the times we are living in are much different than our parents and grandparents day. There is a lot more pressure from all sides on both men and women. Most women today unlike some of our parents and grandparents are Career Women or working outside the home.

Some hold positions of authority just like men or over men. (See previous post on Where did all the Ladies and Gentlemen go?). Some may make more money than some men, or lead other lifestyles that make them feel superior. All this affects the viewpoints and the way men and women express themselves when speaking to each other which cause arguments and hurt feelings.

Man’s headship and wifely subjection,Wifely Who? What? What you’re talking about?

I can hear that re-action from some independent modern day young career women. Please ladies and gentlemen, don’t stop reading until you read this through. It is not what you might think it means. I am a woman to, so I am not going to be promoting anything that is not beneficial for us, or anybody.

You will see how and why the abuse or misuse of these roles among husbands and wives is one of the main problems causing so much arguments and friction in marriages and why the divorce rate has increased over the years. This is a law or principle established by our Creator and some of you may already be practicing it to some extent without even realizing it.

A man is head of his wife and household in a marriage. This remains the same even if his wife is several years older than himself. That’s a fundamental God assigned role or principle that inspite of time changes has not changed. But is often ignored, abused or scoffed at, and one of the main causes for marital break-ups. Some women hate the idea that they should be in subjection to their husbands. Especially now since a lot of women are marrying men younger than themselves. Nothing wrong with that, as long as he is a mature man and old enough to marry and be a husband.

Most modern day women don’t understand what it means and how to act or speak toward their husbands that shows that respect or subjection. And some men think it means being Superior or the domineering Boss over their wives, and may speak or act in accord with that thinking, speaking in a controlling superior way toward their wives which make their partners resentful and causes hurt feelings.

But headship and subjection are not what couples think it means. Headship means that the husband takes the lead and is the responsible Provider and authority over his wife and household. He is not her dictator or Boss, just her Loving Protective Head. A wife being subjected means supporting him and showing him respect and appreciation. She lets him take the lead after discussing anything having to do with their lives together and within their home, rather than going behind his back and doing things without first consulting him. She doesn’t act independent without any regard for his decisions or opinions.

This does not make her inferior to him, but his cooperate Partner and helper. Rather than two people now being independent, doing whatever they like without any regard for the other, they become interdependent Team Players.  It is “We” and not “Me and You”.

Headship and subjection means complete cooperation between couples. It doesn’t mean Superior Controlling Boss or Dictator of the House and Inferior obedient servant. When each partner carry out their assigned roles and responsibilities in the right way it makes a woman feel safe and unburden from the heavy responsibility of making decisions alone, and brings peace into both their lives.

Headship and Subjection means full cooperation between couples, real Teamwork!

In some marriages a woman may be more educated (or older) than her husband, and he might have to ask her for advice sometimes on things she is more knowledgeable on. That does not give her the right to belittle him, using speech and a tone of voice that shows disrespect and a mocking attitude because she may know some things he doesn’t. This is one of the ways she shows wifely subjection. It leads to peaceful relations.

He should listen to her when he believes she is giving him good advice, this doesn’t change his role in the marriage. He is just cooperating with his partner like it should be. He is still the Head and now she becomes a more valuable helping companion fully cooperating rather than competing, and there should not be any feelings of inferiority or superiority.

And this is the same even if she makes more money than him, her status or increased salary does not change the marital arrangement of headship and subjection. I think this is the real reason why so many Hollywood couples are breaking up. Some women once they reach a certain status or make more money than their partners think they don’t need to be in subjection to their mates anymore, (if they ever were).

They become very independent, and can travel and go whenever or where ever they want whether this pleases their mates or not. (You notice that every time an Actress wins a Oscar, shortly after that divorce follows). Most men or husbands feel their headship is threatened by powerful women, and dejected when his wife becomes more prominent than him and can start seeking companionship else where.

Two people cannot be sitting at the same steering wheel of a car and driving in different directions

Take for instance two people traveling in a car together. They both can’t be sitting at the steering wheel together and each trying to steer the car in different directions. It will lead to an accident and possible both or one getting killed. But even though one is holding the steering wheel and driving, the other can be sitting next to him and still helping by discussing the best and easier route to take and what they will do once they arrive at their destination.

This doesn’t make the other person any inferior than the driver, they are the helper and are cooperating to make the trip enjoyable. This should be the case with marriage partners. When a husband expresses his headship in the proper way and his wife shows that subjection and respect for him this brings peace, harmony and cooperation between couples, rather than arguments, disagreements and fights.

What happened to Love and Old fashion Love-making?

Love is disappearing from the vocabulary of many young couples, you don’t hear it being used that much anymore. Years ago married people when talking about their private lives used expressions like: “Our lovemaking”, “when we make love”, “We are working on improving our Love-life”. They recognized that sexual intercourse was an expression of their love for each other. Instead today it is the raw explicit description of what they do: “They had sex”, “When we have sex”, “I got to read this book to help me with my Sex life. ”Sex is all people hear now, not love.

Even in ordinary speech the “F” word which is a more vulgar description of sex flows out of the mouth of people, even young children, (words they hear spoken by their parent(s) like water and some people think that everything they say has to be re-enforced by the “F” word.

