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Companies that wish to sponsor or advertise on this Blog can put their ads here. This is a great site to put you in the Spotlight as I write for everyone on a variety of topics. See low cost advertising prices below. For any additional questions or info please email me at:

Your company can get the attention it needs from all around the world. This Blog attracts visitors of all kinds and age brackets. I can write a post about your company’s product(s) or services if you want. Contact me with your information and details.

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JusByJulieI offer real low cost advertising for now since I am still building traffic. Also their is a page for links, where you can put a text ad of your company and link it directly to your Website.


*Check the advertising prices below and compare with others and you will see how these prices are like pennies for advertising. But until I have 100000 or more visiting per day then I prefer not to charge advertisers too much.

When my traffic increases, then prices will go up, but will still be reasonable and never as high as I see some others are charging.



On the “Advertisers Spotlight” page you can use either a text link ad, a 125×125 square picture ad or a 468×60 Banner ad. I can design it for you free if you send me the info or a picture that you would like to link to your website with a brief description. You can also put the 125×125 square ad on the front page on the right hand side, where readers will see it right away.

The text link ad can also be put on the Advertisers Spotlight page, just let me know what you want the ad to say, and I can write it and link to your site.
125 x 125 Square Ad on the Advertiser Spotlight Page for now is only $20 per month. You can let it run for a couple of months, renew each month or cancel whenever you want to.
A 125 x 125 Square ad on the front page on the right side home page is $25 per month. Renew each month or cancel when you want to. You can also order ad space in 3 months or  6 months increments.
An all text link ad on the Links Page or Advertisers Page is $15 per month, and same process as the above.
The larger 468×60 Banner ad is $35 a month, again as above run for one month at a time, in 3 months or 6 months increments, and can cancel any time after the month is finished.

Select the kind of ad you want, pay via credit card into my Paypal account. Type this email account when you click on and it will take you to my account to make the payment.

Then send me the details as to which ad you paid for and for how long (one month or more) and if you want me to design it for you and where you want to put it. I will design and send it to you via email attachment. Only after your approval will I publish it on the Blog.

If you want to be an Affiliate Marketer you can do so via Linkshare (link below) or


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