People speak about sex like it is some dirty commodity to be used by anyone, with anybody or anyhow they like just for their own selfish pleasure. The beautiful blueprint and sacredness of Life and Love which is what Sex represents within marriage is lost. Instead of a woman hearing those warm words: “I love you”, instead it might be “I want to have sex with you”.

So love which is the basis for a good relationship in marriage is fading. Everything seems to be based now on just each partners own selfish sexual fulfillment or gratification (Getting for self) rather than seeking the other partners best interest (Giving to you). When that is gone or they get tired, they just break up or divorce and move on to find another “sexual partner”.

I don’t think many of the young people growing up today have ever heard those above expressions on lovemaking before. Most young men growing up in one parent household especially with no fathers as role models may not even know how to really love a woman or how to exercise the proper headship in a household.

Coming from such a background they will have to be taught or influenced by other male family members, teachers, or taught by their mothers. A young woman also will not understand what subjection to a husband is and how to talk, show and respect her husband. So can you now understand why divorce is increasing?

I am grateful to have seen this full cooperation between my parents when growing up. I always remember how my mother taught us to respect our Father by always consulting him before making any mayor decisions. We would ask Mam for her permission on something or somewhere we wanted to go, and she would say: “It is all right with me, but speak to your father and hear what he has to say also”

And after going to Dad he would say the same thing: “Did you talk to your mother already? If not go and tell her it is alright with me and see if she agrees”. If there is no agreement between them as to whether we should go somewhere they would get together with us and tell us why both of them don’t think it is a good idea, and so we felt satisfied because the decision was made by both parents.They were good examples of husband and wife headship and subjection. (Read previous posts later on:Memoirs of a Wonderful Beloved Fatherand A mother like no other”)

How real true love can help couples solve their misunderstandings

We know people get marry because of falling in love. This is erotic or romantic love, based on emotions or sexual attraction. But we see that just this kind of love alone does not keep couples together or make a marriage work. It has to be backed by a stronger deeper love, or a real liking of the other person.

Romantic love may start to fade over time, sexual attraction may also diminish with age, so there has to be a much larger or deeper love that will keep  romance and sexual attraction alive way into older years. The kind that kept our parents, grandparents and that is keeping some people together inspite of problems.

Due to imperfections there will always be some problems and misunderstandings among couples, but knowing and exercising proper love will help them talk things out and solve problems, remain loyal to their marital vows and stay together.

What is this Love? It is Principle Love, (Agape) the kind of Love that is the dominant quality of God, or His very nature is made up of LOVE (God is Love) and which he used to create everything in the Universe and on Earth, including all laws, principles, and that He has for all living things. This same love is what we are told to have for our fellowman. (Love your neighbor as yourself). Your marriage mate is your closest neighbor.

Who is the Originator of Marriage and why it can work

All humans have the capacity to love because of being created in God’s Image, and marriage and love-making or sexual attraction was all given to humans for their enjoyment and for reproduction of the human race. The command to marry between a man and woman and reproduce did not come from Human Governments or any religious Institution, but directly from God Almighty, the Creator himself, and He has never given any Government, Courts of Law or religion any authority to change this arrangement.

Anything that originated with God works! He  doesn’t make mistakes. Marriages have been working for generations or centuries that is the reason we have an Earth filled with people. So people whom are disbelieving in God or blaming God for their problems and others whom are willfully changing this arrangement will render an account to the Creator himself. That is a very serious thing!

It is God’s arrangement for peace and order to exist among people on earth. Strong families of husbands, wives and children make up strong peaceful nations, when families disintegrate entire societies or nations start collapsing leading to a confused loveless unhappy, chaotic, and diseased world. (Isn’t this what we have today? Basically because most people choose to do things their way instead of God’s way, and the real reason they cannot be happy).

(Male and Female He created them, and gave them the command:  Be fruitful (or multiply) become many and fill the earth…Genesis 1:27, 28)  But due to imperfections and upbringing this True Love has to be learned and applied in our everyday lives to benefit from it.

Real love does not easily look for a way out, but endures all things

This love is kind, long suffering or patient, is not jealous, does not brag, does not keep account of injuries, (it is forgiving) does not behave indecently, does not rejoice over unrighteousness (interested in right conduct) rejoices with Truth (is honest), does not look for its own interest, does not get puffed up, does not become provoked. It bears all things, hopes all things, and endures all things. This love never fails. (Biblical Book of 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8)

(This scripture was read at the wedding of Prince William and the Princess of Wales last year, and it was the first time I really heard it being read at a wedding showing how emphasis on True Love will help a couple’s marriage last) There was a time when couples regularly read these words together and pray together. Some today still do. Those are the kind of marriages that has endured the test of time.

This kind of love will move couples to talk in a kind manner toward each other, always seeking the others best interest. It enhances romantic love and sexual attraction, and can be applied even in private intimate matters such as their love making, and will not become easily angry and start arguments. This true love helps partners understand the differences between men and women and why they speak and re act in certain ways different than their own.

Even if one mate is not satisfied with something the other is doing or wearing, true love will move them to avoid making an issue over it, or if they mention it to do so in a non-condemnatory manner. For instance here is another example of how a husband overlooked something his wife was wearing and love moved him to endure without hurting her feelings or putting her down.

A friend of mine a very modest Southern girl always wore long down to the ankle flare skirts. She looked good in them, but even though she has a beautiful face, nobody has ever seen her legs since they were always covered by her long skirts. I knew both her and her husband before they got married, and moved to a different location. At a special event I saw them again, she as usual dressed in a ankle length maxi dress, and was glad to see them.

When she walked away to speak to somebody else, he asked me if I still sew my own clothes because he liked what I was wearing. I said yes, I love sewing and have no intentions of giving it up. Then he silently said “I wish my wife would wear some shorter knee length skirts like you for a change”. I was surprised because she was dressing in these long skirts before they got married, so I thought that was what he liked.

True Love never fails, it is people failing to cultivate it and put it into action that do

So I said why don’t you just tell her that you wish she would wear some more fitted knee high skirts for a change, so you can see her legs, I guess that is what he wanted to see. He just shrugged his shoulders and said he didn’t want to make an issue over what he likes versus her own taste, or hurt her feelings.

He was really practicing the True Love described above, instead of seeking his own interest. He loved his wife and was letting her enjoy her own, and just putting up with a look he didn’t like himself but that she liked,  and so far I know they are still married and have been married for more than 10 years now.

So whether there are misunderstandings in the ways men and women express themselves, or some failings in the exercise of proper headship or occasional mishaps in a wife not showing proper respect and subjection to her husband, this kind of love will overlook and forgive faults and work hard at preserving peace and the marriage.

Rather than concluding that there are irreconcilable differences, and deciding to split, True love and understanding is the key to solving problems and keeping marriages together. Because this love never fails and endures all things.

Written, designed and illustrated by Glenda Brill (©

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The Value, Benefits, and Fun of Water Baths and Aromatherapy – What’s in it for YOU!

Stress-Busting, Refreshing, Relaxing, Invigorating, Pain Relieving, Massaging, Mind Calming, Cleansing and so much more! The very sight, sound, smell, and feel of water on the body can do so much to calm our spirit and nerves.

This is what I meant where I said at the end of my last article on “Successfully breaking free from all drug addiction”, I love, love, love. I was referring to my love of water baths and pleasant scents or aromas.

How these are two of the most natural Stress Busters and relaxation techniques known to humans all through history. With Spas and Health Clubs springing up all over in Big Cities tell us that our stress filled modern world is still aware of the need for these natural ways to find tranquility of mind and spirit. Also how they can be used to eliminate the need for any type of drugs or medication.

Whether it is a long flowing shower, soaking in a warm bubble bath, hot tub, pool, or back home on St. Maarten (Dutch Caribbean) in the wide big blue ocean waters where I spent most of my life growing up bathing, soaking, floating and playing, I know from personal experience how refreshing, massaging and soothing water is.

In our busy world some people often overlook and take for granted the many benefits of the gift of water in all its many forms and what fun it is to play in and be in water which helps us cope with stress and many emotional problems and bodily pains.

Nothing can be as refreshing and calming as the feel and sound of gushing water

Have any of you ever gotten soaking wet in a sudden downpour of rain? Or willfully choose to walk in the rain and got wet through and through? Or fallen asleep at the sound of rain drops on the roof of your home? (Except here in New York we don’t hear rain drops on the roof since most people live in apartment buildings). Nothing can be as refreshing and calming as that feel and sound of gushing water.

It’s like blessings from heaven that washes away all your concern for the day and put you into a restful mood and sleep. The same feeling of tranquility can be had from the view, feel, sound and smell of waterfalls, from sitting and listening to the soft gurgling waves rolling on the shores in the oceans or rivers, from being immersed in a jacuzzi, a pool, or from a long warm scented bubble bath.

Most people have become so busy with making a living that they overlook one of the most natural ways to relax and help them live better

Even in some of the islands the local inhabitants don’t spend as much time enjoying the sea waters like they did in former times. Like my family on St. Maarten whenever I go back on vacation I get up early every morning and go for my daily beach walk and sea soak and bath. My sisters admitted that they hardly ever go to the beach or bath in the sea anymore like when we were children.

And the great ocean is just a few steps away, within view from our front porch. The whole island is surrounded by beautiful beaches with crystal clear blue waters, and most of them are used by tourists instead of the inhabitants.

And this is the case with most of the inhabitants, and so they suffer from many of the same stresses and pains like people living in the big cities. They don’t have the time they keep saying. Only time for quick showers just to clean the skin in a hurry and get to work.

Everybody all over has become so pre-occupied with making a living with all its accompanying stress and problems while overlooking one of the most natural ways to relax and cope with these problems, the gift of water baths. They just take it for granted, while those in the Big Cities are trying to find relief in Spas and different health Centers and Clubs.

Our need for the calming and nurturing effect of water immersion starts before we were born

While in the mother’s womb a baby is immersed in water, without which it cannot live. The baby floats, tumbles, breathes, cleanses, sleeps and eats while being nurtured by this fluid in which it lives stress free and in peace. There is a complete sense of tranquility in such surroundings. Even after its birth it is necessary to give babies a daily bath to help in its growth, personality and character building.

This same need for the hydrating, cleansing and nurturing, calming effect of water was supposed to continue throughout our adult life. It would play an important part in keeping us free from many toxins which accumulate in the body, and is eliminated through the skin, keeping our skin hydrated, staying young, calm our mood, and bring a sense of well-being and peace to the mind.

That is why people living in big cities and under stress travel for miles to see beautiful waterfalls, or to isolated islands surrounded by the ocean just to bathe in clear blue ocean waters. And now with the increase of Spa Centers springing up all over, some people will spend any amount of money just to find some relief through water therapy.

Now this is accompanied by aroma-therapy which I will mention some of the benefits of these two combined together later in this post. There is hardly any other way one can find a better way to calm down, experience a feeling of tranquility than soaking in warm waters enhanced by pleasant scents or aromas.

What are some of the specific ways water therapy affects our general health?

We all know the value of drinking water, or of eating lots of fruits and vegetables basically for their water content. Water promotes good health from within, since it detoxify the body. Internal cleansing is necessary for the prevention of many diseases and aids in keeping us young and healthy. Since we pass those toxins through the skin, regular water baths washes them away and keeps the skin clean and moisturized.

Water baths not only cleanse the body of all the dead bacteria emitted through the skin, but actually aid in healing many types of diseases. People with spinal cord injuries, fractures, stiff muscles after exercise or excessive exertion, joint problems, and neurological diseases have been known to get healing through water therapy.

My mother used to always tell us how in her day this is one of the ways most people in the islands got relief from many muscles and joint problems by soaking in the sea waters. And it is so sad to see how the modern generation of islanders take this great aid in helping them feel better for granted as mentioned above.

The salt sea waters reduce pain and acts as an anti-inflammatory. When bathing in the ocean itself, it creates healing energy within us. Sea water is charged with negative ions and has the power to also balance our emotions.

Many scientists believe that the oceans hold the master key to eternal youth and good health.  Just like the ground itself the oceans produce many types of sea vegetables and fish that are full of vitamins, minerals and the necessary omega fats needed for our health and life.

The sea is also loaded with salt, and salt is necessary for life and energy. (See the benefits of salt in previous post on: “When people were paid in lumps of salt“)

Hydrotherapy which water therapy is also known as, besides being fun is also used to bring relief from fatigue, restored vitality, improve respiration, and a sense of calm. It affects the central nervous system, brings relief from asthma and pulmonary diseases, improves respiration, circulation and lowers blood pressure.

Floating on Water, you have to do it to experience the tranquilizing feel

Some of you living in the Big Cities may not even have heard about Floating on Water before, or maybe you have or even experienced it. I did this as a young girl bathing in the wide ocean back home on St. Maarten, and even didn’t know then that it had any health benefits.

It came natural to me, it was just something that I learned to do and loved it so much that whenever I was in the sea water I spent several minutes just lying still on top of the water and just letting the soft waves under my body cradle it back and forth while keeping my entire body above water very still with my eyes closed. I believe I have even taken small naps while lying down so still on the ocean water.

It is lying down on the water itself without sinking to the bottom. And this was done without any floating devices, just my bare body stretched out on top of the water. Now I haven’t investigated yet how that is possible, or I don’t know if scientists discovered what makes this possible. You would think that a human body is heavier than water, but when floating the water seems to be heavier like a bed that keeps the body from sinking. (There must be some not yet discovered scientific or natural reason for this because Jesus walked on water without sinking).

The healing therapy of floating on water is now practiced in most Spas, Physical Therapy Centers and Sports Clubs

But the feeling of floating on water is so calming and relaxing, there is hardly any other way to achieve this or that can be compared to it. It’s also a great way to meditate and get rid of any negative thoughts and emotions. I recently read that the practice of floating on water has been recently introduced into the world of Spa’s.

It can now be found in some Physical Therapy Centers, Sports Clubs, and in some private homes especially those with pools. They call it a newly discovered therapy, when this has been done by people used to bathing in the oceans for years. I did it for years starting very young and even didn’t know it was considered a health treatment.

Here is how they do it outside the Oceans. They place flotation tanks in private residences or Spa Centers. These are equipped with internal lighting, emergency alarms, sound systems, and regulated thermometers. There is often a foot or less of salt water acting as a soft cushion in the tank keeping the person buoyant and strain free. And some of the benefits they are saying it brings are:

The benefits of floating:

Complete physical and mental relaxation, rejuvenation, clarity of thought, quiets the mind, and integration of the left and right hemispheres of the brain. And the quickened process for healing injuries. But one of the biggest advantages as I can testify to is the complete quiet that’s achieved and the resulting sense of peace and calm that remains throughout the day or night after the experience. Some people refer to it as being cradled like rocking a baby back and forth, (that is how it really feels with the soft water under your body) and claim that it is ideal for freeing the spine.

Also called Hydro-therapy or balneo-therapy which is the treatment of using water for improving health and finding relief from the world’s number one health threat which is: Stress. Stress in turn causes all kinds of other health problems of which we are suffering today. We can use our own showers or baths to aid in water treatments.

But the best treatments can be found in bathing in the ocean itself, or other natural sources of waters, or through various Spa’s and some of the Centers mentioned above.

It has been reported to be successful for adults and children with a variety of disorders and injuries, including orthopedic issues, congenital birth defects such as spinal bifida, autism, brain and spinal cord injuries, and a range of neurological disorders.

Some Spa’s even use the natural seaweed from the oceans in their treatment with water therapy, by applying heated seaweed which is done using infrared lamps, and then letting patients wrap in the heated seaweed. This acts as an anti-inflammatory aid in reducing pain and all muscle discomfort. It also uplifts the senses and mineralizes the skin.

Enhancing water baths with aromatherapy for complete relaxation and stress relief

Aroma therapy is nothing more than using our sense of smell to help us relax, change our mood and relieve stress. A person can benefit from aroma therapy alone without water treatments, but I found that using them both together bring about more a feeling of well being. I think that is the way most spas use them, water along with aromas for relaxation and well being.

This is usually done by adding sweet smelling oils, bubble bath liquids or special bath salts to our bath water, or just lighting some scented candles in our bathroom. And these days you can find all kinds of very pleasant scents for both men and women to enhance your bathing experience.

There are some scents I found that turn your bath water blue and smell like the ocean. And you can even buy sea weed at Health Food stores, wrapped in cheese cloth and add to your bath water. You know these are my favorites since I am such a lover of the sea.

Special Aromas or scents to help relieve specific problems

There are special scents that help relieve specific problems depending on how you feel and want relief from. For that:

  • Tired Exhausted feeling: Scents of *Peppermint, Jasmine, *Cinnamon, Lemon, Sandalwood, nutmeg, *lavender, Rose and rosemary.
  • Insomnia/Restlessness: scents of marjoram, Lemon, lavender, Valerian, chamomile, Sandalwood
  • For Depression/Anxiety or Guilt feeling: Rose, Orange, Bergamot, Jasmine, Lavender, *Chamomile, Vanilla and sandalwood
  • For Relaxation: Lavender, Chamomile, patchouli, Geranium and Rose
  • To help with concentration problemsLemon, orange, grapefruit, *lemongrass and bergamot

*Lemongrass, *Chamomile, and *Peppermint can also be found as herbal teas that has the same calming effect as their scents in oils and candle aromas.

Lavender is one of the most frequent used oils for sleep, and other mental disorders. (See previous post on: “Successfully breaking free from all drug addictions” where I mentioned spraying Lavender on your pillow before going to sleep, and drinking Lemongrass tea as aids in calming the mind and inducing sleep. When taken together or after a nice scented bath, will provide even better results.

Using Aroma therapy and water to create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere in the home

Another way I have found to help me relax is to use the sight and sound of water and the scents of aroma from a diffuser or lighted candles. You can find these miniature waterfall table fountains or even wall mounted fountains, which I have one of, when filled with water produces the sound and feel of a real waterfall.

To create a pleasant atmosphere in the home, light some scented candles or an aroma oils diffuser of Ylang ylang, vanilla, neroli, rose, clary sage and sandalwood or any other scent that you love.

Put these together with a table or wall mounted waterfall fountain and the aroma from the candles along with the softly falling water from the fountain can bring about a peace and tranquil atmosphere within your home, relieving you of any mind disturbing thoughts or negative feelings. This is another way to use water and aroma therapy to relieve stress, and calm the mind.

You can create a Spa like Atmosphere and benefit from water and aroma therapy right in your own bathrooms

But the best way to find relief and the many health benefits to the mind and body as discussed above is through water immersion, helped by pleasant aromas. If you can’t get to the real ocean sea water, (for those living in the cities), a pool or go to a Spa or Health Club, you can find relief in your own bathtub or from taking long relaxing showers. (Quick Showers won’t do).

Spend some relaxed time at least a half hour at a time, best at night, immersed in a tub filled with fragrant bubble bath lotion, oils, or bath salts, surrounded by aroma candles will relieve the mind of all negative and disturbing thoughts and bring a sense of peace, and tranquility resulting in a restful sleep if this is done just before bedtime which is most recommended.

It is like washing all the cares of the day away. If everyone takes advantage or makes time to see how many ways there are to relieve pain and stress there will be less of a need for people to keep seeking relief from damaging addictive drugs, including prescription drugs, alcohol or cigarette smoking.

Our beautiful earth is equipped with everything necessary for our good health, well being and life. One of these is the often overlooked benefits of Water and Aroma therapy.

Water is provided by our Creator through oceans, lakes, creeks, rivers, waterfalls, and rainfall, and aroma oils is produced from flowers and herbs. And many benefits from these can be done right in our own home.

Try them if you are not doing so already, and I am sure if you now need other aids to cope with stress, anxiety or insomnia, you probably will never need another anxiety or sleeping pill again, and will be much more contented with your life no matter what else is happening around you.

Written, Web Designed, and illustrated by: Glenda Brill ©

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Successfully Breaking Free From All Drug Addictions

In my last post (to better follow this post it will be good to read the previous one on: A pill for this and a pill for that, a smoke, a drink- and what’s the bill for all these, huh?) I discussed different kinds of addictions and the dangers associated with them: Addictions to prescription drugs, alcohol and nicotine, or cigarette smoking. Sometimes addictions can happen gradually or innocently, such as getting hooked on prescription drugs, or even smoking or drinking.

Some have gotten addicted to smoking or alcohol by associating with those whom do, and wanting to fit in, or even just trying once or twice started drinking and smoking like their friends, and later find it very hard to break the habit. Some people tolerance is very low and they can easily get hooked on drugs.

LOVE, JOY AND HOPE how these three will help anyone struggling to get free from drug addiction

So what is needed for those whom want to break free from addictions? First a person has to want to quit and needs a reason for quitting. So there are three things that is needed for someone to get help and become free. Love, Joy and Hope. Let’s start with LOVE. First: Love of self. We are told to love our neighbor as ourselves.

So love of self comes first, and this is not a selfish or narcissistic love but it means caring for self, seeing one’s worth and value or uniqueness as a person, and appreciating the life you have. A person who loves themselves wouldn’t abuse their life or do anything to harm self. Developing love for self will help someone on drugs to see how much damage they are doing to their own life and will want to stop.

Second: Love for other people. (Or love for neighbor). Developing love for others will also help someone addicted to any kind of drugs to see how much value they have as a person and the opportunity to contribute something good to others. To see how their own life does affect other people, especially their families, and to help others to also live and enjoy life.

A person whom smokes, or drinks around other people may not be aware of how this shows a lack of love for others, but is actually putting others life in danger of being harmed by their addictions. Look how many innocent lives have been lost by drunk drivers, and how many untold numbers are affected daily by second hand smoke. Also people under the influence of prescription drugs act the same way as those using any other kind of harmful drugs.

Drug addicts also need the Love from other people to help them quit, so how can we show them love?

So besides developing love for themselves and others, drug addicts also need love from others to help them quit and stay clean. So if we know someone on drugs, (any kind that was discussed in the previous post: A pill for this, and a pill for that, a drink, a smoke..) whether it is a family member, co-worker, friend or neighbor, and has the desire to quit, we can show them love by helping them find the counsel or any help they need.

Because some people may be so addicted and really want to quit but can’t seem to do so without some encouragement. But at the same time they are silently crying out for help. They may give the impression that they don’t care, but things they do or say shows that deep down they want to quit but need help.

First of all don’t belittle the person. Don’t treat the drug addict like they are a bad or wicked person, disgraceful, or no good for nothing. Don’t call them derogatory names, or keep telling them that they brought their condition on themselves.

They need Love, Hope, Joy and some hugs to help them to open up and speak, and tell them you are there to listen to them, that they can call you when they feel like talking. (Now you have to be honest and keep your word, this is what showing love means) (See previous post on: It only cost One Sense). You can help them find a professional rehab center or a support group to kick the habit if that is needed.

Also help the person to see that it may not be so easy to suddenly quit, and if they joined a support group to work closely with their Counselor, and to listen to others whom have kicked the habit and how they are coping. And it is also easy to relapse, this should not make them discouraged, but to stick to whatever program they are given.

Steps a recovering addict can take to bring Joy into their life

It would be best to stop associating with anyone that they used to hang out with for drinks, smoking or any other kind of drugs, and that got them hooked on drugs in the first place. Even though some cigarette smokers have quit cold turkey and succeeded, others may not have the strength to do so one time.

You may find yourself relapsing into the old habit or craving the drug again. Remove all traces of the drug from your home. If it is alcohol, or cigarettes get rid of it all, other over the counter drugs or drugs bought online, prescriptions not given by your doctor, throw them out.

Some prescription drugs can have adverse reactions if stopped taking th em s uddenly. A person addicted to prescription drugs will have to talk to their doctor or Nutritionist and work closely with him or her to gradually wean of off the drugs. If invited to a party find out how much alcohol will be served and choose juice or water instead if you decide to go.

If you can’t find this out before you can also develop a plan as to what you will do if you find yourself in a place surrounded by alcohol and drugs. Such as tell a family member or good friend that you will call or text and use a special code to let them know you need someone to pick you up if you went to the party with someone else whom is now drinking and taking drugs with everyone else.

Here again is where others whom are familiar with the addict can show love by not letting the person drink or smoke, if they notice that they are drinking or smoking again. If sitting at the bar, the bartender can literally refuse to give the person a drink, just say no to someone whom seems to be drinking too much or relapsing back into the old habit again.

Since most addicts got that way by trying to find a way out of problems, now that they are no longer depending on drugs to do so, they need to find other ways to develop joy and be happy. Getting to know and loving self a person can discover new things and interests that will bring them joy and happiness.

Even going back to school learning something you might have always wanted to do, or discover you like, such as one woman whom started learning jewelry making, and became so engrossed in her love for this, she couldn’t believe she almost destroyed her life with drugs.

Other satisfying skills like flower arranging, sewing, taking dance lessons, yoga, exercise, knitting or anything that will bring inner joy and peace to self and especially if doing so for others. Just being busy in doing good for others will bring a lot more satisfaction and contentment into a person’s life than resorting to drugs to feel high.

Building back good health by ridding the body of accumulated poisons.

Depending on how long a person was on drugs, smoke or drank they might have already damaged some internal body organs, so they need to try to build their health up by eating the right foods, lots of anti-oxidant foods, to wash away all that poison from the body. Build good health back by finding out what nutrition is needed by going to a professional Nutritionist.

(Folks, I really believe that most of our health, emotional, and psychological problems can be solved by eating the wholesome nutritional foods we were meant to eat. (See previous post on: Stepping in tune with Time and Gravity.) All these foods have all the vitamins and minerals to help with many of the mayor diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cancers and mental problems). A healthy body and healthy mind will not need any medications to get well, but can usually heal itself or be healed by good nutrition.

Try some natural approaches to pain instead of drugs.

If you were hooked or addicted to prescription drugs or over the counter pain killers, when you feel any kind of pain again instead of rushing to get another bottle of pills, try some natural approaches to pain instead. Go to one of those special Nutritionist or Alternative Health Professionals I mentioned above and have a complete physical nutritional examination done.

By all means still keep your medical doctors, if you have a serious medical problem don’t try to medicate yourself, you will still need to see a medical professional doctor. But some of them will not tell you what nutrition your body needs. Most medical doctors are there to help you after you get sick, not to help prevent sickness in the first place. They won’t have a job if you do and the pharmaceutical companies would not make any money. They are all businessmen  or women besides medical professionals.

Just changing your lifestyle can bring relief from a lot of pain whether it is physical, emotional or mental. Massages, acupuncture, reflexology, hot and cold pads applied to the spot can help most pain. Also physical theraphy, or special exercises help most joint and muscle pain, as well as eating lots of omega-3 rich foods like fish. What you want is not to get addicted to painkillers again.

I know back home in St. Maarten whenever any of us had a headache, my mother used to put ice in a towel and wrap it around our forehead, and tell use to lie down with the wrapped ice on our forehead. Within a half hour the headache would be gone! No pills, no medication.

If we had a cold or cough, she would mix natural honey with the juice of a lemon and a pinch of salt and give it to us several times a day to get rid of the cold and cough. It worked all the time. No dangerous cold or cough medicines that can become addictive (See previous post on: A pill for this and a pill for that, a smoke a drink..) There are tons of simple health remedies you probably have in your own kitchen and may not even know it.

A good CRY with tears streaming down your face is a good emotional pain reliever, better than addictive anxiety drugs

If suffering from occasional depression or anxiety, or emotional pain, you may not really need any anxiety pills or ante-depressant medication, unless it is a prolonged condition and you have seen a doctor or two. This is one of the most addictive prescribed medication most people are getting hooked on since stress causes anxiety and depression and so many people are under stress.

And this in turn add more pain in the body. Realizing what it is that is making you feel anxious, and switching your mind to something funny or enjoyable will help ease the anxiety without any pills or drugs.

Or just have a good CRY! That’s right, let it all out in tears. Some people keep things bottled up inside them which only make their pains worst, a good cry with tears streaming down your face will release a lot of those pains. And this advice is good for both men and women.

Crying is not a sign of weakness as some men think, it is really a great outlet or reliever of pain, and can have the same beneficial effect on the body as laughter. I experience this myself sometimes. I cry just as easily as I laugh, the two are so closely connected and have the same healing effect on our health. I always feel better after either of them. (This was confirmed by Larry Dossey, M.D. in his book “The Extra Ordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things”)

Sometimes it is only natural to feel stressed or anxious, and it will pass away on its own without any drugs.

Sometimes it is only natural to feel stressed or depressed. This can be caused by the loss of a loved one, a broken relationship or something else upsetting. Most depression or anxiety, or sleeplessness is temporary and really don’t need the risk of getting hooked on drugs to relieve it, it will pass with time. I know after my mother died four years ago, I was depressed for a while, and couldn’t sleep very well. I know it was just grief which is natural.

But during that same time I had to go to my doctor for a yearly check up and I just mentioned that I was depressed and haven’t been sleeping. So I told him the reason why I was feeling sad was because of the death of my mother. Grief is normal and should run its course.

He still gave me a referral to see a psychiatrist to get some ante-depressant drugs if he thinks I need them or to see if I am not suffering from a mental disorder. I couldn’t believe it. I then understood why some people get addicted to unnecessary drugs because of thinking they have a problem when it is just temporary.

Ofcouse, I never went to the referred psychiatrist, you know what would have happen if I did? He would have prescribed some anti-depressant or anxiety drugs and I would have become some crazy woman thinking I got mental problems running back and forth to a doctor’s office to get more drugs.

It is good to know the source or reason for your depression, it may just be temporary, and will not require any drugs

All I was experiencing was common grief over the lost of my mother. And this doctor would have been making money off another allegedly crazy person for unnecessary anxiety drugs causing damage to my mind for a problem I didn’t have. I am fine now, I let grief ran its course coupled with my tears, and that depressed feeling eventually passed away without any anxiety drugs.

I later remembered what my own mother used to drink to help her relax. We had a garden back home (on St. Maarten) and Mom grew different vegetables and some tea herbs. One of those was lemon grass. She used to make tea from the lemon grass, and this would help her relax and relieve anxiety. I did research on the benefits of lemon grass tea, and Mom was right, lemon grass is a natural anxiety reliever, calm your nerves and will help you sleep.

Also teas made from chamomile and passion flowers also have a calming effect on the nerves and mind and will induce natural sleep. These can be found in most Health Food Stores and come in regular tea bags. I recently learned also that unsweetened cherry tart juice taken during the day and before bedtime is an excellent sleep aid. A good remedy for arthritis pain as well.

And spraying some lavender oil on your pillow also produce a relaxed feeling and peaceful sleep. More so these are non addictive drugs or medication and will benefit the body in a pure natural way.

So it is not always necessary to reach for that pill, drink or smoke for everything that ails us

So it is not always necessary in most cases to reach for that bottle of pills for every little thing that ails us. Most of the time drugs we take may not even be necessary, and can do more damage than good besides being addictive. If you are really feeling sick, ofcourse you should go to a doctor. But some problems can be taken care of by simple natural remedies, or by just switching your mind over to more pleasant thoughts rather than concentrating on every little ache and pain. Some of them may be nothing to worry about.

Developing an “Attitude of Gratitude” meditation and prayer will improve your mood and helps with most worry and anxiety. (See previous post on Ways to stop worrying about worrying). Being grateful and giving thanks for what we have, and not being overly anxious about tomorrow can avoid a lot of stress and worry. Also finding things to make you laugh can help a great deal (See previous post on: Laughter can replace most prescription drugs)

The Healing Power of Hope to stay clean from all addictions.

Jesus said that the: “The Truth shall set you Free!” Everyone was born with “a hole in their soul”. That is what I call the disconnect from God, because of inherited imperfection due to our original parents Adam and Eve sin. (See previous post: Stepping in Tune with time and Gravity)

Because we were created in God’s Image, unless that hole is filled with spirituality or the right knowledge and relationship with God, there will always be that empty purposeless feeling inside all of us. He was talking about the truth about Life, the reason why we suffer and die, and the truth behind the many false teachings that only depresses people even more.

The truth about who the true God really is, why he permits suffering and how He will end it, and the purpose for the earth and humanity. Most people live without knowing the Truth about anything. They live in fear of what tomorrow will bring, they live just to die with no hope for a better world to come. So they try to stop up the hole in their spiritual heart, or to erase their pain through drugs, alcohol, smoking or anything that can make them feel good  since they believe this is all there is to life, so why care?

A person can become free from drugs and still feel empty inside, and may still be struggling with relapsing back into that old lifestyle. But most people after learning the real truth about God and life gives them a hope and a reason to break free and stay clean. I am not talking about joining a religion. I am talking about getting to know the God from the Bible, the Creator and Life giver of all things. The Father of Jesus Christ, and the Father of the entire human race.

(Even those whom don’t believe in a God, He is still keeping them breathing everyday). He has a name which is: “Jehovah”. Every Bible Scholar knows this is the true God, the Creator and Life Giver, whom wants us to be healthy, happy and to keep living.

It has been said that God turned His back on humans, but it is just the opposite way around, man is the one whom turned their backs on Him, and that is the reason why there is so much suffering and pain.

But the God that most religions teach about letting people suffer through abusing drugs, sickness, terrorism or other means of killing them, and taking them away from their families and communities to heaven is not Jehovah, the Creator, the God of the Bible. This is some other cruel selfish Demon or Satan, the one whom the Bible calls “The Ruler of this world”. That is why there is so much trouble on earth, caused by this hateful other God, not the Creator Jehovah.

And because of such false teachings people are spiritually sick and suffering from all kinds of mental and emotional problems. We were created in His Image to be connected to the true God of Love (God is Love), and Joy, when that connection is not there, we cannot be happy, and will suffer from all kinds of problems.

Filling the hole in our soul, brings lasting freedom

This is what helps drug addicts to kick the habit and stay clean for good. The truth about the purpose of life and the hope for the future, coupled with love and joy in living. So what drug addicts need besides Love, and Joy as mentioned above, is also Hope, the most powerful of all to stay clean.

Thousands of former drug addicts and all kinds of people are learning about the wonderful hope of a coming New Paradise World, where God through Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, will rid this earth of it’s Ruler Satan and all those whom choose to be part of his world.

Then He will restore all people whom he approves of survival into that new world back to the original perfect life that we were supposed to have. (see previous post on: Staying grounded while moving forward). In that new world to come according to Revelation 21:3, 4 there will be no more tears of sadness, no more pain, death, mourning, no outcry no more negative conditions that could cause us to use drugs of any kind, or become addicts.

Also the book of Isaiah says at Isaiah 33:24: No resident will say: I am sick”. It will happen right here on earth! (Isaiah chapter 53 foretold every single suffering about Jesus Christ more than a thousand or more years before he came to earth, and every small detail was fulfilled in him proving he was the foretold Messiah whom will deliver humans from this suffering condition we are now in. Jesus already died and went back to Heaven and it is just a matter of time which is getting shorter before this new world, under God’s Kingdom will come. So the above prophecies will also come true).

If you meet some of these former (And I have met quit a few myself) real hard drug users, whether it was alcohol addiction, prescription drugs or any of the other hard street drugs,  you won’t believe they were once such and are now busy helping others to kick the habit. If you hear some of their stories, it’s like a miracle that they are still alive and look so well. They are living proof that God is real, and is interested in preserving life,  that anyone with the desire to quit any drug addiction, and stay clean can do so with the help of all the things discussed in this post.

Ofcourse there will always be proud haughty people whom inspite of the deep hole in their souls (and this can be so plain to see in most people, the sadness and cold look in their eyes reveal their inner spirit, even though they may have all the money in the world, they are empty inside) they prefer to die in ignorance.

But it is good to know that we have a choice, to become drug free and the hope of remaining so for life and there is really a worthwhile purpose in living. The restoration of perfect life on a Paradise Earth is something to live and look forward to.

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(And in my next post in a couple of weeks I will write about another taken for granted theraphy that can help with everyday stress, anxieties and relaxation that everyone has right in their home which I love, love, love)

Written and illustrated by Glenda Brill ©


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